giveTHANKSaway – Goose Grease original wooden Peg Dolls (CLOSED)

I hope you’re enjoying the giveaways so far!  And just think, we’re only halfway there.  Two more days to come!

This next giveaway I’ve been super excited to share with you.  In fact, I’m not even sure where to begin there’s so much cuteness.

Have you heard of Goose Grease?
I just found them last week through the Small Fry Blog and couldn’t stop browsing their shop.  Seriously, just click on THIS.  I dare you.  You will die.

They remind me of the Little People I played with as a kid….only these are each hand-crafted, made of quality wood, they’re totally unique, they can be customized, used for weddings, for holidays, you can even get a custom doll set of your family and use it for your Christmas card!  What?!
(I kinda want the green and the red dresses below, in real life)

The Goose Grease shop is run by husband and wife Juan and Anna Donado. The dolls are hand-chiseled in Colombia with wood from sustainable forests and workers are given fair trade wages for painting and crafting (how cool). And they’re hand-painted with non-toxic paint so they’re great for kids.  Read more about their process here.

And if you’re looking for a do-it-yourself version….they also sell DIY kits!

 Today Goose Grease is giving away to TWO winners:
Family Doll DIY kit
Set of Goose Kids

• Leave a comment, that’s it.
• Only one entry per person.
• Open to US and Canadian residents
• TWO winners will be picked via

Thank you Goose Grease!

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  1. 1) Kim P

    They’re the sweetest things ever! So cute!

  2. 2) Sandy Cruttenden


  3. 3) Andrea

    So adorable!

  4. Ohmygoodness! These would make the BEST stocking stuffers!

  5. 5) Krysania

    I’ve been looking at these for a while. I absolutely love them

  6. 6) Emily

    How cute! I’d love these little dolls!

  7. 7) Jeanne Jones

    The dolls do remind me of the little people my children played with. My youngest grandson loves trains. These would be a great addition to his trains as passengers, conductors, and engineers.

  8. 9) Chris V

    I would love these!!!! Well, my son would. If I share with him….. ;o)

  9. 10) kiss chang

    seriously. too much cuteness in one week!

  10. 11) ruth

    These are just too fabulous.

  11. 12) Amy Lawrence

    What lovely little people!

  12. 13) Abby vaggen

    Oh my super cute!

  13. 14) Becky

    Peg people in general are adorable but these go beyond that! I guess that makes them extra adorable.

  14. 15) felicia

    The details are crazy awesome! I tried painting a couple of these little dolls and it was incredibly hard! Much respect 🙂

  15. 17) Janelle Dunn

    I love, love, love these!!

  16. 19) Andrea

    So rad. My kids would love these!

  17. 20) Robyn

    So cute!

  18. 21) Andrea

    So cute!

  19. 22) Candice

    This takes me back to being a little girl. Beautiful!

  20. 23) Liesel

    Ahhhh! I want this most of all! Off to check out their shop.

  21. 24) amy

    my kids would love to play with these! Thanks!

  22. 25) Kristin

    Love these!

  23. 26) Brandi m

    Too cute! I would love the DIY kit

  24. 27) yvette

    I would love to have these little wood people <3

  25. 28) Pascale Dufour

    So sweet!

  26. 29) Krista O

    Oh. My. Goodness.

  27. 30) mim

    Love it! Very cute indeed!

  28. 31) JAS

    These are too cute. They appeal to my sense of “keep it simple”.

  29. 32) Orlanda M

    So cute! My little granddaughter would love these, but I would keep them for myself!

  30. 33) sarah

    These are adorable! My daughter would LOVE these!

  31. 34) Dagny

    So, so adorable!

  32. 35) Rebekah

    I love these!! I would totally get the pilgrims. Too cute!

  33. 36) Kristi

    Cute! My kids would love them!

  34. 37) Lauren

    These are so adorable!

  35. 38) Emily

    Love these dolls!!!

  36. 39) irene

    very cute

  37. 40) Tori

    I think my kids would love playing with these!

  38. 42) Laura

    These are adorable! They would make the perfect decoration in our family room.

  39. Thanks for the giveaway! These are so cute!

  40. 44) Julie C

    These are SOOOOOO Cute !! love that they are hand made

  41. 45) Emily Obrovac

    Ekk! My kiddos would love these…. they are so so cute!

  42. 46) Sarah

    Wow cute cute cute!!

  43. 47) Stephanie Merritt

    Oh my cuteness! I love these!

  44. 48) Kristin M

    My daughters would love these!

  45. 49) Erica Renee


  46. 50) Angie

    Super cute! My daughter would love these!!

  47. 51) Amy

    So sweet. I love.them.

  48. 52) Anna

    So cute, my kids would love playing with them!

  49. 54) Holly

    So cute!

  50. 55) Amanda

    SO cute!!!!

  51. I realllly want some of these for my daughter’s second birthday. So cute!

  52. 58) Ann

    So cute. Love these dolls!

  53. 59) dita


  54. Adorable! The glittery dress on that last one is too cute!

  55. 62) Jessica

    love these!

  56. 63) angela

    Oh my gosh! Too cute! These would be great stocking stuffers!

  57. 64) Kristen

    These are darling! I love the little thanksgiving set!!

  58. 65) Jennifer

    So cute!

  59. 66) Julia C K

    So cute!

  60. 67) Abbie

    Very cute!

  61. 68) Patty

    I know a little girl who would LOVE these!

  62. These are adorable! My little would love them!

  63. 70) Kim

    So very adorable!

  64. 71) AmberC

    Wow. Seriously cute! Love the fair trade aspect, too.

  65. 72) Allison P

    These are amazing! <3

  66. 73) Nettie Black


  67. 74) Teagan

    So fun, I bet they roll really nicely across the floor! That would be my little guy’s favorite feature. 🙂

  68. 75) Lisa

    Wow, those are fantastic! Love the Christmas card idea, too. Thanks for the chance to win.

  69. 76) Sara Lee

    These are adorable!

  70. 78) Amy L. Weber

    Eeep! Cute!!

  71. 79) Kate

    Fun! How cute!

  72. 81) Jane

    How fun, would love these! Thanks for the give away!

  73. 82) Margaret

    I love them!!!

  74. 83) Amy

    I would love to win these!

  75. 84) Tiffany

    Oh my! Those are precious!

  76. 86) Rebekah

    These would make my son so happy 🙂

  77. 87) Heidi

    I would love the DIY family kit, so cute!

  78. 88) Margaret

    Adorable I love them

  79. 89) Andrea

    These are interesting.

  80. 91) Deanna H

    Those are adorable! Going to their site right now to do some Christmas shopping!

  81. 92) Colleen

    those are cute!

  82. 93) Erika

    Oh these are so cute.. lovely work!

  83. 94) Tiffany L

    Love them! {Little People are my all-time-favorite-childhood toys.}

  84. 95) Courtney

    So beautiful!

  85. 96) Leslie F.

    Adorable! Thanks for the giveaways today!

  86. 97) Kati K

    How cute! Hope I win!

  87. 98) British American

    Ahhhh, they are adorable!

  88. 99) Mandia

    I have been eyeing the adorable little dolls online for a few weeks. Would love to win a set! Thanks Dana.

  89. 100) Kylie C

    These are adorable! Thank you for yet another great giveaway.

  90. 101) Bethany

    I want a Nativity set for CHristmas. Then it could stay out as a decoration and my one year old cold play with it.

  91. 103) Vanessa

    Soo cute! I want one.. Or 5!

  92. 104) Jennifer

    These are perfect pocket dolls. I love them!

  93. 105) Mindy

    These are darling!

  94. 106) April

    Seriously this is amazing!

  95. 107) Heather Spencer

    Do they have a kit for a family of 8????

  96. 108) Catherine

    These are so awesome!

  97. 109) Julie

    love the family DIY kit!!!

  98. 110) Allison Dredge

    Those are so cute!

  99. 111) Stephanie Cohen

    They are awesome!

  100. 112) TanyaJS

    I love these little wooden dolls. Super cute, and what lovely painting.

  101. 113) Emily

    Awesome! Our three year old was just playing with our goose grease wedding cake toppers from five years ago today!

  102. 114) SG

    My kids love making dolls

  103. 115) Emily S.

    These are so wonderfully adorable!

  104. 116) MelindaW

    Cute! Cute! CUTE!! I’ll be shopping if I don’t win! Thanks!

  105. Those are so cute! Perfect wedding cake toppers. Thanks.

  106. 119) Tracy

    Aww, my 2-year-old son would love these!

  107. 120) Megan


  108. 121) Elizabeth Gray

    These are so adorable! I would love them for my little girl!

  109. 122) Bridget

    These are adorable. I love that they are handcrafted and that the workers are treated well! YAY!

  110. 123) Jamie Bricker

    So cute.

  111. 124) Erika

    Cool! They DO look like the old Little People!

  112. Oh, how cute! These would be so great for an adorable, non-breakable nativity!

  113. 126) Katrina

    Love the different designs – so cute!

  114. 127) bernadette

    oh me…oh my…
    how cute are those!!!!

  115. 129) victoria g

    adorable 🙂

  116. lol! The Mama doll in the floral shirt and purple pants is shaped just like me!

  117. 131) Amanda c

    This would be so fun!

  118. 132) dayna

    How cute!

  119. 133) bayoumama

    perfect for our new ‘dada made’ doll house!

  120. 134) Anna

    How fun! What cute little things! 🙂

  121. 135) Heather Dela Cruz

    These are sooooooooo cute!!!

  122. That might be the cutest thing I’ve seen all day.

  123. 137) Becky T

    It would be hard to resist playing with them!

  124. 138) Lisa j

    Luv and my kids would too!

  125. 139) Stephanie B


  126. 140) Alicia

    Love Goose Grease! I’d love to have a set!

  127. 141) tiffany

    eek! i love them!

  128. 142) LeAnn

    Peg people are adorable!

  129. 143) Kaitlin

    These wooden dolls are amazing!

  130. 144) Tara S

    Love these! So cute.

  131. 145) Ariel

    Holy cow! Toooo cute! My girls would love these!

  132. 146) AmyL

    these are so cute. hope i win this one!

  133. 148) Shannon

    OMG! I need these so badly! I literally have their page bookmarked to pin when I have a free moment because they are so amazing! My daughter is getting a dollhouse for Christmas and these were the *only* dolls my husband and I both liked!

  134. 149) Vero et

    Love that they are multicultural

  135. 150) Jennifer

    Awesome! Wouldn’t these make a great wedding cake topper?

  136. 151) Emmy

    These are so amazing! I’ve been looking to get some for a DIY doll house for my daughter. She’d totally love them!

  137. 154) Sarah

    These are awesome. Love that they are fair trade also.

  138. 155) sarah wade

    Those are adorable!!

  139. 156) Julie

    Yikes! Too cute!

  140. 157) Rachel Roberts

    These are so cute!

  141. 158) Mel Vo

    These are beyond charming! Thanks for all the awesome giveaways!

  142. 159) Leigh

    I love this for a card, or fb cover photo

  143. 160) Laura Peters

    What an adorable product! I must have a set! 🙂

  144. These are so sweet. I love the sets that they have put together!

  145. 162) Erin

    I have a little girl who would love these little people! Beautiful.

  146. 163) Tina C.

    Oh! I looooove these!

  147. 164) Amalie Rose Ottley

    Oh my! Sweetest thing ever!

  148. What a wonderful shop!!!

  149. 167) Kati M

    These are adorable. How fun!

  150. 168) Laura

    Pick me! I’ve wanted a peg family for so long, I can hardly stand it!

  151. 169) Julie R.

    These are beautiful! I would love to win a set.

  152. 170) Loretta

    Adorable! I love that the family kit is a family of 6 – just like mine!

  153. 172) Kim

    These are awesome!!

  154. 173) Kate Adcock

    Oh my cuteness!

  155. These are fantabulous!
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  156. 175) Roxanne Flores

    So cute!

  157. 176) Becky

    My children ADORE “world-building” with Little People or whatever other blocks and figures they can get their hands on. They would love these. Thanks for doing the giveaway!

  158. Oh I would love love the diy family kit! How cute! And i thought the same thing about Little people too!

  159. 178) jen

    Thanks for introducing me to these, they are awesome!

  160. These are adorable… such a great little Christmas gift! or Housewarming! oh the possibilities!

  161. 180) kate

    They’re so simple but so perfect! My favorite kind of thing.

  162. 181) Celeste

    How fun. I see these around a lot, but none are as cute or well done!

  163. 182) Pattij

    I would love to have these!

  164. 183) Charity Boehm

    Sooooo, sweet and looks like a lot of fun, especially the d.i.y.kit!

  165. 184) Jenw

    How cute are those??!? Awesome giveaway!

  166. I love the gold glitter one!! Thanks, Dana 🙂

  167. 186) Shauna

    Those are super cute.

  168. Oh my goodness these are so precious!! I totally want some!!

  169. 188) Cameron Lawracy

    These are too cute. Love them. 🙂 Thanks!

  170. 189) Amanda S

    How fun!

  171. 190) Lucy

    These are so ridiculously adorable!

  172. 191) Sarah Keith

    So cute! Great stocking stuffers.

  173. 192) heidi.e

    ooooh.. too too cute. i especially love the details!

  174. 193) Allyson

    These are really cute!

  175. 194) Sarah

    Love these!

  176. 195) Hayley

    so cute!!

  177. 196) angela


  178. 197) Junglewife

    Those are adorable!

  179. 198) Stephanie

    So cute!

  180. 199) nancy


  181. 200) Darcy

    They are so cute!! Love them!

  182. 201) Jessica

    These are so cute!

  183. 202) Megan

    So adorable.

  184. very adorable! I think I want to do that for my Christmas Card!

  185. 205) Janelle

    These are absolutely adorable!

  186. 206) Leah

    I love these so much!! I’m actually hoping to make some for my niece for Christmas.

  187. 207) Kim DiGiorgio

    I just love the details!!

  188. 208) Alisa

    Oh my god! I love these!!!!!!!!!!!

  189. 210) Kelli Larsen

    These are amazing!

  190. 211) ALI K


  191. 212) Liz

    These are too cute!

  192. 213) Lauren Beach


  193. 214) Erin k

    Oh I love these….how I wish I could paint!

  194. Ack! I’m going to die from adorableness. Our family would love to play with these!

  195. 216) Raechel

    So adorable! Crossing my fingers!!! Thanks!

  196. 217) Kristen

    Would LOVE to win this giveaway. It has been on my idea board f-o-r-e-v-e-r!

  197. 218) Amy

    These are absolutely darling. Would love to have my little family.

  198. 219) Tanya P

    I love the simplicity of these dolls. So sweet!

  199. 220) Lizzie

    Oh my goodness, this is the best giveaway yet! Thank you, thank you!

  200. 221) Sandy

    Those are adorable!

  201. 223) Sarah

    these are great! a perfect project to do with the kiddos over vacation!

  202. 224) Jess Z

    These are so cute! 🙂

  203. 225) Christian

    OMG so much cuteness!

  204. 227) Rita Montgomery

    So dang cute…would love to win. Thanks for sharing.

  205. 228) Lynne Tilley

    How sweet and adorable!

  206. 229) Amy W

    So cute! I’d love to win. Thanks for the great giveaways!

  207. 230) diana

    How cute, would love to share with my grand children. Thanks for he giveaway.

  208. 231) Collette

    My son would love these. He talks to his stuffed animals and of course they talk back (only child!) but this way he could have a whole troop!

  209. 232) Rachel M

    My daughter would love these!

  210. 233) Sarah

    Perfect stocking stuffer for my little one! I love them!!

  211. 234) Carrie Simpson

    Oh my goodness! I’ve never seen anything this cute!! Thanks for the giveaway 🙂

  212. These are so adorable! I am loving just reading about all of the different companies that are helping with you giveTHANKSaway!

  213. 236) Karen

    I like this!

  214. 237) Elise

    I have been wanting some for my girls! Perfect!

  215. 238) Megan

    Very cool. Especially the hand-chiseled part!

  216. 239) Claudia

    Super fun! Thanks!

  217. 240) Christen

    There’s a special someone on my list who’d love these!

  218. 241) Hilary

    I love these!

  219. 242) Lauren F.

    These are adorable!

  220. 243) Deana

    I die of cuteness!! These are so sweet.

  221. 244) Angela

    Those are so adorable. I love them. I want to get one of my family. So fun.

  222. 245) Callie

    I absolutely love these and I’m sure my boys would too!

  223. 246) Jenny

    So cute!

  224. 247) Melanie Bell

    So cute!! I want, I want, I want! 🙂

  225. 248) sarapete

    So darling, my girls would love these.

  226. 249) Jenelle de Jesus

    AAAHHH! So FUN! Dana, I can hardly handle all this giveaway awesomeness! I adore EVERYthing!!

    Thank you for the abundance of opportunity! 🙂

  227. 250) Erin Grover

    Oh my, adorable!

  228. 251) Jan

    Adorable! My daughter would love a set of Anne of Green Gables characters!

  229. 253) Kaitlyn

    I love them! Thanks for the giveaway!

  230. 254) Grace

    How crazy, I was just looking at those!

  231. 255) Andra

    I love that set of kids!

  232. 256) Cat Kotaka

    So cute!!

  233. 257) Crystal Davis

    those are adorable! my daughter is planning a wedding but she also has three kids, and her groom to be is all about this type of business. Could be a perfect fit!! we are always grateful for you, Dana (you’ve been the best inspiration for the 4 yr olds’ clothes – a big hit at preschool) but even more so now.

  234. 258) Ash

    Absolutely adorable!

  235. 260) dianne mclean

    They are adorable!!!

  236. 261) Katie

    What fun!

  237. 262) Jocelyn

    Oh these are so cute! I love them!

  238. 263) Debbie

    These are so adorable and creative!

  239. 264) Heidi L

    oh for cute!

  240. 265) Kimberlier

    Thank you for introducing me to these! They are adorable!

  241. 266) Cori Hintze

    My little girl would LOVE these! How cute!

  242. 267) Trisha Pull

    I LOVE it.

    Thanks Dana.


  243. 268) Britta

    Oh so very cute!

  244. 269) Jillian

    So adorable! I can’t imagine the steady hand required to produce such cuteness!

  245. 270) Lindsey Holland

    These are simply adorable – what a cute decoration!!!

  246. 271) Samantha S

    Eeeek! Adorable! Love! Want!

  247. Gorgeous!! I love peg dolls, I’ve always wanted to make some for my toddler.

  248. 273) Amy

    The details are amazing!!

  249. 274) Jennifer Norman

    These are so cute!!

  250. 275) Geraldine


  251. 277) Jessica


  252. 278) Debbie

    So amazingly cute! My girls would LOVE these!

  253. 279) victoria

    So sweet! Thanks for letting Canadians play!

  254. 280) amelia

    totally awesome.

  255. 281) Cheyenne

    Too cute!

  256. So cool! These are the best peg people I’ve seen!

  257. 283) Karen

    Love, love these!

  258. 284) Suzanne

    Love them! How fun to customize them too!

  259. 285) Marybeth

    my kids would love these!

  260. 286) Shannon

    These are so beautiful. Thank you very much for sharing this giveaway!

  261. 287) Melissa

    Oh! They are adorable.

    Thanks for the giveaway!!

  262. 288) Kayla K

    Thanks for the giveaway! Love this time of year!

  263. 289) Stargirl

    Besides the fact that they are so cute, they are sustainable! And handmade! And the perfect sort of thing for a family with kids. These dolls are beautiful.

  264. 291) jennifer

    Love these in so many ways!! Thanks for the chance!

  265. This would make such a cute Christmas present for my sister!

  266. 293) Jessica

    A.DOR.ABLE! So cute! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  267. 294) Nina

    These dolls are so cute! I think I will be getting some for the holidays!

  268. 295) Kim J

    I love these! I have a Santa from Russia that my kids love to check out! They would love these too I am sure

  269. 296) Kristie

    my kids would especially enjoy these…love the family idea.

  270. 298) Ellen

    These are so cute. 🙂

  271. 299) Amy G.

    These are darling! I wouldn’t be able to keep my girls away from them!

  272. 301) Yuki M

    Too cute!

  273. 302) Cary

    These are so cute, what a fun giveaway!

  274. 304) mary

    Pure cute.

  275. 307) Margaret

    Would love to win this!

  276. 308) RaeLyn

    Yup, just about died when I saw the pirate checkers. Wow, too cool!

  277. 309) Amber

    Love love love! My preschooler would love them too! 🙂

  278. 310) Erin

    Amazing, love these!!

  279. 311) Natalie

    I have been dying to make these!! I would loooove to win!

  280. 312) Fany

    Adorable, love them! Thanks

  281. 313) Melissa


  282. 315) Carol

    I just learned about peg dolls and would love to make a set for my daughter for Xmas! Or just buy one from the site!

  283. 316) Alissa

    Hands down cutest little things ever!

  284. 317) gracehepburn

    These are the cutest things in the world! Those Thanksgiving guests and the wedding toppers! I die

  285. 318) Lise

    They are soooo sweet!

  286. 319) Nicole

    Omg adorable.

  287. 320) Grace

    I’ve been hoping to make some of these for a while now. Thank you!

  288. 321) Julia

    I’d love the DIY kit!

  289. 322) Annejan

    So cute! This can make my little girl happy! She loves painting ( and she does it very well!)

  290. 323) Nicole j

    These are adorable!!!

  291. That chess set! Seriously. My boys would burst.

    Such a fun shop.

  292. 325) kasey

    I want these!! LOL

  293. soooo cute! And lucky me, because there are some friends abroad in the US this year-can I use their address and pretend that I am a US resident?

  294. 329) Amy W

    So cute!

  295. How sweet! I’m going to check out their shop now!

  296. 331) kimberly

    Oh how I love wooden toys!

  297. 332) Zenobia

    So sweet!

  298. 333) Bridge

    You are right about so many things… this are freaking adorable and I now have a new love. So sweet!

  299. How fun. And it’s also very cool that they are so responsible about their source.

  300. 337) Robyn

    When I first started reading this post, I didn’t think I wanted the dolls, but now I can’t stop looking at them. So cute! Definitely considering getting these even if I don’t win 🙂

  301. 338) Allison

    So cute!

  302. 339) rachael

    So cute 🙂

  303. 340) PB

    Fair Trade… yes! I love seeing Fair Trade items. I see that they handpaint everything and then I noticed (on one of the last pictures) that the woman has on a detailed floral shirt. Very talented work!

  304. 341) Alicia

    Very cute!

  305. 342) Aspasia

    Fingers crossed…!!!

  306. 344) Carolyn

    So cute!

  307. 345) Chrissy

    Oh my toddler would love these!

  308. Amazing how much cuteness can be made with a little wood and paint!

  309. 347) Sílvia Soares

    Gosh Dana you realy know how to say thanks! Thank you!

  310. 348) Sara

    too cute!

  311. 349) Sarah

    Darling! Thanks for the giveaway!

  312. Fantastic! Wouldn’t they look great sitting on my mantel. And the DIY Family kit comes with the perfect number of people for my family!

  313. 351) Jessi

    Too much cuteness, thanks!

  314. 352) Ashley

    These are so cute! And I love that they are fair trade.

  315. 353) Mikki

    These are so beautiful and adorable all at the same time! I just know my little girl would love them. Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  316. 354) Jodi

    So cute!! Thanks!

  317. 357) Amy K

    How cute!! They are absolutely adorable!

  318. 358) Stephanie P

    What a great idea – I love the DIY kit!

  319. 359) ruth

    oh so cute!!

  320. 360) Elizabeth S

    These look like so much fun!

  321. 361) Cindy

    They are adorable.

  322. 362) Fawn

    My kids will love playing with something like that. Thank you for the chance.

  323. 363) Nikki

    My little guy would love these!

  324. 364) Lauralee

    How stinkin’ cute are those?! LOVE! ♥

  325. 367) Kelly

    Adorable! My girls would love these!

  326. 368) Jenny

    oh my gosh, those are so cute!

  327. 369) Angela

    These are adorable!

  328. 370) Megan

    Wow! These are amazing! Thanks!

  329. 371) KellyT

    My kids would love these. 🙂

  330. 372) Angie

    Cute-cute!! Would to make these and hang in an open front shadow box frame.

  331. 373) Shannon Smith

    So so cute

  332. 374) Vanessa

    I don’t live in the US but I have a US adress where I receive stuff… can I participate?

  333. 375) Kathryn

    Oh I’m in love! They’re too sweet! 🙂

  334. 376) Stacy

    These are way too adorable!

  335. 377) Tammy Albritton

    So cute. My 4 year old loves all things little. She would love these.

  336. 378) Nicole

    These are great! N x

  337. 379) Virginia

    My sister and I love to watch old movies and color when our husbands are out of town. These would be perfect!

  338. 380) Ashley S.

    These are too cute!!!!!!

  339. Love these!!! Hadn’t seen them before.

  340. 382) Hannah

    These are adorable and work work great with my girls’ dollhouse they are getting for Christmas.

  341. 383) Kelly

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