Thank you for entering the giveTHANKSaways last week!
I loved your enthusiasm over the products and for our sponsors.  So thanks for the great comments!

And now for the fun part.

Here we go…

The Online Fabric Store:
#730 – Karry, who said: Awesome, thanks for the giveaway!
#43 – Crystal, who said: Thanks for this!

Simple Sewing Books by Katie Lewis:
#313 – Becca Fay, who said: Would love to have a fun book to sew thru w/my daughter
#304 – Kristine J, who said: Oh, I’d love to win, thanks:)
#756 – Kim J, who said: This is so cool!  I would love the book.

Photoshop and Illustrator courses by Nicole’s Classes:
#547 – Heather @ What Does She Do all Day? who said: I would love
either! Though I don’t own either program so I guess I’d have to do some
shopping first.
#2 – Kristen, who said: Oh I love following Nicole’s classes but I’ve never actually taken one! I’d love either class!

Stained Glass Stars and Twine from Piggy + Dirt
#343 – Sharla, who said: So cool! Love the twine!
#464 – Danah, who said: Those are so pretty.  Good luck everyone!

Blank Slate Patterns:
#420 – Leah, who said: Oh those adorable dresses. I want to make them all for my niece!
#829 – Christina Poynter, who said: Patterns are important! How lovely!

The Fat Quarter Shop:
#702 – Melani, who said: Thanks for the chance.
#953 – Aubrey, who said: Wahoo for pretty fabric!

10 Pattern + Design Coloring Books by Jenean Morrison:
Mandala Design Coloring Book:
#217 – Tessie Snow, who said: These are beautiful! I would love to color these with my daughters.
#1081 – Laura Judd, who said: I cannot tell you how many kids there are in my family that would love this….heck, I am 30 and I would love a few of them for me, forget the kiddos!
#178 – Amanda, who said: Those look so fun.
#694 – Lindsay, who said: Just Beautiful!
#201 – Darci, who said: The mandalas look cool. I’d love to do this with my kids

Pattern + Design Coloring Book, Volume 2:
#944 – Emily, who said: My son would so love this!
#966 – Debra, who said: these are so beautiful and my six year old (and let’s be honest, me too) would love one.
#896 – Heather, who said: My girls would love these!
#173 – Biao, who said: I would love to color the books
#311 – Erin A, who said: Supper Cute – Thanks for all the giveaways!!

Goose Grease original wooden Peg Dolls:
#82 – Margaret, who said: I love them!
#228 – Lynne Tilley, who said: How sweet and adorable!

Clothing 4 U, custom woven clothing labels:
#376 – Jennifer, who said: What a great giveaway!!!! Labels, labels, labels!!!
#684 – Becca, who said: THIS. IS. AMAZING. I’ve always admired your labels and I’m so glad to know where to get some of my own!

Freshly Picked Leather Moccasins:
#58 – Allison Dredge, who said: Those are adorable!
#165 – Margaret, who said: I would love to get a pair for my one-year-old grandson who is almost walking!

Violette Field Threads Patterns:
#278 – Tommie at Ilene Books, who said: Those patterns are absolutely adorable
#694 – Erica, who said: Yay! Pick me! I need some new patterns.
#658 – Twins Squared, who said: Great giveaway! Thanks for the chance to win!

Fashionable Fabrics:
#90 – Ana Couto, who said: I feel like I am repeating myself over and over again, but here it goes: love that store, thanks for the great prizes. Ana
#133 – Lida, who said: Dana.. quina passada, quins obsequis més genials…gràcies.

Whipstitch Sewing eCourses:
#63 – Stephanie, who said: This would be wonderful!
#439 – Toni, who said: I love an awesome giveaway. This is spectacular!

The Vintage Pearl Jewelry:
#471 – Emily, who said: Awesome!
#1049 – Marin, who said: I love the Vintage Pearl!

#1248 – bayoumama, who said: This makes me smile.
#545 – Kathryn, who said: I haven’t broken into the washi tape world yet; maybe it’s time!

Caravan Shoppe:
#370 – Allison, who said: Love these!
Fairy Tale Olliblocks:
#135 – JaMsb, who said: Amazing! I love those Oli Blocks!
Giant Chalkart Posters:
#564 – Lauren F, who said: Such great prints!

Thank you all for playing!
Each winner will be notified via email with additional info.
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  1. 1) The Mrs.

    You did a wonderful job putting all of those giveaways together! Have a great Thanksgiving and relax a little.

  2. Look at all those winners! You made so many people happy today. 🙂 Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Congratulations to all lucky winners and Happy Thanksgiving to you!

  4. 4) Lucy

    Well done to all the lucky winners! Have a great Thanksgiving!

  5. 5) Jenn

    Congratulations to all the winners! Thanks for doing such great giveaways Dana! Have a lovely Thanksgiving. 🙂

  6. 6) Amanda

    THANKYOU for putting together such Amazing Giveaways & for having so many open to your International Fans

  7. 7) Nancy

    Congratulations to all the winners and thank you Dana and your sponsors for such great giveaways, it was fun to enter (especially being one of your (American) international followers)! Happy Thanksgiving!

  8. Congratulations to all the winners. Dana, thanks so much for putting all these giveaways together. I know it does take a lot of time.

  9. 10) Dkb

    Thanks Dana, I almost didn’t check this post, I so totally didn’t think I would win anything! Can’t wait for my book!

  10. ah buggers I don’t see my name! Amazing Giveaway!!!! Happy Thanksgiving Congrats to everyone that won!!!! Lucky Bums

  11. Thats a lot of winners! Congrats!! And happy thanksgiving!

  12. 13) Mekani

    I can’t believe I won!!!!!!
    Thank you Dana and fat quarter shop …
    And have a blessed Thanksgiving day …

  13. 14) Sarah

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  14. 15) Lida

    Dana…estoy emocionada no puedo creer que haya ganado!!! muchas gracias por ofrecernos esta oportunidad y a tus patrocinadores…

  15. congrats to all the winners and thank you for organising such a great week!

  16. 17) bel

    Altho I didn’t win, happy for those who did! 🙂
    Thanks Dana for making the week so fun!

  17. 18) Sowjanya

    Congratulations to all the winners! 🙂

  18. 19) Heather Ong

    I got all excited when I saw my name and (what I thought was) my comment for the Pattern+Design Coloring book, vol 2, but I didn’t get an email. Darn! Must have been someone else. Great giveaways though and congrats to all of the winners!

  19. 20) Karry

    Yay! I was so excited to win, thanks so much!

  20. 21) Jennifer

    “#376 – Jennifer, who said: What a great giveaway!!!! Labels, labels, labels!!!” That’s me! Looks like when I entered my email address, it added an extra “l” to gmail… I was wondering why I hadn’t gotten an email about this, and it looks like I found the reason. I was so stoked to win, too. I am, officially, a moron, LOL.

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