Getting ready for the 4th: Patriotic Streamers

For our celebration on Monday, I sewed up rolls of Ruffled Streamers.
This is one of those projects that feels kind of tedious but that I don’t mind at the same time….since I don’t have think about what I’m doing and can let my mind wander or soak in some good music (Chris Isaak’s Baja Sessions kept me company this time).

I used the simple Ruffled Streamers Tutorial.
And took some of your advice for rolling the streamers out. I used a small wooden dowel (you can also use a pencil or something similar) to hold the streamers at my knees. Then I easily pulled them out sections at a time.
And sewed them up!
Pretty red, white, and blue ready to hang.
And now they’ll be packed in a suitcase and hauled to California with us.

  1. 2) Amber

    I have a question…or you might consider it a challenge…

    Any way to do this with 6 colors at once? Think rainbow. ROYGBPurple

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