headers that inspire me

Just a few headers from blogs I like.
They each have something that jumps out at me….cool colors, simple design, clever font, something pretty to look at.
Click on each header to go to the site.
And keep the headers coming in the flickr group! 4 more days to go!
Simple and pretty. I really love two-toned colors:
One of my favorites lately:
I’ve always enjoyed the Freshly Picked design, and just realized…it was created by Jenna of q.a design!
Really cute and just…happy. It’s hard not to smile looking at it:
I love how Rubyellen keeps it simple with her unique font:
Delia’s headers are so “pretty” to me. They’re classy and clean….like you’re about to walk into a beautiful home:
Simple design and good use of white space. The header is a good size on her blog too:
I’ve fallen in love with Kinderpendent over the past year. Everything she does is interesting:
Another “everything he does is cool” site. The clean header fits perfectly.
Elsie Marley has a unique layout on her site–with the header off to the side. I really love the color gradient with her name and navigation tabs (and seriously, check out those cute pillowcase jammies!)
Beautiful whitespace. And beautiful blog. Life feels better when I’ve popped into Lorajean’s world:
Subtle chevrons; modern and classy:
I think it’s cool when people use a unique piece of artwork in their header. Very original:
This header isn’t totally “me”. But I love how well she combines photos and colors. And I just love her site.
I have no idea how long it took to get those letters in place. But it looks really cool:
If there are headers that totally inspire you, leave a link in the comments.
Have a creative day!

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