Happy Easter! from YOU

You guys are Peep-tastic! Thank you for filling the You Made It flickr group with your PEEPS creations! You really took the idea and ran with it. There are buntings, Pins, finger puppets, T-shirt stencils, even bum covers. I’m hopping around over here with excitement. So let’s see what you made….

From Bunnycakes_Kristin. Beautiful photos. And cute pin of course. So tiny and sweet.
Buntings galore! Yellow was my favorite color to make (and the one that still hangs in our house). Your buntings were especially fun to look at because I love peeking inside your homes!

First from Andrea T, a lovely mantel display:
Another yellow from Skirt as Top:
Ellzabelle tried out blue! I’m so happy she found a lovely shade of turquoise. My Joann’s didn’t have it.
And cotton candy pink was a popular choice.

from Ettaj, on her mini piano:
MKsuffolk did a cute spin with polka dots. Maybe it’s scrap-book paper?
another pink from SarahKubinski:
One from Karencita7:And wow. That’s a lot of bunnies! From Richelle’s Creative Corner:
My cousin Rachael did a colorful medley. Very cute!
And another cousin, Kam, made her 20-minute version that looks pretty immaculate to me. She says, ” i basically skimpped on everything. they are one ply, with craft paint, and glued on the ribbon. hahaha. sorry i didn’t do it to par. just thought i’d show you the result of 20 minutes.”
Love it Kam.
My sister Saunja really put a spin on it by stuffing the PEEPS! Great idea! A much longer sewing process. But they look more life-like:
And one more colorful spin from Kristabelle, who had actually never seen a PEEP before (she lives in Australia) so she did her own version, with one for each member in her family. I really like the bunny tails on the back side…..
Next, you guys tried shirts!

Excellent idea to combine the 90 Minute Shirt WITH a Peep. By Reno.gang.
LEFT: Felt sewn-on from CLD Williams.
RIGHT: Freezer Paper Stencil from The Fountain of Youth.
Another stencil by littlelearnerslounge:
LEFT: Shirt by Auburn Heaven
RIGHT: Shirt by Mamas spare time
LEFT: Darling onesie from The Luckiest
RIGHT: More from Richelle’s Creative Corner. This time….finger puppets!

And these photos were just making my week. From Sascharomeo, she always adds a flavorful twist. First a bunny bunting with one pirate bunny. Just, because:
and how rad are these? Undies for your Easter Dress?
Lastly, what a sweet gift from Grandma Janet to her new grandbabe (who was stuck in the NICU). A hot pink bunny bunting.
And that’s a You Made It round-up!
Thank you again for sharing your creations with us. Enjoy your Easter Sunday!

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