giving Memories to MOM with GUEST: A Room Somewhere

Today is about preserving memories, in ways other than the obvious. When I asked Leslie from A Room Somewhere to create a round-up of gift ieas, I had no idea she was thinking along those same lines. Our minds were in sync. So for the next couple of days Leslie and I will help with the sentimental side of gift-giving, for MOM.

But first, let’s take a quick jaunt to Nantucket (while wearing your favorite flowly dress) so we can walk along the beach and sip sodas on the porch. Want to join me?

Then welcome to: A Room Somewhere. This is exactly how I feel when I’m there.
It’s almost like I’m Alice, fallen into a dreamy world of lovelies.
Leslie is a master at scouring the internet and sharing beautiful ideas on Architecture, Home decor, travel, photography, and fashion. And she recently posted her own House Tour. I love stuff like that.

And I love stuff like this….
If I ever feel like slipping into a world outside of my own, or if I just need great home decorating ideas, I often find myself at A Room Somewhere.

But beyond the pretty pictures of homes, Leslie has two other features I love. Her Runway Rewind of Project Runway. And, FASHION.

In fact, just looking through her archives for photos to share with you, I thought, ooooo, I’ll take that, that, that, THAT, oh and definitely that.

If you ever want to know what I would wear (if money were no object and I wasn’t running around the house taking care of kids. You know, more along the lines of our Nantucket trip, sipping sodas?)…..well, I would fill my wardrobe with versions of these:
Do you feel like you’re in a room somewhere, other than your own right now? It’s kind of fun.

So, in true Leslie style, she has a beautiful post of ideas to share with us today.
Let’s hear what she has to say…..


I’m so excited to be participating in Dana and Disney’s Celebrating Mom posts! I love this idea, and am glad that there are bloggers who take the time to make our lives easier by filling our minds with ideas and projects. Thanks, ladies!

I thought it would be fun to showcase some gift ideas for our moms , the ones who are new-ish grandmothers, who are still hip enough to shop at Anthropologie, but who get a little tear in their eye when they receive something sentimental and thoughtful.
Most of our mothers would say, “Oh no, don’t get me anything!” and if they’re like my mom, she really doesn’t want or need any thing from me at all. So I like to give memories, either by sharing old ones or creating new ones.

Leslie has created a round-up of memory and tear-inducing gifts to help you guys with this. It’s beautiful, it’s thoughtful, and it got me thinking more about the sentimental ways to tell my MOM I love her. Please find it HERE at A Room Somewhere.

Thank you Leslie. You have an eye for style and beauty!

What’s Disney sharing today? Check it out:

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