giveTHANKSaway: Megan Nielsen Patterns (CLOSED)

I’ve been saving one of my favorites for the end of the week: Megan Nielsen Patterns.
Oh how I love this site. The darling illustrations, the styles, the finished products.  It’s all so lovely!  And guess what….the patterns are for women.
YES!  Time to sew for YOU.
If you’ve never tried a Megan Nieslen pattern you’re gonna love them.  They’re paper printed, ready to go, and so easy to work with.

And Megan has a great approach to pattern making (read about it here). I love the extra touches she adds….like plenty of room in the envelope to get the darn thing back in there, clear sewing instructions, a spot for keeping notes on the pattern and logging your progress/variations. Plus…she carries Maternity patterns!
These are some of the best I’ve seen. You can buy them individually or in a “survival pack“. Great name.
Totally fun, right?
Then let’s giveaway free stuff!
Today Megan Nielsen is offering a bunch of prizes…
FIRST,  everyone receives 10% off their entire purchase (enter MADE10 at checkout)

• One winner receives a Maternity Survival Pack of 4 patterns
• One winner receives 3 women’s patterns: Darling Ranges Dress, Kelly Skirt, and Banksia Top
• One winner receives the “I Make Fashion” tote
• One winner receives Fashion Stash Note Cards

• Leave a comment, that’s it.
• Only one entry per person.
• Open to anyone!
• FOUR winners will be picked via
• Giveaway ends, Sunday 11/18/12 at 10pm (Central Time).
Winners will be announced next week.

  1. I’ve always wanted to try one of her patterns!

  2. Pact time. If I win those maternity patterns, I will get pregnant just to wear them! So, pick me!

  3. I have been wanting to try one of her patterns for awhile…I would love to win this!


  4. 5) Whitney C

    I LOVE the maternity patterns! They look amazing!

  5. 6) angela

    Sewing for me? That never happens 🙂

  6. 7) Laney

    Very exciting!

  7. 8) Faye

    Adorable maternity patterns!

  8. 10) Vicky

    I could use some maternity patterns!

  9. 11) Zenobia

    Those cards are great!

  10. I love her patterns! I keep eying them and figuring one day I will actually get to make one 🙂

  11. I’m hoping to start sewing more for myself. This would be fabulous!

  12. 14) lindsey s.

    this would be so fun to win…. i’ve never made myself clothing before.. im a little intimidated!

  13. 15) Kristin

    I need to learn how to work with patterns.. this would be excellent! Thanks!

  14. 16) Jennie Galloway

    I would love to try her patterns!

  15. 17) Michelle Lubbers

    Currently 16 weeks pregnant… and ready to sew something from Megan!

  16. 18) Kimberly

    I could definitely use the Maternity Survival Pack right about now!

  17. 19) Rebekka

    I’d love to try one of these adorable patterns.

  18. 20) Lorie S

    I’m excited to hear about her. Maternity clothes can get so expensive, it would be great to try making my own!

  19. 21) Heather

    Adorable – especially love the blouses!

  20. I would love her patterns! Maybe I won’t be so scared of them after I actually try it.

  21. Awesome! I may have a new fav pattern line!

  22. I need this giveaway because I need to sew for ME !!! Thanks a lot another time !


  23. 26) Heidi V

    I’d love to win the Maternity Survival pack!!

  24. 27) Billie

    These look lovely!

  25. Oh, I would love to win a maternity survival pack – my maternity wardrobe could use a refresh since this is the third time around!

  26. 29) Tammy

    Her patterns are adorable!

  27. 31) Jody

    Great patterns!

  28. I just love these patterns – so cute!

  29. Ooh, what a great giveaway! I was actually eyeing some of her patterns today since I’ve decided that 2013 will be the year of sewing for myself.

  30. 36) Tine

    I can only dream of winning such a wonderful pattern!

  31. 37) Gillian

    Please me! I’ve been dying to try her patterns!

  32. 38) AubreyB

    Would love these patterns!

  33. 39) RaeLyn

    I LOVE Megan’s Patterns. I just made the maternity skirt from the maternity survival pack I got awhile back, I’m anxious to make the other tops too. Her pattern was EASY, fun, and helped get me over my “knit fear.” Fabulous!

  34. 40) Annie

    I just set up a sewing/craft room with tons of table space and can’t wait to sew again! Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  35. 42) Catherine

    I would love, love, love the Darling Ranges dress pattern.

  36. 43) Paige

    I’m 7 1/2 months pregnant right now and need some new maternity clothes!! Those patterns would be great!

  37. 44) Erika Jimenez

    How fun…I should so for myself:)

  38. Wow, I would love to win this! I am in desperate need of new clothes, too. Perfect timing!

  39. 46) Gina

    Those patterns look super cute!

  40. 47) Carolyn

    I’ve wanted to try these!

  41. I’ve had my eye on her patterns for ages now, would love to try them.

  42. 50) Rachael

    I would LOVE some of her patterns. I’m learning to sew and am taking classes from this really adorable 80 year old gal who used to be a clothing designer. She’s so fun that I’m looking for my next project to make with her, and Megan Nielsen’s patterns would be great to try!

  43. 51) Allison

    I’m totally in love with these patterns. Especially the maternity ones!

  44. 52) Rhian

    I’m 7 months pregnant and just got one of these maternity patterns through the post but a little scared to try it. MUST GET CRACKING!!!

  45. 53) Judit

    pick me pick me!!!
    It’s been a while since I sewn something for me, maybe it’s time. 🙂

  46. 55) HollySharp

    Ooh…so fun! I have always wanted to try her patterns! Thanks!

  47. 56) Amy

    SOOO cute! I hope I win!! 🙂

  48. 57) Holly

    They look fun to make!

  49. 58) Kristin

    Such great patterns!!

  50. 59) Sarah

    I have seen these for months and want them for next time I am pregnant!

  51. So cute, love these drawings! Thank you!

  52. 61) Celeste

    I don’t think I have sewn anything for me since I had kids. I think it’s time!

  53. 64) Shelly

    LOVE Megan Nielsen’s stuff!

  54. 65) Jessica D

    OHHH! I’d love to win any, but my best friend at work is pregnant and would love to make her some clothes! How exciting!

  55. 66) Cammie

    Oh! Those are darling!

  56. 67) Jenni

    ooo lovely!

  57. So cool! I just found her shop earlier this week. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  58. 69) Maggie

    24 weeks pregnant with baby #4. I would love to have some new, classy clothes. Or I’d love the other pack for next summer. Great stuff!

  59. 70) Sterling

    Oh I love Megan Nielson patterns! I already have Darling Ranges and would love to try some others!

  60. 71) michele

    So fun! Thanks!

  61. 72) Sara R.

    Love these! I want to have more babies and would love the maternity patterns, or really any of them.

  62. 73) Beth

    I keep eyeing her maternity patterns. I’d love to try one.

  63. 75) Amanda Robertson

    What a beautiful way to dress up the baby belly 🙂

  64. Very cool! I have been eyeing her patterns for a long time and would love to try!

  65. 77) Stephanie

    just the drawings make the clothes look cute and fun.

  66. 78) Sarah S.

    Someday I will NEED those maternity patterns!!

  67. I’ve drooled over her patterns before (specifically, when I was pregnant a few months ago!). I’d love to win!

  68. I love pattern giveaways! Thanks for the offer 🙂

    – Jordan

  69. 82) Stephenie

    Wow! Such cute patterns!

  70. 84) Karen

    I’d love to win and stretch my sewing abilities!

  71. 85) melani

    I hope I win … Happy weekend!!!

  72. 86) Cassiopeia

    oh my god, what a give-away, amazing! I love the woman patterns from megan nielsen but never tried them, so lets cross my fingers

  73. 87) gina w.

    Cute patterns!

  74. 88) Sarah

    Would love to try her patterns-especially the maternity ones. Super cute!

  75. 89) Laura Zapien

    I’d love to use one of those maternity outfits soon…

  76. 90) jessica

    great patterns!

  77. 91) Katie

    I love her maternity pack!

  78. I am expecting and those maternity patterns are on my wish list!

  79. 93) Marcie

    I haven’t sewn anything for myself in a long time. This will be a great excuse to do so!

  80. 94) Amanda

    I’ve been wanting to try her patterns. I’ve seen some well made products.

  81. 95) Hanne

    oooh They are great!

  82. 96) Diana W

    These look like such cute fun patterns! I would love to try them out.

  83. 97) Erin

    I love Megan’s patterns, I’ve just been struggling to decide which one to buy first!

  84. I discovered her maternitypatterns only days before giving birth to our son. I’d like to win them so to be prepared for à second pregnancy (deo volente)

  85. What a great giveaway! I love her patterns!

  86. 102) Sara Anne

    All these patterns are adorable … I’d love to win!

  87. 103) Jenny B.

    I’d love to win some of her patterns. Thanks for the giveaway!

  88. 104) rebecca

    Those are adorable. I’d love towing some!

  89. 106) Theresa

    Such nice patterns!

  90. 107) quinn emery

    ohhhh my goodness….her patterns are my favorite. awesome giveaway!

  91. Oh so cute! I would love to use these maternity patterns. Thanks for the offer!

  92. 109) Christy Wallaker

    So cute!

  93. 110) Amber T.

    Oh I want! Love the maternity ones!

  94. 112) Christy

    I would love to try one of these patterns!

  95. 114) Jana

    Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! Soo exciting! Thanks Dana!

  96. 115) Mollie

    I love these patterns, especially that skirt…

  97. 116) Kimberly F

    Fabulous, I’ve been wanting to try one of her patterns!

  98. Oooohhh! Thanks for the chance to win! 🙂

  99. Great giveaway! Ive been wanting to try these patterns 🙂

  100. 122) Julie C.

    I desperately need the Survival Pack!! I have 4 months left to go before my daughter is born and I can bring myself to buy maternity clothes (seriously who designes such terrible outfits and who picks these aweful fabrics????)
    Keeping my fingers crossed and thanks for the chance to win these!

  101. 123) christy


  102. 124) merel

    I love her patterns! (and really need some maternity wear…)

  103. 126) Elizabeth

    Cute patterns!

  104. 127) Becky

    I’ve been coveting those maternity patterns. I love all of Megan’s wonderful maternity wear ideas and DIYs!

  105. 129) Jennifer A.

    could have used the maternity patterns a few weeks ago, but I’d love to try her patterns!

  106. 130) Jennifer O.

    Her patterns are adorable! I’ve been wanting to try the darling ranges dress.

  107. 132) Leslie

    Love the patterns:) So cute!!!

  108. 133) Emily W.

    Ladies Patterns. YES PLEASE!!! 🙂 Then I don’t have to draft up my own for once.

  109. Finally some hip and modern patterns – yay! I would love to win 😉

  110. 135) Jenna S.

    I love the patterns! They are all lovely!

  111. 136) Andrea

    Ooh maternity pack

  112. 137) Lia Z.

    oh my, how cute!

  113. 138) Anita

    Oh I love the design!!! And the patterns look really nice! I would love to try some.

  114. 139) Lauren

    Oh please oh Please, I have been wishing for these patterns for 17 weeks, NEED THEM NOW, my clothes stopped fitting TODAY 🙂

    Good Luck to all, and happy holidays 🙂

  115. These look awesome! I was just thinking today in fact that i really need to do some “me” sewing!

  116. 141) Cate

    oh yes! I’ve been wanting to try her women’s patterns for. like. ever.

  117. I have a friend just crying out for some cute maternity wear. But I think I might keep quiet and try to win those womens patterns for myself – they are too cute to miss. I could even find a great use for those fabric cards, as a novice sewist. Thanks for the giveaway.

  118. 143) Liz

    I was eyeing these when pregnant! Now, if I only had the time…

  119. 144) Catlin

    I have wanted to try one of her patterns for a long time. I hope I win! If not I guess I’ll just have to buy one myself. 🙂 Thanks!!!

  120. 145) Janna

    Oooooh, I NEED the survival pack! 🙂 !!!!

  121. 146) Sarah Cook

    I’ve had my eye on her patterns for a while, she is so talented!

  122. One of the previous comments cracked me up – If I win them, I’ll get pregnant just to use them! I won’t go that far, but these are a bunch of nice of maternity patterns.

  123. 148) Diana

    Perfect gift—I have three friends who are currently expecting. Thanks for the giveaway.

  124. 149) ybe

    I’d love to receive the patterns for darling dress

  125. 150) Wendy P

    Those patterns are so stylish!

  126. 151) Donel

    Super cute patterns. Thanks for the giveaway.

  127. 152) Jessica

    I love a great pattern!

  128. 153) emma

    Lovely designs

  129. 154) Laura

    Oh, I wish I had a little belly to sew for!

  130. 155) Kim

    Very exciting! Thanks for the chance to win!

  131. Omigosh I’d love to win this one! DYING to try Megan’s patterns! Thanks, Dana!

  132. 158) AmyL

    thanks for hosting!

  133. 159) Vicki C.

    So pretty! Love it.

  134. 160) Amanda

    How cute are those? Yes, and please!

  135. 161) Amber

    I’ve been looking at these patterns for a while and would love to win the non-maternity set!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  136. 162) Amy

    I have heard great things about these patterns! Dying to win!

  137. Her designs and patterns are so great! I’d love to win any of them – sewing for myself or for pregnant friends would be lovely!

  138. 164) Kristy

    Love it! I haven’t made anything for myself in a while!

  139. I’d love to try Megan’s patterns, she Australian too isn’t she?

  140. 166) mary

    Cute patterns!!!!! Great giveaway

  141. 167) Sharon

    I’d love to try her patterns, too! 🙂 Thanks for introducing me to a new pattern maker.

  142. 168) Heather

    I have wanted to try one of her patterns since the day I found them online. thanks for the giveaway

  143. 169) Melissa s.

    These patterns are amazing!

  144. 170) Sara

    ooh, I want to win all of the prizes! Great giveaway, I love the look of her patterns 🙂

  145. 171) Jessica

    Yes please! I’ve been meaning to try one of her patterns.

  146. 172) ann stamaria

    so creative! i would love to try these!:)

  147. 173) Judy

    Super cute patterns!!

  148. Beautiful patterns! I would love to win!

  149. 176) Lisa T

    I could use those maternity patterns! By the fourth pregnancy your maternity clothes just aren’t what they used to be…

  150. 177) Amanda c

    these look awesome!

  151. 179) Hannah

    I have been watching her patterns for a long time…would love to have a chance to try them out!

  152. 180) Katherine

    I really need that maternity survival pack!

  153. I’ve had my eye on the maternity patterns for forever! Love their style!!

  154. 183) Brandie

    Such great prizes!

  155. 184) ruth

    I;ve wanted to try these forever, if I don’t win I’ll be using that 10% off coupon!

  156. WOW – thank you for introducing me to these patterns. I am going to make the dresses for my pregnant sister-in-laws for christmas!

  157. 187) Louise

    I was just hunting for maternity patterns and my cousin recommended these patterns. There isn’t much around these days, you’ve got to be inventive!

  158. 188) Allyson

    The patterns are so cute!

  159. 189) Cathey

    Great patterns!

  160. Woehoew! A thank you to Megan and you!

  161. 191) Lisa

    I love Megan Nielson patterns!!

    • 192) Lisa

      Nielsen! oops

  162. 193) debra

    i love the packaging on these patterns! adorable.

  163. 195) Leanna

    I’ve always adored her patterns, wishing I could talk myself into spending the money to buy one…a free one would be awesome!

  164. 196) Lizzie

    Amazing how many of your giveaway items are on my wishlist! You know how to pick great stuff, Dana! Thank you!

  165. 197) Donna B

    I have such a hard time sewing for myself….nothing ever seems to fit right!!

  166. 198) ruth

    These are so cute! And i need a great excuse for some me sewing.

  167. 199) Flowerstar

    Those patterns look great! I do hope I don’t get the maternity patterns, though – I just lost enough weight that no one asks me any more if I’m pregnant :p.

  168. 200) Chelsea Forsythe

    Love those patterns!

  169. 201) Leigh

    I love it all, but the Fashion Stash Note Cards are super fun. I may steal that idea.

  170. 203) Katrina

    I would love one of those patterns!

  171. 204) Heidi K

    Very cute patterns.

  172. I’ve been wanting to get her patterns from the first time I saw them. They are so lovely!

  173. 206) Laura Saito


  174. 207) Paula Titel

    I REALLY want to win. I love her blog and her designs. And I want to look cute pregnant!

  175. 208) Hilde

    Great patterns! Thanks for the giveaway!

  176. i’ve purchased some of her maternity patterns and would love to win the non-maternity patterns since i just had my baby! 🙂

  177. 210) JaMsb

    I’Ve needed an excuse to try one of her patterns!

  178. 211) Kodi Smith

    So Fun!

  179. 212) Sarah

    I love her patterns.

  180. I have been looking at her patterns for some time, but thought I wait until I have gotten better at sewing, but maybe lady luck is on my side 🙂

  181. 214) Leslie

    Oh this would be perfect. I really could use some new maternity clothes this go around, and I need to use up my fabric stash before I move. Than ks for the giveaway!

  182. 215) Hannah Sockwell

    I am currently about 17 weeks along with our 2nd child. Maternity patterns would be awesome to sew!!! 🙂

  183. 216) Rachael

    great patterns

  184. Would love any of these patterns! Hopefully soon, the maternity ones!

  185. 218) Kyndra

    I don’t think I have any patterns for myself, this would be great!

  186. 219) bettina

    Lovely patterns.

  187. 220) Carolyn

    Great patterns

  188. Wow, those are great! I would love to try her patterns! 🙂

  189. 222) Ashley

    I love her stuff!

  190. 223) Kristin M.

    I would love maternity patterns as I am pregnant now 🙂

  191. 224) meganleiann

    These are so cute!

  192. 225) Beth L

    Cute, cute, cute!

  193. 226) Charlotte

    I would looooove to win any of these adorable patterns!!!

  194. 227) Emily

    Could have used the maternity patterns about 3 weeks ago 🙂 There’s always next time!

  195. That maternity survival pack looks great. And so aptly named indeed 🙂

  196. 230) shannon

    I love the patterns they are all so cute!

  197. 231) Rebecca

    I didn’t even know these… they look great!

  198. 232) Sue

    I love the tote bag

  199. 233) Teagan

    Those maternity patterns look amazing!

  200. 235) Chelli

    Too cute. Please, no maternity pattern though. 3 is enough!

  201. 236) Kathleen

    I’d love to start working on a maternity pattern!

  202. 237) Kate

    Time to sew something just for the mommy! I want to win!

  203. 238) melissa

    ah!!! this one is the one i definitely want to win (especially the survival pack). baby is due in march, so this would be excellent!

  204. totally worth having another baby!

  205. 240) Megan

    How cute!

  206. 241) Kelsey

    These patterns are gorgeous! I’d love to try one out!

  207. 242) Beth

    I’ve made a couple of her patterns before… would love to get more!

  208. 243) Lisa

    Lovely patterns, another fantastic giveaway!

  209. 244) clare

    Oh, yes please x

  210. 245) Mary Jo Long

    I love to sew…..and have never tried her pattens before. And I have a pregnant daughter….hope I win the maternity patterns!

  211. 246) Lindsay

    Such cute patterns!

  212. 247) Laura

    Any would be a great item to have!! Love it!

  213. 248) byrney

    Hmmm, patterns to make me sew for myself…very scary but maybe a good thing 🙂

  214. 249) Shelly

    Love the patterns!

  215. Very cute! I never sew for myself. This would be a good excuse to start! 🙂

  216. Just picked up some fabric that would be sooooo perfect for some of these patterns!

  217. Love it! Thanks for the chance to win.

  218. 253) Melissa

    Thanks for all the great giveaways this week!

  219. 254) Danielle

    Was done after 3 kids. Got rid of everything. Then, SURPRISE…. #4 is on the way. I could definitely use these patterns right now.

  220. 255) Amye

    Love them! Great giveaways 🙂

  221. 257) Vicky

    These look great. Just need the time to make one.

  222. 258) Valerie

    Fantastic! I’m always looking for patterns for me! Thanks!

  223. 259) Jaimie F.

    I so wish I had these when I was preggers, but I have friends!!

  224. 260) Erin

    I would love to win any of these gifts.

  225. 261) Paloma

    Meagan Nielson’s patterns have been on my wishlist for a while!

  226. 262) Rylee

    yes please!

  227. 263) Kristi

    Very cute!

  228. 264) melanie

    Yay! I love Megan’s patterns!!

  229. 265) Lydia Curtis


  230. 266) jennifer w.

    oh i’ve been wanting to try these patterns!!!!

  231. 267) Emma

    So pretty. Love the maternity ones!

  232. 268) amy

    i’ve been wanting to try her patterns!

  233. 270) Sarah

    love these patterns!

  234. 271) Laura

    I would LOVE to win this!! I’ve wanted the banksia top for so long and the maternity patterns would be amazing to have!

  235. 272) Cassandra

    Super cute!

  236. 274) Cori Hintze

    I love her stuff! Would love to win!

  237. 276) Jenni

    Ooh! I’m pregnant right now and would LOVE some patterns for maternity clothes. Buying clothes for pregnancy is soooo expensive!

  238. ooh, love the patterns! Thanks for the giveaway!

  239. 278) anshu

    big fan of megan nielsen. Thanks for the giveaway.

  240. 279) Gretta

    Her patterns look awesome!

  241. 280) Melissa

    I love the Banksia Top! It’s darling.

  242. 281) Linda

    These are great! I love all the patterns!

  243. 282) Stacie

    Another great one – this is fun!

  244. 283) Kara Burns

    Being Pregnant I could really use the Maternity Survival Patterns. What a great idea!!

  245. 284) Aurelie

    Wow, I’d love to win! I’ve been wanting to try one of her patterns for some time … Thanks for the give away!

  246. 285) Jacqui

    What a splendid giveaway, thanks for introducing me to Megan Nieslen patterns.

  247. 286) Krystal

    I’ve been DYING to Try her patterns and buy that I make fashion tote. I want 10 so I always have one around to use!

  248. 287) Kourtney

    Fun clothes… for me! Pick me! Thanks Dana for some great giveaways!

  249. Yes! I think it’s awesome that she makes maternity patterns!

  250. 289) Casey C

    great patterns

  251. 290) Faustina


  252. 291) Kate

    I’ve been in love with her Banksia blouse for forever! So cute!

  253. 292) julis

    so many wonderful patterns..I’m hoping to win..

  254. 293) Bree

    Absolutely darling!

  255. 294) AKing

    Would love to win any of the prizes from this designer, thanks for the chance!

  256. 295) Stacey

    Super cute!

  257. 296) Liz

    Oh how fun are these?? Would love to win!

  258. i always love the finished garments that i’ve seen online–so fun to try one for me!

  259. oh I’ve been hearing about these patterns for a long time.

  260. In 2012 I have lost over 100 pounds! I am so excited to finally get to sew clothes for myself and would LOVE to win this and get sewing!

  261. 301) tukimu

    clever girls
    smart patterns..
    thanks for chance

  262. 302) Audie

    I have been wanting to try these patterns!

  263. 303) Kristen

    I’ve seen her patterns mentioned on lots of blogs, but haven’t sewn one myself yet. She does have some really great stuff! Thanks for doing this fun giveaway! 🙂

  264. 304) Rebekah Stockton

    I would love to try some (or all) of her patterns.

  265. 305) Hannah

    Beautiful! I wish I had seen when I was expecting.

  266. O-I love these patterns… I hope I win!

  267. 307) vanessa

    Ohhh I have a two months baby right now, but I love the survival pack, It’s wonderful!

  268. 308) Jenna

    oh my they are cute!

  269. I love Megan Nielsen patterns and would love to win!

  270. 310) adriana formento

    i’m ininininin

  271. 311) Heather d

    I’ve been in live with this shop for a while now!

  272. I would love to try any of the maternity patterns, they all are so cute.

  273. I comment in hope that I will a) be pregnant in a weeks time and b) win the maternity patterns!

  274. 314) Jaime

    Love all of the makes of these patterns, I would love to try them. Thanks for the giveaways!

  275. 315) shelby

    i love the fabric note cards, what a great idea!

  276. 316) *em

    I’m 6 months prego and JUST outgrew my stetchy non maternity clothes! This is right up my alley!!!

  277. 317) Shalise Fisher

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  278. 318) Rachel

    those look great!

  279. 319) Andrea

    They look like so much fun! Super cute too 🙂

  280. 320) Emma C.

    I’ve been admiring Megan’s patterns for a while! I would love to make one of her skirts for my mission to Argentina! Thanks, Dana!!

  281. I’d love to try one of these patterns!

  282. 322) Jody

    Super cute illustrations & patterns!

  283. 323) Emily

    oooh, love her patterns. Crossing my fingers!

  284. 324) Ronda

    I would love to make something for me! These look wonderful.

  285. 325) Jill Macnab

    What great patterns!

  286. 326) Heather

    So cute!

  287. 327) Christy

    That is so cool!

  288. I love Megan Neilson’s patterns!

  289. 329) Meg

    I totally have these patterns on my Christmas list. 🙂

  290. 330) Tracy

    I never sew for myself, this would be fun!

  291. 331) Fiona

    So fun!

  292. 332) carolina

    love the Darlin Ranger Dress!!!

  293. 334) Amy

    I just found out I’m pregnant and would love to win the maternity survival pack!

  294. 335) Melody

    I JUST found out I’m pregnant…like five days ago and couldn’t be more excited to start planning my new baby bump wardrobe. These patterns would help a ton! 🙂

  295. 336) hannahk

    love the note cards ~ thankful for organisation

  296. i love how someone said that she will get pregnant just to wear the maternity patterns, if she wins them. don’t know that i am going to say that, since i have 5 already, and that seems to keep me hoppin’, but i LOVE that she said it. 🙂

  297. 338) CLeigh

    Would be a welcome change to sew for myself and maybe a few momma-to-be friends. Thanks, Dana for all the amazing giveTHANKSaway!

  298. I have read so many great things about these patterns. I love how they are illustrated.

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    aliben7 (at) gmail (dot) com

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    Not in the need of maternity and neither is my daughter, but I love her other items. I have looked at her patterns many times, but the tote is so cute, yet the cards would really be useful. Oh my! I’ve got her bookmarked. I will have to go back after Christmas when I might have some money for me. Thank you for the chance.

  603. 673) Marcela Garrison

    This would be fun motivation to sew for me! Otherwise I only sew for my kids 🙂

  604. 674) Danielle


    So many of those kid patterns are too cute and I sit there going “surely it wouldn’t be THAT hard to size up….”

    Now I don’t have to induce that hair-pulling nightmare c:

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    Her patterns look like so much fun, especially if you’re pregnant!

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  669. 742) Arellis Pena

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  683. 758) Jade Lam

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    Thanks Dana for all the cool info.

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    Lovely! I could really use the maternity survival packet. Just found out I am pregnant with baby #3. The problem is we didn’t plan on having anymore biological children and I got rid of all my maternity clothes. Could definitely use the patterns to start a much needed wardrobe. :~)

  699. 774) Courtney

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    i never make anything for… me! these cute patterns might be the perfect place to start! xo

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  716. oh i’d love to sew something for myself! but no maternity patterns please! NOOOOO more babies here!

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  722. 800) Jenni

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  724. I have been trying to find cute maternity patterns. I love the survival pack!

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  731. I saw the Maternity Survival Pak on Pinterest a while back and have been wanting to get my hands on one. Can’t wait to make my own clothes for my next pregnancy!

  732. 811) Steph VW

    Maternity survival pack? Omg, yes! I dug out my maternity clothes and discovered that the only pair of maternity pants I own are a grey pair that I wore almost every day at the end of my first pregnancy. i swore i would BURN them and somehow, didn’t.

  733. 812) Adrienne

    More reason to sew! Luv it!

  734. 813) Mary W

    I wanted to try out her patterns during both of my pregnancies! Planning on one more baby in the future – I’d love the maternity survival pack!!!!

  735. 814) Paige W

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  740. 819) B

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  741. 820) Erica Avenell

    love the maternity patterns – stunning!

  742. 821) Sahara

    I remember the first time I saw the Maternity Survival Pack, I was floored! I had spent both of my pregnancies complaining how pattern makers these days (and I meant the big name ones) had such ugly and unappealing patterns that hadn’t changed much in so many years. Megan’s maternity clothes are so flattering and I would love to have something like that!

  743. 822) Leslie

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  744. 823) Lizzy Smith

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  746. I would love to win! The Kelly skirt is beautiful (and my name is Kelly). Thank you!

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  754. I love this patterns! I´d bought them if i was pregnant again… but maybe I´ll be lucky and wont need to!
    Thank you!

  755. 834) Rhonda A

    Would love! 🙂

  756. 835) Christine M

    Scary! Real clothes. But I think I would eventually give it a go. Love the sound of them. That’s the sort of pattern I would attempt.

  757. 836) Audrey

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  758. 837) Franzi

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  760. Yeah! What a great giveaway. I love her patterns and own two – the Kelly and Banksia. I hope I win the Maternity Survival Pack!

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  770. 851) Merav Manor

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    Thanks xxx

  771. 852) Rae-Dean

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  772. 854) nicole price

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  784. Am done having babies of my own…..but would LOVE to make something cute for my friends who are still adding to their families!

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  792. these would be great to start sewing for me!

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  799. 883) Georgie

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  800. 884) Catherine

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  801. 885) Liene

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  802. 886) Jackie Duthler

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  803. 887) Maria


  804. 888) Toni

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  805. 889) Andrea

    This is so fun. I”ve actually never sewn a piece of clothing for myself and this would be the perfect way to try.

  806. 890) Sara Taylor

    I would love to have some patterns to work with. Making clothes is one of my favorite things to do. 🙂

  807. 891) Lisa

    would love some maternity clothes for when the next time comes. well, CUTE maternity clothes that is. these look effortless! (which, of course, I’m sure they aren’t to sew but look…)

    thanks for the giveaway!

  808. 892) Hayley

    Would love to try her patterns, and those cards are super cute! Another great give-away!

  809. 893) Crystal

    Maternity patterns! How awesome!

  810. 894) Marianna

    I love her patterns! I wish I had the maternity pack when I was prego with my last baby!

  811. 895) Sarah R

    Well, I must say those fabric note cards are sooo much better than my “scribbled onto the back of a cut up cereal box” that I have in my stash….!

  812. Gorgeous patterns, I’d love to win, thanks Dana

  813. 897) april

    fun, thanks for the chance to win.

  814. 898) AYA

    Great patterns !
    Thank You.
    Aya Olive

  815. 900) Rebekah

    There needs to be more of these patterns sold in the world!! Thank you for this giveaway!

  816. Why didn’t I know about this when I was pregnant? I’d love to win any of her patterns!

  817. 902) Brooke

    Such cute practical patterns!!

  818. 904) kellie

    These patterns look so great!

  819. 905) Margaret

    These patterns look great. The extra big envelope is a wonderful idea!

  820. 906) Mary

    Love her patterns, would be fun to sew something for myself!:)

  821. 908) Amanda Jordan

    I would love to try the Darling Ranges dress. Thanks for the giveaway!

  822. 909) carriem

    Love this giveaway. Not currently pregnant, but love the idea!

  823. 910) Samantha

    I would love the maternity patterns. I pinned them back last year, but never got around to buying them.

  824. 911) Sara

    Great patterns!

  825. 913) Karmen

    Megan Nielsen! Would love the survival pack please! 🙂

  826. 914) sharyn

    xoox s

  827. I’ve wanted to try her maternity patterns for a while now. So cute!

  828. 916) Nicole

    Sign me up for the non-maternity patterns!

  829. 917) Shayne D

    Love ALL of them!!!

  830. 918) Heather

    Beautiful Patterns!

  831. 919) Kimberly

    i have one of her maternity paterns and would love another non-maternity one!

  832. 920) Side Stitches

    Pregnant with my first and crossing my fingers for the maternity survival kit!! I’ve been eyeing these patterns for a few weeks now.

  833. That maternity survival pack sounds great! I hope I win 🙂 THanks!

  834. 922) Miranda

    Oh my goodness! These patterns are great!! I hope I win! :).

  835. 923) Mary Johnson

    I would love to win one of her patterns or her tote.

  836. 924) Kate

    Ooh I would love to win!

  837. 925) Karen

    Maternity survival pack? Brilliant! Any of these would be amazing. Thank you!

  838. 926) Christina Poynter

    I would love to try those maternity patterns! Because I’d love to need those maternity patterns…sometime soon…I hope 😉

  839. 927) Ashley A

    I love these patterns 🙂

  840. 928) Rachel

    I would LOVE that maternity survival pack! I just entered my second trimester and love to sew!

  841. 929) tiffany

    Love the Banksia! Such a sweet site too.

  842. 930) Emily

    These patterns look so awesome. I would LOVE to try them. Thank you!

  843. 931) jaclyn

    These look like tons of fun, I haven’t attempted making anything for myself yet!

  844. 932) Jennifer Peterson

    These look so cute! Awesome giveaway & product.

  845. 933) Mollie

    Love the maternity patterns!! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  846. 934) Shawn B!

    Great Giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  847. 935) Lisa Johnson

    So CUTE!

  848. 936) Katie

    awesome patterns!

  849. 937) Tami

    I never sew for myself. These would be a great place to start!

  850. 938) Amy

    I would love to win this.

  851. 939) Mattie (

    I love that Banksia shirt! Babies for me are a long time gone for sure, our youngest is 31 right now with 4 of his own! Wouldn’t that be a shock to tell him he was about to have a baby brother or sister at this time in life!

  852. 940) Karen

    Would LOVE to try these! Thank you!

  853. 941) Beccy

    Finally!!! It is about time someone made a pattern envelope that was more practical. :o). Very cute stuff!

  854. 942) Katie

    cute patterns and adorable packaging.

  855. 943) Stephanie

    wonderful patterns!

  856. 944) Rachel

    I’ve been wanting to try her maternity patterns for a while…maybe if I start sewing now I could actually make something before I’m pregnant again. I think I might have enough time, since we’re planning on waiting another 3 years before we try for our 4th baby 🙂

  857. 945) Rachel

    I have been wanting her maternity patterns what a wonderful giveaway!!!!

  858. Oh I love these patterns. I had wanted to purchase these while I was pregnant and just never had time to do so and make them. Definitely going to do so before we try for another little one!

  859. 947) Tiffany

    love the maternity patterns!

  860. 948) LM

    Oh, i have been wanting one of her patterns for ever and ever 🙂 thank you for the sweet giveaway!

  861. 949) Leah

    wow, these look great. and she has so many tutorials on her site!

  862. 950) sewperstitious

    Would love to win!

  863. 951) MelissaT

    I would love to win a maternity pattern. I found maternity clothes to be so difficult to fit. I would love to make my own!

  864. 952) R

    How lovely!

  865. I know I am late on entering but boy do I need these patterns, esp with number 2 on the way. Too morning sick thats why I didnt get to enter on time. Hope I can still enter. 🙂

  866. Oh man, I could definitely use a maternity pattern right about now.

  867. 955) karen stanton

    neat-O!! i love the survival pack! thanks!!

  868. 956) Vianely

    Yippi! All these prizes are great!

  869. 957) Kristen Trappett

    This looks so scrumptious and tempting, if only I was pregnant. . . .

  870. 958) Sarah

    What a neat idea. Can’t wait to get started!

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