First day of school: pepper linen + blue SHORTS

I can’t remember where I bought this fabric .  Because I have a growing pile of charcoal, dark gray, and pepper colored linen in my cabinet.  All from different sources; all looking lovely in a stack just waiting for me to sew.  I can’t say no!

It’s such a glorious color + weave combo.
It’s like the weave itself is a pattern design.

So for Owen’s first day of school, I pulled pepper gray from the beloved stash and sewed my boy some shorts.

How is he getting so old?!
I released the KID Shorts pattern 2 summers ago….And now he looks like a teenager.

Sort of. He’s still a goofy almost-8-year-old….who just the other day was teaching Lucy the old fart-noise-under-the-arm move.  Don’t you love overhearing tose conversations?  As if his methods were something new.


And I know that KID shorts are nothing new—you see me sew them time and again.
But I guess that’s the beauty of it.  I love sewing them again and again!

Check out all the options here:

For these shorts I made the Flat Front, with Front Pockets, and Piping, and Back Pockets.

I was so, so tempted to use orange-red piping on the pockets.  But that seemed too expected.  Haah.  Cause I know that’s what you’re thinking: Orange and gray.  Can she do it any other way?
Yes!  I really branched out here….blue!
Real revolutionary.


But I totally love it!
The color pops so well against the gray.

(If you’ve never worked with piping, watch my detailed video HERE)

And I couldn’t believe it, but Owen finally moved up a size in the shorts pattern.  He graduated from a size 6 to a size 8!  This kid is growing fast, and usually just UP not out.  But I went for the size 8 so he can wear them for longer.


Then I put it together with a simple Tee from Target and a new pair of tennies.  And the first day of school was ready to go.


It’s funny to talk about shorts and school starting, since now it’s rainy/pants weather.
But I feel nostalgic about the first day and loved putting my outfits together when I was a kid.  I’ve gotta document these moments for my kids too.

Happy 2nd grade Owen!
We love you little dude.

You can purchase the KID Shorts pattern here in the Shop.

  1. Cute! My kids must have big feet. My almost 8 year old boy wears a 4 in shoes. Those are neat shoes!

  2. Adorable, as always. It is so hard to stray from a tried and true color combo you love, isn’t it? I have the same problem.

  3. 4) Demaree

    I have made shorts for my kids, grandkids, nieces, nephews, and anyone else who walks in my house for years and they always love them! I purchased your pattern when you first brought it out and love all the sizes on it.
    I have been making cute print shorts for my 8 year old grandson for years, but this year he wanted mostly plain ones. He and his 10 year old sister loved the ones with piping. I can still make them ones they like with a little fancy for me!

    • 5) Dana

      haha. That’s perfect!
      I know….I keep waiting for the day my kids say “Mom, I don’t want to wear those”….but that hasn’t happened yet! So I’ll keep pushing the elastic waistband as long as I can 🙂
      Thanks Demaree!

  4. When you add piping to the pockets, do you still line the shorts? I made some with piping around the pockets and I lined the pockets. It got a bit bulky on the seams, but it looked nice. I was just wondering how you did yours.

  5. 7) Jody

    Good looking boy! and snappy shorts!

  6. 8) Petra

    Hi from Melbourne! LOVE these shorts with the blue piping, and love them teamed with the little grey runners. 😀

  7. 9) Kelty

    This might be a dumb question (and possibly one you’ve answered somewhere!) but if I wanted to make pants from your shorts pattern, what’s the general measurement (to ankle, bottom of foot) and then what hem allowance do you add? Also, is it just as easy as making a straight line from short length to pant length?

    Thank you!!!

  8. 11) Juanita in OH

    What a wonderful job you did with the shorts! The tee and sneakers are fabulous also. My very first thought when I saw Owen’s photo was “I can’t believe how much
    he has grown”. You have so much talent and creativity, TFS it with us.

  9. 12) iğne oyası

    It’s a wonderful. Thank you.

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