good news, bad news

the bad news….
I got a bleach spot on the back of my shirt when getting my hair done this week. This normally doesn’t happen and I love my stylist. She is wonderful! (I actually feel bad posting this but there’s a good ending) So the latch on the cape broke before I got to her salon and as we washed my hair, I felt some bleachy water ooze past my neck and down my back. Bummer.

the good news!
Boyfriend T’s are ON SALE this week at Target for $6! Like I really need any more. Okay, I didn’t have black and had to replace the aqua so yes I needed more.
Today is the last day for the sale. So run to your store! (or buy them online). And if you’re not sure what a Boyfriend Tee is, read this post from last week.

Hope your Saturday is a sunny one!

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