from 75 to 15…Alt Summit I’m ready for you!

It’s been a quiet blogging week….but a crazy one at my house!
I’ve been running around preparing my good and clothing for the Alt Design Summit which I’m speaking at on Friday on the topic of “From Blog to Book”.  I’m so excited!

My business cards arrived on Tuesday.  And a few hours before my flight I was sewing up books for my presentation.  Typical procrastination.

But I got it all done!  All 100 books sewn, pencils sharpened, fabric and napkin flowers ready to decorate my table.

And new business cards. Woohoo!
I went with the same company as last time (since I was, of course, creating them last minute and needed something fast)  But the quality is great and I love them!

A little of MADE on a 4×6 postcard:

Then I threw it all in a suitcase with my clothes.  And eventually it all fit.  And eventually I made it to Utah.   And eventually it sunk it just HOW cold it is here.  Yikes!  14 degrees???  It was 75 when Ieft Austin and the kids were jumping on the trampoline.
Wish me luck on that.

And…if you live in Utah, I’m going to be on the show Studio 5 today on KSL! (show starts at 11am, I think) They’ll be live at the Alt Summit, interviewing a few of us.  So check it out.

Have a great day!

  1. 1) Alexis

    How cute is your wardrobe?!

  2. Welcome to the freeze of Utah! I’m sorry you couldn’t bring some of that trampoline weather with you, we sure need it.

  3. 3) Kristie

    Freezing rain from last night. Enjoy it, right?
    Love Utah, just not with the inversion.
    Hope you have fun, and thanks for letting us know about studio 5. I will be checking that out!

  4. well at least you’re not here in winnipeg where it’s been around -40F with the windchill for the last week or more! it’s insane!!!!
    have fun!!

    • 6) hotdish

      Yay, a fellow Canuck! Ottawa’s had the same temps this week with windchill, -28C to -32C (-19F to 25.6F) without! (14F is more normal)
      Good luck at the Alt Summit, Dana and stay warm. Lucky participants!

  5. 7) Cami

    Good luck! (With the speaking AND the weather!)

  6. 8) Lauralee

    Woo-hoo! Have fun! I think I have followed your blog from the beginning, and it’s been fun to see your blog grow and become *famous*. 🙂

  7. Oh, have fun Dana! And good luck. I’ll wave to you from my house try to catch you on TV while shuttling kids around.

  8. Have so much fun! And I’m so sorry it’s so cold. I live at the bottom of Utah where it’s 40 this morning…I guess that’s a little better! 🙂 I’ll be watching you on Studio 5 while chasing a baby and folding a whole week’s worth of laundry. 🙂

  9. And are you loving the air here? Hopefully it warms up a bit (sad when over 30 is starting to look warm) and the gunk clears out a bit before you leave!

  10. Wish I was in UT! Have fun and good luck! I love the cover of your books!

  11. 15) Claudia

    It’s like your first day of school! So exciting!
    Wardrobe is perfect! I hope there are boots in there somewhere.
    The flower picks are so cheery!
    Have fun, stay warm! We are below zero here so 14 would be a heat wave!

  12. Your wardrobe is as colorful and fun as your blog. Love it!!! That temp change is quite drastic. We’ve been in the low to upper teens the past 3 days here. Tuesday and Wednesday we had a wind chill of 0 – 5 below. Yikes! And on Sunday it was in the 50’s. What gives? Anyway, good luck with everything and have fun. Will be looking forward to hearing about your trip when you get back. Stay warm!

  13. sounds like you have a fun week planned! the fabric flower is adorable.

  14. 19) Karen

    Just watched you! Good Job!

  15. 20) Danita Courtney

    I’m sure it was a blast! All that you do is inspirational! Thank you!

  16. Dana!! This post made me so happy, I’m so excited for you. What a fun trip! Take. Lots. Of photos. PLEASE! I can’t wait to see what it was like. I wish so much that I could hear you speak! Have fun!!

  17. beautiful! have a great time, you’re an amazing woman and role model!

  18. Welcome to Utah, Dana. Sorry we couldn’t have better weather for you. Record lows, even we’re freezing! Love, love, love all you’ve created for ALT. Very inspiring! So wish I was going to be there–have fun. 🙂

  19. How fun! Wish I was there!!! Can’t wait to see the show.

  20. 26) Gretchen

    So fun to see you on Studio 5. You looked beautiful and I loved the Goodnight Moon idea! Sorry you had to visit with this awful weather:(

  21. i love all your loot! but you are funny bringing your spring wardrobe to 17 degree weather. i’m from cali, so i’d probably do the same….have no clue how to dress in coldness which is why i freeze to death when i go up to the mountains. your topic sounds fun! can’t wait to hear all about it.

  22. This looks so much fun. I wish I was there.

  23. 29) jodie

    wish i was there to hear you talk Dana, good luck with it all! (btw we are having heat waves here in australia, hoping for some rain, seems its not just a oz thing to talk about the weather. :O)

  24. 30) Jenny

    hope it’s a great trip! be thankful you’re not in Vermont this week… warmest day was Monday and it was in the single digits before taking into account the wind chill. Yesterday with windchill it was 45 below, today was 30 below. Good times! Thank goodness for fireplaces and down coats!

  25. I wish your segment on Studio 5 had been longer! So fun to see you on TV! :o)

    • wish it were longer too! but the conference sounds so fun. hope it was so lots of fun and look forward to your next post. i also enjoyed getting to know studio 5, a great show and got some other great tips.

  26. Love the new business cards! And I SO wish I could be at your class. Perhaps a recap on the blog for those of us not lucky enough to be at Alt? 🙂

  27. Yes. It is much colder this year than last year! Wish I could have seen you. Next time for sure! I just watched your KSL clip. You were perfect! SO great.

    I am totally decided. I am going to ALT next year…no doubt about it! 🙂

  28. Loved being part of your roundtable “From Blog to Book”. It was so informative and I’m glad you gave us the little books because there was so much info overload at Alt that I would’ve forgotten everything otherwise! : ) Take care!! By the way… loved your outfit that day and meant to tell you that! : )

  29. Oh my, it looks like you had so many fun goodies to give and share with all the Alt goers! I’d love to get some of your insights on the “blog to book” segment you did. Maybe you can share that on your blog sometime?! 🙂
    You’re super talented and I love seeing the fantastic things you do!

  30. 38) Megan

    Your business cards are so cute! Those gold shoes are pretty darn cute too. Where are they from?

  31. Wish I could have been at your presentation! Can’t wait to hear more about it!

  32. Wow, why am I always a week late on these things? Seriously, Dana. If you’re in SLC… YOU NEED TO CALL/EMAIL ME!! (The caps is for emphasis. Don’t worry, I’m not yelling.) I’m just so disappointed I missed you!

  33. Your cards turned out perfectly. Wish I could go to hear your presentation and see whats in those cute sewn books! Sounds like fun!

  34. 42) Peiling

    hey disney, i bought that exact same orange ‘ribbon’ fabric from spotlight in Singapore a few weeks ago too! I haven’t decided what to do with it, but grabbed it (it was on sale too!) cos it looked like it has so much potential! Haha, we share good taste!

  35. 43) Peiling

    oh my goodness, what a grave typo. I was reading Disney’s blog followed by yours and I got your names all wrong. I’m so sorry, Dana. I really am. It’s 1.30am in Singapore and my brain’s really slow. We all look forward to your stories on Alt Summit! safe trip and good luck!

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