I’ve never been huge on Overalls (except for that 5 year stint in the 90s when we all wore them over tight t-shirts. Let’s hope that trend never resurfaces).
But then one day Owen got some hand-me-down overalls from a friend. And they were the coolest fit…..a bit higher at the waist and wide in the legs. So I decided to copy them. And I paired them with this fabulous Green Thumb fabric (found on clearance in the Upholstery section at Joanns, two years ago).
I’ve posted about these in the past but since we’re talking boys all month, they’ll get air-time again. Too bad I didn’t make them the same year as The Harvest Dress. How cute would the kids have been together? How how little is Owen in this picture??
It can be hard to “accessorize” boy’s clothing without over doing it. So, a couple items I try to incorporate are:
* Double-lined stitching: I often sew a double-stitch (two parallel lines) around edges, on the pockets, at the hem, wherever. If you’re doing it proper, you use a double-needle. If you’re too lazy to change your needle (or to figure out how to use the double one), then just sew one line, move over 1/4 inch (using your presser foot to help guide you in a straight line) and sew another line next to it. Subtle design. And cute with a contrasting thread color.
* Contrasting fabrics: I really have to love a “print” on a boys fabric to buy it. I guess I loved the little farm/gardening tools on this one! Usually though, I like to play with solids or simple stripes/plaids/simple patterned fabrics. And then the real challenge comes in making a creative design from those simple fabrics. Try to mix up dark and light colors. The charcoal gray really pops against the tan Green Thumb fabric here.
Probably my favorite part of these though, are the pant legs. I just love the width and how it goes to the floor.
I added knee pads to the front and tons of snaps with contrasting fabric inside. Probably no one will ever see that gray inside, but it’s fun to know it’s there! (like wearing a red bra when you’re 14? um….assuming that no one’s seeing it….)
If you’ve never used snaps before they’re very easy. You’ll find them in the Notions wall at your fabric store for a couple bucks. They come with a little “tool” used to pound them on to your fabric. If you really want to invest, you can buy a clamper (not sure what the real name is) tool for about $25 and then you can just squeeze them on to your fabric. Make sure there’s enough reinforcement in your fabric so the snaps don’t pull through your fabric when you pull the snap open.
And that’s it! Let the harvest begin!

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