George Michael and silhouettes

My sister and I recently went to the opening of night of George Michael’s 25 Live tour. Ah, pure heaven. It’s fun to feel like a teenager again. So for her birthday party last night (and with my goal to make handmade birthday gifts), I came up with this tote bag:
Done with Freezer Paper stenciling and this fabulous image from his Faith days:
My sister-in-law also had a birthday recently. I asked her husband for any “what does she love?” recommends. He said she was into Debbie Gibson back in the day. Hmmm. I opted for something a little more her current-style instead. A bag with silhouettes of their little family. Eric, Laura, Ava, and Spike:
Ava’s little silhouette is my favorite. She looks like a doll. The paint bled in some parts (unfortunately on Laura’s cute button nose). But overall, the result was a success.
I actually used 3 different pictures to create one family image. Here are the raw photos (images flipped):
I printed the photos off from their blog, outlined the images with a sharpie and then traced on to freezer paper. For a freezer paper tutorial, click here.

Happy Birthday Bags to you both!

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