GIVEAWAY Day–Gift Certificates to Modern Fabric Studio (CLOSED)

With all these baby projects floating around, how about free fabric to go along?
Think how many baby circle skirts you could make with these…..
And they’re all from another fabric shop I recommend: Modern Fabric Studio.

Seriously, Modern Fabric Studio carries some really beautiful/cool lines. The New Arrivals page is where I found most of these prints. But you can also search the site by color, type, theme, designer. I love sites that have good navigation. Especially when you’re not sure what you’re looking for, though you’ll know it when you see it, right?
Like maybe one of these?….
Let’s shop!

• For the weekend Modern Fabric Studio offering MADE readers an additional 15% discount. Just enter MADE at checkout.
• For TWO lucky winners, they’re offering a $25 gift certificate to the shop.

Giveaway Rules:
• Leave a comment, that’s it!
• Only ONE entry per person
• Open to ALL Readers
• TWO winners will receive a $25 gift certificate to the shop and will be picked via
• Giveaway ends, Saturday 4/21/12 at 10pm (Central Time).
Winners will be announced on Sunday or Monday.

  1. cute! great giveaway!

  2. Great give-away! Thanks for the chance!

  3. OH yeah! Thanks for the chance!

  4. 4) Leah Johnsey

    I love Modern Fabric Studio and I really need to start a fabric stash!

  5. 5) Melissa

    I love this place – and the prices are something I can actually live with, unlike many that are just not possible for me. So many beautiful things, don’t know how I’d ever decide 😛

  6. 6) Stacie

    Love reading your blog everyday!

  7. aah! i wish I could win this and give the certificate to a friend for her birthday!

  8. 8) Kara

    BEAUTIFUL patterns… LOVE IT!

  9. The very first fabric you have listed is on one of my Pinterest boards! LOVE IT! WANT IT!

  10. Beautiful prints!! Expecting a baby boy in June- some of these would be awesome fabrics for those last minute project ideas I have! Thanks!

  11. What an awesome giveaway. I’ve never heard of this shop before. It looks cute!

  12. 12) Heather M.

    Very fun fabric!

  13. more fabric? yes, please. great giveaway!

  14. 14) Renae

    I love these fabrics! Can’t ever have enough…

  15. 15) Kristyn H

    What fun fabric! I think I need some more to add to my collection!!

  16. Beautiful Patterns! Love ’em!

  17. 17) Whitney W

    Beautiful fabric! I’d love to win a gift certificate!

  18. 18) Heidi V

    I love fabric. Especially when it is free:)

  19. 19) Jane

    Love these fabrics! I’d love a gift certificate!

  20. That’s a nice give away! There are several fabrics that would make beautiful pants or shirts for my babyboy!

  21. 21) Rebekah Stockton

    I really need some fabric for summertime sewing.

  22. Oooh, please! I neeeeeed some more fabric!

  23. Awesome giveaway! I hope I win!

  24. I love this shop! They have wonderful fabric and a very well-organized site to make finding it easier.

  25. 25) Heather

    I could always use more fabric. Just don’t tell my husband LOL

  26. yes please ! it would be so much fun to go fabric shopping !

  27. 27) Shannon Paterson

    Can never have too much fabric! Although I think the hubs would disagree. 😉

  28. 28) Samantha

    How awesome. I need some fabric to make some summer skirts… so awaesome!!

  29. more awesomeness! count me in!!

  30. 30) Sara

    I do need some refreshment in my fabric stash! 😀

  31. I would love, love, love some of this fabric!!

  32. 32) Jean

    I would love this!!

  33. oh I used to think $25 couldn’t get you very far in fabric… but these baby girls!? just a little goes a long way! Thanks!

  34. 34) Sarah

    Pick me! I could always use more awesome fabric!

  35. 35) Jennifer Morrison


  36. 37) Nicole Martens

    Beautiful Fabric Shop, I would love to win!

  37. 38) Tracie S

    Pick me! 🙂

  38. 39) Kimberly Loxtercamp

    I love fabric!

  39. ooh pick me! LOVE these gorgeous fabrics 🙂

  40. 41) Toni-Maree

    We all love a good fabric giveaway! Im sure any winner could spend $25 in a flash at such a great store 🙂

  41. 42) Laura

    Yes please, I love these fabrics!

  42. Amazing giveaway!!!! I NEED these fabrics 🙂

  43. 44) Joy

    I think I have a slight addiction to fabric b/c I want them all!

  44. 46) Cate

    I hadn’t heard of this site until your blog post — it looks great! Gorgeous fabrics.

  45. 47) Virginia

    I love love love the “Bloom in Mandarin” print. I think that is going to be my next fabric purchase.

  46. Gorgeous fabric! What a great giveaway!

  47. 49) Dana

    I am due May 28 and would LOVE to whip up some cute projects!

  48. 50) Leigh

    Wow, those are all so cute!

  49. 51) Britta Hughes

    Such fun and pretty fabric! I’d love to get some!

  50. 52) Sarah

    So many great giveaways today…thanks!

  51. 54) Kat C

    Pregnant right now, would love some new fun fabric to make the laundry list of projects I have to work on.

  52. 55) shantel

    Love the fabric!
    shantelhjones at gmail dot com

  53. 56) tara

    have lots of projects i can use this towards. thanks for the chance.

  54. This looks amazing! I hope I win! I’ve been eying some new fabric for a bead spread!

  55. 58) amy marantino

    i hope i win

  56. 59) Kayla C

    Beautiful fabrics! i see some summer dresses for my toddler in there!

  57. 60) Carriekat

    Amazing fabrics!

  58. 61) Suzan

    Beautiful fabrics!

  59. 62) Lisa Hathaway

    What a fun giveaway!

  60. Ooooh, lovely fabric! My fabric stash could use a modern update!

  61. Me me me!!! SOOOOO many circle skirts here 🙂

  62. 65) Lindsay

    So many great giveaways! And this is beautiful fabric.

  63. 66) Julie Phillips

    Loving these amazing giveaways!!! Love the fabrics – hope I win!!

  64. 67) Jessica T

    Would love to win, so I can add to my fabric addiction!!

  65. They are all so gorgeous!! I love the colors and patterns!

  66. 69) Julie

    I’d love to add to my fabric stash! Thanks for the giveaway!

  67. Oh so lovely and fun!!! Beautiful fabric choices!

  68. Beautiful fabric! Thanks for the giveaway!

  69. 72) Samantha Hogan

    So fantastic , what a great giveaway !!

  70. I love the trains! So cute!

  71. 75) sharon

    LOVE!! I can look at these fabrics all day!! great giveaway!

  72. 76) Lydia Curtis

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  73. Gorgeous fabrics!

  74. Awesome coincidence! I was thinking that the only way to have beautiful clothes for my new baby boy would be to make them myself :). These are gorgeous, thanks!

  75. Who wouldn’t love more fabric! Thanks for the giveaway!

  76. 80) Kelly

    That bear/forest fabric is too cute!

  77. What neat fabrics!

  78. Great giveaway! Beautiful Fabric!
    I could find so many ways to use them!!!

  79. I love new fabric!

  80. 84) Nicole

    I love all of these fabrics!

  81. 85) Jamsby

    So so lovely!

  82. 86) Barb M

    Great giveaway!

  83. 87) Sarah Cook

    Love all these adorable prints and all these great baby tutorials! Hope I win!

  84. 88) Ariana

    That is some AWESOME stuff! Love it!

  85. 89) Alissa

    Wow, very fun fabrics. I would love to make some cute skirts out of those.

  86. 90) Chris N

    Great giveaway! Thanks!

  87. 91) Brooke

    Free fabric, what’s a better bright spot in a looooong day with lots of kiddos?!!

  88. Yes! I want to get going on some fun summer clothes for my baby, this would be perfect!

  89. 93) Jeanne G.

    Neat fabrics!

  90. 94) Katrijn

    Once again I’m taking the chance! Nice fabrics!

  91. 96) Maggie

    Oooh, $25 of free super amazing fabrics?? Oh, I’d enjoy winning that. Thanks for the opportunity!

  92. 97) Leigh

    I love the train fabric

  93. 98) Dusie

    Maybe I’ll win this AND the pattern giveaway, and be able to sew lots of awesome things!

  94. Yep, can’t not try! Everything is so lovely.

  95. 100) Rebecca

    Fabric!! Oh, I want to win!!

  96. 101) Caitlin

    These are all so cute! I’d love to make something with any of these!

  97. 102) Michelle B

    Fabric is my weakness! Thanks for offering this fun giveaway.

  98. I’d love to put that to good use!

    Kldemare at yahoo dot com

  99. 104) Georgine


  100. AWESOME FABRIC!!!!!!!! Thank you so much for the opportunity!


  101. 106) Christina Poynter

    You know I love fabric! I’m in!

  102. Not sure if we can leave a comment for each giveaway that we like but I like this! Lovely fabrics!

  103. 108) Trisha

    Wow, they have some great stuff. I’d use it to finally finish the babay clothes quilt.

  104. Fabric is such a happy thing! Thanks for the chance to win.

  105. 110) Jessica Wooten

    I just found out that I’m going to be an aunt & I’d love to find some cute boy fabrics! I love that red car fabric, looks retro & oh so adorable.

  106. 111) Karen

    Beautiful fabrics! I have a few ideas what I could do with those!

  107. 112) sandyb720

    Wow cute fabric – Love the chance to own some of it!!!

    Thank you

    sandyb720 at gmail dot com

  108. 113) Leigh Ann F

    How could I ever decide? They are all beautiful!

  109. 114) Callie

    It’s all so beautiful!

  110. 115) Agmar

    Great giveaway! Would love to win so I can purchase some boy fabric for my boys!

  111. 116) Rachel N

    Awesome fabric. I just put my machine away for the rest of the week but did get a ruffled skirt made for my little girl for her birthday party on Sunday. She LOVES IT!!!!! Following the tutorial was VERY easy 😀

  112. 117) Katie M

    Fabric! I can never get enough of it, and I’ve got my eye on a few of those prints you featured. Thanks!

  113. 118) April Cremer

    Beautiful! I love fabric!

  114. 119) Kristin

    Beautiful fabric, thanks for the giveaway!

  115. Thank you for this wonderful giveaway! I love Modern Fabric Studio! I have a few things I wanted for my birthday from there and maybe I will not have to wait that long!!!

  116. I have lots of projects I need fabric for!

  117. 122) Christy

    Gorgeous! My stash can always use more fabric 🙂

    Thanks for the chance!

  118. I love this fabric! I can already see all the great projects I can make with it!!

  119. 124) Lindsay

    Giveaway day is the best day!

  120. 125) Jenny B.

    Thanks for the giveaway! I’m addicted to fabric!

  121. 126) Kylie

    Beautiful fabrics! One of each please! 🙂

  122. 127) Sarah

    I would love to do fabric shopping. It’s been too long.

  123. Would love some cute fabric for my little one due in a week!

  124. Oh dear…those are dreamy. Thanks for the beautiful giveaway. Enjoy your kids today. =)

  125. 130) Caitlin

    YAY! Love all those new prints and my baby girls need some new sunhats 🙂

  126. I love giveaways! Hope to win one someday!

  127. 132) Amelia

    Always nice to find sweet online fabric shops! Thank you!

  128. 133) Lori B

    What fun!!!

  129. 134) LucyL

    I like their fabric collections too!

  130. 135) Katie

    oooo! I just moved and am still looking for a worthy fabric store. This will certainly help fill that void for a while! Thanks!

  131. 136) Genifer

    Thanks for the chance!

  132. 137) Hannah

    Haven’t been able to find any affordable fabric I was in love with. Maybe I’ll win? 🙂

  133. I would love to enter your give-away!! Such gorgeous fabrics!

  134. oh my gosh, LOVE those fabrics. would love the chance to win!

  135. 140) Carla G

    Great giveaway! Thanks for a chance to win! I need some new fabric! 🙂

  136. 141) Bridgette

    I love all these great designs!

  137. 142) Kat

    Lovin’ the fabrics! Would love to shop them 🙂

  138. 143) Amy Stickle

    Such lovely fabric. Oh to just add to my stach to periodically pull out and admire would be fantastic!!

  139. 144) Laura

    You have got all the good stuff today! You should tell the folks at Modern Fabric that I only shop there because you’re linked to them!

  140. How exciting! You can never have enough cute fabric! I’ve been dying to sew something for my baby girl!

  141. 146) Alicia Osborn

    Could always use some cute fabric! aliciarosborn (at) gmail (dot) com

  142. 147) Laura

    Who doesn’t need some cute fabric? Another great give away!


  143. 148) Bethany

    Love the fabric!

  144. My boys would love all those car prints. Me too:-)

  145. Oh fabric, so hard to choose with all the great prints!

  146. 151) Kristen

    Love love love all the prints! Thanks for the giveaway!

  147. 152) Stacey

    Holy Moly those are some gorgeous prints!!!

  148. 153) tiffany

    I love that fabric!

  149. 154) Wyndee

    What a fun site, beautiful fabric!

  150. 155) Rachel

    I would love to win! Thanks!

  151. 156) Sarah Sharp

    These fabrics look fun! Can’t wait to try out the circle skirt for baby!

  152. 158) Jeannette

    It’s fabric buying time! Great patterns.

  153. My little boys would love all those car prints. Me too:-)

  154. 160) LORIEN


  155. 161) Vanessa

    So cute!! Would love to make some cute summer shorts!

  156. 162) CHantal

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  157. 163) Shannon

    Beautiful fabrics! OH, the possibilities!!!

  158. Oh my! The fabrics look amazing! Thank you for the opportunity:)

  159. 165) The Mrs.

    I’d love me some Loulouthi. Thanks for the giveaway day. 🙂

  160. 166) radiya

    hope i can win some fabric 🙂

  161. 167) shannon

    ooh what pretty patterns…love the umbrella-plaid-ish one especially (maybe because it’s rainy here today and I have bumbershoots on the brain?!)

  162. Yay! Love the fabrics!

  163. 169) Ellen

    Yes please! wonderful giveway

  164. 170) Marybeth

    That fabric is gorgeous.

  165. 171) Carina

    I need this to jumpstart my summer sewing…plus it’s my b-day! Thanks for the chance to win.

  166. 172) Andrea

    Great opportunity!

  167. 173) Kylee Coles

    Love the designs!

  168. 174) Elizabeth Yost

    Oooh! What beautiful fabrics! Thanks for the giveaway 🙂

  169. 175) Katrina

    I love fabric!! I hope I win!

  170. Do they have knits? I don’t know… but I”m hopping over to find out!

  171. 177) Sonya Miller

    Seriously, I don’t know what fabric I would pick!

  172. 178) Dani L.

    Would love to increase my craft stash!

  173. 179) Carolyn

    Beautiful prints!

  174. 180) Steffanie F

    I love fabric

  175. 181) Sarah

    And just as I start looking for fabric to make
    Rae’s flashback tee! *fingers crossed*

  176. 182) Stacey S

    Always in need of amazing fabric. Awesome!

  177. 183) Jen Suereth

    Wahoo! I love fabric!

  178. Love the prints! You can never have enough fabric!

  179. 185) Brooke

    Love the forest animals print! They’re all adorable!

  180. 186) Sarah M.

    Love these fabrics! Fingers crossed!

  181. I’d love to make my 6 year old daughter a circle skirt with one of these prints. Thanks for the giveaway!

  182. 188) Alissa

    Ohhh! I’m not allowed top buy any more fabric until I use some of what I have (familiar story, I bet), but this wouldn’t fall under that category! Here’s hoping I win!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  183. 189) Alex Butterfield

    Beautiful fabrics! Would love to win!

  184. 190) Olga

    Amaizing giveaway day!!!

  185. Oh, how fun! Please enter me in the giveaway! 🙂

  186. Beautiful fabrics; please count me in!

  187. 193) Carolyn

    What great fabric–and even better online so I don’t have to drag my kids along to the fabric store 🙂

  188. 194) Cathy V

    love their stuff!

  189. 195) Jenette

    Pick me!!!!

  190. 196) Elizabeth

    I would love to win this! Looks like a great store!

  191. 198) Emily K

    I certainly don’t NEED any more fabric, but I sure do WANT it!

  192. 199) Melissa

    Loving the red hotrod fabric!! Thank you for the chance to win!

  193. 200) marlena

    Great colors. Love your selections.

  194. 201) Celeste

    I could do so many things with those great fabrics. Pillows, maybe….

  195. the buses? i’m dying! pick me! i’m teaching sewing at my high school n ext year and i’m TERRIFIED!!

  196. 203) Kendra

    Adorable fabrics! I want to make some circle skirts for my lil lady before she comes in August!

  197. 204) stephanie

    Love their fabric!

  198. Would LOVE to add these fabrics to my new spring dress line I am releasing in 3 weeks!! CUTE STUFF!!

  199. 206) laura

    I love their fabric!

  200. Oh wauw! I would love to get some of these great fabrics!

  201. 208) kim

    yummy fabric!

  202. 209) Chantalle

    Adorable fabrics! Ahh I’d live some new prints!

  203. 210) Melanie

    Great fabrics! What a fun shop.

  204. Beautiful patterns. Love them!

  205. 212) serena

    yes please! i love fabric! =)

  206. 213) darla

    Fabrics like that make me salivate all over. I am going to dream about that fabric now.

  207. 214) loran

    yes, please!

  208. 215) Samantha H.

    What beautiful fabric! I can think of so many fun things to do with it!

  209. 216) Angela Pauslen

    That woodland creatures fabric is adorable!

  210. 217) Valerie

    Wow!!! I love all these modern prints! I hope I’m luck enough to win!

  211. Great giveaway! Always can use more fabric, right? 😉

  212. Oh beautiful! Would love to buy some fabric to make myself a summer dress. :o)

  213. 220) Jen B.

    Ooh, I have a list of summer projects I could definitely use this for!

  214. 221) Jennie

    Great selection!

  215. great shop! thanks for the chance!

  216. 223) Bridget

    Who doesn’t need more fabric? ; ) Such a great giveaway.

  217. 225) Lindsay H

    Ohhh, fabric..I would have so much fun!

  218. I love the fabrics you’ve highlighted. So exciting!

  219. 227) kelli

    Lovely fabric!

  220. 228) Shelagh

    My stash is really dwindling…

  221. 229) Lauren

    I’m just thinking of all I can do with these beautiful fabrics!

  222. 230) Stacey

    Wow! Great giveaway and a great company. Now… if only I could pick one for my new headboard project. Thanks for the chance!

  223. Thanks to Modern Fabric Studio for offering the certificates for giveaway! I am sure that I could rather quickly find fabrics that I want to buy!

  224. 232) Mrs. Rachel

    Love all that fabric! Thanks for hosting such a great giveaway!

  225. 233) Ellen

    Oh goodness, so lovely. How to choose?!

  226. 235) Jessica

    Gorgeous fabrics! Think I “need” some more fabric.

  227. 236) Janie

    What awesome fabric! Thanks for the giveaway!

  228. 237) Heather

    I am SOOO in the need of some great fabric. These are great prints!!!

  229. 238) brooke

    Yay! I always need more fabric!

  230. 239) RaeLyn

    wow, this is fabulous!!

  231. 240) Caitlin

    ooooo fabric…..I have so many new projects floating in my head waiting to be born!

  232. 241) Megan

    Fabulous fabric! Love the orange mums

  233. 242) Joanna

    Great looking fabrics! The circle skirt is sooooo sweet!


  234. I don’t know if I’m having a girl or boy this time, but I really, really want to make some baby circle skirts…just in case!

  235. 244) Bonnie

    fingers crossed!

  236. 245) Tina

    so cute, I would love to win!

  237. 246) tiffany

    Love that shop… thanks for the chance!

  238. 247) Mrs. Schmid

    So many beautiful fabrics! Thanks for the giveaway!

  239. 249) Rebecca

    I’m seeing some serious candidates for nursery decor!

  240. 251) Anne

    Thanks Dana!!

  241. 253) Rachel

    love the fabric! perfect for a lot of the spring projects i want to start!

  242. All the pretty fabrics! Would love to win this one. 🙂

  243. 255) robynn

    gorgeous sample fabrics!! I would love to do some shopping there! even if i don’t win, thanks for the tip for some shopping fun!

  244. 256) Ashley P

    Awesome patterns!!!

  245. I want my son Cormac in a pair of pance from that red with cars. I want that real bad!

  246. great giveaway!
    Thank you!

  247. 259) Stacey

    LOVE the fabric! Thanks for hosting! 🙂

  248. 260) Leslie

    Beautiful Fabric. Thanks for the giveaway!

  249. 262) Tina C.

    so many gorgeous fabrics!

  250. 263) AubreyB

    These are absolutely gorgeous – I would just die of happiness if I won!

  251. 264) Sara

    Count me in! I could really use some cute fabric!!

  252. LOVE these beautiful fabrics and would LOVE a gift cert to add more fabric to my collection! xoxo

  253. What a great giveaway! How could anyone narrow down the options! I’ll take a yard of each of their fabrics, please! 😉 Thanks for the opportunity!

  254. 267) Natalie

    Love the fabric!

  255. 268) Ellie B

    Let’s hope today’s my lucky day!

  256. 269) Shelly

    LOVE the fabrics you featured! The idea of getting free fabric makes me giddy. I hope I win!

  257. 270) Wilai Charpentier

    love it all. My boys would love the train fabric. Cute and modern not to baby.

  258. 271) Nicole Lavin Williams

    Ooh-la-la! J’adore tissu! Merci!

  259. 272) Holl

    Great giveaway!

  260. 273) adriana formento

    hahahaha i’m so happy!!! i love giveaway days!!!

  261. 274) Mandi

    I love their fabric! Look at that red car fabric – LOVE!

  262. 275) stormyyskyy

    Awesome! I’ve been leaving my machine set up on the dining table since I’ve been using it almost every day. This would help towards buying more baby fabric.

  263. I’d love more fabrics to add to the stash

  264. 277) Cynthia

    That fabric is adorable!!!

  265. 278) Laura M

    What cute fabric! Thanks for another awesome giveaway!

  266. Beautiful fabric. The things I could make with this!!!

  267. 280) Kim M

    Such a great giveaway!

  268. 281) Barbarah

    I will try my luck! I’d love me some fabric to prepare for summer 🙂

  269. Thanks for the opportunity! Ana

  270. 283) Melissa

    Ohh, one can never have enough in the fabric stash! Thank you!

  271. 284) Megan S

    I’d love to win!

  272. 285) Meghan

    Ummm, yes please! These fabrics are stunning!

  273. I just got a new sewing machine and am dying for some new – fun – fabrics! This would be so great!

  274. 287) Jenna C.

    Love these patterns! how unique and lovely.

  275. 288) Carrie Alexander

    YAY!!!! Giveaway day!!!!

  276. 290) Kristen Waltz

    Awesome! Thank you!

  277. 291) Meg

    These are so lovely!!

  278. 292) Nikki

    What beautiful fabric! Would love to get my hands on some!

  279. Fun fabric. I especially like that woodland one at the bottom with the skunk. Don’t know what I would use it for, but it is fun!

  280. 294) Kim

    Great giveaway!

    • 295) Kim

      There’s a type -o in my email address, but its pretty obvious !

  281. Awesome fabrics! I do a lot of upcycling so it isn’t very often that I buy new fabric. It would be so fun to pick out a few gorgeous prints!

  282. I’m just drooling over all of those fabrics. I hope I win! 🙂 Thanks for the chance.

  283. 300) Di

    Definitely worth a try! (fingers crossed)

  284. 301) allison

    delicious fabrics!

  285. Great shop, great fabric! Thanks Dana!

  286. 303) Sydnie

    What a great give away! I am always a fan of free fabric.

  287. Entering this giveaway makes me dreaming about a wonderland full of fabircs

  288. 305) Tara Erwin

    super cute fabric! thanks for the giveaway!

  289. 306) Julie H.

    What cute fabrics. Love them, and they would make darling skirts for my 2 1/2 year old daughter. 🙂

  290. 307) Connie Sanders

    Oh, man, I’d be in heaven picking out fabric!

  291. 308) Kaylene

    Wow, I love those fabrics! So fresh.

  292. 309) Sara

    My son and daughter would both love that train fabric. 🙂

  293. 310) Allison

    what pretty fabric!

  294. 311) Jenny

    Great giveaway! Thanks for the chance to win!

    jmojmo24 [at] gmail [dot] com

  295. 312) AmyLou

    Great giveaway! I’ve never heard of the shop, but those are some cute fabrics!

  296. thanks for all the giveaways! i would love to win this!

  297. 314) Angela

    oh, oh, oh, the things I could make. Love the Anna Maria Horner!

  298. 315) Kendra

    Ohmygosh! That first fabric you posted is amazing! I would make a circle skirt me for me and matching ones for my 2 girls! Please, oh please, pick me 🙂

  299. 316) Leigh Anne

    I’ve always loved her selection of fabric 🙂 Crossing my fingers!

  300. 317) Georgia

    Oh wow that would be amazing! I just a little girl almost four weeks ago and am dying to make some circle skirts for her and for my two year old too! Thanks for the chance!

  301. 318) Jenny E

    I LOVE that modern train print! My son totally needs some shorts out of that. Maybe the classic car print too… Fun!

  302. 319) Betsy

    I’m in!

  303. All of those prints are gorgeous 🙂 Definitely hoping my number is picked!

  304. 321) Tracy

    Awesome giveway! Thanks for the opportunity!

  305. 322) malia

    yes please!! thank you for the great give away!!

  306. would love to win this one…. so many great fabrics!

  307. 324) Lisa

    I’ve tried dresses… I’ve tried pink pants… Do you think if I make a pink flowered baby circle skirt, they’ll stop asking if my beautiful elfin daughter is a boy? Maybe I need some new fabric!

  308. 325) debbie

    i need some of this cute fabric!

  309. 326) Amanda Moutos

    Who wouldn’t want their fabric!?!?!

  310. pretty fabrics! thank you for another great giveaway!

  311. 328) Deanne


  312. 329) Sarah K

    I LOVE!!! these are such ADORABLE fabrics!

  313. 330) becky

    i want to seeeeewww sooooo much…waiting for finish my exams in june, then attack the list of sewing to do…just need/want/desire/wish some yummy fabric…;-)
    thanks for the chance…

  314. 331) kelly

    Pretty pretty pretty

  315. 332) SarahLynn Camper

    Seriously so cute.

  316. Oh my goodness I think that my love of sewing is just an excuse to buy really great fabric .

  317. 334) Jaime

    So pretty, thanks!

  318. 335) Lori

    Fun, fun fabric!!! I have a baby shower coming up…this would be awesome to get for my upcoming baby project! Thanks again Dana & Modern Fabric!

  319. 336) Lindsey

    I love all of them! Must have!

  320. You can never have too much fabric 🙂

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    hpickett183 at hotmail dot com

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    auwareagle90 at gmail dot com

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    Awesome Made blog by Dana = the most fun!
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