Green Thumb Overalls

I keep hoping Autumn will come. So in an effort to summon the cool weather, I’ve been making more pants for Jumper. This time, it’s overalls, in a fun gardening tools print (regretting that I didn’t pick up enough fabric to make something for Goose too). I copied a pair of overalls given to us in a used-clothing bag. And they are the perfect fit. I really love how they all came together. Probably one of my favorite creations to-date:
For some reason, I love looking at a pant-leg full of attached snaps. I guess after hammering them on myself, I appreciate their utility even more: My husband and I have varying tastes, but I enjoy getting his fresh approach on things. It was his idea to use the gray fabric for the pocket and knee pads. And he picked out all the buttons for me at the store!
Our little green thumb, reaping the harvest. Too bad those pumpkins won’t fit in his pocket.
Autumn, here we come!

  1. 1) Kendra

    I love these overalls, but am not able to find the pattern, please help šŸ™‚
    have a happy day šŸ™‚

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