FREE Patterns and Pattern Review

Check out what Delia made with the Flip Vest Pattern!
I’m in love. I want both.
For me…or Clara.
Especially because the little plaid version has a secret color inside!  So head over to check it out, read her pattern review….and win free FLIP VEST PATTERNS!  She’s hosting a giveaway that ends Monday night!  Woohoo!

And now I’m off to double-check that the Downton finale is set-up to record tonight…
Have a great Sunday!

  1. 2) Annelize

    That looks gorgeous!!!!

  2. 3) Donna Blalock

    I somehow round your you tube tutorial on how to make a simple skirt. I have already made two and now starting to make the party banner with fabric scraps. You are a great “instructor” and I am even going to attempt a zipper (something I have been putting off forever). Thank you so much for your time, effort and great tutorials.
    Donna Blalock

  3. 4) Ruth Kirby

    were is the pattern for cicle skitts for adults

  4. 7) Anuja

    Hi Dana,

    I love the way to conduct the videos they are extremely easy to understand and implement. I am a beginner seamstress, from Mumbai. I see all your posts on you tube and the website, please point out where i shall get more free pattern to try on my new sewing Adventure.

  5. 8) Sandy Rezansoff

    I love your u-tube tutorials . I just started to sew again. Thank you, you make it easy to sew😊

  6. 9) Viviana

    Me podrían ayudar con moldes de vestidos de niñas porfavor

  7. 10) Berna lou

    Hi Dana,
    Im a beginner in sewing and i really want to print your pattern cause your were saying its for free… but i dont know how to here to find it in your site .. i have something that im dreaming of sewing for my twins… but i dont have a patter… i dont how to make patterns too… i hope you can help me.

  8. 11) alma cormier

    can’t find your free pattern for boys shorts

    • 12) jenny austin

      please email me the free pattern for girls shorts thank you

  9. 13) Eileen

    Hi I love your easy to follow tutorials. Would u have a pattern for weeks leggings for 6 to 9 month baby girl

  10. 14) Maya

    Hi Dana! First of all- you have a great website! I made the lined zipper poatch a few days ago and its amazing😊 My new project is now a leptop case for my leptop And I was wondering if you could explain how to make one?🙏😊

  11. 15) Devi bestari

    I like so much..

  12. 16) Sue cox

    Can’t seem to get the free pattern for your flip vest , love your work

    • 17) Farus

      Hey, please your work is so lovely and your materials I really love them . But please your patterns how can I get some

  13. 18) Dianne

    I love your tutorials. You have inspired me to start a quilt. Your fabrics are fresh, bright and cheerful. Please keep making new videos. There is so much to learn, and thank you for your easy free patterns, I also love how easy your videos flow, and how to the point they are.
    Thank you.

  14. 19) Mary Wilson

    You say you have a free pattern to make shorts ,ld like to give it a go but they can’t be found anywhere just paid patterns,can you help me with this please l e children from 3 to 8 so it would help me out so much thankyou ,lm looking forward to giving you a good review after l make them thankyou.

  15. 20) Brenda

    I really enjoy your videos. Thank for teaching us all.

  16. 21) jill finch

    i would love to have the template on how to make the little bow tie on to the scrunchie

    thank you,Jill

  17. 22) Anne

    :You make it look SO easy which is exactly the point with kids clothes. How to I obtain the free short pattern?

  18. 23) patty

    Thank you. A big Wow moment on how you sewed pockets. I am bummed that I just found your site today. Love it. and Learning .

  19. 24) MARie DAmbrosi

    A couple of weeks ago I ordered he tie pattern but have not received it or heard from anyone. I am short on time to get this special made.

  20. 25) Rmma

    Hi I watch your tutorials and I love them don’t forget that Jesus loves you 💗

  21. 26) Christine Smith

    could you please send me your free stripe quilt pattern having trouble finding it on the internet thank you

  22. 27) Bethany


    Im a having a little issue my daughters shorts are to big for her. I wanted to make some shorts like leggings but in shorts and I love your you tube videos Do you have a pattern to help me?

  23. 28) retha

    i have ordered a pattern from u. I never pulled it up because i did not know how… but, more, how in the world do u enlarge a pattern from a piece of 8×11 paper to your size? that seems “not a beginner at all.” Or, i’m thinking it must be pretty easy since iv never heard anyone address it…btw… u r the best!! thank u

  24. 29) shirley


  25. 30) Juanita Whitfield

    Love, love, love. Thank you

  26. 31) Cindy

    can’t bring up vest pattern

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