Flavor of the Day ARTwork and TUTORIAL

Step right up!
What’s your flavor of the day?

Your flavor may be ice cream, candy, or a good old fashioned Orange off the peel. Whatever the shape or form, choose your favorites and make a simple piece of artwork for the kitchen, celebrating foods and color.
One day, when blog hopping, I stumbled on a pretty little shop called:

And immediately fell in love with all these colors:

The photos alone look like a candy shop. I wanted to see each of them in person! So Divine Twine sent me a package of colors to try out. From the larger shop called Whisker Graphics came this cute package:
And inside were all of these! It was like purchasing a new skein of yarn. You almost don’t want to unwind it; so pretty on their own, in those little piles.
But alas, I did.
And I got thinking about what I should make….

When people allow me to try out their products, I try my best to think outside of the box; to use the item in an unexpected way. And since our house needs artwork in a bad way, that’s what I went with. It’s sort of the poor man’s version of embroidery. But there’s no sewing! Just simple craft glue, fabric, thread, and a frame.

It’s one of those “controlled patience” sort of projects. But it wasn’t time-consuming. I was done in a 1/2 hour.
You can find all the step-by-step info HERE (or in the Tutorials tab at the top):

Simple words; simple colors.
The perfect 8×10 piece of art to hang somewhere in our kitchen.
Is it bad to turn your house into a candy shoppe?

Hmmm, maybe I should make ice cream sodas.
Care to join me? Here’s what we’ve got:

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