Giveaway DAY – FIVE photography ebooks with Katie Evans

I saved the biggest giveaway for last–FIVE winners and discounts for everyone!

One of the most common emails I get is: Can you share tips for taking good photos?
So we’re doing an encore giveaway of the photography ebook, The Key To Taking Pictures like a Professional Photographer

(all photos courtesy of Katie Evans Photography)

Read my full review of the book HERE.
And here’s the condensed version….

* This is a 64 page PDF book that will teach you how to use your DSLR camera (both Canon and Nikon.
* There are beautiful colored photos and step-by-step info (you can also purchase a printed version of the book for only $15 more)
* Katie walks you through Lighting, Composition, how to achieve proper exposure, Lenses, Editing, how to think and see creatively, and so much more. And she writes it in a way that’s easy to follow and understand.

It’s an excellent go-to book.
And just so you know that Katie knows her stuff, here are some favorite images from her photo blog (she took my wedding pics too!)
Katie’s also hosting a Photoberfest contest on her site for the month of October, with different themes and prizes each week. Click here to read more and here to vote for your favorite images.

Here’s what we’re giving away today:
* FIVE copies of the e-book, The Key To Taking Pictures like a Professional Photographer.
* 20% off discount for all ebook purchases. Enter MADE at checkout. Discount good until October 20th.
* 20% off discount for all printed book purchases. Enter dance305 at checkout. Discount only available till tomorrow, October 7th.
Click HERE to Enter.

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