Giveaway DAY – Zip it Zippers!

Whenever I watch Project Runway I think, did they grab zippers for their garment?? Wouldn’t that be a shame to get back to the work room and realize you’re missing that one essential fastener? I actually have a small stash in my drawer cause there are many times that an idea just hits me and I want to get started right then.

So, let’s giveaway zippers!
They’re all from the etsy shop, Zip It.
Have you ever seen so many zippers in one place?
Seriously, Zip it has every color….and 41 pages of listings to click through.
Today we’re giving away FOUR, $15 gift certificates to the Zip it shop. Open to anyone!
Click HERE to enter.

  1. 1) Diane Snyder

    What color is your # 30 yellow/green zipper?? Do you have Pantone colors to be sure it is the correct shade?

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