First Day of School Skirt

As long as Lucy will let me, I see a future of homemade First Day of School Skirts (check out Kindergarten here). And by the time she hits Jr. High I hope we’ve moved on from the elastic waistband. For First Grade though….the Simple Skirt will do.
It was a crazy weekend (Lucy in the ER with stitches on her chin and Dad was out of town) so I almost didn’t get one together. But last night we pulled it off. Lucy picked a fabulous 80s floral from my fabric closet and I got sewing.
She insisted on wearing my Forever 21 headband. I’ve never seen a bow that big on her head but it looked real cute. And for shoes….um…..we pulled out the same ones from last year. Haah. We actually bought a new pair of tennies for the year but her feet aren’t growing fast enough. Way to reduce, reuse, recycle?
Lucy loved it all.
And, she was off in a blur.
With her oversized backpack and little sidekick.
What oh what is he going to do without her?
I love that our school is just one block away. Such a great morning outing.

And just like that, she was sitting in her desk working on art projects.
Happy First day to all you new school kids!
See you at 3pm.

  1. 1) Jen

    Aw, so cute! We start the 4th here in MI.

  2. great skirt (lucy has great taste!)and converse always go with everything! happy first day of school

  3. 3) Jamie

    This brought some tears to my eyes. I do miss those days. My daughter graduated almost 2 years ago now.

  4. 4) Leigh Anne

    Time flies! She is just adorable in the pics and love the skirt……so special that she had a pretty skirt for her 1st day šŸ™‚

  5. So cute! She looks happy to be back at school. Mine starts next week and she’s super excited!

  6. First Day of School Skirts sounds like a fantastic tradition! I’ll have to remember that when my daughter starts school in a couple of years.

  7. 8) Lenetta

    I did a modified circle skirt attached to a re-done tank top for my kindergartener’s first day. šŸ™‚ top was pink, white, & red stripes, skirt was pink & white small gingham check. Finished the skirt with red bias tape on the hem and stitched four fleece hearts on the skirt as well.

  8. 9) steph

    …you mean you’re supposed to grow out of elastic waistband skirts? I’m wearing one right now, lol! šŸ˜‰

  9. So sweet! Lucy looks adorable. My “baby” girls start first grade on Wednesday. I’m going to miss them so much!

  10. 11) Ag

    What a lovely fabric choice! And the outfit is so cute šŸ™‚
    I love that her hair keeps getting blonder, and blonder, and blonder. You have the cutest kids!

  11. 12) Laura * Suman

    Happy first day, Lucy! She looks adorable. Hope she has a lot of fun and makes a new best friend! We still have 10 days!!

  12. oh she’s too cute with that skirt, and owen, how sweet are they together. šŸ™‚

  13. 15) bdaiss

    Aww! What a great tradition! We start on the 4th. First day of kindergarden for my boy. My big effort for homemade was his resting mat. Quilts I do no problem. : )

  14. I love the floral fabric! She looks lovely. I have been so focused on sewing for fall/winter that I forgot about the first day of school until last night. My daughter has 2 weeks(pre-K) so I have to sort through my fabric stash!

  15. She looks like a big girl!
    My 2,5 y son is starting kindergarten next week. So exciting!

  16. Awww! What an adorable little skirt. I love the colors, patterns and the cute layers. Love all the cute pictures too. My niece started back last Tuesday although she is much older (freshman). They grow up so fast.

  17. 20) Julie

    Love the orange bias tape! Adorable skirt šŸ˜‰ Of the two ways you showed (tutorial), which way do you prefer? Just curious…thanks for sharing!

  18. She looks so cute!! I like the headband, good choice, Lucy!

  19. 22) Christi

    So cute! I am just about to start on a first day of school skirt for my new 1st grader!

  20. Adorable! I too love that floral fabric. I love that she picks it out… Nice work pulling off the skirt. And so sorry about the stitches! Solo parenting no less… sounds crazy. But she’s still smiling!

  21. She looks so adorable in her new skirt! I love the fabric/bias tape combo! The headband is the perfect finishing touch to the outfit šŸ™‚

  22. She is so stinking cute! I love the whole outfit…including the headband! Emma had to get stitches under her chin in first grade too, but it was like a week before Homecoming when she was the little queen, not right before school started. Oh, and did I mention that’s when they chose to do picture retakes which she’d missed so she’s got black stitches in her first grade picture?? haha, good times.

  23. My daughter wore a Simple Skirt on HER first day of school!!!!

  24. 27) Jennifer F.

    I can hardly handle how cute your kids are. We are one week from the start of Kindergarten here and I will also have a lost little brother on my hands when big sis starts her new school adventure. He told her that it hurts his feelings that she is going to a new school without him. ) :

    And can I say… my youngest is 11 months old and when he saw a picture of Clara on the screen yesterday, he was flirting up a storm! It was pretty funny. “Ooooooh!” he said, then he was babbling and smiling and telling me all about that cute baby he saw… too much.

  25. Oh I super love that fabric! What a little cutie that Lucy is – her oversized backpack and bow are both killing me!

  26. 30) iHeartQuilting

    I hope she has a great school year, we don’t start back until Wednesday next week. Looks like the Boy has caught up to his big sister in height this summer!

  27. 31) Lis

    My daughter starts 1st grade on Sept. 6 here in NJ. I am envious that you are able to walk to school and even take some photos in the classroom! Everyone here must be bussed – even though we live 9 houses away from school. (Boo!)

    I can relate to the coping as a temporary single-parent. I sprained my back while my husband was in Virginia on business last week and some neighbors came to the rescue that day. (Picked up the kids from camp/daycare and fed them dinner.) At night, the kids and I came to an understanding…so long as they didn’t break anything or burn the house down, Mommy wouldn’t be mad. Yesterday they knocked over a reed diffuser and quickly cleaned up the spill independently yelling, “It’s okay, nothing to worry about!”; Phi (age 6) took a cotton ball and H2o2 and tended to Ali’s (age 2) “boo-boo” (an old scab, hehe), and all week they have been reading stories and giggling in bed until 11pm! But hey, this too shall pass. Glad that Lucy is okay. And, that my husband will return this Friday!

  28. I love Lucy’s new skirt! The whole outfit is cute!

  29. Great fabric choice, Lucy!! I love the handmade skirt tradition, I would totally do that! And Paige’s feet are the same way, she wears shoes forever.

  30. 34) Rebecca

    What a lovely tradition! I love the bright yellow with the girly floral pink. My little boy starts school next week. I would love to make him something special but he has to wear a uniform. It’s pretty hideous, lots of grey nylon. Hope Lucy’s chin is on the mend. x

  31. Awwwww, she looks adorable! Love the print she chose as well! Suits her so well. I hope her chin is doing better šŸ™

    Mack is starting kindergarten next week and it’s so exciting and sad all at the same time. Harper is going to be lost without her buddy.

  32. 37) cristina

    so cute! very nice! you are fantastic!

  33. How lucky your daughter is to have such a beautiful skirt for her first day! It reminds me of how my mom used to make me a few new dresses to start the school year. Great job!

  34. 39) Nicola

    What a beautiful outfit on a beautiful girl. My daughter (my third child) starts school next week but here in England they have to wear a uniform (grey skirt and black sweatshirt – boring). Perhaps I’ll make her a skirt for her eating-out-to-celebrate-your-first-day-of-school outing! Your Simple Skirt is our favourite!

  35. She looks so happy to go back. And the thing about little brother talking your head off? I have so been there! I had no idea he even had anything to say, but I heard about it all on that first day.

  36. I made these skirts for my two little girls, one is in preschool and wore it to back to school day. I had been saving some fabric for a special project and this was perfect. Thank you so much for the awesome tutorial. I am no seamstress but even I was able to turn out a great finished product! I linked back to your blog in my post as well.

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