giveTHANKSaway: Clever Charlotte Patterns (CLOSED)

Just two more giveaways.  Thanks for popping in on us!

I recently came across this beautiful pattern shop called Clever Charlotte.
Have you been there?

I hate to sound silly, but it really is….clever.

Just look at their great clothing designs and styling!  I love those masks.

Clever Charlotte carries paper patterns that are playful but sophisticated for kids ages 2-8 years old.  And they also carry sewing pattern kits, a small collection of fabric, buttons, and other notions to help with your project.  Clever, right?

Which would you choose?  Hop over to check them all out.

And let’s giveaway some Clever patterns!
Today we’re offering a $35 gift certificate to TWO winners.

• Leave a comment, that’s it.
• Only one entry per person.
• Open to anyone!
• TWO winners will be picked via
• Giveaway ends, Sunday 11/18/12 at 10pm (Central Time).
Winners will be announced next week.

  1. 1) Melissa

    ooooh! i’m first to comment!! love the olivine dress! 🙂

  2. 3) Marnae

    I was just looking at these patterns yesterday! There is a fabulous dress pattern that I would love to try!

  3. 4) Kelly

    I have seen Clever Charlotte on, very cute patterns!

  4. 5) Valerie

    They loook fantastic. I like her style!

  5. 6) Emily K

    I love the Clever Charlotte style, so similar to my own personal tastes! I would love to buy a few patterns!

  6. 7) Erin

    Love the Finch top and shorts.

  7. ACK! Stop posting such awesome giveaways! Not really, though. 🙂

  8. 9) Rebecca

    Not just another pattern; these are sweet.

  9. 11) Kristi

    So fun!

  10. 12) Kathleen

    what a fun site!

  11. 13) Mary

    Really beautiful patterns. And I was just thinking I need to start working on a dress for the holidays!

  12. 14) Sarah B

    Cute! My daughter would love those capris.

  13. 15) Rachel

    I’ve coveted these patterns for years!

  14. I love the sandpiper capri! cute and clever!

  15. 17) Jaimie F.

    These are adorable! Thanks for your wonderful giveaway(s)!

  16. 18) jennifer w.

    such cute patterns!!

  17. 19) Rylee

    yes please!

  18. 20) Emma


  19. 23) British American

    I’ve made skirts before, but nothing more complicated. Would be fun to try one of these. Thanks!

  20. 24) Gemia

    With three little girl foxes I could really put these to use!

  21. 25) Lydia Curtis

    Yes, please!

  22. 26) Amy

    Very cute!

  23. 27) Meagan

    i have been admiring Clever Charlotte for awhile now. Amazing patterns! I would love to win!!! 🙂

  24. 28) amy

    so cute! i love the finch top and shorts.

  25. 29) Paula Titel

    Ooo, pick me! My daughter would look darling in these patterns.

  26. 30) Traci

    I’ve been eying that sandpiper top for quite some time…. fingers crossed!

  27. 31) Sarah

    i’ve always liked these!

  28. 32) Amanda

    They always have such unique patterns.

  29. 33) Heidi K

    Cute patterns.

  30. 34) Jenni

    Never heard of Clever Charlotte! I appreciate the introduction. 🙂 The Olivine Dress is gorgeous!

  31. 35) Diana

    Great patterns! I love the Wren dress.

  32. 36) anshu

    I would love to try one of those patterns

  33. 37) Gretta

    These are just so adorable!!

  34. I’ve wanted to try these for so long!

  35. 39) Linda

    Awesome. I love those shorts.

  36. 40) Jenna H

    My girls would looks so cute in one of those patterns.

  37. I’ve been wanting to try one of their patterns forever!

  38. OK, the masks are kind of cool and freaky but I really love the Olivine Dress pattern. Pleats! So cute!

  39. 44) Stacie

    LOVE these patterns! Thanks again!

  40. 45) Jacqui

    Such gorgeous patterns, I love the Eider tunic!

  41. just when i thought i had all the patterns in the world….i love them ALL thx for sharing!

  42. 47) Di

    What fun patterns!

  43. 49) Melissa

    These would look awesome on my mini.

  44. 51) Lindsey

    Just the type of patterns I was looking for the other day!

  45. I’m a sucker for any pattern with pleats!

  46. 53) Vicky

    Great patterns.

  47. 54) Kara Burns

    I love the pleated dress pattern. SO amazing!

  48. 56) Rebekah Stockton

    I’ve been eyeing these patterns forever!

  49. 57) Melinda

    So cute! I’d love to make some of these for my daughter!

  50. 59) Britta

    Cute patterns!

  51. 60) Faye

    Clever, indeed!

  52. 61) Casey C

    cute patterns.

  53. I am dreaming of warm weather and eyeing the finch shorts pattern. I’d love to have a few pair ready for next summer. Thanks!

  54. 63) Kate

    I would either like the Olivine dress or the Sandpiper capris. They’re so adorable!

  55. 64) AKing

    Would love to win, thanks for the chance!

  56. 65) AmyL

    thanks for hosting!

  57. 66) julis

    🙂 thanks and cute patterns..

  58. The Clever Charlotte tags are too cute for words!

  59. 69) Erika

    Too cute!

  60. Ha Ha Ha, Once I got past the masks I realized the patterns were for CLOTHES!!! 🙂 so cute

  61. 71) Mary Jo Long

    yes….another giveaway….and I love patterns.

  62. 72) Stacey

    All these giveaways are making my head spin…..with project ideas!! Love it. Thank-you again, and again, and again! 🙂

  63. 73) Audie

    Super cute!

  64. 74) Cherri Shaw

    Love the coat! Pick me!

  65. These are super cute! Ahhh! I love giveaways! 🙂

  66. 76) Cassie Thares

    cute patterns

  67. 77) Maria E

    The finch top and shorts is my favorite. Thanks for the chance to win.

  68. 78) tukimu

    It is me
    pick me

  69. 80) Dkb

    Thanks for the giveaway, hope I win. I’ve had my eye on these pattern for quite awhile

  70. This really makes me want to sew something more than basic kid pants and circle skirts (not that I don’t love those!) for my girls. 🙂

  71. 83) Jenna

    So cute!

  72. I’ve made their Finch shorts — exceptionally well written instructions and everything fit together very precisely — these are high quality patterns.

  73. 85) Kendra

    I love these! I am so drawn to little girl dresses (probably because it’s holiday dress time), and I adore the Olivine dress <3

  74. 86) Sara Reyes

    Dana is awesome. These are awesome, thanks for the giveaway!! 🙂

  75. 87) laura

    I like the chickadee blouse!

  76. 88) Jaime

    So cute. And I love them names, I’m a sucker for animals.

  77. These patterns are gorgeous! I love when kids have an heir of sophistication about their outfits!

  78. 91) Jody

    What beautiful patterns!

  79. 92) Catlin

    What fun patterns! I’d love to try them out! Thanks!!

  80. 93) shelby

    cute stuff!

  81. 94) Kim

    I love the Chickadee Blouse and Skirt. All of the patterns are super cute, though.

  82. 95) Ren

    Love. These.

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  83. Ooo, I love the kit idea. I’m not so good with picking out fabric and notions. I love that wren dress. The eider tunic is good too.

  84. 97) Rachel

    those look fun!

  85. 98) Shalise Fisher

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  86. I like the look of the chickadee blouse!

  87. 100) Christy

    I would love this!!!

  88. 102) Emma C.

    I have always loved the finch shorts!!! So adorable!!! Thanks, Dana!

  89. 103) Fiona

    I’d lo

  90. 104) Jill Macnab

    Those are adorable!

  91. 105) Robin

    Oh, I really want to try out some clever charlotte patterns. They are so beautiful and unique.

  92. 106) Heather

    What cute patterns!

  93. 110) Tracy

    Those patterns are so cute, they get the creative juices flowing!

  94. 111) Donel

    I have been drooling over these patterns for a while now. I just haven’t found the time to make one yet.

  95. 113) crazyestonian

    The olivine dress pattern looks just lovely! Thanks for a week of great giveaways!

  96. 114) melani

    Very cute patterns … I hope I win something … Lol :p
    Thanks Dana and Clever Charlotte Patterns …

  97. 115) Jeanne Jones

    Such “cool” patterns for girls.

  98. 116) Emily Kopp

    They look so fun!

  99. 118) Amy

    Such cute patterns!

  100. 119) Georgia

    Beautiful patterns! Love them all!

  101. 120) Heather

    Super cute stuff. thanks for the giveaway

  102. 121) carolina

    Finch short and op is my favorite!!!! Awesome Giveaway.

  103. 122) hannahk

    so cute ~ thankful for playful childhoods

  104. 123) Amanda S

    What great patterns.

  105. 124) Jacqueline

    these are beautiful! would love to get my hands on some of these!

  106. The jasper vest is an adorable pattern. I bet my nieces would love that!

  107. 126) Michele J.

    I really like the Wren dress pattern. I have never heard of this company, very cute patterns.

  108. 127) Carrie Archual

    Super cute- the best part is the mask:)

  109. 128) Katrina

    Adore these patterns!! Yes please

  110. 129) Sara

    How fun!!

  111. 130) vanessa

    So cute!

  112. 131) Ellen

    these look so fun!

  113. 132) Erin

    My two girls would love these clothes!

  114. 133) iemke

    What lovely patterns!

  115. That Olivine Dress is calling my name! Thanks, Dana!

  116. 135) AubreyB

    These are super cute!

  117. 136) Becky T

    I love the Olivine dress! All the clothes are very cute and stylish too!

  118. Really liking the Kestrel coat–clever indeed!

  119. 138) JaMsb

    I love those Finch shorts!

  120. 139) Jenny Rachwalski

    Ooh – awesome patterns!!

  121. 140) Nicole B

    Those Sandpiper capri pants have intrigued me since I first saw them! Thanks!

  122. 141) Kelly

    Very cute!

  123. 142) Jen W

    Beautiful patterns. Would love to try them!

  124. 143) ruth

    what a fun little shop!

  125. 144) Elizabeth

    Love that olivine dress! Thanks for the giveaway.

  126. 145) Bettina

    So stylish!!! I would love to win these.

  127. 146) Allison

    Super cute… and clever!

  128. 147) DeniseMarie

    I love the Kestrel coat – my niece would look adorable in that!

  129. 149) Martha

    I have these patterns on my wish list..hopeful:):)

  130. 150) Erika Jimenez

    Clever indeed! How fun:)

  131. 152) Katie Follett

    I love the kestrel coat!!

  132. 153) Karen

    great patterns! and by the time I got around to actually sewing (good intentions, short on time/follow through) little girl would probably be big enough to wear them.

  133. 155) Jasmina

    So cute! I would love to win today.

  134. Does that cute fox mask come with the prize package? 😉

  135. 157) chandra

    those look cute

  136. 158) Katie Hess

    Love it!

  137. 159) Katri Barlow

    Please pick me!

  138. 161) Kristin Marsh

    Great patterns!!

  139. 162) katie chaffee

    Cute clothes.

  140. 163) Sheri

    Wow! I love the pleats on the Olivine dress (and I’m sure my two little twirling princesses would love it too!!) Thank you for hosting such a terrific giveaway.

  141. 164) Erin Baan

    Those are some really unique designs! I love the dress with the off-center pleats, and the tunic…oh, why can’t adults wear these?

  142. 165) Heidi

    I love Clever Charlotte! Thank you!

  143. 166) Tara

    Love those masks! Thanks for the giveaway!

  144. 167) Lisa

    wow, these patterns are super cute!

  145. 168) Mandi

    What great patterns!

  146. 170) Katrina

    Super cute!

  147. 171) Maria

    Totaly loved this!!

  148. 172) KatieP

    My girl is older but these are great!

  149. I love the style. Especially love the girls’ shorts!

  150. 174) Tanya B

    I love their patterns!

  151. 176) kristymn

    Cute! I want a mask, too.

  152. 177) Terra

    Cute patterns! I love the Olivine dress.

  153. 178) anna

    cute patterns! and masks 🙂

  154. 179) Carrie c

    Would love to try those out!

  155. 180) Mindy

    More patterns? OK!

  156. 181) Alex Davis

    Love a good pattern giveaway!

  157. 182) mrsm13

    I love these patterns!

  158. 184) Jennifer A.

    love these!

  159. 186) moesha in mn

    The kestrel coat is so cute!

  160. 187) Lynne Tilley

    Cute cute patterns! Thanks for the giveaway

  161. 188) danell

    Awesome patterns!

  162. 190) Jen M

    So Lovely! I would very much enjoy making these for my daughter and nieces!

  163. 191) nopinkhere

    Neat patterns!

  164. 192) Kristie

    I really want the Olivine dress pattern, it is so cute!

  165. 193) Jeanette

    That sandpiper capri and top set make me want to start sewing for spring!

  166. 194) Pilar

    I love the olivine dress, beautiful for my daughters.

  167. 196) Michelle

    fun giveaway!

  168. 197) Kimberly

    Hope I win!

  169. 200) Jen

    So adorable! A perfect project for my little girl.

  170. 201) Carla

    So beautiful!

  171. 202) jehni

    love the formal style for kids, but still comfy!

  172. 203) Ann

    Clever Charlotte is new to me. I would love to give her patterns a try!

  173. 204) Julie R.

    Oooo! What beautiful patterns!

  174. 205) Nancy

    I have heard of this shop and seen some beautiful outfits created from these patterns. Haven’t tried any myself but would love to have a chance to, thanks for so many fantastic giveaways!

  175. 207) Oona Padgham

    Love the masks. And the patterns are delightful!

  176. 208) Odeth

    i´m in love!

  177. 209) Libby

    The Olivine dress is so cute.

  178. 211) christina


  179. 212) Ashley

    Fun patterns!

  180. 213) Lisa Knoblauch

    Great designs!

  181. 214) Mindy

    I have recently started sewing for my kids and would love to win!

  182. 215) Emmers

    I love those jackets!

  183. 216) Molly Mae

    These are adorable!

  184. 217) Allison

    Great patterns!

  185. 218) Jodi

    Such cute clothes! Fun giveaway.

  186. 219) Celeste

    I love these patterns. I’ve always wanted to try one.

  187. 220) Lena G.

    Wow! These really are clever.

  188. 221) Miranda

    Such cute and sassy patterns! Love!

  189. 222) Sara Measner

    I’ve been wanting to try one of these patterns for my girls!

  190. 223) Kellie Budge

    The give-aways just keep getting better. Thanks!

  191. 224) HollySharp

    Ooh…so pretty! Thanks for the giveaway and for the intro to this cute shop!

  192. 225) Liz

    Super cute! Thanks!

  193. 226) Geneviève

    The olivine dress is just lovely and the capri pants look like a lot of fun too!

  194. 227) Shannon

    Beautiful patterns…thanks for sharing them!

  195. 228) Gina

    What unique patterns!

  196. 230) Kirsten

    So great! I especially love the Olivine dress kit 🙂

  197. 231) Yana

    I like eider tunic

  198. 232) Dolores Plana

    Nice looks. Thanks.

  199. 235) Joy

    please please please! Love these patterns!

  200. 236) Jenny D.

    The Olivine Dress is fantastic, love it!

  201. 237) Megan

    Clever indeed!

  202. 238) debra

    really beautiful pieces. i love the fox mask.

  203. 239) Lauryn

    oooh i love these!! thanks dana :o)

  204. 240) Gwendolyn

    Very cute! Thanks for the chance!

  205. 241) Raechel

    Crossing my fingers!

  206. 243) Katie

    I love that Olivine dress and the tunic!

  207. 244) Kat G

    I love the kestrel coat. I prefer those kinds of coats for children over the puffy jackets.

  208. 246) Dani L.

    Cute outfits! Thanks for the giveaway.

  209. 247) sarah

    so cute!

  210. 248) LucyL

    Love the Olivien dress, it’s elegant!

  211. 249) Leigh Anne

    Very pretty stuff!! Would love to win 🙂

  212. 250) shae

    I’ve seen these, but don’t have any!!

  213. 251) Angela

    Love the dresses! Super cute!

  214. 252) Estelle

    Lovely designs.

  215. 253) Sara

    So cute, love the photos

  216. 254) jill kennedy

    Love every single pattern!

  217. 255) Tabitha

    So cute! Thanks for the chance!

  218. 256) Amy

    love the sweet jackets

  219. 258) bobbi st. clair

    Cute patterns

  220. I’m always on the lookout for new children’s patterns!

  221. 260) Amy

    More fun patterns! I love it.

  222. 261) Anna Patnode

    More patterns! Hope I win!!

  223. 263) alison

    Absolutely gorgeous patterns! My to do list just keeps growing.

  224. 264) Jane

    Great patterns! Thanks for the giveaway!

  225. 265) Erica

    can’t wait till my little one grows up a little to try some of these out!

  226. 266) Mama Bear

    I love Clever Charlotte!

  227. 267) rachel

    Gorgeous patterns!

  228. 268) Amy

    Those pattern envelopes are stinkin’ cute! 🙂

  229. 269) Jenn

    great designs

  230. 270) Hannah

    Love, love, LOVE these patterns!

  231. 271) Bekah M.

    Too many fun giveaways this week!!

  232. 272) Emily

    Love this

  233. 273) Helena

    Nice 🙂

  234. 275) Emily V.

    So cute!! I need to collect more patterns!

  235. Those masks are creepy and cool – I love them!

  236. 277) Krista Hansen

    That tunic is so cute!!

  237. 279) Sarah K.

    Oh, I adore the olivine dress! Such a classic look! Thanks for the giveaway!

  238. I would love to pass this on to my sister. She is just getting back into sewing and has a two-year-old. This would be perfect for her!

  239. 281) Brenda

    Another great giveaway

  240. 282) Allison I

    Yes please!

  241. 283) Jen U

    They all look so sweet!

  242. I totally love the raven pants and finch shorts. Beautiful, thanks.

  243. 285) Tiffany

    I have looked at their patterns before and I do like them a lot. There are so many great ones to choose from! I Kinda wish there were some clever Charles patterns, too!

  244. 286) Kimberly F

    I’m in love with the Olivine dress!

  245. 287) Alexis Stokes

    How cute are these patterns! I love finding so many great designs for kids clothing. It seems so much better than the things I can buy in a store. The hard part about winning this would be choosing the pattern.

  246. 289) Melody Eddy

    Even if they weren’t adorable I’d buy them just for the name 🙂

  247. 290) Hannah

    i love this modern adult style for little girls!

  248. 291) Colleen Marble


  249. 292) Kayla

    I’d love to enter!

    Thanks for holding the giveaways!

  250. 294) Alfie

    Summer is on the way here on this side of the world. The shorts would be perfect!

  251. 295) jaimee

    I really want sew one of these patterns so bad!

  252. Clever Charlotte could make patterns for boys! I need a girl for those patterns!!

  253. 298) Shelly

    Ack! My daughter would LOVE the masks.

  254. 301) emma

    Bbeautiful blouses and tunics

  255. 302) Crystal C

    This looks incredible

  256. oh i’d love to get the jasper vest and jodhpur pants set to sew for my little guy! the dresses are also great!

  257. 304) Christine

    My granddaughters would love them all!

  258. 307) Bipa

    thanks thanks thanks!!!!

  259. 308) Florence

    Really nice patterns…. do you think I could fit in ?

  260. 309) Lindsay B

    I would love to try out the tunic pattern!

  261. 310) Robyn

    Precious! Would love to start with the finch or chickadee!

  262. 311) liz f

    I love their patterns!!

  263. These are so great! I have such a hard time finding good patterns that both my daughter and I like! Finch and Starling would both be fab (and they had me with the names already 🙂

  264. I have always admired their patterns!

  265. 316) Paolis

    These will be great for my girl, i would love to Win! Thanks!

  266. 317) byrney

    Love the olivine dress…my daughter would look gorgeous in that. Thanks 🙂

  267. 319) Eva L

    Love them!

  268. 320) Jolien

    I’d hate to admit, but I’d love the coat pattern in my size… Though obviously it won’t be that cute anymore… 😉

  269. 321) Emilia

    They look fun to wear! Masks….. Hmmm….

  270. 322) Christina

    Too cute!

  271. 323) Sheree

    yes please! Finch top & shorts. Love these patterns 🙂

  272. 324) Megan

    I love her branding with the scarfed fox!

  273. 325) Tonia

    I recently discovered this pattern line and absolutely fell in love! I purchased the Kestrel coat pattern, but haven’t used it yet. Love your blog! Thanks for the chance at giveaways!!

  274. 327) AMY

    Hi! Love these!

  275. 328) Cate

    wow your giveaways have been super and this one has me pretty excited. I’d love to try some of these patterns. Thanks for the chance

  276. 329) Clothilde

    I’ve discovered those patterns thanks to you, and wow, I love them! to me the Eider Tunic is one of the cutest

  277. 332) laney

    I love the finch shorts and all those cute dresses!

  278. 333) Julie

    Love, love, love!

  279. 334) Katie

    The Olivine and Wren dresses caught my eye – cute!

  280. 335) Mary Ann in Vermont

    I just adore her patterns…I would be so~honored to win!

  281. 336) candice

    so cute!!

  282. 337) kate


  283. 339) Rebekka

    Very pretty!

  284. 340) kimberly

    oh, how I love these patterns!

  285. 341) Sandi

    They all look so sweet!

  286. 342) beth

    olivine dress kit all the way!

  287. 343) christy

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  288. 345) Mommy of 2

    Love the finch top and shorts!

  289. 346) Holly

    Beautiful patterns! I hope I win! Thanks.

  290. 347) Julie C

    Cute patterns…love the mask too…

  291. 349) Kim M

    So many cute patters. I think the Finch shorts are adorable.

  292. 351) TanyaJS

    such great patterns. I think the Jasper vest is really cute, but absolutely love the Olivine dress. Somehow I can imagine using my old prom dress for that one.

  293. 352) sof Del.

    looks great!

  294. 353) Jennifer

    Refusing to believe my daughter is too big for these patterns!

  295. 354) Karah

    I am so excited tat there are finally so many beautiful pattern options out now! Wow! Too many to love!

  296. 355) anne cromer

    great giveaway! love it!

  297. 356) Elisabeth

    These are wonderful! I’ll definitely be ordering a few for my daughter!

  298. 357) Megan

    Their patterns are adorable! I would love to win! Thanks!

  299. 358) Nichole

    These look fun! Would love to try one out. Thanks for the chance to win!

  300. 359) Sarah H

    So cute! Oh, I’m so glad that there’s still time to sew something cute for my little girls before they grow up! It’s happening fast!

    Love the Kestral coat!

  301. 360) Sandy Klopfenstein

    Gorgeous, gorgeous patterns. Oh, if I were so lucky!!

  302. Please please please pick me! 🙂

  303. 362) Stephanie

    Love these patterns!

  304. 363) Kim

    Love the kestrel coat!

  305. I like the Larkspur fabrics, very nice and just what I;ve been looking for, for a bag design I have in mind. Thanks for offering the giveaway, much appreciated.

  306. 366) Erin

    This would be great for some winter sewing for my girl.

  307. 367) Ingrid

    Ooohhh…I love new pattern sites. Thanks for the giveaway.

  308. 368) Christy


  309. 370) Emily W.

    PLEASE!!! ME!!! 🙂

  310. 371) Bekah

    The kestrel coat is adorable, but I might be intimidated by it then go with the olivine dress:)

  311. 372) Shelly

    Love these patterns!

  312. 373) Marlena

    I love these patterns. I want the chickadee top and skirt. They are so original.

  313. 374) Etta

    So fun – would love to win

  314. 375) Alyssa

    These are tooooooooooo adorable!

  315. 376) Lena

    Cute patterns!

  316. 377) Kathy Laird


  317. 378) Bethany Crisman

    Love these!

  318. Wow, thanks for all of the awesome pattern and fabric ideas this week! I’d be thrilled to win, but am very excited to add them to my “watch” list of websites, too!

  319. 380) sarah moran

    I’m always on the lookout for cute new patterns for our five girls. These are all so wonderful I think I need them all!

  320. 381) Stephanie Bourn


  321. 382) fern

    Clever Charlotte is local to me! I love the look, haven’t tried any of the patterns yet though.

  322. 383) Maggie M

    Great patterns. Thanks!

  323. 384) katie vos

    I love to sew for my girls and this would be awesome. I lvoe that they are modest and i would love to sew them all that i can to save us money. good luck to everyone but i hope to

  324. 385) becky rowland

    love these!! so inspiring!

  325. 386) Isabelle

    Beautiful patterns!

  326. 387) Diane

    Very cute!! I have 2 daughters ages 9 and 5 who would love these!!

  327. 388) Amanda

    Would love to try to make something new!

  328. 389) Leigh

    I love the olivine

  329. 390) BeckyL

    I love the olivine dress! my daughter would love it too 🙂

  330. I love how the patterns are chic but still kid-like. Perfect for my growing girl who thinks she’s 25 and I am glad she is not. 😉

  331. 392) Heather L

    Beautiful! I think the details on the patterns are so sweet.

  332. 393) christy


  333. 394) Christie

    Love the styling on their pattern cover photos!

  334. 396) Amy

    These are adorable patterns – very interesting details. Nice giveaway.

  335. 397) Denise

    Lovin’ the Eider tunic! 5 granddaughters….they would LOVE this!

  336. 398) Sarahbeth

    The finch shorts! (or let my mom try the kestrel jacket….)

  337. 399) Jessica

    Love her patterns!

  338. 400) Danielle

    what lovely patterns! my daughter would look lovely in the chickadee blouse and skirt!

  339. 402) Christine

    So cute! Perfect gift for a new mommy I know! Thanks for the chance to win!

  340. 403) Izza

    Cool patterns!!

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