Halloween Traffic

My daughter is obsessed and I mean obsessed with STOP signs. Our drive is spent with her sitting in the back seat chanting “S-T-O-P spells Stop!” every time we see one. In fact, just the mention of Stop Signs is often the only way to lure her into the car. “Want to go find Octagons?!” (as she refers to them). “(gasp) Yes!”. And thus, we get in the car.
So what would she be for Halloween? Her favorite thing, of course: an Octagon. And going on the traffic theme, little brother got to be a Traffic Signal: Both costumes were made entirely of felt (my favorite costume fabric). It was a little trial-and-error trying to make a symmetrical looking octagon. But it worked out okay:Because of the odd shape, I couldn’t figure out where her arms would come out. At first I tried them on the top diagonals and sewed the rest of the costume shut (except for leg holes). But it just didn’t look right and she hated it too. So I left the whole thing open and she wore it as a sandwich billboard. I added gray tights to look like a metal pole. And there you have it! The traffic signal was even easier:
I traced one of his onesies but made it into a rectangle. I added red, yellow, and green felt dots. And cut leg holes in the bottom:I used velcro on each shoulder to make it a pleasant dressing experience: Halloween morning, we headed downtown to Dad’s office to show off the costumes. They looked so adorable sitting in the stroller, patiently waiting:
Happy Halloween to all! We hope you had a fun-filled weekend and scored plenty of sugary sweets.

  1. 1) Cassie

    aw, bless they look so cute on the last picture! well done – they look as if they have been bought. how professional 🙂

  2. 2) Jennifer

    Adorable!! I’m making a stop sign costume for my daughter Bella who is 4. She is also obsessed with stop signs. What font did you use for the letters? I did some research and found Highway Gothic is accurate. However, when I try to print it to trace, it doesn’t look right. Your letters are perfect! THANK YOU!!


  3. 3) kathryn

    I’d love to try to do this for my daughter, who loves stop signs! How big of a piece of felt did you buy for her body?

  4. 4) Katy

    I would love to purchase the costumes if they’re available to buy now ! My son is obsessed with stop signs too!

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