Hair Cut and Pants Cut

I made two discoveries this weekend.

Owen’s hair was too long.
Owen’s pants were too short.
So we fixed both!

I got out Casey’s clippers and put on a #4.
(NOTE to Self: use a #6 setting and start in the back of the head–rather than the middle front–in case you forget the proper setting, like I did.)

A few minutes after buzzing, here are the results…
Owen took one look in the mirror and said, “I’m a different Owen!” And then he got even more exited, “my head looks like Jack!” (the skeleton from The Nightmare Before Christmas).
Oh I love this little guy! The short hair actually makes his big eyes and puffy lips stand out more. Love that!
And it reminds me of the haircut we gave Lucy back in September. I love a fresh look. Makes me want to cut mine too!
Haircut. Check.
Next up….pants.

About 5 minutes before church yesterday we made this discovery:
NONE of his pants fit.
I’m starting to believe the doctor when she says he’s in the 98% percentile for height. But seriously, did he grow over night? All his pants are about 3 inches too short….even the cute Flat Fronts pants I just made a few months ago!!
Now that one is sort of my fault.
You know how I always say to wash/dry your fabrics before sewing so they don’t shrink on you later? Well, I did that. BUT I forgot to wash the lining fabric of these pants. I got so anxious to make them, I just grabbed white muslin and got started. Bad move. The pants shrunk. But I (sort of ) redeemed them…

I took all three pairs of pants and gave them a hair cut too!–or rather, a Pants Cut. I turned them all into shorts. Easiest refashion ever? Pretty much.

I used an existing pair of shorts to gauge where I wanted the new shorts to end (make sure you stay clear of cargo pockets, etc). Then I added an extra inch to that length (for creating a hem) and cut both legs off:
I serged the new ends (if you don’t have a serger, just iron the edge under about 1/4 inch). Then I ironed the hem up to where I wanted it.
BEFORE SEWING the new cuffs in place, I always safety pin them down and try them on my kids, just to make sure it’s what I want.
If it’s good, sew the new hem cuff in place and you’re done! I try to mimic the existing stitching on the pants, using the same thread color and double stitching (sew a second line about 1/4 inch over from the 1st line).
And there, you go!
Three new pairs of shorts!! Perfect for our hot climate.
And with a pair of flip flops, reminds me of living here….
Hooray for “short cuts!”
And for cute booties. He actually requested this photo.
Mom, take a picture of my new bug undies.”
As you wish, little guy.

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