Green Dress

Wearing Green today?
We hope so!

Based on the Shirt Dress Tutorial, and inspired by this cute tutorial at Freshly Picked, I went….

Instead of creating a fabric casing for the waistband, I sewed 2-inch wide elastic on to the outside of the dress (found at most fabric stores). You know, the trendy belt look we’ve seen this past year. I also changed out the buttons and added a few extra. Didn’t even bother making button holes, just sewed them right on top. (Leggings are from Walmart):
I made the dress a little shorter than I normally would so that it’s more like a shirt. I guess that makes it a Shirt-Dress-Shirt/Dress? What a mouthful.
The sun has been shining all day making our March 17th absolutely gorgeous. And Lucy thinks she looks Princess Tiana. So life is good all around.
Happy St. Patrick’s Day!
Click on the image below for the Shirt Dress Tutorial. And while you’re at it, check out the new layout of our TUTORIALS section. We hope it’s easier to navigate around. More of that to come on the blog!

  1. 1) Varshini

    The dress is so cute! >o<

  2. This is by far one of the most adorable pieces ever! Any advice on how I could make this piece using just material? I do not think I have any old shirts this cute! =D
    Love, love, love this one! Beautiful!

  3. 3) Jodi

    I’m SO jealous of your talent!!! I am going to try this, but I’m not too experienced in the sewing department. I did make a pair of pajama pants for myself, in a sewing class, so maybe I can do it! Thank you!

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