Flower Corsage with GUEST: V and Co.

You knew our Celebration of MOM would not be complete without something from V and Co., right?

And the treasure she’s sharing today is seriously, really cool. I still can’t believe it’s made out of satin ribbon. Yes, Satin Ribbon! Are you intrigued? Me too!
Vanessa from V and Co. really needs no introduction (and I’m pretty sure I said that last time when she GUEST posted during Celebrate the BOY month.)

But if for some reason you’ve never stopped by, Vanessa has been cranking out some very cool stuff. She’s got baby on the mind (for her friends, not her own) and she just shared a tutorial on Heat Press Vinyl on shirts. Whaaat? Never heard of that! Totally doing it.
She’s revamped her new SHOP on Big Cartel and it’s stocked with patterns, kits, more patterns, and just cool stuff. It looks lovely.

At V and Co. you’ll always find great tutorials, ideas for your house,
pretty colors, and things that are girly,
and of course plenty of funny moments that go on in the Christenson household.
Vanessa’s site always gives me a chuckle. And we Moms could use a little more of that most days. So let’s hear from the V and Co. lady herself…..


Hello MADE fans! Vanessa from V and Co. here to share a few thoughts and a tutorial for Celebrating MOM! Being a mom sometimes isn’t the most glamorous job one can have. Being a mom sometimes means walking around with food or boogers on your shirt, and not getting into the shower till the afternoon sometimes.
We’re busy driving kids to school and activities, busy folding laundry, busy wiping away tears, busy reading bed time stories, busy making it all better, busy cooking meals, busy keeping house, busy cleaning toilets. Yes, not so glamorous indeed. But probably the most important.

We are the ones who help mold, uplift, and carry our children when they need us to. We are the ones they turn to when they’re hurt, scared, or proud. We are their mothers and we have been given the opportunity to love them like no one else in this world. That makes a mother beautiful in my eyes. So to help mothers feel a little more pretty on the outside, I’ve created this lovely flower corsage, made out of satin ribbon.
No sewing involved. Just hot glue and a few materials and you’ll have this beautiful flower to put on your cardigan or to decorate your purse with, so that you can remember how beautiful you really are…booger smeared shirt and all.
Thank you Dana for letting me be a part of your lovely celebration of the woman who deserves it the most!

Thank YOU Vanessa for sharing such a brilliant idea with us. I think I need one of these, in every color possible.
You’ll find the complete Flower Corsage Tutorial HERE on V and Co.

Did you see Disney’s Bouquet T-shirt? It’s just lovely.

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