Jedi Costume

Owen is obsessed with Star Wars.
Like OB-sessed, which is funny because he’s only 4 and it’s not like Casey is wearing droid costumes to Comic Con (I think).

But.  Well.
It started when he caught us watching the Family Guy version of Star Wars and must have thought, Oh Darth Vader is a cute little baby who speaks British.  Then he saw C-3PO and Chewy, and well….it was over.  He wanted to know everything. So now he’s seen the older 3 movies, loves all the Lego star wars stuff, and pretty much turns anything he sees into a Star Wars moment.  We see a red light of some sort?  It’s Darth Vader.  There’s an open field with a small hole in the middle?  It’s the Sarlac, etc. etc.

Lately he’s been into the character Mace Windu, which is actually from the newer movies which he doesn’t like as much and barely understands.  I think what he really loves is that Mace has a purple light saber.

So when it came time for Halloween costumes, all he wanted to be was Mace Windu.
And….I caved.
No more ensemble costumes for the kiddos, for now at least.
So I give you, Mace Owen-du.
Too much?
Yea. Too much.

He’s got the same sweet moves as Samuel L.

And he’s added a few of his own.

Seriously, seeing him put that costume on the first time was the cutest thing.  He LOVED it.  He was kind of giddy.

And when I brought out the purple light saber that he’d seen at Target for months, it was Christmas morning.  Those are the payoffs of making costumes for kids, right?  Knowing they are loving something you made, especially for them.  Win-win.

He took the sabering pretty seriously.

So.  Need to make a Jedi costume?
Or Lord of the The Rings getup?  Or Harry Potter robe?  Dungeons and Dragons? (they’re all kind of the same right?).   Here’s an easy solution, using some of the tutorials and patterns from my site:

PANTS:  These were the easiest.  You can make your own of course, using the Kid Pants tutorial and pattern (just taper the legs to make them “skinny”).  But I bought a pair of cheap khakis from Target for $4 and sewed right down the sides of the legs to make them skinny.  In the real Jedi photos, they’re wearing leggings.  But cream colored leggings on my boy?  I thought pants were a better option.

MUSLIN VEST:  The real characters have fancy long-sleeved kimono type things.  I went with a vest because it’s easy and it’s hot here in Texas.  So, I used the Frontier Vest Pattern and made a few tweaks (I was sort of winging it as I went). I used a simple nubby muslin (about $3/yard from Hobby Lobby) and cut the front and back pieces into more of an “A” shape on the sides so it would overlap well in the front. I serged all the raw edges and ironed them under/sewed.  If you don’t have a serger, just fold the edges under and sew.  It’s just a costume.  But when I was finished sewing the vest was too flat.  So I took out the shoulder seams and cut a punch of strips of fabric, ironed the edges of the strips under, and sewed them randomly to the front of the vest.  This made it look like the vest was folded and pleated on front.  Totally worked.  Then I sewed the shoulders seams back together.

ROBE:  This is the piece that really completes the outfit.  I used the Beach Robe Pattern and decided to add a satin lining to make it extra special (the outside fabric is a faux-suede knit).  I extended the length on all the pattern pieces, sewed both robes separately, then pinned/sewed them together around the outer seams and hood, leaving an opening at the bottom hem so I could turn the whole thing right-side out.  (note: keep the sleeves out as well, don’t sew those together till the very end).  Then I turned it out, tucked the lining inside, ironed the bottom hem and sleeve hems under and sewed the openings closed. Done!

Oh and one final touch is that I added a small piece of looped elastic to the collar when sewing both robes together and placed a button on the other side to help the robe stay on (similar to the reversible hooded capes)

THE REST:  All you need now is a pair of boots (ours are from Walmart, last winter, $10), a T-shirt, and a belt. I used scrap pieces of fabric from the robe and tied it like a sash around his waist.And of course, don’t forget the light saber.  You can do the real thing or the Noodle method:

One Jedi master, in training.

May the force be with you.

  1. 2) Dagny

    That’s adorable. Owen is starting to look like such a big boy. When I started following your blog a few years ago he looked so little. Happy Halloween! (We made your bats and put them up all over our kitchen this year…my 3 year old son *loves* them.)

  2. Adorable!!! My four year old is also crazy crazy for Star Wars! I love this costume!!

  3. 5) Theresa

    So I’m loving the outfit. I’m scared to show my husband or I’ll have a very late night tonight (he would want one.) Side questions for you… I’ve started to make my own outfits and I’m loving how the outside looks, but the inside of my graments look like a way sceen. Do you have any suggestions on how to make the inside a little nicer looking.


  4. 7) RaeLyn

    LOVE THIS! There’s something innate with little boys and Star Wars (kind of like how they are born knowing how to make car and gun sounds). My 3-year-old has been in love with Star Wars for at least 6 months now. Might have to whip this one up.

  5. My 2.5 year old son saw me reading this post and yelled: “I want this for Halloween!” He doesn’t know Mace Windu or Star Wars, but he thinks the costume is “cooooool”. Huh! I spent hours sewing a bear costume… lol…

  6. how funny–my 4-year old is Star Wars–OBsessed as well (and shares a name with your little guy, too!) and was completely sold on being Obi-Wan this year…and he had the confidence in me that I could pull it off! No pressure or anything. 🙂 Your little Jedi is adorable!

  7. Dana, you rock! I love how happy Owen is with his fabulous costume! He looks fantastic!

  8. oh this is SO GREAT! i love four year olds. they have such specific interests, and they really seem to get obsessed!! way way cute. may the force be with you, owen-wan ( i mean mace owen-du)!! 😉

    can’t wait to see the full reveal of Lucy’s costume too!!!

  9. I love that he loved what you made for him. Isn’t that just the best feeling? Usually my daughter gets super excited when I make her something, but with her Halloween costume this year, she put it on and said “….. I don’t like it.” and took it off! I was slightly crushed! I may have even said “You are going to wear this costume and you are going to be adorable, whether you like it or not.” ha!

  10. 13) Lourdes

    you let me astonished…. thanks for sharing!

  11. What a lucky boy to have you as his mom.

  12. 15) Ilene

    Very cute! For my son’s first Halloween (2 years ago – he was already 11 months old) We went full out Star Wars. I was Leia, my boy was Yoda, and my hubs was Luke Skywalker “in Return of the Jedi when he has his full on Jedi powers and a mechanical hand…not from a New Hope. That Luke is a pussy”…my husband was very specific.

  13. 16) Sue

    Wow!! what an awesome costume. Can’t wait to see the other two.

  14. Talent you have, for making Jedi clothes. 🙂

    Seriously, this is the coolest thing I have ever seen. He totally looks like a Jedi. I’m 39 and I want a costume like that. LOL! You are amazing Dana! I love your write-up of the whole costume as well. There is a little Jedi in you I believe. Can’t wait to see the other costumes.

  15. sooooo awesome. can’t wait to show this to my son – who happens to be dressing up as a storm tropper this year!

  16. This is phenomenal!! My favorite piece is the muslin vests with those awesome faux pleats!!

  17. Love it! Can’t believe how big he’s getting.

  18. This is why i love having a boy… They make life so much fun! I love this costume!

  19. 22) Annie

    This is pretty awesome. My own son was Yoda for a Halloween party over the weekend, and I used a similar method to make his cloak (extended vest with fancy fronts, but I caved and made the fancy kimono sleeves because it’s cold here). I just hope he still loves Star Wars when he actually has opinions on the things, rather than because we want him to dress up like Star Wars characters. By the way, his father and I both have well worn and loved Jedi Robes of the Very Fancy variety, so hopefully he will understand that one day he, too, will be big enough to warrant the fancy schmancy raw silk cloak.

  20. 23) Bree

    Fantastic!! You’re amazing.

  21. Awesome Job. My husband and I have been debating when to show our almost 4 year old the series, and what order to show it in. The current order is machete style. Episode IV, V, II, III, VI. Leaves out Episode I all together.
    How old was Owen when you showed him?

  22. 25) Emily

    My son, who is also 4…. is OBsessed as well. We are donning a Luke Skywalker get up and our little Owen, who is usually Owen-Wan-Kinobi… is a baby R2D2. We have had a lot of fun!

  23. 27) bdaiss

    Too funny! My boy is ALSO obsessed with Star Wars. He’s only seen Star Wars and RotJ so far. (Tried to get Empire, but the disc failed…soon, young master, soon.) Luckily, said boy ALSO has a birthday in October. So he picked up a lightsabre for his birthday (along with a metric ton of SW legos). I was hoping for a Luke/Leia combo, but he insisted on being Darth Vader. So one black batman cape I made last year + black pants/shirt + a vintage Darth helmet that actually has the chest box and talks/breathes/has a mic so you can talk = very very very happy boy. (Worked out anyway, the Girl wanted little red riding hood. *sigh* no more coordinated costumes for us either. I cried a bit. I had grand plans for a pirate and parrot this year! My mom is thrilled however – the red cape is the one she made for me for Halloween when I was the Girl’s age.)

  24. Oh my goodness, he looks SO darling! Fantastic job.

  25. 29) Martine

    You did a very good job at making his costume. He looks so adorable with it.
    Love all the things you make.
    Greetings from Belgium, Martine

  26. Looks amazing! And he is obviously in love with the costume. I’m guessing it will get a lot of wear outside of Halloween. Hope you all have fun trick or treating!

  27. Believe it or not my daughter really wanted to be a Jedi this year, too. She is also 4, and also obsessed with Star Wars. I whipped up a Jedi robe, but the material I used is too slick so it doesn’t want to stay closed even with a belt. I may steal your button idea. Love the vest, too, but I don’t know if I’ll have time for that. She may just use a white shirt and pants underneath.

  28. Dana, this is fantastic! He looks like he couldn’t be happier! Nice work. Maybe I should rethink my non-sewing approach to Halloween!

  29. 33) Missy

    Oh my word!!! Thats awesome!!! My guy just turned 4 and lives Star Wars!! He is in character at the grocery store and glares at people and I feel like I have to explain that he is Darth Vader or Count Douku… This year I had a Yoda and a Darth Vader to escort to parties!!!

  30. 34) Mariah

    Awesome! What’s Lucy’s costume???

  31. Love it! He is so adorable, and that costume is fantastic!

  32. 36) Julie

    Awesome! All boy 😉 he really is growing up too fast ( like mine, too) Can’t wait to see Lucy’s 😉

  33. 37) amy

    You are amazing and such an inspiration! Thanks for sharing.

  34. 38) Sally

    I love your kiddos. Thanks for the down and dirty costume ideas!

  35. 39) Jennie

    My boys are obsessed with Star Wars too. The 6 year old is Darth Vader, and the 4 year old is Luke Skywalker(and I made his little tunic top, and it RULES and is so darn cute, I want to squeeze him to pieces when he has it on.)

    And somehow Mommy got roped into Princess Leia….. Sigh…..

  36. Oh I love this Dana! Fabulous job and you are a master at visually appealing picture collages.

  37. 41) Holly

    I love it Dana! My 3 yr old is obsessed with all things Star Wars. So much so that he tried to talk his twin sister into being Leia to his Luke. I see one of your Jedi versions in our very near future. Lucky for him Mom has her own Leia buns so I can be back-up Leia if his sister won’t give in. I’m sure you’re bummed about no ensemble costume this year, but just think about when you hear him talk about his way cool costume you made him to his kiddos! You ROCK!

  38. 42) Meg W

    Dana, I have read your blog for a few years now and never commented but I LOVE this post! My almost 5 year old is just as obsessed with Star Wars. He hasn’t seen the real movies yet but could tell you everything about Lego Star Wars. I made him a Jedi robe for Halloween but he spotted a clone trooper costume and well it was just a little bit cooler than Mom’s creation! So Clone trooper it is. Little brother (who is about Clara’s age) has a handmade R2-D2 sock hat and will be travelling in my Ergo baby carrier on my back for trick or treating. So maybe I’ll be Luke Skywalker (who cares if I’m a girl)! He carried R2-D2 on his back in one of the movies, right?! Owen looks handsome in his costume!

  39. 43) kellie

    this is awesome! love it!

  40. 46) darlene

    adorable, darling, cutie — all not-so-boy-words … however, he’s not reading this … and you, mom, rock … he will never forget this and will love his star wars clothes forever ….

    i have to tell you a *star wars* story in our family … aaron was about 5, waaay back 12 years ago when star wars was just getting off the ground … i lived *out west* and he and family lived in the midwest … i spent my summers with the family: arrived one day by plane and aaron informed me: (EMPHATICALLY) I AM NOT AARON!!! I AM ANAKIN, GRAMMA!!! and for the whole entire summer, he was anakin … i loved it, aaron loved it, we all loved it … star wars in their 5-boy-home (now) has never died down and they all love the older versions, too ….

  41. 47) lis

    Hi Dana, I just read your Halloween posts and loved them both! Thanks again for sharing your talents, (especially this time around since I still have no power here in NJ. I was just startled awake from transformer sounds and reading your posts have helped settle my nerves. :). As I lay here in the dark (3:30am) I wknd already speculating on colors for double sided hooded cloaks for my girls.

  42. “No more ensemble costumes for the kiddos, for now at least.”?
    Think of Leia Organa! Or, even better, Padmé Amidala! There you would have a princess and even a queen, the latter being known for her amazing range of outfits.
    Don’t worry, Star Wars is not a one-yearer for boys, I can guarantee for that. You’ll most probably have the opportunity next Halloween again… and again… Once the saga is in a boy’s system, it’s hardly unlikely to ever get it out again. ever. 😉

  43. Super cute! We went old school Han Solo this year. Just be glad you didn’t have to figure out a holster!

  44. 50) themissymom

    This seriously made me laugh! My boys are now 24 and 17, at any given time they may ask for yet another Jedi outfit. No joke. WARNING, they NEVER outgrow it.
    The neat thing is that my 17 year old is creative and sews. He studied one of Luke’s special belts. He then took some faux leather and some recycled clasps and hardware and made a pretty awesome double wrapped belt complete with a special clip for the light saber handle he made. (light saber made from specific plumbing pieces found on some guys youtube post)
    And now….they are teaching the young Padawan, the three year old nephew, all the important elements of being a Jedi.
    Life is short, just laugh!

  45. Love it! I am yet to make Vince a jedi outfit because he would rather be a Mandalorian! How many grown ups even know what a Mandalorian is? I didn’t even know until my friend who is obsessed with Boba Fett told me. And then I got some Mandalorian lego sets and that was the first Lego Vince ever really got into at 2.5. And now.

    EVERYTHING is a mandalorian. And not just any mando, Jango Fett. It’s ridiculous! And awesome.

    But my mum had a dream that Vince’s hand grew all shrivelled and crippled from holding onto his lego figure all the time…


  46. oh and Vince update after I showed him this post {lol}: Oh mum I need to get my lightsaber so I can be a jedi with him!

    And then he pulled the poses O did hahaha. I wish they could meet one day. It would be so nerdy all over the place.

  47. Same story around here! Ignacio is 3 and has his full jedi costume. He still can´t decibe between being Obi-Wan, Luke or Qui-Gon.

  48. My Owen would absolutely LOVE this!!! And he’s the same age as your Owen. How fun! Thanks so much for the tutorial! Looks simple enough.

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  52. 61) Jans

    Hi Thanks for this. Just wondering do you have a video tutorial on this too?

  53. 62) Cecilia Nunez

    This is great! Thank you! My son is 13 and STILL into Star Wars. He was searching a Jedi costume and came across your site and said, “Mom I found it! This is the one!” One year he wanted to be Blue Toad frim Super Mario Bros. I made him a very simple blue vest and the hat (mushroom head) made the costume. So simple and best thing: HE LOVED IT! It’s great to know you made something they love.

    • 63) Dana

      Oh good! I’m so glad!! That makes me happy to hear 🙂 Never too old for more Star Wars love.

  54. 64) KD

    Found this today while trying to fix something up for my 13 yr old who has a school costume dance on Wednesday and had his heart set on a black Jedi getup for it, but Amazon is failing us on getting things in typical Prime time this

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