giveTHANKSaway – the Vintage Pearl jewelry (CLOSED)

It wouldn’t be a giveTHANKSaway without something from The Vintage Pearl.
How much do you love this shop?
I still wear my Lucy, Owen, Clara necklace all the time.  I love its simplicity and I always get compliments on it.
If you’re new to the Vintage Pearl…they create unique custom hand stamped jewelry, gifts and keepsakes in their studio in Tulsa, Oklahoma. They use sterling silver, freshwater pearls and birthstone crystals in their meaningful creations. Each piece is handmade and can be personalized with name charms, initials or a special phrase just for you, making every piece a true one-of-a-kind!
There are so many options to choose from….styles, fonts, items for men, and look, they have Christmas ornaments!  How cool.  Check out more ornament photos on their new blog.
And if you’re ordering for Christmas gifts, the cutoff date Dec 7th.  After that time you can purchase ready-made gifts for the holidays.

Today the Vintage Pearl is offering 15% off for MADE readers till Monday, 11/26
Enter at checkout:  made15
And they’re giving away a $50 Gift certificate to TWO winners.
Open to International readers!

• Leave a comment, that’s it.
• Only one entry per person.
• Open to Anyone!
• TWO winners will be picked via
Thank you Vintage Pearl!

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  1. 1) Maria

    Love this!

  2. 3) Bree

    Pick me. Pick me!!!

  3. 4) kimberly

    What beautiful jewelry!

  4. 5) Monica

    I love my necklace from there!

  5. I’ve always wanted some Vintage Pearl jewelry. This would be wonderful.

  6. LOVE, love, love the vintage pearl. I have two necklaces on my wishlist this year.

  7. 8) Stacy

    their products are amazing. on my christmas list.

  8. 9) Amanda Angert

    I’ve been eyeballing their jewelry forever!!!! Pick me!! 🙂

  9. 10) Sandy

    LOVE this! thanks for the giveaway, again!

  10. 11) Jenni S.

    Love the Vintage Pearl!

  11. 12) Lexi

    Oh I want one for Christmas!!!

  12. 13) Valerie

    I have always wanted to order something from Vintage Pearl, ever since seeing your necklace. Thanks for the giveaway!

  13. 14) Amanda c

    I love the tree ornament!

  14. 15) Brandie

    I have been eyeing up some personalized jewelry for quite some time, but haven’t pulled the trigger yet. I just love their necklaces.

  15. 16) Jorunn

    Would love one with my three baby-pearls names 😉

  16. 17) Jane

    LOVE vintage pearl! I hope I win!

  17. LOVE Vintage Pearl…I’ve been following them for a long time. Would love to win!

  18. 19) Cher

    great Christmas gift!

  19. 20) marian

    I hope every time to win the Vintage Pearl one..why is it so hard for moms to get a trinket for themselves sometimes??

  20. 21) Diane

    I love the simple designs. I need to show this site to my husband.

  21. 22) Lisa Ferguson

    Love the vintage pearl!

  22. 24) Ashley Lovejoy

    Love it. I hope I win

  23. 25) Catherine

    There ornaments are unique – would love one.

    • 26) Catherine

      Their…THEIR 😉

  24. I would love a necklace like that with my babies names on it!

  25. 28) lynn

    lucky lucky one.

  26. 29) Ashley

    Very pretty!

  27. If I win, I know who I’m going to get something from the Vintage Pearl for. . . ME! 🙂 Another great giveaway. Thanks, Dana.

  28. 31) CarlaK

    I want to win this one !

  29. 32) Meghan D

    I have had my eye on vintage pearl for a while. I love everything!

  30. 33) sarah

    they have the prettiest stuff!

  31. 34) Rebecca

    So pretty and just in time for Christmas! Thanks!

  32. 35) Meredith

    These are so nice. Thanks!

  33. 36) Sydnie

    So pretty!

  34. 37) Sharon L

    Would love this !!!!

  35. 38) Krista O

    I adore Vintage Pearl…

  36. 40) Marsali

    So lovely!

  37. 41) Lizzie

    Gorgeous as always.

  38. 42) ninfalis

    I love these!

  39. 43) Ilana Machado


  40. 44) Stephanie B

    Love how it can be so personal.

  41. 45) Carla

    They have such beautiful, ready to be an heirloom, things!

  42. 47) Christen

    I am currently crushing on VP’s new spoon necklaces- LOVE them!!!

  43. 48) Sarah

    This would make a great Christmas present!

  44. 49) Kristen

    Oh how I love the vintage pearl and would love to win such a beautiful prize!

  45. 50) Erin

    Gorgeous! I’d have to decide: something for myself, or a Christmas gift!

  46. 52) Nele

    Thank you for all the great giveaways!

  47. 53) laurel

    gah – i’ve been drooling over their stuff for a long time now!!

  48. 54) Julia C K


  49. 55) Cara

    Ooh I think I’m in love!!

  50. 56) Kristin M

    They have some great designs!

  51. 57) Kristin B.

    Those ornaments are too cute! I really like the little penguins!

  52. 59) allison

    lovely jewelry!

  53. 60) Shelly

    I love vintage pearl!

  54. 61) Anne

    Thank you for the Give Away!

  55. I love their jewelry. It would be hard to choose what to get!

  56. 64) Tiffany Y.

    I would love to win! I have been wanting a necklace that has my boys’ names on it!

  57. 65) Richa Agarwal

    Oh…I want it…please, please, please 🙂

  58. 66) Kathleen

    I rarely wear jewelry, but I would love to have a necklace from this shop. Thanks for the chance to win!

  59. 67) Brittney

    I have a necklace with four of my kids names, now that #5 is on the way it is time for an upgrade I think!

  60. 68) Kate

    Ooooh! One of my favorites!

  61. So pretty! I definitely need one 🙂

  62. 70) Carol

    I actually looked at their site just today and thought what a perfect gift it would be for my mom!

  63. Love their jewelry–so pretty and personal!

  64. 73) Katie

    I love the stuff they make. I want to get my sister a necklace for Christmas, if I won the giveaway I could treat myself too!

  65. 74) Madeleine

    Love it!

  66. 76) TerriSue

    Love Vintage Pearl jewelry. Thank you for the chance!

  67. 77) Kerry

    Oh, yes! Thanks for the giveaway! 🙂

  68. Love the vintage pearl! They’re just across the street from my alma mater.

  69. 80) Magdalena

    Hi, i am following your blog for some years now! As i am an amateur photographer my self i keep admiring your photos and your taste and your simplicity of doing things….
    So its natural that i like Vintage Pearl!!! I sooooooooo much want to win….Please let me win!!!
    Did i mention i live in Greece?

  70. 81) Fotini

    It’ getting better and better with all these goodies, so generously offered. I would love to win something so great

  71. 82) Melani

    Thanks for the chance …

  72. 83) Danielle

    I’ve had my eye on a necklace for a while! Fingers crossed!

  73. 84) Bridget

    Yay love vintage pearl!

  74. 85) Danya

    Thank you for the chance to win something!

  75. 86) Loretta

    Another great giveaway. SO many pretty choices!

  76. 87) Libby

    Pretty. Must have 🙂

  77. 88) Helen

    Love Vintage Pearl!

  78. 89) Stargirl

    I love The Vintage Pearl!

  79. 90) Kelly H.


  80. 91) Sarah Woodward

    I would very much love to win! Thanks for the opportunity 🙂

  81. 92) Stephanie

    I’ve always wanted a necklace with all three kiddos’ names on it. Maybe this is my chance!

  82. 93) Kelley

    I hope I get at least one of the give aways! Love the jewelry.

  83. 94) Rachael Telford

    Thank you and The Vintage pearl for offering the giveaway!

  84. 97) Eleanor


  85. 98) emily

    I need this! Love them.

  86. 99) Chus

    I would love this!!

  87. 100) Ranee

    Love these!

  88. 101) Gayle

    I would so appreciate being the one who won this! Please pick me!

  89. 102) Linda

    thank you for the opportunity

  90. 103) Joanna Adams

    I love it!

  91. 104) Meg

    Yet another shop I see everywhere and would love to try myself. Thank you!

  92. 105) Michelle

    I <3 The Vintage Pearl!

  93. 106) Heather dela Cruz

    What beautiful jewelry! Thanks for the chance to win. =)

  94. 107) lesley

    this would be awesome – been eyeing a few pieces for myself!

  95. I have always liked your necklace and would love to have a similar one.

  96. 109) All Set

    Love it again….

  97. 110) Mindy

    I love their stuff!

  98. 111) Colleen

    OOH! Me, me, me! 🙂

  99. 113) Heidi

    So pretty!

  100. 114) Deanna H

    I love vintage pearl….such unique, pretty things.

  101. 115) Sarah De Visser

    These are all so beautiful!

  102. 116) michelle

    I fell in love with the necklaces the first time I saw a mom wearing one! Been dreaming of one ever since!

  103. Lovely jewelry. Would love to have something custom with my kiddos names.

  104. 118) sarah w

    yes please! their jewelry is so beautiful

  105. 119) Sally

    Love the vintage pearl!

  106. 120) Lindsey

    I would love to win but it would be so hard to pick something out for myself because I love it all!

  107. 121) Melissa

    I love the necklace they made me with my children’s names … but I could always wear more!!!

  108. 122) Kham

    Ooo. I would love some new jewelry.

  109. 123) Mareike

    ooooh! I am so in love with those necklaces! I would love one with my girls names!

  110. 124) Ash

    I already have a necklace picked out and on my Christmas List! But it would be great to win it instead!

  111. 125) Melissa Jones

    Love her jewelry.

  112. 126) erin

    I love my vintage pearl necklace and would love to give one to my sister-in-law!

  113. 127) Jill

    Yes, please! The jewelry is so beautiful.

  114. 128) Melissa Whittle

    I have always wanted a necklace with my kids names!! Thank you 🙂

  115. 129) Kat Chavez

    Want one bad! husband please be reading this 😉

  116. 130) Kimberly F

    I love Vintage Pearl, their new Christmas ornaments are so fun!

  117. 131) sherry g

    Oooh… I would love an ornament with all the names of our loved ones that have passed away these past few years.

  118. 132) Leigh

    wearing my vp necklace right now

  119. 133) Sarah

    oh drool I love their stuff!

  120. 134) Roxanne Flores

    I would love to get something with my daughter’s name.

  121. 136) Janelle B

    Oooh! I’d love to have one of their necklaces with my kids’ names!

  122. 137) Marcie

    I would love this!

  123. I don’t wear a lot of jewelry but would love one of their necklaces. thanks for the chance!

  124. 139) Liesel

    Would LOVELOVELOVE to win this!!!

  125. 140) Kim P.

    I absolutely love the Vintage Pearl!

  126. 141) Meriel A

    So simple and beautiful – jewelry I’d actually wear! Love it 🙂

  127. 142) Dagny

    Super cute and unique.

  128. 143) Sam M

    I like the simplicity of the designs.

  129. 144) Becky

    I would love a necklace. They are so cute.

  130. 145) Amy

    The ornaments are perfect!

  131. 146) Barbora

    This would make a perfect gift for my sister!

  132. 148) Andrea

    This would be an amazing gift for my Mom!

  133. 149) lux

    yes please!

  134. 150) windie d

    love this shop!

  135. 151) Amy

    Beautiful! I would love to win! Thank you!

  136. 152) Sarah

    Love Vintage Pearl!

  137. 153) Summer

    So many beautiful pieces.

  138. I love everything they sell! I have a small initial charm necklace which I’m going to be adding to this spring. 🙂 I’d love to get my sister something!

  139. 155) Janna

    I’d love this for my sister and her new baby!

  140. I like the simplicity of their necklaces.

  141. 157) Julie Phillips

    Please let me be lucky today!! I have order necklaces for me, my mom and my mother-in-law after learning about this wonderful company from your blog!!

  142. 158) Chiara Aldridge

    How pretty!

  143. 159) Julie R

    What a precious gift! I can think of a number of people I would gift a necklace to. Thank you for the giveaway!

  144. I’ve been wanting something like this!

  145. 161) Jess

    So cute! I’d love one!

  146. 162) Beccah Larsen


  147. 163) Lena G.

    love these!

  148. 164) Sherri

    Beautiful designs.

  149. 165) Nancy Tee-Michel

    The Vintage Pear’s jewlery is beautiful and handmade!! I love the dogtag necklace. Thank you for a great giveaway!!

  150. I would love to win a necklace! Oooh, I bet my sister-in-law would love this for Christmas…

  151. I love vintage pearl! What a great giveaway!

  152. 168) Irene

    Oh so pretty!!

  153. 170) Bonnie F.

    I’ve always wanted something from the Vintage Peal, thanks!

  154. 171) Lidia

    Been wanting to purchase a piece from Vintage Pearl!

  155. 172) Heather c

    I love the Vintage Pearl!

  156. 173) Kristin

    I love vintage pearl! Thanks for the giveaway

  157. 174) Britta

    They have such lovely pieces!

  158. 175) Amanda

    Would love this!

  159. 176) Stephanie

    Their pieces are so pretty!

  160. 177) Heather79

    I heart the Vintage Pearl!

  161. Love this! Thanks for the chance to win 🙂

  162. 179) Christina

    I need this!

  163. 180) Jeanne Jones

    Our 50th anniversary is in December. I would love your Chtistmas tree with a special message for us.

  164. 181) Amber Arnold

    I just ordered some stuff from here. Love this place!

  165. 182) Laurie

    Would love to win something I can give my daughter who will be a new mom in January!

  166. 183) Lisa

    Pretty, pretty, pretty!!

  167. 184) The Mrs.

    Their store is perfect for Christmas gift giving. Thanks for a chance at winning.

  168. 185) Ina

    I would love to have this with my two boys’ names!

  169. 186) deeanna

    So pretty!

  170. 187) Andrea

    Beautiful jewelry. This would make a great gift.

  171. 188) Kristen

    I love this jewelry!!!

  172. 189) Karen

    I like this!

  173. 190) Sangrid

    I love this!

  174. Beautiful pieces…I would love to have something with my girls’ names on it.

  175. 192) Jodie

    I’d love this! Thanks!

  176. 193) Andrea

    Such lovely things you are giving away!

  177. 194) Mary W.

    Love vintage pearl!

  178. 195) Lindsey R

    Me, me, me!!! Please! 🙂

  179. The penguin ornament would be perfect for my little girl. So sweet!

  180. 197) Erin

    I love love love TVP! I would love to win so I can use this for my friend who really wants a necklace with her kids names!

  181. 198) Rita

    Love this beautiful jewelry! Simple and lovely.

  182. 200) Shanda

    I love The Vintage Pearl. I’ve bought several things from them and each item has been perfect.

  183. 201) Erin

    Yay! I love this store. There is one where I live in Oklahoma!

  184. 202) Cat B

    would love to win!

  185. 203) Sara B.

    Love this jewelry!

  186. 204) Leah B

    Yes Please love their stuff.

  187. 205) Patty

    Keeping my fingers crossed…

  188. Love it! I have a new baby due in January and would love to get a necklace with both my kiddos names on it! 🙂

  189. 207) Susannah

    Love this! Perfect gift for a dear friend.

  190. 208) Megan

    Love their stuff!

  191. 209) British American

    Thank you for the chance to win. Beautiful jewelry!

  192. 210) shae

    Some of these pieces are on my Christmas wish list!

  193. 211) Jessica

    Yet another AWESOME giveaway!! I hope I win!

  194. 212) Jolene vdM

    This one is so great! Love all of there stuff!

  195. 213) Jessica

    Beautiful stuff

  196. 214) Jana

    I have had jewelry from the Vintage Pearl on my wish list for years! Oh, could I be ever so lucky to win?!

  197. 215) Ruby

    I cannot get over these giveaways! I’m hope I’m successful in one.

  198. 216) Betsy


  199. 217) Jenny

    My sister has asked for jewelry for Christmas and this is right up her alley. So if I can’t win the labels for my aunt, maybe I can win the jewelry for my sis! thanks 😉

  200. 218) arlene

    Great giveaway!

  201. 219) Gillian

    Oooh la la!

  202. 220) Sheena

    I love TVP!

  203. 221) Rachel

    I have always wanted one for me!

  204. 222) Vanesa

    What a great giveaway!. Love ALL the stuff!

  205. 223) Boni B

    Love all the personalized necklaces!

  206. I would love a personalized piece from the Vintage Pearl!

  207. 225) Anne

    Yay! Love their jewellery!

  208. 226) Michelle

    wow! i love their stuff!!

  209. 227) Rosie B

    What a lovely giveaway so close to Xmas! Thanks for arranging.

  210. 228) Lise

    I have always coveted one of these necklaces!

  211. 229) Shannon

    These would make beautiful Christmas presents!

  212. 230) Stephanie Pierson

    Love their stuff and loving all the opportunities to win this week!

  213. 231) Susannah T.

    Love it. Love it! Love it!!!!

  214. 232) Kristen

    I’ve been ogling the vintage pearl website for some time, looking for just the right necklace.

  215. 233) Kim P

    Love this store so much!

  216. 234) Katie

    Such beautiful jewelry! I would love to have a necklace with my children’s names on it!

  217. I would love to have this with the names of my two boys.

  218. 236) Correne J

    Oh, please let me win! I have always wanted one of these necklaces!

  219. 237) Paola

    How lovely! I definitly can picture myself wearing one of those great pieces…would be better to win!

  220. 238) Sanica

    I’d love to win! Thanks for the opportunity! Happy Holidays!

  221. 239) rachael

    Love love love this jewelry!

  222. 240) Kim

    Beautiful jewelery!!

  223. 241) Kara

    Fantastic giveaway! Fingers crossed!

  224. I’ve always wanted one of their necklaces

  225. 243) Cori Hintze

    I love their new Christmas ornaments! So cute!

  226. 244) Laurana

    So pretty and dainty! Love!

  227. 245) Grace G

    I have always wanted something from Vintage Pearl!!

  228. 246) Leslie F.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  229. 247) Naomi

    Yes please!

  230. 248) Jamie

    Beautiful Jewelry-thanks for the opportunity 🙂

  231. 250) Debbie

    All of their jewelry is so beautiful!

  232. 251) Carolyn

    Would love this!

  233. 252) Jenn

    So, so lovely!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  234. 253) christina

    I would LOVE this!

  235. 254) Hilde

    Oh, please pick me!!! I love these! Thanks for the chance to win!

  236. Pearls are my favorite! I’d love to win this 🙂

  237. 258) Megan V

    A personalized necklace is on my Christmas list so this would let my hubby of the hook! 🙂

  238. 259) Emily S.

    Vintage Pearl is one of my favorites!

  239. 260) Anneleen

    I hope this is my Lucky day!!!

  240. 261) katie


  241. 262) sarah

    Everything on her site would be so lovely on me. hehe

  242. 263) Amber

    Absolutely gorgeous! Fingers crossed!

  243. 265) Sandra E

    I would love a necklace for me! I’ve wanted one for a while now.

  244. 267) Kelly T

    There are several pendants I’ve had my eye on for awhile. So many pretty things!

  245. 268) Mindy

    Oh I love this shop. I hope I win.

  246. 270) Amy Walbridge

    BAH! These are gorgeous. Me Me me!!!!

  247. 271) Carrie Simpson

    I would love to win this! thanks!

  248. 272) Brenda

    Oh please oh please oh please pick me!! I love their jewelry!

  249. 274) Amanda


  250. 276) janet

    love love love the ornament

  251. 277) Aubrey B

    I’ve always wanted a necklace like yours!

  252. 278) Laura

    I love these, I hope I win!

  253. 280) Anne

    All I want for Christmas!!! Thanks for the chance 🙂

  254. 281) Yuki M

    Would love to have something with my daughters names!

  255. 282) Katrina

    I love vintage pearl and need to add my new baby’s name to my necklace! Hope I win!

  256. 283) Rebecca DeSpain

    Oh, this would be so nice for Christmas!

  257. 284) erica

    i love the vintage pearl!!! my fingers are crossed.

  258. 286) tiffany

    so simply beautiful… perfect.

  259. 287) Vicki

    Ooh, I love Vintage Pearl. Their jewelry is incredible!

  260. 288) JessK

    I was just dreaming of the Vintage Pearl the other day! I think I need to clue in my husband…

  261. 289) Anneleen

    I hope this is my Lucky day

  262. 290) Tammy

    Beautiful jewelry…and ornaments. Nice!

  263. Yes, yes, yes! Ornaments are a great idea. Neat stuff.

  264. 292) Carrie Alexander

    Love me some VP!!!

  265. 293) Celeste

    I love these!

  266. 295) Vicki smith

    Love the bracelets, cool idea.

  267. 296) Amy G

    So Cute!

  268. 297) Terra

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  269. 298) Erin S.

    I’d love to win this! Thanks!!

  270. 300) Kathi

    really cute!

  271. 301) Liesbet Rombaut

    Great jewelry!

  272. 302) Annie

    These are so sweet. I would love one!

  273. So beautiful and unique! Love! Thanks for the giveaways!!!

  274. 304) Cherri

    This would make such an excellent Christmas gift for my sister!

  275. 305) Chelsey

    I love this jewelry!! The hint of pearls on the necklaces are adorable!!

  276. 306) Kari

    I have always wanted something from Vintage Pearl!

  277. 308) Janette

    I would love this!

  278. 309) Amy

    Beautiful – would be so great to win this!

  279. These are so pretty! Thanks for the chance to win.

  280. 311) Tracie S

    I love The Vintage Pearl!

  281. 312) Allison

    I have always wanted one… Hoping!!!

  282. They really do have the best stuff!

  283. 314) Jennifer

    So pretty! I would love to win, so I could get my mother something with all of the grandkids’ names stamped!

  284. 316) Kandice

    This would make for a wonderful Christmas gift. Thanks for all the give-a-ways.

  285. 317) Torrie

    I would really like a Mother’s necklace like yours. Thanks for another awesome giveaway.

  286. 319) Jessica

    Love this!!

  287. 320) anca c

    would love to start wearing some nice jewelry

  288. 321) tara

    I love that Christmas tree ornament.

  289. 322) Amy

    so pretty! Thanks for the giveaway.

  290. 324) Jennifer


  291. 325) Kylee

    Vintage Pearl is the best!

  292. 326) marnae

    Love the single pearl earrings and pearl drop necklace! So simple and so beautiful!

  293. Such beautiful pieces! I love the chunky inspiration bracelet!

  294. 328) Sarah

    Choose me, me please! x

  295. 329) Allison Dredge

    love the cufflinks!!!

  296. 330) Joelle

    would love to get a tree ornament!

  297. 331) bdaiss

    I so want one of those name bracelets. Thanks for the chance!

  298. 332) Chrissy

    Ohh! I would love a family necklace.

  299. 333) Sarah

    I’ve been eyeing a necklace since my youngest was born 🙂

  300. 334) Karin

    I love the look

  301. 335) Rachael

    I’d love the chance to win, such lovely things they have at the Vintage Pearl!

  302. 336) Erin Waters

    I’ve always wanted one of these necklaces! Please pick me

  303. Still haven’t bought my own necklace, and with nr two on the way I’d better wait until next year 😉
    Do like to win though 😀

  304. 338) AKing

    I would love to win this prize, thanks for the chance!

  305. 341) Arianna

    I have been unsuccessfully trying to hint at my husband to get a necklace for me. Time to take matters into my own hands! 🙂

  306. 342) Jennifer

    Love the tree ornament!

  307. 343) Ruth

    So many beautiful pieces!

  308. 344) Carolyn

    I would love some of this beautiful and simple jewelry.

  309. 345) Amy

    really gorgeous jewelry! love the ornament 🙂

  310. 346) Alona

    How pretty!

  311. 347) Micaela

    I love the jewelry!

  312. 348) Anna Jordan

    Ooh! This would be an amazing gift to have!!!!!

  313. 349) Tiffany k

    Would love a bracelet or necklace with my babies names on it

  314. 350) tana

    Fun! Love these!

  315. 351) Rebekah

    I would love to win this for my mom! thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  316. 352) Emily Wilson

    Love this jewelry!!

  317. 353) Becky T

    I’ve always admired their jewelry!

  318. 355) Kate

    I’ll be honest. I know it’s Christmas, but I’ll be spending that $50 on me! 🙂

  319. 356) Brooke S

    I’m having another little one soon so I need a new necklace!

  320. 357) Marianne

    Just had a baby boy 2 weeks ago. Could sure use an addition to my necklace.

  321. 358) Jolien

    Loving the giveaways! <3

  322. 359) Jeanette

    Always had my eye on these and would love to win!

  323. 360) Ingrid

    Love the Vintage Pearl! Thanks for the giveaways!

  324. 361) Kat

    everything is so pretty, how do I ever just choose one thing to “suggest” to my husband to buy me for Christmas?

  325. 362) aly

    Love this stuff. Thanks for the giveaway

  326. 363) Jill

    Love it! Thanks.

  327. 364) Louise Barber

    I love the jewellery. I would love the little tree with my baby boy’s name.

  328. 366) Susie Gomez


  329. 367) Renee

    One of my favorite shops!

  330. 368) Elle

    Love this! I got a personalized necklace after we decided we were done having kids. 20 months later, another daughter is born!

  331. 369) Miranda

    The Vintage Pearl really is a neat site. I ought to go over there and see about some Christmas shopping…

  332. 370) Debbie

    I think this would make a wonderful gift!

  333. Oh I would love to get one of their necklaces with my sons names on it!

  334. 372) Danielle

    I love these!!! I hope I win!!

  335. 373) *em


  336. 374) Michelle L.

    So beautiful!!

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  379. 423)

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  384. I’ve often admired the vintage pearl. Maybe I’ll finally get round to buying something – or put it on my Christmas list 🙂

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  423. You can’t go wrong with the vintage pearl. Love everything!

  424. 476) Martha

    I had one when I had two boys. Since we have added a daughter, I don’t feel right wearing it anymore. I need an update! 😀

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  466. 520) amelia


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  512. 569) Madi Hugie

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  513. No matter how many blatant hints I drop to my husband about Vintage Pearl, he is still clueless!! Ha, ha! Love it!

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    Thank you for this giveaway!

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  544. 606) Sarah

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    oooh, i’d LOVE to have something with all 5 of my grandkids on it (names, stones)… that would be just GRAND!!

  551. 613) Tonya

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  552. 615) Jamie

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  555. 618) Robyn

    these are so beautiful. I have a sister-in-law who would really love this.

  556. 619) Susan

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  557. I’ve always wanted one of these beautiful pieces!

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  565. 628) Jessica

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  566. 629) jlynn

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  567. 630) Alicia

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  568. 631) Amy

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  569. 632) Sílvia Soares

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  577. Lovely! I’d love to get one with my daughter’s name and birthstone!

  578. I have always loved Vintage Pearl, but never been able to purchase something for myself. 🙂 All their items are so lovely. 🙂

  579. 646) Lissy

    Oh, I keep looking at these! It would be so nice to win…

  580. 647) Jule

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  582. 649) Kristen

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  584. 651) Karen J

    I have admired their jewellery ever since you blogged about your necklace!

  585. 652) Heather Ong

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  587. 655) Sarah Keith

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  588. 656) Darcy

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  589. 657) melle e

    Oooh. I have a necklace from VP. And several other items on a wish list…..

  590. 658) Sara

    jewelry! cool

  591. 659) Beth

    I’ve always wanted something from the Vintage Pearl, but it just hasn’t happened yet. Maybe now’s the time!

  592. 660) Sara

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  594. 662) Molly Laurel

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  595. 664) Cat Kotaka


  596. 665) Emily P

    I just LOVE The Vintage Pearl and with baby 3 on the way, my current necklace will need an upgrade.

  597. 666) Christy

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  598. 667) Amy H

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  599. 668) Elspeth

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  608. 678) Cassie Thares

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  609. 679) Nichole

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  610. 680) Kaleigh

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  611. 681) Angela

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  612. 682) Heather

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  614. 684) Sarah

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  616. 686) Kim M.

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  618. 688) Caitlin Weaver

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  619. 689) Ashley

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  621. 691) Teri

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  622. 693) Erica

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  623. 694) Shauna

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  624. I love these necklaces. It’s going straight onto my wish list. Thanks for the giveaway.

  625. 696) kate

    I’ve been eye-ing all this for a while! Great giveaway!

  626. 697) Brenda


  627. 698) jessica

    so pretty! i love this kind of jewelry!

  628. 699) Susie

    happy thanksgiving!!

  629. 700) Angela


  630. 701) Beth c

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  631. 702) Cheyenne

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  632. 703) Angela

    I have several of these on my wish list!

  633. 704) Mandy

    I LOVE THe vintage pearl

  634. 705) Melissa

    The vintage Pearl is classic and I love it!!

  635. 706) Kodi Smith

    These are all so beautiful!

  636. 707) Lisa

    Love this!

  637. I see some very pretty things on their site, thank you so much to you and them for the giveaway!

  638. 709) Janelle

    I love this shop!

  639. Stunning jewellery, would love to own some!

  640. 712) Erin A

    Love love love!

  641. 713) Emra

    I’ve wanted to treat myself to Vintage Pearl for so long now. Thanks for giveaway.

  642. 714) morgan

    Oh! I would love another charm from vintage pearl with my baby’s initial on it! Thanks for the chance to win!

  643. 715) Julie

    Just saw the perfect gift for my mom. Thanks!

  644. 716) katherine

    would love to win!!

  645. 717) Tamara D.

    I love hand-stamped jewelry – this shop has such beautiful stuff. Thanks for the giveaway!

  646. 718) Sara

    Neat jewelry.

  647. 719) Maxine

    I’m planing to win this one, as I’ve wanted on of these babies for a good long while now. Thanks for all these fun giveaways, Dana! And happy birthday soon! (I can’t remember when exactly it is, but I remember the most excellent “Shake your Tail Feather” birthday bash you threw all those years ago around Thanksgiving.)

  648. 720) Heather d

    I love the Vintage Pearl!

  649. 722) Christine

    I have always wanted to get something from here!

  650. I would love to get something from them with my kids’ names! They just opened a shop in Houston, too!

  651. 724) Amanda S

    Love this! Thanks for the chance!

  652. 725) Alana

    Absolute love! Thank-you!

  653. 726) Jennifer

    What lovely things!

  654. 728) MBMeadows

    Love this shop!

  655. 729) Sheree

    would love a necklace with my girls’ names on it – beautiful.

  656. 730) Sara Sh

    Every time they pop up on a blog, I enter hoping to win. Love browsing their stuff!

  657. Thanks for the giveaway! So much fun stuff to choose from.

  658. 732) Laura Grady

    Everything is so beautiful!

  659. 733) Kristie

    Would love to win this, and somehow figure out how to get 8 names on one for my mom!

  660. I have always loved looking at the necklaces and wishing I could have one with my kid’s names.

  661. 735) Margaret

    Now that my daughter has pierced ears, I’d have to decide if I should get something for me or for her…. I know she’d love some — OK, all! — of the earrings.

  662. 736) Moira

    Wow! What lovely jewelry. I can see the care that went into each piece. Thanks for sharing Dana.

  663. 737) Tara

    I love my necklace, but I’m going to need to update it in the next 9 months, so I would love to win this one! Thanks Dana!

  664. Wow! Thanks! I love the personalization in this jewelry. Thanks for the chance to win!

  665. Aww, so precious! Would love to win!

  666. 740) Laura

    I’d love to get a necklace!

  667. 741) debbie

    If I won this I’d give it to my oldest daughter who is currently pregnant with twins. She has been wanting something from Vintage Pearl for forever

  668. 742) Kristina

    Thank you Dana!

  669. I’d love to go in this draw as Vintage Pearl has so many gorgeous things to choose from. Thanks Dana.

  670. 745) Lynne Tilley

    I love love love this jewelry!

  671. 746) Alfie

    Wow, they have been on my wish list since forever! Thanks Dana.

  672. 747) Elena K

    This looks so beautiful!

  673. 748) Whitney MacKay

    So pretty!

  674. 749) Jennifer Norman

    I’ve always wanted Vintage Pearl jewelry!

  675. 750) Casey

    Her pieces have been on my want list for so long…

  676. 751) Quoll

    Yes please

  677. 752) Karina Jay

    Vintage Pearl is one of my favorites!

  678. 753) Tauna W

    Thanks Dana! I’ve always loved loved the Vintage Pearl.

  679. 754) Lisa

    gorgeous things 🙂

  680. 756) Lori B.

    I have been eyeing these for a long time – would love to win this!

  681. 757) Gaia

    Yes, I think I will use the discount, than you very much, so lovely!

  682. 758) Amanda

    Super cute stuff!

  683. 760) Sofie

    It will be difficult to choose. Such a nice choice. Thanks for giving us a chance!!!!

  684. 761) marigoula

    Best of luck to me or ….. anyone else who will win!

  685. 762) Kaitlin

    I’ve always wanted one of these!

  686. 763) Irene

    Me please!

  687. 764) Emily Wilson


  688. 765) Jo Batey

    I love this kind of jewellery, so beautiful.

  689. 766) Gill

    Count me in please!

  690. 767) Lisa L

    Love it!

  691. 768) Fine

    Really nice!

  692. 769) Mhairi

    I love the Vintage Pearl Jewelry store. Their necklaces are just gorgeous and I love the rings too.

  693. 770) Lilach

    Yes Please! So pretty!

  694. Just had my third and final baby, so would love a name necklace

  695. 772) Amy Crawford

    Love, love! Pick me!

  696. 773) Alexis

    I would so love one of their necklaces.

  697. 774) María

    I would love this

  698. 775) Anke

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  699. 776) Tearsa

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  728. 807) Karrie Smith

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  732. One of my all time favorite jewelry shops. And she has such a sweet family:)…thanks for the chance!

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  776. 861) Barb

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  777. 862) Wombatish

    I always die over Vintage Pearl every time you post it. I always want to buy some but just can’t quite justify the money. But it is so gorgeous and I love the hand-made but still uber finished and nice quality it has. Love it!

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  812. I’m about to have my second baby and have been really looking into something like this with my chittlins’ names on it. I’ll cross my fingers twice for this one!

  813. 901) Jess M

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  814. 902) Debbie G.

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    Thanks for the giveaway.

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  832. I love the tree pendant! I’d love to have one 🙂

  833. 922) Bonnie

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  836. 925) Nicole

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  837. 926) Nicole McDonald

    I have been wanting a necklace with my kids’ names on them or better yet get one for my mom with her kids’ names…i know she is done having kids 🙂

  838. 927) Kelly Borsman

    I love, love, love this store, have yet to get anything from it though 🙂

  839. 928) Catey

    The hardest part will be deciding to get a gift for someone else…or myself!

  840. 929) Ellen

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  841. 930) Sri

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  842. 931) Nicole P.

    Thanks for this. Love Vintage Pearl

  843. 932) netty

    Oh! I totally love them! I have one of their necklaces but their new ornaments would be awesome!!! 🙂

  844. 933) Kim J

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  845. 934) sam

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  864. 954) Sarah

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  866. 956) Brittany

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  869. 959) Sheila

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  871. aw! been wanting some VP jewelry for a while. Thanks again for the giveaway!

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  875. 966) Lisa

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  880. 971) Tyree

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  882. 974) Kate

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  883. 975) April

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  884. 976) andrea

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  885. 977) deanna

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  886. 978) Erin

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  887. 979) Lori

    The Vintage Pearl is fabulous. Excellent service and exceptional quality!!! Thanks TVP and Dana 🙂

  888. Love the mom pendants with their children’s names! Now that we’ve decided we’re done, maybe I’ll get one.

  889. 981) Karen

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  890. 982) Alison

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  891. 983) abby vaagen

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  892. I need a new necklace! The vintage pearl would be amaze-balls to win!

  893. 985) Stephanie s

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  894. 986) Courtney


  895. 988) Laurel Monson

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  897. 990) Carla G

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  898. 992) becca

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  899. 993) Sarah in sydney

    I’ve hinted to my husband for a necklace, but methinks it’ s time to buy my own for me!

  900. 994) Kendra

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  901. 995) Sarah Stevener

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  903. 997) Sarah

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  904. 998) jessica

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  905. 999) Sherrie MacIsaac

    Oh nice stuff, this place is new to me I will definitely check it out, thank you.

  906. 1000) Haley

    Would love to win, pearls are my birthstone!!

  907. 1002) Karen

    Unique and beautiful

  908. 1003) Amy

    Very lovely jewellery, would be fantastic to win this one 🙂

  909. 1004) radiya

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  910. 1005) Emma :)

    Wow sounds great!!!!

  911. 1006) Amreen

    oh please… let this one be mine! i love the vintage pearl stuff!! <3

  912. the vintage pearl is so awesome. I’d love to win!

  913. 1008) Angela

    Beautiful jewellery. Thanks for the chance to win, yet another amazing giveaway.

  914. 1009) Danielle

    My Mom has been coveting some Vintage Pearl jewelry for a while and this would finally let me get her something!

  915. 1010) byrney

    I love these, I enter every time so fingers crossed this time 🙂

  916. 1011) Sandrea

    Oh, I have been drooling over their personalized jewelry since my little one was born. I keep trying to drop a hint to the hubby, but he’s not picking up what I’m putting down! Lol

  917. 1012) Debbie

    I would be ever so THANKFUL if I won a cute necklace 🙂

  918. 1013) Ellen

    I’ve wanted a piece of jewelry from the vintage pearl for a really long time 🙂

  919. 1015) Marjolijn

    Wow, excellent giveaway!

  920. 1016) Anna

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  921. 1017) Rebecca


  922. 1018) Angela

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  923. 1019) Becca

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  924. 1020) Shelly

    I’ve always wanted some Vintage Pearl jewelry. This would be a great win!

  925. 1021) Ashley S.

    The simplicity of their designs are stunning. Lovely. Great for the children’s name 🙂

  926. 1022) Kristen Rendall

    I love so many of these pieces!

  927. 1025) Michelle G

    Oh my gosh, I’d love this!

  928. 1026) Mel

    Beautiful! Thanks for the giveaway

  929. 1027) Melissa Gravert

    Thanks for the giveaway!!

  930. 1028) Anne

    Love the ornament and courage bracelet

  931. 1029) koot

    Love this! I hardly ever wear jewellery, but a necklace like yours I could wear all the time

  932. I love your jewelry and really love the chance to have some!!! Thanks so much for the chance to be a winner!

  933. 1031) Ellen

    I love this shop! Been wishing for a kid name necklace…

  934. 1032) Nicola

    Ooh, just had a look at their website – they have so many gorgeous items of jewellery.

  935. 1033) Valerie K

    So great!

  936. 1034) Cameron Lawracy

    L.O.V.E. Period.

  937. 1036) Kyndra

    I’ve never seen this shop before, their stuff is beautiful!

  938. 1038) Kristin Orth

    I would loooooove to win, thanks for a chance!

  939. 1039) Raechel

    Ooo crossing my fingers!

  940. 1040) Amanda

    Love it!!

  941. 1041) kate

    TOO many cute things!! please pick me 🙂

  942. 1042) Kelly Koster

    Beautiful shop! I would love a necklace with our family’s names on it!

  943. 1043) Becky C

    I would love to add some of this beautiful jewelry to my meagre collection.

  944. 1044) Jean

    This is so special, thanks.

  945. 1046) Betsy H.

    I was JUST DREAMING of some vintage pearl for Christmas ;-P Santa?!?! 😛

  946. 1047) Michelle Hinckley

    Quite lovely jewelry. Thank you.

  947. 1048) Smita

    All I want for Christmas is…that “circle of love” necklace!

  948. 1049) Marin

    I love Vintage Pearl!

  949. 1050) Heather

    I would love to have a necklace with my children’s names engraved on it – what a great giveaway!

  950. 1051) Sarah B

    I love The Vintage Pearl and wear one of their necklaces daily!!

  951. 1053) julis

    I would love to be choose…pick me!

  952. 1054) Pilar

    I love everything, thanks for the opportunity

  953. 1055) Julia

    Vintage Pearl has so many cute things!

  954. 1056) Kristi

    I want to win!

  955. 1057) EG1972

    Thanks for the chance to win Dana!

  956. 1059) Kathie Engelbrecht


  957. 1060) Sarah

    I’m in love with their beautiful jewelry!!

  958. 1061) Melanie

    I LOVE Vintage Pearl!

  959. 1063) Audrey

    Just beautiful!

  960. 1064) Nikki

    It is all so beautiful. It would be hard to choose just one thing – but I would love to have that problem 😉

  961. 1065) Haley C.

    Love The Vintage Pearl!

  962. 1066) Carol reilly

    Oh my the Christmas tree ornament is fantastic! I like the family tree spin.

  963. 1068) Alisa


  964. 1069) Emily

    Oh my goodness these are so amazing!

  965. 1070) Ellen

    I LOVE Vintage Pearl!

  966. 1071) linda

    absolutely love their jewelry!! Cross my fingers…

  967. 1072) Heather

    So many great pieces, I would love to have to make a hard decision as to which one to choose 🙂

  968. 1073) Rachel

    What an awesome giveaway, thanks for the chance!

  969. 1074) Abi

    a little something for my sis in law!

  970. 1075) Cathy

    Such pretty Jewelry! Thanks for doing this!

  971. 1076) Tawnya

    So much to choose from, lovely for gifts. Thank you for the chance to win.

  972. 1077) cristin

    such great jewelry!

  973. 1079) Sarah

    Such beautiful pieces, thanks for the giveaway!

  974. 1080) Chelsie

    Simply gorgeous!!

  975. 1081) Liz St

    I love this jewelry!

  976. 1082) Amber

    I would love to pick one of their pieces! Love the Christmas ornaments!

  977. 1083) Karie

    Love the ornaments at Vintage Pearl

  978. 1085) Paige

    LOVE the necklace!! Thanks!

  979. 1086) Betzy Rivera

    Love it love it, dying to have one go this necklaces.!!!

  980. 1089) cara shea

    me me me please!

  981. 1090) Rachel C

    I love Vintage Pearl items! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  982. 1091) Cathy b

    Beautiful pieces!

  983. 1092) Katie

    Beautiful necklaces!

  984. 1093) Leah

    I love Vintage Pearl!

  985. 1094) Kristine J

    All so beautiful!

  986. 1095) Diana

    Beautiful and elegant. Thank you for the giveaway.

  987. 1096) SG

    Pretty stuff…

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