Giveaway DAY – Kid’s Crafternoon Papercraft Book…with my Wallflowers!

Last year I was asked by Kathreen at to contribute to her new kids’ book: Papercraft. The book is aimed at kids, written in words they understand, with cute projects to whip up in an afternoon.
Here’s a sample….

I love this pet menagerie–animals made from comic book pages and maps.
Monster Pinatas:
with simple illustrations and instructions:
Fly away kites. My kids would love these!
There’s a whole section on cards, playtime, sewn-bound books, window hangings:
And here’s my page: Wallflowers. It’s really fun to have someone else take photos of my stuff. I like how they bunched the flowers up on the wall.
Today we’re giving away a copy of the book.
Click HERE to enter!

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