giveTHANKSaway – digital download art and toys from Caravan Shoppe (CLOSED)

Ready for one more? Good! Cause I’ve saved another goodie for the end….
Come print, play, and party at the Caravan Shoppe! Caravan is one the most well-put-together sites I’ve seen, starting with the concept:
Everybody deserves beauty when they want it and at a price they can afford.

Which is exactly what they do.  All their products are digital downloads. So you pay for the artwork once and then print your downloaded piece of art as often as you like. Print a piece for your home and several more to give as gifts. Organize a craft night and print out copies for everyone coming!

It really is that easy.
And I know because I did it last month when I needed something to decorate Clara’s room (before putting our house on the market).  At 11pm I purchased the Chalktastic Backgrounds below and downloaded.  In the morning I printed them to 11×17 at Office Depot for 46 cents (though you can print the art as large as 36×48).  I framed them and boom…artwork on the wall!  All in a few hours!  Very impressive. And very adorable.

I applaud what these three artists are doing.

Caravan has a great variety of products from wall art, to toy art, to tons of holiday downloads.  And they all have clever names and gorgeous photos that make you want to jump in and play along….or get YOUR kids to play along with the Stay out of the Kitchen Playtime Kit for Thanksgiving morning.  Brilliant! If you’re still looking for Thanksgiving decor, photobooth backdrops, or a “tablecloth” you can draw on? check THIS out….and then browse the Christmas section too.

So.  Would you like to Caravan with us?
Today the shop is offering a 20% discount to all MADE readers.
Enter at checkout: made20 (case sensitive)

Caravan is also giving away one of the following to THREE winners.
Please state which is your favorite in your comment.  And if multiple winners pick the same item we’ll work that out….

1. Smollhouse Foldaway Dollhouse PLUS a special Assembly kit.  This includes all the printouts needed to assemble this dollhouse, as well as materials for the craft + cute storage bag.  When purchasing on the site, the Smollhouse prints on sticker paper, stick to a hard backing, and you have a dollhouse that folds up big for playtime and folds down small for clean-up.

2.  Giant Chalkart Poster Pack.  These are formatted for LARGE SCALE and they print easily for $6-7 at Staples on their engineering printer.

3. Fairy Tale Olliblocks which are printable DIY blocks.  The winner will receive printouts for 3 sets so they can make one and giveaway two sets as gifts.  Print on card stock, cut out, mod podge to wooden block and you’ve got a darling set of interchangeable blocks.  Check out the whole range of sets here. My kids love their mixmates.

• Leave a comment, that’s it.
• Only one entry per person.
Open to Anyone!
• THREE winners will be picked via

Thank you Caravan Shoppe!
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  1. 1) Amanda

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    Blocks, please. Looks like hours of hilarious fun.

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    How fun! Blocks would be my first choice but they are all great, how does one choose?!

  6. The foldaway dollhouse or the blocks….I can’t decide! 🙂

  7. 8) Gina

    We love the Mixmates! My daughter plays with the ones we printed and made from their Kickstarter.

  8. 9) Tammy

    Umm…dollhouse or blocks. It’s all so cute.

  9. 10) Colleen

    That makes me smile!

  10. 11) Christine W.


  11. 12) Bug

    Thank you for featuring such an edgy site – such a refreshing concept in today’s retail climate. ~ Bug

  12. 13) Kristi Andres

    the fun just keeps on coming!

  13. No, wait; I think this one is my favorite.

  14. 15) Lisa

    The blocks look great!

  15. 17) Karina Jay

    Caravan SHoppe has great stuff!

  16. 18) Jess a

    I love the chalkboard art! Super fun!

  17. 21) Gisella.K.Y

    Love them!!! Great giveaway

  18. 22) Geraldine

    So pretty and fun!!!!

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    Very creative!

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    Adorable stuff! Another great giveaway!

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    I’m not sure which my daughter would prefer that adorable doll house or those cool block!

  22. 26) Melissa Jones

    So cute! I love the Thanksgiving day table cloth idea!

  23. 27) Gwynne

    I love the blocks! Great idea and great design!

  24. 28) deanna

    Ummm…. this is adorable. You know all the best websites!

  25. 29) Brenda

    Love it, can’t believe how many awesome things you are giving away

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  27. 31) chandra


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    Very cute.

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    The dollhouse is amazing!

  32. 36) Jill Wright

    So cute!

  33. 37) Crystal Davis

    Anything with the words ‘fairy tale’ works for us! thanks for the try. we had some similar blocks but they are too well loved to use now, so these would be great.

  34. 38) Becky T

    So cute! I love that they’re all printable.

  35. awesome!! Love those Olliblocks!

  36. 40) Kim

    Yes. Blocks. Please! Darling!

  37. 41) Sylviane

    So many pretty things!!! fingers crossed…

  38. 43) Julia C K

    Love the dollhouse!

  39. 44) Jamie Z.

    I love Caravan Shoppe!!! I have artwork from their shop hanging in my daughter’s room as well. Here’s hoping 🙂

  40. I am so torn between the dollhouse and the blocks right now! So cute!

  41. 46) Kate

    That Smallhouse looks like so much fun!

  42. 47) Kristi

    I love the fairytale blocks!

  43. the dollhouse is so fun. what a great shop, I can’t wait to look around a little bit.

  44. 49) Christie

    I’d love the fold away dolls house – what a great idea!

  45. 50) ruth

    I love the blocks idea! I just love the whole store! So glad they got funded.

  46. 51) Patty

    These look like a lot of fun for a hard-to-please three year old!

  47. 52) Holly

    I love the blocks! Thanks

  48. 53) Kim

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    Just ordered my first olliblicks. Love them!

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    I want all their Thanksgiving stuff.

  51. 56) Catherine

    I’m intrigued by the blocks. I would love to gift them to my nephew.

  52. 57) Emily

    Love, love, love the giant chalkboard posters!

  53. Smollhouse Foldaway Dollhouse is a dream! I have a whole pinterest board dedicated just to peg people. I would have a hard time sharing this with the littles. 🙂

  54. 60) Karen

    Fairytale blocks…or the doll house…actually the chalk board pack would be cool too. I think I like them in that order. Or any order…

  55. 61) Anne C.

    I love the Fairy Tale Ollieblocks. I’ve been eyeing them for a long time and would love to win them. Thanks!

  56. 62) Allison Dredge

    Love the dollhouse!

  57. 63) aimee

    really cute stuff! so glad to know about this now!

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    Love them all, but my girls would choose the doll house

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    smollhouse foldable doll house! my daughter will love this when she gets just a bit bigger!

  62. 69) Laurie B


  63. 70) Alison

    Chalkboard poster pack! Neat store!

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    Olliblocks! I remember when your kids made theirs.

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    I adore my mixmates!

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    These are great, but I really love the doll house, so little space!

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    Hope I win! This is so cute 😀 love your blog!

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    Thank you Dana, and Caravan, for offering the giveaway!

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    The fold out doll house is super cute.

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    I love that all of your contests are exposing me to companies I didn’t even know were out there!

  97. 115) Sara W.

    I have to have that dollhouse cutout! What a great idea. Its funny, too, because tonight I found a tut for how to make a dollhouse out of a bookcase. This would make the perfect finishing touch!!

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    I like the fairy tale olliblocks …

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  175. 202) Jennifer


  176. Absolutely awesome! I love the Olliblocks, but wouldn’t turn my nose up at the other two fab prizes, either!

  177. I love the Caravan Shoppe! I’ve got their tandem bike in my room and I would love even more. Thanks for the chance to win the Giant Chalkart Poster Pack!

  178. 206) Amanda Fry

    They have so much cute stuff! I love the block toys!

  179. 207) Amanda S

    Another great giveaway!

  180. 208) MBMeadows

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  263. 304) Madi Hugie

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  268. I already knew Caravan Shoppe, they have a lovely collection! Especially the blocks in this selection!

  269. 312) Kimberly

    So many lovely things!

  270. 313) Tommie@Ilene Books

    The Olliblocks are so cute. I love all the variations.

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  274. 317) Molly

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  275. 318) Trisha Pull



  276. 319) Heidi K

    Love Caravan Shoppe! I’ve already bought some of their work in the past.

    • 320) Heidi K

      I didn’t add which one I’d choose. I’d like the dollhouse.

  277. 321) Samantha S

    Ooooo . . . Tough choice! Love all their stuff! But I guess the blocks are what my youngest wouldn’t destroy easily!

  278. 323) Cori Hintze

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  293. 341) Maddie A

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  295. I really hope it is one entry, per post, per person and that I haven’t been breaking the rules by posting once on each one! I love all of these!!! Thanks!

  296. 344) Vicky

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  297. 345) Libby

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  298. 346) Becky

    Wow! I am having a very hard time deciding between the foldaway dollhouse and the Olliblocks. Probably the dollhouse?…but they are all beautiful. Thank you!

  299. 347) Amanda

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  301. 349) Lenetta

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  302. 350) JenP

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  303. 351) Anya

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    It’s all precious.

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  392. oh, quite difficult… I like all three, so if I win I’ll work that out… 🙂

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  417. 480) British American

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  480. Fantastic stuff!! How lucky your winners are!!!

  481. 554) Rachel Roberts

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  483. 556) Lindsay

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  502. 576) nancy

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  504. 578) Melissa Stephens

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  505. 579) Kari C

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  506. 580) Michelle G

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  513. They are all wonderful, but I know my kids would just LOVE the Olliblocks! 🙂 Lisa

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  516. 590) Rebekah

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  517. 591) Sarah A.

    What a wonderful idea! There is so much you could do on here!

  518. 592) Anne

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  519. 594) Kristin Orth

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  520. 595) Sílvia

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  521. 597) Laura c. Lintner

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  522. 598) Raechel

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  526. 602) Amanda

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  527. 604) kate

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  528. 605) Kelly Koster

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  529. I’m gonna go check out that thanksgiving table printable!!!

  530. 608) martetxu

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  531. 610) Jamie

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  532. 611) Erin

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  535. 614) Elizabeth

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  536. 615) Theresa

    I absolutely love the chalk wall art printables! Such a super great idea. And the fact that you can print again or give as a gift so easily is AWESOME!

  537. 616) Magüi

    Mi gato me recomienda que deje aquí también un comentario.
    My Cat is telling me to leave a comment!

    Thank youuuuu!!

  538. 617) Mary

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  539. 618) Marin

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  540. 619) Naomi

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  541. 621) julis

    I would pick n°2…love..thanks for the giveaway!

  542. 622) Amanda

    These are all so cute. I LOVE the olliblocks. I actually bought the basic set for my boys as a Christmas present but the fairytale set is so cute.

  543. 623) Jenny Murkes

    I would love to win the blocks! Thanks for partnering with Caravan Shoppe.


  544. 624) mahira

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  546. the doll house idea is brilliant!!!

  547. 627) EG1972

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  552. 633) Carol reilly

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  553. 634) Alisa

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    That fold away doll house is amazing!

  555. 636) Emily

    This shop makes me drool. in a good way of course.

  556. 637) hollie n

    I’d do the blocks for sure! my son and his little friends would love them!

  557. 638) Heather

    Those Olliblocks are so cute!

  558. I love it!!! I want to win!

  559. 640) Ag

    So beautiful!

  560. 641) Rachel

    The olliblocks look like so much fun, I hope I win.

  561. 642) cristin

    this looks awesome!

  562. 643) brenna

    Me me me!

  563. 644) Sarah

    What a great giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  564. 645) Liz St

    Love the dollhouse and small people 🙂

  565. 646) Karie

    These are awesome!

  566. 647) Paige

    Olliblocks!! Thanks

  567. 648) Jennifer Norman

    Love this!

  568. 650) Rachel C

    Ooooh! Those Olliblocks are so cool! Thank you for the giveaway opportunity!

  569. 651) Jody

    They all look awesome – but I’d go with Number 3 if my number comes up!!

  570. 652) Katie

    The Foldaway Doll House is such a good idea!!!

  571. 653) Miranda Oswald

    So cute… loving the blocks and also the doll house!

  572. 654) Leah

    Fun stuff! I’d love any of it. 🙂

  573. 655) Kandice

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  574. 656) Diana

    Fun art for the whole family to enjoy.

  575. 657) SG

    Love the dollhouse idea!

  576. 658) Immy

    LOVE the foldaway dollhouse, I want to make it for my friend’s daughter!

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