giveTHANKSaway – 10 free Pattern + Design books (CLOSED)

Last year I posted about the fabulous coloring book called the Pattern + Design Coloring Book by fabric designer Jenean Morrison.  And now there are two more volumes!
Pattern + Design Coloring Book Volume 2
Mandala Design Coloring Book

And they’re just as clever as the first volume.  So I had to ask Jenean if she’d be part of giveThanksaway this year….because I love sharing her art.  The designs are really cool and beautiful and when you’re done coloring, they feel like your own little pieces of collaborative art.  Want to color?
Lucy will share.

…because she loves to have a coloring partner.  And she really loves coloring in this book.  She often has a few designs going at once and flips back and forth between them.  She keeps her marker selections organized.  And often she wants me to color with her, which is one of the sweetest things.  It’s created a fun bond between us—coloring time—and almost feels intimate to sit that close together chatting and being creative.  I let her be the boss.  She picks out the colors and I follow her lead.
When I told her that my friend Jenean was sending new coloring books– she got super excited.  Coincidentally she had just learned about Mandala designs in her art class and couldn’t believe there was a whole book about them, for coloring!  “Wow mom, Jenean is a REAL artist.”

Yes. She really is.

Here’s one of our latest pieces—we named it Floral Sunset.
…and how about a photo by Owen. He’s camera crazy these days (with my iphone that is. It’s a special treat when I let him use the big camera)

An now for the drumroll…..
Jenean is offering TEN free coloring books today!  Woohoo!  That’s 10 winners!

5 people will get the Pattern + Design Coloring Book Volume 2
5 people will get the Mandala Design Coloring Book.

And it’s open to International Readers!
Thank you Jenean. You’re the sweetest.
• Leave a comment, that’s it.
• Only one entry per person.
• Open to anyone!
• TEN winners will be picked via
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  1. 1) Via

    So neat and so fun!

  2. Wow, these are beautiful. Thanks for hosting such a fun giveaway!

  3. Pretty sure Brooklyn and Chloe would love this- and fight over it incessantly, but I’m willing to take that chance 😉



  4. 5) Carolyn

    How neat!

  5. 7) Correne J

    My son loves to color these kinds of books! What a fun giveaway!

  6. Ohhhhhhh man I love those things! It was always a treat in art class when the teacher would photocopy a design like that and let us just color (even if it was always the same design, hahaha).

  7. 9) steph

    I feel you are never too old for coloring books!

  8. 10) Amanda

    Great idea! Would love one of these books.

  9. 11) Danielle

    Wow! Those are beautiful designs!

  10. 12) Amanda

    What beautiful books. <3

  11. 13) Anna Jordan

    Would love to win! Thanks for the chance!

  12. 14) Kathi

    That looks like sooo much fun!

  13. 15) Patty

    Would I have to share with my kids? These are fantastic!

  14. 16) KelliO

    I’m ridiculously excited about this. Maybe I’ll ask for one for Christmas! Thanks Dana and Jenean.

  15. 17) Lacey

    I love those mandalas! What a great idea for a giveaway! Thanks for the chance!

  16. 18) Carrie

    FUN! I love her coloring books. Thanks for the chance to win. 🙂

  17. 19) Trisha Pull

    This would make a great Christmas present!


  18. 20) Kris

    I had something like this as a kid and loved it.

    Such sweet pics of Lucy!

  19. 21) PB

    I love these. I can remember doing these when I was younger. You don’t see them as much anymore.

  20. 22) Jan

    How fun!! Thank you!

  21. I would LOVE to win one of these and give it to my Mom for Christmas. Look up “zentangle”–It’s very similar and she loves drawing those. Thanks for the giveaway!

  22. 24) Deresa

    Super cool! Here’s my comment and hope for a chance to win! Thanks again!

  23. 25) Cathy Jeannotte

    My kids love coloring Mandalas. What great books!

  24. 26) Alyssa Tsuchiya

    These would make great Christmas gifts!

  25. 27) Janeil

    My girls would LOVE these!!

  26. 28) gillian

    So fun!

  27. 29) Ana

    What a lovely mandalas.

  28. 30) Liana M

    My Grandpa and I used to color Mandalas together when I was a child! This is bringing back great memories.

  29. 32) Rebekah

    These are so great. Such detail!

  30. 33) Stargirl

    I draw mandalas all the time! They are so soothing.

  31. 34) Bekah M.

    How great!

  32. Ooo yes please, I got her first book for Christmas last year and I love it.

  33. 36) Becky K

    My daughter would absolutely love these!

  34. 38) Sydney

    I love to color with my two girls (6 & 3). Thanks!

  35. 39) Hannah

    Everyone’s talking about getting these for their kids – I’m in college and think this would be such a fun destressor for me! Haha!

  36. 40) Connie S

    I still love to color and I’m in my 30’s!

  37. 41) Anita

    Wow!!! Superb

  38. My sister and I are in our late 20s and coloring is still one of our favorite activities (especially when camping)! This would sure beat anything we have now!

  39. 43) Deanna H

    How cool! What a great stress reliever!

  40. 44) Amy P

    I love colouring with my daughter! She’s only 2.5, but I’m bookmarking these because they look like so much fun for when she gets a little older. Beautiful!

  41. 45) Ashlie

    These are new to me! My daughter loves art, and it would be fun to color with her, or use for my own unwind time 🙂

  42. 46) Laura

    These looks so cool! Thanks 🙂

  43. Love it!!! As a kid I colored constantly. My Art table has crayons still. Beautiful!!!!

  44. Coloring for kids and grownups! how fun!

  45. 49) Nicole McDonald

    I have a sweet friend who colors during church…She would love this as a gift!!

  46. 50) Jane

    How fun!!

  47. 51) Julie H

    Oooh, looks like fun! Can I keep it for myself instead of sharing with my children?

  48. 52) British American

    I remember you featuring the first book. I put it on my Amazon wishlist but no-one bought it for me! Thanks for the chance to win. 🙂

  49. 53) Kelly Smith

    I love to color!

  50. 55) Andrea

    Love these, they all look frame worthy for sure!

  51. 56) Nicole

    Love these books! N x

  52. 57) Faith

    Beautiful coloring books!

  53. 58) Vanessa

    My kids would love these coloring books. Shoot, so would I!

    (And your son is a great photographer! Fun pictures!)

  54. 59) Raffaella

    They are gorgeous! And I find coloring very relaxing. Cross my fingers and thank you for the opportunity!

  55. 60) Lidia

    Looks like a lot of fun! Thanks!

  56. 61) Nicole Gagnon

    that is really cool. cant wait to check it out

  57. 62) Alexandra

    Love! Great idea. Miss Pea would approve.

  58. 63) Rebekah

    My kids and I would love these!

  59. 65) JenP

    These are so fun! We all love to color in our house!

  60. 66) Gabriella

    The mandalas are beautiful, it would be so fun to try it out!

  61. I have volume one and just love coloring with my girls!

  62. 68) Heidi

    Wow, I would SO love either of those, I love patterns of all kinds!

  63. 69) Lindsay

    These are so awesome!

  64. 70) Stéphanie Desrosiers

    My princess would absolutely love to draw with me in those books!

  65. 71) Danielle H

    My daughter would LOVE these!!!!

  66. 72) sherry g

    love these! I think if I don’t win I will have to buy them both! … but it would be so much better to win 😉

  67. 73) Marsali

    Those look so cool! And super fun!

  68. 74) Carri R

    Those are so cool! Really beautiful. That would be a great activity for our Girl Scout Troop 🙂

  69. 75) Becky

    Awesome! I love coloring!

  70. 76) Kelly

    Love the fun coloring books!

  71. 77) Leigh

    No way would I share this with my preschoolers

  72. 78) Serenity

    Those look so fun!

  73. 79) Fawn

    How did I miss this last year? I need to order. . .

  74. 80) Janelle

    Beautiful books!!

  75. oh, lose look wonderfully fun!I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy of each!

  76. 82) Kasey

    Love these!! My kids will love them!

  77. 83) andrea

    my daughter would LOVE this!!

  78. 84) Brenda

    So beautiful! And I love that you and Lucy do it together – sweet! Thanks for the chance to win 🙂

  79. 85) Amanda S


  80. 86) Amy

    So much fun!!

  81. 87) Ann

    Beautiful coloring page.s

  82. 88) Becky Baird

    What a fun idea! Please let me win 😉

  83. 89) emily

    These look fantastic! If I don’t win I may have to buy two. (One for my niece and one for me ;))

  84. 90) victoria g

    so cool!

  85. 91) Colleen

    Oooh! Yes I would love one!

  86. 92) Joy

    I would love to have one of these. coloring is so relaxing.

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    I still like to “help” the kids with their colouring in! LOL

  88. 95) Victoria

    They look too lovely for my kids!! I will be the one colouring.

  89. 97) Sandrea

    Ohh! I haven’t colored in so long. Would be a great activity for me and my girls!

  90. Oh man! I want these for ME! We all kept coloring books in college for stress release. I think I should go back to that…

  91. 99) Melissa A.

    My daughter loves to color too & would love to get one of these for her!

  92. Very pretty! My DD would love one of these, she is a budding artist as well!

    Thanks for the chance to win

  93. 103) Caitlin R.

    Oh my goodness! My seven year old would love those those!

  94. 104) Stefanie

    Coloring is still one of my favorite things to do!

  95. 105) Britta

    So sweet to see you coloring with your daughter!

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    Beautiful! I would love to color in these!

  97. 107) Lauren Klug

    Oh gosh, I love coloring!

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    I would love to win one of these beautiful books!

  99. 109) Renee

    Love these!

  100. 110) Jen

    I LOVE stuff like this! My girls love to color in designs and make their own patterns, and color combos. I see LOTS of coloring in our future if we win one of these! Crossing our fingers!!!

  101. 111) Ashley Dawson

    I would love these! I might even let my kiddo color one. 😉

  102. 112) Stephanie

    What an amazing collection of beautiful pages to color! My 9 year old is also my coloring buddy, and frequently copies the pictures I print off to color in herself.

  103. 113) Brooke

    This is great! I would love one!

  104. 114) The Mrs.

    She definitely IS a real artist. I have a 9 year old budding artist who would love to color in one of these books. Thanks for the giveaway.

  105. 115) Emily D

    So pretty!

  106. 116) Laura J.

    How fun! I’ve been wishing for something other than Elmo to color!

  107. 117) Tiff

    How cool! Thanks.

  108. 118) Kristin

    I love these! Thanks for the giveaway

  109. 119) Terri Miller

    Oh my goodness…I love these so much. Would love to get them for my 8 year old daughter!

  110. one of my favorite activities as a child! love it!

  111. My daughter is still a bit young for these…but I’d color them in myself!!

  112. 122) Geraldine

    So pretty! I want one for myself!!! 🙂

  113. Yes! Yes! Yes!
    I love mandalas, and these are just gorgeous!
    Thanks for the give away ;D

  114. 124) Barbara Price

    Love these coloring books!! Thank you for the giveaway!!

  115. Those coloring books look like!!!!! I had one similar to them when I was a kid and I loved it!!! I’d love to win!

  116. 126) Linda

    Daughter and husband would love it!

  117. 127) Amy

    Wow! I’d love to share these with my kids. We had a Mandala coloring playdate over the summer and it was so fun and relaxing!

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    How much fun! I have a couple kiddos that would like these.

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    These are awesome! So many possibilities!

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    These look like tons of fun 😀

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    Those look like a lot of fun!

  122. My daugther will loves this book, really beautifull

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    I would want to color all these myself!

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    Yes please these are Amazing 🙂 Thakyou for the link to buy one too 😀

  127. I would love to color any of these books!

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    I love coloring!!!

  129. Wow. Those coloring books are amazing. My 6 year old daughter would love them. She has been asking for a book with intricate designs to color. Thanks for a chance.

  130. 142) Rachael

    I would love to colour these in!

  131. 143) Kyda

    these are so awesome! my sister does alot of these, even sometimes frames them. I’ve actually looked at getting her books like these for christmas…

  132. 144) Leisel

    So cool!

  133. 145) iHeartQuilting

    These books look like hours and hours of fun and creativity. Thanks for the chance to win!

  134. 146) Shauna

    These are beautiful books.

  135. I would love to win. I carry around a pack of markers in my work bag and love all things pretty pens.

  136. 149) Laura

    Want to win one of these fun books!

  137. 150) Loretta

    I miss coloring. One of my favorite stress relievers in college!

  138. 151) Celeste

    That looks so fun!

  139. 152) Jo

    Wow… both of them, whichever is easier for special needs 47 and 52 year olds who love to color……they color everyday!

    Thank you.

  140. 153) sam

    My 21 year old daughter would love these. Seriously.

  141. 154) Nancy W

    I love to color.

  142. 155) Mel Louth

    How exciting that as an International (Australia) reader I can enter this competition for these beautiful products. Thanks for the opportunity!

  143. 156) Ellen

    Very cool!

  144. 157) Donna

    Love these books! Thank you!

  145. I would color in college in order to relax. It was very stress relieving. These books are pretty neat. Your kids color very well, also. I’m still working on my kids. They don’t enjoy coloring as much as I did at their age.

  146. My daughter is learning how to color and these look like fun books for practice 🙂

  147. 160) Sabine

    Oh my, I loved such books as a child!
    As a matter of fact… I think I still do 😉
    As will my daughter.
    Another great give-away!

  148. 162) Grace Bader

    Ooooooo! Coloring!!!! 😀

  149. 163) Ina

    I still love to color, and so does my husband! Especially love that paisley one!

  150. 164) Katie Caputo

    These are so awesome!

  151. 165) Christy

    Looks so relaxing!

  152. 166) Jennifer

    My girls would SO love these books! We’ve gotten some from Dover that are really cool like this, too.

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    Love it!

  154. 169) Nikki

    Coloring these would be so relaxing!

  155. 171) zette

    would look great under the tree with just a bow….

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    Those are so neat. Definitely on my daughter’s Christmas list!

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    My little girl would love to sit and color these!

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    I would love to color the books

  159. 175) Sara B.

    Really neat idea, would love to color with my daughter!

  160. oooh oooh oooh!!! My girls and I LOVE these kinds of coloring books!! I didn’t know about these! They’ll make lovely Christmas gifts!!

  161. 177) Melanie

    Beautiful and they look like so much fun!

  162. 178) Sarah Keith

    I’d love some art and design coloring books. Thanks for the giveaway!

  163. 179) Amanda

    Those look so fun!

  164. 180) Carol reilly

    I had a similar book as a child and loved it! Hours of fun coloring. I’m sure my little monkeys would have just as much fun with those beautiful books.

  165. 181) Ana Rose

    I have a friend who colored mandala designs to get her through a cancer diagnosis and subsequent chemo treatments. Would loe to give her one of these to remind her how brave she is.

  166. 184) Taryn

    I love the thought of sitting and coloring with my girl. So fun!

  167. 185) lori

    Where were these when I was growing up?

  168. 186) Kristi Andres

    I love the coloring books… do I have to share with my kids?! 🙂

  169. 187) Jolene vdM

    These I LOVE!

  170. 188) Madison Phippen

    We love to color at our house!

  171. Oh these are already on my christmas list! I love them!

  172. 190) Stacy


  173. 191) Katie

    How fun!!

  174. My 9yo has a hard time sitting still, but one of these books just might work. 🙂

  175. 193) Brittney

    I have a little gal who would love these! I need to look more in to these books…

  176. 194) Annie

    Love it!

  177. 196) Abby Anderer-DiMichele

    These books look awesome! Art for me has always been therapeutic, but this type of coloring particularly has been fun and relaxing!

  178. These are awesome! Luckily, I love coloring 🙂

  179. 198) Mary

    These are wonderful! I could spend hours and hours with these books.

  180. 199) Lizzie

    Looks fabulous. Thanks

  181. Not only fun coloring books, but inspirational too!

  182. 202) darci

    The mandalas look cool. I’d love to do this with my kids

  183. 203) Jess N

    These look so fun! Thanks for the giveaway!

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  185. 205) Laurie

    I love that you spend time coloring with Lucy…so cool!

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    I have a little artist who would love these books too!

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  189. Would be so great to do this with my girls! Colouring at this age seems so therapeutic!!

  190. 210) Becky

    these are so cool! thanks for sharing!

  191. 211) JBS

    My babies would love these!!! :o)

  192. 212) Heather Dela Cruz

    Those look awesome!

  193. I used to adore these kids of colouring books when I was younger and I would love to have one now I’m a grown up – I might even share with my 7 year old daughter!!

  194. 214) Kathy

    My daughter would love these.

  195. 215) Sofie

    My eldest daughter would love this too!!!

  196. What a happy day I am having! This just made it better too! Thanks for sharing and being utterly amazing.

  197. 217) Naomi Joy

    Gorgeous books! I could foresee hours of enjoyment!

  198. These are beautiful! I would love to color these with my daughters 🙂

  199. 219) Susan M in AK

    These are great! I have a teen and a tween who still like to color for fun. Either of these books would be welcome in our house!

  200. 220) Krista O

    My daughter would love these!

  201. 221) Susan Cluff

    I love these! I used to use something similar in my classroom when I taught. Everyone loved them, even kids who didn’t like to color.

  202. 222) Susan

    I love that your daughter is taken with these books too and that they have become a bonding activity for the two of you. You will see this activity play out in her creative ventures and she will see that you helped plant the seeds. I’d like a coloring book too, please.

  203. 223) Chancy

    I love these. Coloring is for adults too, right?

  204. 224) Karyn

    Still love to color at 50! My 12 year old loves to color too!

  205. 225) emily

    I bought one of these after your post last year and my daughter and I loved it.

  206. What a fantastic prize! Thanks for the opportunity to enter! And thanks for introducing me to Jenean’s work!

  207. 227) Tiffany

    What beautiful art!

  208. 228) Lindsey

    I would love one of these! Awesome!

  209. I’m not a huge coloring fan, but my daughters love it! They would love a book like these!

  210. 231) Stacey H.

    Yes please! Coloring is the best therapy.

  211. 232) Lauren

    Yes, I am about to turn 23. Yes, if I win I would keep the book for myself. No shame.

  212. 233) Larissa Janes

    Me and my kids would love these, a family favorite is coloring together.

  213. 234) Alexandra

    Great coloring books – thanks for sharing! I am sure my daughter would love it, but i think i want one for myself, too 🙂

  214. 235) Talina

    These look like so much fun!
    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  215. 236) amanda d

    I love to color with my kids.

  216. 237) Emily hunter

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    These truly are beautiful! Thank you for sharing, Lucy!

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    Those are beautiful! My kids and I love to create art together. 🙂

  219. 240) Jenni S.

    I could love coloring in these! Okay, my daughter too 😉

  220. 241) mary anne

    Would love to win!

  221. 242) tana

    amazing! We would LOVe these!

  222. 243) Julie R.

    This would be such a fun book! Thanks for the chance to win!

  223. I have one of those and would love more, they make great embroidery patterns too, thank you for the giveaway!

  224. 246) Ann N.

    Good for my brain!!

  225. 247) Quinn Savona


  226. 248) Korey Bunting

    My daughter would love this! Crossong my fingers!

  227. 249) Virginie

    Please please pick me ! These look so amazing…

  228. These are amazing! My son is just getting into coloring, but he doesn’t like the cartoon-y books at all. I think he would love this!

  229. 251) Heather Ong

    Beautiful! Would love to color these designs with my daughter.

  230. 252) Debbie C

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  231. 253) Andrea


  232. 254) Tammy

    The designs are just beautiful! Thanks for the giveaway!

  233. 255) Heather

    I love the first book. I got it for Christmas last year

  234. 256) Sue

    I love those books, I had something similar when I was a child.

  235. 257) rachael

    Always find colouring soooooo therapeutic 🙂

  236. 258) Danielle

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    Thank you for this wonderful giveaway! These books would make great ‘quiet time’ activities for my kids.

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    I would love the pattern and design book!

  239. 261) Nancy Munshower

    I LOVE to color! This is fabulous 🙂

  240. 262) Janette


  241. 263) Megan

    Love these! I think I would enjoy coloring them as much as the kids!

  242. 264) Debbie

    Those books are awesome. I saw some similar last time i was at Michael’s but didn’t buy one.

  243. 265) Marilyn

    I’m 33 but I still love coloring. Thanks for the chance to win!

  244. 266) Madelyn

    These look like so much fun!

  245. so gorgeous looking, my daughter would *love*

  246. 268) Jill

    Love this. Thanks!

  247. 269) kate

    looks like some mother and daughter fun!

  248. 271) Ashley

    I am a counselor for kids and use Mandalas with them all the time. This book is beautiful!!!

  249. 272) Jamie Z.

    These look like so much fun!

  250. 273) Tabitha

    Cool! Thanks.

  251. 274) Cher

    Those look so cool, never seen books like these before!

  252. 275) Kati

    I love coloring! I’ve been eying her first book for a while–so excited there are more!

  253. 276) AllisonA

    Those are really awesome.

  254. Absolutely beautiful! Would love to color with my girls!!!

  255. 278) ravit

    mandala. I love it

  256. 279) JessK

    So cool! My 7 year old would love these!

  257. 280) Tara S

    These are awesome. Great gift!! Thanks for telling us about these.

  258. 281) Susannah T

    These are really unique and different. Excited to learn about them. Great gift idea for littles.

  259. 282) Alyse

    My nieces would love these, what a perfect Christmas gift!

  260. 283) Mandy

    Please! I ordered the first volume after reading about it from you last year. It’s awesome. So excited for two more. P.S. They make great teacher gifts!

  261. 284) Stephanie Cohen

    My daughter recently took an art class about mandala, so I know she’d love one of these beautiful books.

  262. 285) nalan cataltepe

    Love it!!!

  263. 286) Jill Hayes

    I sooo want one of these!

  264. 287) Megan

    My daughters and I love to color together too. What a sweet giveaway!

  265. These would be a great stocking stuffer for my daughter!

  266. These are amazing! I don’t even have a child and I would love one!! 🙂

  267. 290) Michelle

    beautiful! i’m a closet colorer. 🙂 my daughter would love it too!

  268. 291) EG1972

    These look lovely. Thanks for chance to win!

  269. 293) Nicole J

    These are fantastic! I love how relaxing and fun it is to color, even as an adult!

  270. 294) Jessica

    These look like fun!

  271. 295) Amy

    This is so awesome a pattern coloring book

  272. Wow! I wanna color with my girl too. She’s 7 and not always keen to do art but she might come around if we do it together. She’s nowhere near as neat about it all as Lucy, though, lol!

  273. 297) Angela

    love this!

  274. I think I love to color more than my children do. New crayons are my favorite!!

  275. 300) Sara

    This is so exciting! I love coloring. 🙂

  276. 301) Jan Richards

    Thanks for a chance to win these great books. I used to love to
    color these.

  277. My daughter just saw these and would love one!

  278. 303) Andrea

    My girls would love this!

  279. 304) Katie

    These look like so much fun!

  280. 305) Laurana

    I’ve been coloring in my daughters Elmo coloring book but this would be so much more fun! Thanks for the chance!

  281. 306) nicole weaver

    even as an adult these are so relaxing to color!

  282. 307) Amy Hoffman

    Love coloring! these designs would be so much fun

  283. 308) Tammy

    My kiddos and I would love to have this kind of a coloring book!

  284. 309) Jill


  285. 310) Raquel Olivo

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    Super cute!!

  287. 312) Erin A

    Supper Cute – Thanks for all the giveaways!!

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    I love to color! My daughter would love these books!

  289. 314) Gena

    Those are gorgeous!

  290. 315) Megan

    I miss spending time colouring, even if I don’t win I think I will need to order one of those books.

  291. 316) elizabeth

    Love these and will always doodle and color when given the chance!

  292. 317) Nancy

    Fun! Fun! Fun! Thanks for the chance to win;)

  293. Oh my goodness! I love these books, and Jenean’s fabrics. Thanks for the nice giveaway.

  294. 320) Karli

    These are so neat! I remember having a coloring book like this as a kid, would love to color these with my daughter now!

  295. 321) Priscila

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    Cool giveaway.
    I’ll be keeping for myself if I win one!

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  929. 1008) Stephanie Wong

    I’m form Peru. I really love your web page.
    Creo que es muy bueno que también tengamos la opción de concursar las personas que vivimos fuera de US y que siempre seguimos tu página.

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