Guest Room Makeover Part 1: Just Chip It®!

You guys know how much I love Sherwin-Williams paint….since we have it all throughout the new house.  And I still smile when I look at that SW 7015 Repose Gray on our walls.  I didn’t know gray could be so happy!
Well, now I get to work with Sherwin-Williams directly on a project for our house!  Yippee!  Can home improvement get any better?  Maybe if you just snapped your fingers and it looked like this:

(photo source here….and please check out the rest of the room, it’s so gorgeous)

Well, maybe it will be that easy, because Sherwin-Williams has some really cool selection tools that make the color picking process even better.  But I’ll get to that in a moment.
Here’s the project:
Sherwin-Williams selected 18 influencers to try out their top of the line Emerald™ paint, to use their various color tools, to share their experiences, and (drumroll)… give away free stuff to YOU guys.
So I’m making over our guest room because we have a houseful of guests coming soon.

Right now the guest room is a blank slate, with a beautiful view off the top deck:
My plan is to give it a modern beach house vibe, with pops of color.
I want it to fit in with the gray/white look of our house, but have that breezy coastal feel with really light paint shades and some texture here and there.  So first I gathered photo inspiration:
Top photos – here and here
Bottom photos – here and here

Then I remembered the fantastic Coastal Cool color selection from Sherwin-Williams.
Oh, they’re just the prettiest shades….

So I decided to try out some of the Color Tools that Sherwin-Williams offers on their site.
And guys, I gotta tell you…the Chip It!® tool is totally rad!
You can instantly transform any picture into a paint palette using more than 1,500 Sherwin-Williams paint colors.
You’re gonna love it.
It’s super easy and super fun.
Here’s how my account looks with the photos I’ve chipped:

And here’s how it works.
It’s a little bit like your “Pin It” button in the sense that all you do is pull the Chip It!® button up into the toolbar of your browser…then whenever you see a pretty photo anywhere online, you hit the Chip It!® button and mouse over the photo you want to chip, and the program will create Sherwin-Williams paint chip samples for you based on the colors in the photo.

I tried it out on this room for fun, and the Chip It!® tool came up with the color chips on the right (which on are hyperlinked and take you right to the color).  Guess I love me some SW 6875 Gladiola and SW 6878 Animated Coral.  Mmmm.

Then I tried it on this house to see how close it matched the actual paint color we used on our exterior.

And then I realized that one of my all-time favorite colors is the “spa blue” tile we selected for the fireplace downstairs.  I had held paint samples up to the tile before, but I wanted to see how accurate the Chip It® button was.   So I pulled this tile photo from online, used Chip It!(R) and seriously….it came up with the exact color I had been thinking of—SW 6478 Watery (which coincidentally is also from the Coastal Cool collection above).

But the thing I really love about Chip It!® is that it gives you the exact color you’re really looking at…meaning…in photos a paint color can vary from time to time, depending on lighting and photo-editing.  There were times that I’d post a photo of the old house and the color in our front room looked more turquoise than it did in real life.
But with Chip It!® those inconsistencies don’t matter because what you see is the chip color you’ll get.
That’s fantastic.

So I swung by the Sherwin-Williams store, where they cheered, “Hey! Back for more samples?”  Heh heh.  I guess I go there a lot…
And I picked up swatches and samples of the three lightest shades from the swatches below:
SW 6483 Buoyant BlueSW 6469 DewySW 6476 Glimmer

SW 6476 Glimmer is actually two shades lighter than SW 6478 Watery–which I love–so I think I’m headed in the right direction.
I taped, prepped and painted using the Color To Go® samples….

and even pulled in a few decor items to give me a sense of the finished look.

Now it’s time to paint!
Curious to know what color I’m gonna pick?
Me too.  I’d better get Casey’s input.

And now here is a chance for you to win a $50 Sherwin-Williams gift card to help with your project. Just tell me what room will you make-over using Sherwin-Williams?

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The Official Rules are available here.
This sweepstakes runs from 5/12/2014-6/1/2014.
Be sure to visit the Sherwin-Williams
brand page on where you can read other bloggers’ posts!


  1. 1) Kelsi

    I would love to paint my master bedroom! The spa blue is one of my favorite colors too!

  2. 2) Leigh

    my sewing room. salmon pink is not my thing.

  3. 3) Colleen M

    I would love to win. I would like to refresh our foyer and add an accent color to our living room.

  4. 4) Ann

    I’m currently in the process of re-doing my living room! We’re going to paint a cool grey color, but haven’t chosen the paint yet 🙂

  5. 5) AmyL

    I would consider repainintg our living room/kitchen area. it’s a boring “tannish” color and something bright and airy would make the space less dull.

  6. 7) Fara

    We are getting ready to start re-doing our office into a nursery! Of course paint is on our list!!

  7. 8) Angela Emory

    I would love to win! We painted all our walls about 5 years ago and I am ready for an update/change. 🙂

  8. 9) Kerry Fredborg

    I want to paint my bedroom a moody navy blue, re-finish the furniture white and have one piece a beautiful turquoise. swoon

  9. 10) Kristen

    I’m needing to paint bathrooms and doors. I really want to do a cute blue green for my front door and watery looks promising!

  10. 11) kathy

    the girl’s bathroom….after I get the wallpaper removed….YUK!

  11. I have so many rooms to do but next is probably the basement because it is this awful depressing army green. My old kitchen was done in SW Meander which I loved and I am currently doing our powder room in SW sea salt. I think all the blues in that line are wonderful.

  12. 13) Michelle D

    I would love to make over my spare bedroom that is soon to be our nursery. I’m dying to make over our entire yellow-cream house but for now the nursery would be wonderful. Can’t wait to see your final product/room…love the coastal feel and colors.

  13. Our kid’s rooms could use some color. Thanks for the giveaway!

  14. 15) cheryl

    I would love to make over the master bath in our house. I too like the coastal/beach color pallet.

  15. 16) Melissa

    Our family room…the walls are matte finish, but the previous owners did spot touch ups with glossy paint. All those little dots stand out when its sunny.

    We also love repose gray. We used it in my daughter’s room. 🙂

  16. 17) Michelle

    My bathroom! I want to try stenciling on the walls and Animated Coral looks like just the color I’ve been thinking about!

  17. 18) deeanna

    This is perfect! I need to paint our family room, one of my sons found his sisters nail polish and decided to start painting the walls himself. I think Sherwin-Williams has a better solution to boring walls than fingernail polish.

  18. 19) AKing

    I would love to paint our bathroom. We have used SW paint in every room of our house, the coverage can’t beat!

  19. 20) Heather

    I need to do our guest room as well! I’d like to keep the current color, a deep sky blue, but it’s in need of some wall work and a fresh coat of paint. It’s a small room and I’ll be doing the guest bath as well. I think I’d be using the chip it tool for that one; I’ ready for a change.

  20. 21) Kellee Reilly

    love the chip it, such a great idea! We just moved into a new home and everything was painted dark colors. we are slowly painting every room. Next up would be our room/bathroom.

  21. 22) Mandy

    I really need to paint the bathrooms in my house… the $5 oops paint turned out to not be such a great idea after all.

  22. 23) Meg Roke

    My family just bought our first house last spring. We have only painted in 2 rooms (the kids’ rooms) so we have much painting to do. I am most eager to paint our kitchen and our bedroom. Love those SW coastal colors. Pinned them!

  23. 24) Meg

    My kitchen! I want it yellow! It is super boring right now.

  24. 25) marilyn

    my kitchen

  25. 26) Adrienne Barrett

    Our new house will be done in mid-June and I have five bedrooms and a craft room to repaint since the builder is just painting everything cream inside. The kids all have a paint chip picked out and I cannot decide which grey I love best. I think I might play around with Chip-It to see if I can narrow it down.

  26. 27) LeAnn

    I need to paint my master closet!

  27. 28) Susan

    I would love to make over our living room. It has outdated textured wallpaper and is the first room you see when you walk in the front door. It is in need of an uplifting renovation!

  28. 29) Meghan H

    We are moving into a new home and will need to remove 4000 sq ft of wallpaper. I will be painting for months!

  29. 30) ButtercupBo

    I finally got my husband to agree to let me paint the bathroom! Let the color selection begin!!!

  30. 31) shannon s

    Love all the new colors you are picking out. Would love to paint the master bedroom at my house.

  31. 32) Alice S

    I would love to paint our stairway and foyer at the top of our stairs. It is a green color, but I would like to paint it a lighter gray shade.

  32. 33) Sarah

    I would love to repaint my dining room it is super boring right now.

  33. I love those colors! Or laundry room is in desperate need of a make over, so that’s exactly where’d I’d spend this prize! Thanks for sharing, I can’t wait to see the end result!

  34. I love those colors! Our laundry room is in desperate need of a make over, so that’s exactly where I’d spend this prize! Thanks for sharing, I can’t wait to see the end result!

  35. 36) Connie Sanders

    I’d make over my basement!

  36. 37) Kelly P

    My oldest boys’ room could really use a makeover! Right now it’s a very yellow hello, and I’d love to tone it down — maybe with a warm grayish blue. Is there such a color?!? 🙂

  37. 38) Julie

    I NEED to win this. We are currently building our new home and will be painting it ourselves. So the gift card will come in handy!

  38. 39) Leah K

    I would love to win! we are buying our first house right now, and I have a whole house that needs paint, so this would help a ton 🙂

  39. 40) Tommie @ Ilene Books

    I would love to redo our living room. It has stayed the same for too long.

  40. 41) Amanda

    Our bedroom. It need it badly!!!

  41. Definitely my master bedroom. After 18 years it is overdue for a makeover!

  42. oh this is awesome! like i need another reason to be online more lol.
    i’d prob be painting my bedroom first… but then there is my sewing room… living room… entry… yeh.
    thank you for the giveaway!
    cokelush at gmail

  43. 44) Jessica

    I’d love to redo my master bedroom

  44. 45) Sarah

    I desperately need to paint the cabinet in the bathroom! And the walls! And the ceiling!!!

  45. 46) Sarah K

    I would love to repaint my sister’s and my bedroom. We have WAY outgrown the current paint job!

  46. 47) Tracie S

    I would re-paint my master bedroom. It was one of the first rooms that I painted after we moved it and I would love to update it some.

  47. 49) Jennifer

    My master bath! I was just in Sherwin Williams today looking at their cool colors. Chip it will make this do much easier!

  48. 50) Rebecca Richeson

    I would love to repaint the outside of my house! But for now, the closets of all of our bedrooms.

  49. 51) Laura J.

    our family room is showing wear and tear. The blah beige paint is not helping!

  50. I used Watery in the last house we lived in for exactly the feel you’re going for–it was GORGEOUS! A little more blue or a little more green depending on the time of day, but always crisp and coastal. I’d use that color over and over again!

    And as for a room needing a makeover…probably the living room next…there are many areas to choose from though! 🙂

  51. 53) Nicole N.

    Those tools look awesome, thanks for sharing! We are trying to decide on a color for the nursery but it is really hard! I need to poke around their website for some help.

  52. We bought our first home in December and it’s a fixer! So, basically we need to paint every room. But being reasonable, we’ll start in the bathroom.

  53. 55) Tiffany

    This is an amazing resource at just the right time as my husband and I are just about to close on our first house! I am definitely going to paint over the dark red in the dining room, so I hope I win 🙂

  54. I love sherwin Williams, I’d paint my living room!

  55. 57) Rachel

    I have been longing to repaint our playroom/music room!

  56. 58) Becky Creason

    I love SW paint as well and have used it exclusively in our new house. I LOVE the coastal colors you are looking at and am completely inspired to cross some more projects off my list.

  57. We just finished up our master bedroom and the kids’ room: I’d love to do something with our living room to update it and make it feel more cozy!

  58. 60) Donna

    I’d love to re-paint my master bedroom. I’ve been looking at some Sherwin-Williams greige colors…

  59. hmmmm….let’s see. I could do any room in the house (it’s an oldie but a goodie), but we are currently remodeling our bathroom so it would probably be used in there!

  60. 62) Windie D

    would love to redo the master bedroom!

  61. 63) Cristina Vidal

    I would redo our living room 🙂

  62. 64) Janet

    I love SW paints. My new build chicken coop needs some good color!

  63. 66) Kristie

    My master bedroom. It could use some updating. It had purple paint when we moved in, which we covered in white, but now it just needs something more.

  64. 67) Ashley W.

    My pantry/laundry room. It’s the only area of the house we haven’t tackled yet and it is begging for a fresh coat of paint!

  65. 68) Erin S.

    I need to repaint my living room desperately!

  66. 70) dawn

    My sun room is in dire need of a coat of paint!

  67. 71) Crystal

    I’d have to paint my master bedroom!

  68. 72) Cathleen

    Our entire house needs to be painted. Our dog lost the bottom part of her ear running in the woods (just a nick) and, well, she shook her head everywhere for a month before we realized we were being treated to red polka dots in a band about 3′ off the floor. We have matte eggshell colored paint on all our walls from the previous owners…all speckled up. I kid you not! We’ll be starting with the living room and hallway.

  69. I need to do something to the kids room

  70. 74) andrea

    Dining room!

  71. 75) Chris

    I need to paint almost the whole house… but since we moved in a year ago my daughter has been dying to paint her room. I think we’ll start there! 🙂

  72. 76) Kate

    I think next up is our bedroom’s walk-in closet. Not glamorous, but hey, every room needs some paint-love. And I’m sick of looking at sheetrock!!!

  73. 77) HokieKate

    The playroom. It’s a dreary drab neutral right now, and I think I’d like it to be a cheerful yellow. I’m interesting in trying Sherwan Williams paint. I used a “Paint+Primer” from a big box on my bathroom this weekend, and it was HORRIBLE. Poor coverage after three coats, dripped everywhere, and peeled terribly when I took off the painter’s tape.

  74. 78) Megan T.

    I need to redo my daughter’s bedroom!

  75. 79) Jamie

    I would makeover our basement family room. It’s one of the last rooms we have to paint!

  76. 80) Maureen

    The office! It looks so serious right now…

  77. 81) Bailee

    We are building a new home right now. I am not sure which room we will start with because they will all need painted. Maybe my little girl’s bedroom… she would love that! I would like to give Sherwin Williams paint a try.

  78. 82) Jennifer

    We are remodeling an old farmhouse, so I have several rooms to makeover! I’ll start with the living room!

  79. 83) Analisa

    I can’t wait to paint my master bedroom and bathroom! Goodbye dark brown and plum… I want light and airy!

  80. 84) Jane

    We have been in a constant state of building since 1997. (Sad but true. Something always needs fixing.) So I guess I’d love to get started on painting the outside!

  81. 85) Shelly

    My living room – it’s a slightly off-white with wood trim. I need white trim and a lovely gray!

  82. 86) Michaela

    I would make over my kids room. They are getting big kid beds to replace their toddler beds and new paint would be perfect!

  83. I want to redo my bedroom. Really really want to.

  84. I would love to fix up my office to be more comfortable! I spend so much time in that room but it’s just a dull mess!

  85. 89) kelly Borsman

    We are doing a new building project and for the first time I will have separate boy and girls rooms!!!!!! So of course I have to come up with all new colors!!!!!!

  86. 90) Karin

    We repainted our kitchen/dining room with Sherwin-Williams already this year and it looks fantastic! If we win, the horrible sponge painting in the living/dining room area is the next to go!

  87. Lovely paint colors. Tradewinds is a lovely color.

  88. 92) Erica

    I would paint my daughter’s room! She is about to turn two so it is time to maybe update her baby nursery to more of a “big girl” room to reflect her sassy personality!

  89. 93) darcy

    I have used their paint for years and love the quality and consistency. When I was an interior designer we used them as our “go to paint store.” I would love to win and paint some interior signs and perhaps my bedroom.

  90. 95) Kim M

    Our guest room. When we moved in, it was the only room in the house that I didn’t love the color it was already painted (a really awful, deep, mustard-y yellow)…and 4.5 years later our guests are starting to complain that it hasn’t changed!

  91. 96) Julie R.

    I’d make over my boys’ bedroom. It’s nothing but white with a few scattered photos and could use a good makeover.

    I love the ChipIt! tool! It’s the coolest thing that I have ever used. So I’m glad that word about it is getting out more and more. Thanks for the post!

  92. 97) Kristi

    Oh my family room. It’s been waiting with patch worked sample walls since we got new floors in FEBRUARY!!

  93. We currently have a whole house that needs new paint! I’ve already picked a grey for the master bedroom but I’m still deciding on a color for the kid’s room. I accidentally made the master bathroom very bright green and I don’t want a repeat of that. Could have used Chip-It for that project!!

  94. 99) Sandy Cruttenden

    Master bed and bath really need a repaint/makeover. I love that Watery color and restful!

  95. 100) lonna

    Dining Room!!!! it is lacking in a major way and I can’t quite seem to make it mesh with everything else in the house.

  96. I have been wanting to redo my kids’ room…right now it is a neon green which needs to go bye bye!

  97. I’m stuck on paint color for our nursery. I’d like for it to be gender neutral but can’t decide if I want to go beige, grey or greige!!!

  98. I would love to choose one of the same colors you have here for our guest room!

  99. I’d love to repaint my bathroom.

  100. 105) Valerie Nelson

    LOVE! I’d add some color to my craft room! :)))

  101. 106) Rana

    I love all the colors you picked. My daughter wants a purple room so that is the color I would do if I win.

  102. 107) Marilyn

    We are getting ready to paint our bedroom, the color we want is going to be blue/green. I will check out Sherwin-Williams and see what they have.

  103. 108) Stacy

    With the Sherwin-Williams paint I would redo our family room. It hasn’t been painted in the 8 years we live here and could use a redo!!

  104. 109) DeniseMarie

    My living room/dining room really needs a fresh coat of paint. I love that Watery color!

  105. 110) Jessica

    I’m going to do my guest room too. And I think I’ll copy everything you do!!

  106. 111) Cara

    I would like to do my bedroom or living room. My bedroom hasn’t ever been decorated. We’ve lived here 16 years. It’s probably time!

  107. 112) Dana

    My bedroom could use that soft beachy vibe of yours! Thanks

  108. 113) Carrie Alexander

    I’d do my living room; we are trying to get our condo prepped to sell this summer, so I’d like to take some shots of “sales ready” houses, get the colors, and have SW do all the work choosing for me!

  109. 114) Laura B

    Our master for sure!! We inherited a room full of faux painted trees when we moved in! It’s gotta go!

  110. 115) Kendra

    I would love to do my master… But my youngest has been very naughty to his walls and has the most need of a fresh coat of paint.

  111. 116) Tammy

    I have 2 projects I need to work on. We painted the hallway but didn’t get to the entryway. I also have a bath off my sewing studio that needs a fresh paint job.

  112. 117) Kristie P.

    I need a change from 9 years of builder’s white in my dining room. My entire downstairs actually but I want to start with the dining room. Chip It may finally help get it done.

  113. 118) Brandy

    I can’t wait to see what you do with the guest room! I’d love to redo my entry hall and guest bath!

  114. We’re moving in June, so I’d love the paint for our new place! Not sure what room I’d redo…probably our master bedroom! I love your coastal house vibe…I painted/decorated my house the same way.

  115. We’re moving in TWO weeks. I’m so excited! But first things first I’ve gotta get my paint on. We’ve gotta start with the master bedroom which his a light baby powder pink. Who does that?? We’ve gotta start there but the whole house needs lots of attention.

  116. 122) Elizabeth

    Our bathroom is the only room we have not redone in the 11 years we’ve lived in this house. And it was one of the first we wanted to do! It’s time. And these tools look like so much fun to use!

  117. 123) Julie

    i haven’t touched our master bedroom since we moved in twelve years ago. shame.

  118. 124) Tabitha

    Our master bedroom needs help! Love Sherwin Williams paint.

  119. 125) Ingrid

    We are in the process of building a new house so I need colors for every wall! 🙂

  120. 126) Leslie F.

    My bathroom could use a new, cheerful makeover.

  121. 127) Amy H

    We just bought a new house. Waiting for a sale (or gift card) to turn our kitchen Lime Rickey.

  122. We’re about to paint the playroom next weekend, but really every room in the house needs a coat of paint. Thanks!

  123. 130) heather

    I would make over the kitchen first if I won this one thanks for the wonderful chance.

  124. 131) Micaela

    Our bedroom could definitely use a makeover. At first I liked the color (tan) but I am now really sick of it being so blah.

  125. 132) Angie

    I am off to try Chip It right now! That sounds EXACTLY like what I need! I often have inspiration and then reality falls short of what I was aiming for. Our bedroom is sadly an example of one such failure, so I’d love to win the sweepstakes and repaint that room! Another great post, as always, Dana. 🙂

  126. 133) Nicole

    I would paint our nursery in prep for our addition.

  127. 134) Heather

    We used Repose Grey throughout our main floor and EVERYONE that walks in comments on it. We love it, too! I’d love to paint my girls’ room if I won the sweepstakes.

  128. 135) Margot C

    I would really like to re-paint my kitchen/dinning room (it’s one long room); maybe in a robin’s egg blue.

  129. 137) kim

    Oh my living room needs some serious love right now!

  130. Hi Dana, I can’t enter the comp because I’m not in America 😉 but I really like the middle colour you’ve “tested” and I reckon you might choose that 😀 Good luck with it all, can’t wait to see the finished result!

  131. 139) Anne M.

    Easy, the living room. I’ve been wanting to paint it for several months.

  132. 140) Janna

    Ooo would love to do my craft room! But honestly…after 7 yrs in our house we built…all the walls need painted! and i’m ready to go all white so all my color will stand out:) I think you should go with the color that is more blue. We have a real light aqua like blue in our bedroom and i LOVE it!!!

  133. 141) Tara

    That watery color is fantastic! And I also love the whole coastal cool collection! My dining room is a Sherwin Williams color and I absolutely love it! It’s definitely the most unique color in our home — and the one we get the most compliments on. I really should makeover our master bedroom (we currently have greige walls with a red accent wall — which is just too dark for me).

  134. 142) Lacey

    Not entering the comp, but I like Dewy or Glimmer. I think the one on the left will read really “pastel Easter egg blue” on mass. It depends whether you want a greener or bluer finished product. I like Glimmer personally.

  135. 143) Catherine

    I would makeover our main living/dining room – it’s a medium evergreen right now from the previous owners, and while it has served us well, our tastes have changed enough that a fresh new look that’s more “us” would be perfect.

  136. 144) Anne Marie

    My kitchen is crying for new paint!

  137. 146) Ginger

    I’ve painted my kitchen with SW Basket Beige. But I need something different….it’s just time you know? Or maybe I’ll do the living room. Or maybe I’ll do the entryway…..okay, kitchen it is:)

  138. 147) Kim d.

    Getting ready to paint my boys room. They want dark blue (belch!) but I’m planning on something lighter.

  139. Ooh, fun!!! I would re-paint our living/dining room areas. We used a really cheap matte paint last time and you can’t clean it, so now the walls have smudges and scuffs from the kids on them and we’ll have to re-paint to make it look nice again (just in time for them to re-smudge and re-scuff). I’d much rather start over with a good, quality paint that I can actually wipe clean!! 🙂

  140. 149) Pattij

    I’d paint my living room for sure!

  141. 150) NiCaam

    The dining room. Needs a make-over.

  142. I was just browsing the SW website! I was drooling over their wallpaper – who knew??? I would LOVE to redo my laundry room. I know that sounds like a waste, but the non-front door entry to our house (which everyone uses) enters into my laundry room and it is soo grubby. And $50 would go a long way in a small space! Thank you for the chance!

  143. 152) karen

    want to redo my sewing room (was my daughter’s room). something soothing, but fun since I’m in there so much. I love all your choices so far

  144. 153) patricia tardiff

    I would paint my bedroom, it has high vaulted ceilings and whoever lived here before did a terrible job painting it. I was thinking stripes/ but im still figuring out what i want.

  145. 154) ira lee

    we are starting to renovate the garage to make a big bedroom. should be fun- that need a sarcasm font!!!

  146. we are in process of building our new house so I would give all the kids room a nice pop of color. They each have their favorite, and it would help them to make their rooms personal to them.

  147. 156) Madi Hugie

    I would paint our coming baby’s room! I painted our main level in Sea Salt and our kitchen in Distance and absolutely love the feel and look of it now! Best descision ever! Sherwin Williams always has the best colors!

  148. 157) Jess a

    I love your decorating posts!! I really want to redo our daughters room- she’s 2 mos old and it hasn’t been redone since it was her brothers room..

  149. 158) Adrienne

    My living/kitchen/dining room are all one big living space and currently being remodeled. Paint is a high priority on the to-do list. Thanks for the fun giveaway!

  150. 159) jweed

    Getting ready to paint my daughter’s room in time for her birthday. This would be a fantastic help! Fun post!

  151. Love the new coastal collection! Thanks for the chance to win!

  152. 161) Erin V

    Dining room

  153. 162) Emily

    I’d love to paint our family room and cover up the icky dark brown fake paneling! Thanks for the change to win!

  154. We moved into a “new to us” house a year ago, and there’s still plenty of rooms that need paint. First up is the laundry room, then the powder room, master bedroom and soon-to-be nursery!

  155. 164) Tanya B

    I love all the work you put in to pick the “right” color. It takes me MONTHS to decide on a final color. I would paint our playroom. 8+ years ago I painted it “brown”, but now I want to do something FUN!

  156. 165) Alisa

    I’ve been searching for just the right color for my bedroom walls. I’m looking pretty closely at that Watery card. Maybe Glimmer for me.

  157. 166) Betsy

    I’d change my master bedroom. I hate it right now and almost don’t want to be in there–which seems like a really bad thing for a marriage. Pick me!

    Those peaceful blue greens would be exactly right

  158. 167) Cat B

    Our master bath, I’ve been wanting to paint it a relaxing shade of blue for ages… I have a paint chip taped to my light switch:)

  159. 168) Katie R

    My sons bedroom needs to be painted! I am not sure what color he would like. But this would be a fun project to do with him! Thank you for this giveaway!

  160. 169) Kelly-Ann F.

    I would finally do my guest room. 10 years in the house and it hasn’t gotten enough love! Although I had big plans for the garage, family and friends should be more pampered than my car and tools!

  161. 171) Meghan

    We have a baby coming in 2 months and still need to finish painting his room. I would love to find a fun accent color!

  162. 172) Jessica

    I am actually not wanting to paint a room but my front door and shutters!

  163. 173) Natalie

    My living room definitely needs a makeover! I just moved into a new apartment and nothing is on the walls and my furniture is pathetic!

  164. 174) Sarah

    I just pulled the wallpaper off our master bathroom. I blame “nesting”…. But now that we have a clean slate, I am not sure what to do with the bathroom. It needs color!! 🙂

  165. 175) Sarah

    I just pulled the wallpaper off our bathroom. I blame “nesting” … But now that we have a clean slate, I am not sure what to do with the bathroom. It needs color!! 😀 (autocorrect messed up my email entry on my last post, and I didn’t catch it until I hit submit. I’m sorry!)

  166. 176) amy

    our spare bedroom is currently a catch-all room, but i think if i had a great paint color to go in there it would motivate me to get it cleared out and usable again!

  167. 177) Savannah

    I would love love LOVE to be able to paint my room, which is turning into my little brothers room when my sister joins the air force and we do the bed room shuffle. I’ve got all these angled ceilings in there (only about 6 square feet about the fan is actually flat), so I think it would be too cool to do some ceiling murals and a giant light house on the tallest wall. Or just paint what will be my room in matte/gloss yellow stripes.

  168. 178) katie w

    my husband and I are actually building a house ourselves, we turned in all our architecture plans yesterday! we’re hoping to break ground the end of this week, I can’t wait to choose paint colors for all the rooms!

  169. 179) Kristin

    We are trying to buy a house, so I have no idea which room I would paint, but I’m sure it will be lots of them!

  170. 180) Marian

    I’m working on two bathrooms right now and need help!

  171. I just love your new house. It’s beautiful. Makes me think of sunrises & sunsets at the beach, but in the heart of Texas! I feel like we constantly have projects going on over here & that sure would be an awesome gift to win! Thanks for the chance:).

  172. 182) Jennifer

    I love that Watery color! I’d like to paint my babies’ room.

  173. 183) Teressa

    I want to create my sewing/quilting room as soon as I can get all the junk cleared out from the former “gaming” room. My son is on his way to college in the fall and it’s the perfect time to pack up all the games and make it my own space!

  174. 184) tabitha e

    I have 4 bedrooms, a stair/hall way and craft room to paint. Currently they are just primed. Thanks for reminding me of the Chip It tool.

  175. 185) Ronda

    I would love to paint our family room. Thank you for the giveaway. I can’t wait to see a tour of your new home.

  176. 186) Cecilia

    our bedroom. the walls totally clash with the bed… we didn’t paint it at all when we moved in and the colour in there is not my colour! i would love the chance to redecorate!

  177. 187) Ariel

    I’m in the process of painting the boys room. It’s currently a very bright blue and I’m thinking navy. The walls are already decorated with paint samples from other brands, I’d love to try some from Sherwin Williams 🙂

  178. 188) Robyn

    SO many rooms in our house need a paint job. I think the next one on the list is the living room…

  179. 189) Jodi F

    I would love to refresh my living room/dining room color!

  180. 190) Anne

    Oh gosh–we moved into a new house 6 months ago and have painted three rooms. Now with summer coming, I want to get all the painting done: two hall ways/stair well, our bedroom, the guest room and the tv room. A gift card would help get me going. Thanks for the opportunity.

  181. 191) MistyBee

    My entire downstairs is in dire need of reprinting, but I really want to tackle the guest bath first with some fun, warm, saturated accents.

  182. 192) Sarah K

    We are planning a remodel for this summer and that’ll leave me with two new bedrooms, a bathroom, a stairwell and a hall – yikes! Not to mention, it’s been a whole since we updated some other rooms in the house. Oh my! Thanks for the giveaway!

  183. I would so love to paint our master bedroom! It is a dark green right now, and we live in the Pacific Northwest (where we need all the light we can get!).

  184. 194) jescel

    We just moved in to a new construction so there are several painting projects on the line, including my sewing room.

  185. 195) Penny

    I would start with the living room – I am tired of the current all off white walls. ugh. I need a happy place and no clue what colors to use but I’m sure SW could help me out! Thanks for the give-away chance to kick-start operation paint the walls!

  186. 196) Lauralee

    Aren’t Sherwin Williams employees the best? They totally remember us every time we go in there! I would love to paint my daughter’s bedroom. It’s a dark grey – too blah for a tween! We need to pop some color in that room! I’m thinking a pretty pool blue color…. chip it, here I come with my pottery barn photos! 🙂

  187. 197) Karen McAdams

    I’d love to redo my bathroom, or start painting the paneling in our basement. Or paint some doors. Or some chairs. Or the crib….

  188. 198) Rebekah

    We’re expecting our first baby around Thanksgiving. It’s been quite a roller coaster of finding out we were pregnant, to believing I had a miscarriage and mourning for 3 weeks, then my doctor telling me that I’m still pregnant and that my miscarriage was a blood clot!! Biggest shock of my life last week. So, a nursery is in order!
    Thanks for the cool giveaway, but it’s too bad your awesome design eye and advice doesn’t come with it! 🙂

  189. 199) Kate

    I’d love to paint our master bedroom! We’ve painted everything in our new to us house except for the kitchen and that bedroom (okay, and the bathrooms, but they need more than just a coat of paint!), and it will be so nice to get our own color on the walls! 🙂

  190. 200) Michele S.

    The girls’ room badly needs a fresh coat of paint. Thanks for the opportunity!

  191. 201) Boni B

    Save our living room from boring beige 🙂

  192. 202) Charity Boehm

    I would love to make over my guest bedroom. I have been praying and discussing adopting and the guest room would need to be transformed into the babies room. So a new coat of color would be perfect!

  193. 203) Donna

    We just moved from Utah to San Diego and wow is it more expensive here. So we have quickly realized that we will have to get a fixer upper in order to live anywhere close to a neighborhood that we would want to be in. Though we have not found our dream fixer upper yet, I will be able to use a paint gift card in any number of rooms because I anticipate mountains of work wherever we land. And hopefully we will be landing very soon, living in limbo is a rough deal!

  194. 204) Chrissy

    Would definitely do our guest bathroom. We’ve lived in our current house for 6 years and have yet to redo it. It was at the top of our list when we first moved in. 2 kids later… it still hasn’t happened.

  195. 205) Julie

    My master bedroom. I’m bored with the color in there and would like something new and fresh.

  196. 206) Carrie Vogler

    I would love to redo our master bath. It is in need of lots of help.

  197. 207) Nan Kennedy

    I want to paint my living room.

  198. 208) Magda

    Next on the list for a SW makeover is the dining room!

  199. 209) Tania

    I would do the outside of our house! And my money is on the middle swatch for you.

  200. 210) Melody L

    I want to paint our living room! We moved in almost 2 years ago and everything is still beige… Need some color!

  201. 211) Mae

    My entire house is this yellowish beige. It’s nice, but very blah. LOVE those spa colors!

  202. 212) Mary

    Our guest bathroom is in dire need of an update. Fingers crossed!

  203. 213) claire

    Basement – wood paneling be gone!

  204. Hmmm….I think I’d finally tackle our walk in basement that’s been unfinished since the house was built 30 years ago!

  205. I would love to make over my master bathroom and closet (they are so beige and boring) – something coastal and relaxing seems like a dream come true. Or maybe I would paint our breakfast nook, again, beige and boring. Wait, I know, my stairs! That’s what I would paint. I have this dream of lining it with pictures and kid art but just never do since it’s boring and ….beige.

  206. I think you are going to pick bouyant blue. I, too, am a fan of SW paint and I love that they send me % off coupons regularly 🙂 My kitchen is pretty badly in need of a paint job. But then, I also have a few side tables that are waiting for some magic, too…

  207. I would love to paint my bedroom–it has been white for the pat seven years and it’s time for a change!

  208. 218) CrystalB

    I need to finish my kitchen. We got three walls painted (after removing layers of wallpaper) and now we have one left to do and the cabinets are next. Sherwin Williams Paint rocks!

  209. 219) Michaela

    We’re about to move. I’m sure whatever house we buy will need new paint in every room to feel like home!

  210. 220) Heidi L

    I would paint…a room I have never seen in a house that I don’t own. We’re planning to buy a house this summer and I’m certain we’ll have plenty of painting to do!

  211. 221) Lauren

    Our master bedroom is up for a HUGE makeover…paint would be a nice start!

  212. 222) Lynn Troyer

    What a great prize! We’re redoing our entire kitchen. Definitely thinking SW Repose Gray for the walls!

  213. 223) Sarah

    I desperately need to paint my master bedroom!

  214. 224) Mary

    I love Sherwin Williams! I would redo the boy’s room. Time for an update!

  215. 225) Britta

    I’ve been wanting to paint my living room for years! Tunis would help me get to it!

  216. 226) Beth K

    I will make-over my living room using Sherwin-Williams paint. Thanks for the giveaway!

  217. 228) rwheeler

    I would choose my master bedroom. I want a beachy feel to it as well. I love the blue/green/gray colors.

  218. 229) Tiffany

    We are building a house!! I would LOVE to paint ANY of my many rooms in Sherwin Williams!!! Namely…my sewing room, or how about the classroom (homeschool), or wait, maybe our master or my twins bedroom! I can’t decide!

  219. 230) Heather

    I would actually love to repaint my front door. Our house is yellow and the previous owners painted the door black. I have been dying to paint it blue!

  220. 231) Jill

    I can’t wait to make over our kitchen using these tools!

  221. 232) Tiffany C.

    I would love to do a room makeover for my daughter for her 6th birthday!!

  222. 233) Sarahbeth

    Kitchen. Almost done with our remodel, and what with tile, cabinets, lighting …. Forgot to pick paint colors!

  223. 234) Amy G

    I’ve been thinking about painting our bedroom a very pale grey for a while now. I really like that watery color you tried a sample of here!

  224. 235) latanya

    I would make over my living room

  225. 238) Caroline Sharkey

    I’d repaint my office/sitting room that are connected. They are presently a leah color left over from the last tenants and utterly unimpressive considering the beautiful Georgia sun that pours in through the windows!

  226. Our family room is boring, boring white! That’s what I’d paint. 🙂

  227. 240) Laura

    I LOVE Sherwin-Williams paint. If you like a beachy look, Sea Salt is the best. I put it in the formal dining room. It added some informality to the space. Its not as gray as it looks on the card. Its very breezy and beautiful. Try a swatch on the wall. We mixed Watery and Sea Salt for our stair wall and its gorgeous too!

  228. 241) katieQ

    I would paint my bedroom in a soft gray.

  229. 242) Erica Best

    i would makeover my livingroom

  230. 244) D SCHMIDT

    I would love to make over my children’s playroom, it’s a very bland color and just not an inviting space for them to play in!

  231. 247) Stephanie

    I would love to finally finish our master bedroom. It has been out of commission for over 2 years because we haven’t had the money to finish it! My husband would be thrilled! 🙂

    • 248) Stephanie

      Oops! I meant bathroom!

  232. 249) Rebecca Graham

    I would makeover my kitchen using Sherwin Williams.

  233. 250) Julie B.

    I’d paint my bedroom one of those gorgeous blue tones. Since we moved into our first home last year all the walls are still boring cream 🙁

  234. 251) bdaiss

    We’re finishing our basement… I just used glimmer on the ceiling of my sewing room! I used a light blue on the walls, but I’ll be darned if I can remember what the name of it is right now. So hey – why not go for two colors? 🙂

    • 252) bdaiss

      Oh – and now that the basement has a fresh coat of paint, I’m itching to redo my living room/kitchen. Oh let’s face it. I want to redo the entire 1st floor. : )

  235. 253) Casey

    My daughter’s room, for sure. She is moving towards thirteen and wants a more mature look. She also wants those be achy colors and vibe!

  236. 254) Kelly B.

    I could look at paint samples for hours!

  237. 255) Danielle

    I would paint my bathroom 🙂

  238. 256) AmberC

    My bedroom or workroom!

  239. 257) Sara

    My living room!

  240. 258) Betsy

    I am hoping to paint our bedroom in the near future!! yeah!

  241. 259) Julie Rushing

    Ooooo! Watery is just the color I would love to paint my laundry room! I need a peaceful color to help me get through the piles!

  242. 260) Debbie B

    i am working right now on my spare bedroom! Would love to paint it with Sherwin Williams!

  243. 262) Emily Brown

    So many fun colors to choose from!

  244. 263) Helene Peters

    Our laundry room needs a desperate make-over!

  245. 264) Kerry

    Our bedroom!

  246. 265) Neiddy

    I would make-over my master bedroom using Sherwin-Williams

  247. 267) Heather Crowe

    The baby room! We’re expecting our first baby in November and are really wanting to repaint the baby’s room with Sherwin-Williams paint.

  248. 268) maria cantu

    I will makeover the kitchen.

  249. 269) Liz J

    We just moved and every room is cream not bad but not really very filled with personality.

  250. 270) Lauren E.

    I promised daughter I would paint her room. I would go ahead and do that for her as long as she doesnt pick a crazy color! neyabenz(at)gmail(dot)com

  251. 271) Ashley Tucker

    So many pretty colors. I want to makeover my living room.

  252. 273) Wanda McHenry

    I would makeover my living room.

  253. 275) Tabathia B

    I would make over my living room

    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  254. 277) Leanna Howard

    Our kitchen/living area! It definitely needs some personal touches.

  255. 278) Pippin

    Lovely! Makes me want to paint.

  256. 279) Dana

    I would love to paint my master bedroom to make a spa like retreat for my husband and I!

  257. 280) Lara C

    Just about all the rooms in our new home need paint, but I think I would start with the kitchen/family room. So many choices to make!

  258. 281) Erika Jimenez

    Moving to a new house soon…so all of the rooms need some color.I would start with the great room/ kitchen.

  259. 282) Lynda

    I would love to spruce up the second floor staircase (It’s enormous)!

  260. 283) BizzyMom

    My big open hallway has been begging me to repaint!!

  261. We are building a new house and will be ready for paint next week! If I win, I am going to start with my new living room!

  262. 285) Heather

    Our master bedroom is a shade of green that makes my husband think of hospitals. We painted the kitchen, family room, pantry, and laundry room but have run out of steam. No inspiration, no motivation, and no cash. How sad is it that our bedroom is in the worst shape? I hope the room is not a metaphor for our marriage but if it is then we really need help!

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