FINAL giveTHANKSaway: Albie Design Art Prints (CLOSED)

We made it to the final giveaway!
And I saved a special one for last.

I’m always looking for unique artwork for our house. And since we love to travel, I’m drawn to images of cities, countries, maps, etc.
Enter: Albie Design

Albie carries gorgeous original illustrations of cities from around the world.  I just love her take on it all and quickly ordered an Austin, TX print.

What do you think?
Definitely captures the beauty of our downtown and Zilker park:

I also love Albie’s international prints….Paris, Cinque Terre, Bruge, Florence.  Brings back many great travel memories.  Casey and I were in Italy a couple years ago and I think she captured this famous beauty as well:

So. Where do you live?
Or where have you traveled?

I’m sure she’s got a location for you….

Today Albie Design is offering a free print to TWO winnners.
Plus, they have holiday special going on: Buy 2 or more prints, receive free shipping!

• Leave a comment, that’s it.
• Only one entry per person.
• Open to anyone!
• TWO winners will be picked via
• Giveaway ends, Sunday 11/18/12 at 10pm (Central Time).
Winners will be announced next week.

  1. 2) DeniseMarie

    Oh, man. New obsession. I’ve been to all the cities you mentioned and I want prints of all of them!

  2. 3) Lisa

    Loving the Philly print!

  3. I love the Austin Print the best, we just moved away from there 🙁

  4. How wonderful! Second best thing to actually being there! Hope to travel that far one day x

  5. 6) Kelly A

    Awesom prints

  6. 7) Sarah

    Love these! It would be hard picking just one!

  7. 8) Sabrina

    I love all of them but I would LOVE a London print!

  8. 9) Katie Follett

    Oh pick me! I would love a print of Alaska if she has one!

  9. 11) chammy

    Finally something to put in a unisex babies room that isn’t animals. LOVE!!!!

  10. 12) Sarah

    Those are beautiful!

  11. 13) Amanda Albrich

    You do an AMAZING job!! 🙂

  12. 14) Julie B

    Kim is super talented and I would love any of her artwork!!

  13. 15) Sara Reyes

    Nice! I would love to win, but regardless will check out some more of her stuff. So neat!

  14. 16) Katie

    Beautiful! Would love this unique artwork.

  15. 17) Amanda c

    so cool!

  16. 18) Erin S.

    Fun! I love to travel, and these prints are so cute!

  17. Love them! The style is so ‘Madeleine’ish, don’t you think?

  18. 20) Patricia

    ANOTHER terrific giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity to win one of these gorgeous prints.

  19. I wish there was a Des Moines print but the food prints sure are fun 🙂

  20. 23) Beth L

    Cinque Terre! Love it!

  21. 24) katie chaffee

    Love these!

  22. 25) Catlin

    I really love her artwork. I would love one of NYC since we just moved from there! Thanks!!

  23. 26) Bethany Holmes

    I LOVE these!!!! So cool!

  24. 27) Katie Hess

    I love these prints! With all the moving we’ve done, I’d love to have some of our homes across the country!

  25. 28) Erin Baan

    These are super neat! I’m sure my kids would love one!

  26. 29) Sharon Nash Brown

    Have always loved your work, especially the location prints!!! They look wonderful in Erin’s house.

  27. 30) Heidi

    I love it! Thanks!

  28. 31) Tristan

    I love the Los Angeles print!!!!

  29. 32) Martha

    Our daughter and family are a military family, I would love to win and give as Christmas presents:) thanks, it was a great week of giveaways:)

  30. 33) Tara

    I love the whimsical quality of these! So cute!

  31. 34) Catherine

    I think the DC print would be charming in our schoolroom.

  32. 36) Liene

    Too bad Albie does not have my favorite city!

  33. Love these – it would be hard to choose one!

  34. 38) Lisa

    what neat prints!

  35. France, Scotland, and New England — those are my former and current homes.

  36. 40) Emily V.

    Those are great! Chicago, New York City, Minneapolis…how about a place I want to go? Italy!

  37. 43) Mandi

    Oooh! So pretty!

  38. 44) Liz Beckwith

    These are great!

  39. 45) Hilary

    Awesome. I’d like a NYC one for my sis who lives there.

  40. 46) KatieP

    What great prints!

  41. 47) Katrina

    I hope she can do a Charlotte one!

  42. 48) Rebecca

    These are awesome!

  43. 49) Iowa Expat

    I love these. Would make amazing gifts!

  44. 50) Jane

    wow – I love these prints!

  45. 51) Kara

    Love the Paris one!

  46. 52) Allison

    Beautiful prints. Would go very nicely in our house!

  47. 54) Leslie

    I’ve traveled all over the USA, but the only other country I’ve been to is Canada. Those prints are gorgeous too. My favorite is the Seattle one. Thanks for the giveaway!

  48. 55) Rebecca A

    Such beautiful prints, the Paris print is just amazing!

  49. 56) hotdish

    I love city artwork too and the style reminds me of retro 50s children`s books (a la Mike Mulligan and his Steamshovel). All the prints are beautiful, though the Philly one would be great for my hubby who`s good friend is from there (author Matthew Quick of `The Silver Linings Playbook`). Best of luck to everyone and thanks for a great site, Dana!

  50. 57) Haley Grossman

    I love the Seattle print.

  51. 58) MelissaT

    I love her Simmer Down print. I catch myself saying that a lot!

  52. 59) Kathleen

    so fun! i love her use of color!

  53. All the prints are gorgeous! The only place I’ve been to that she has in a print is Chicago, so I guess I’d choose that one!

  54. 64) Sarah A.

    My hallway is screaming to win this one. So lovely!

  55. 65) Lynne Tilley

    Love those prints! Love Austin, too. I was born there 55 years ago this month. Still in Texas. Woo-hooooo.

  56. 66) Mindy

    Very unique!

  57. 67) Katie

    I like. I will have to check if there’s one for Lyon, France.

  58. 68) Lisa T

    Cool, I’ll have to think about which print I would order…

  59. OhhOOooohhhh. Too bad they don’t have my city. But I would settle for a vacation spot!

  60. 70) Greta

    These are stunning!! I especially love Manhattan and Denver

  61. 71) Rylee

    love these!

  62. 72) moesha in mn

    I’d love a picture of Atlanta to remind me of my home state.

  63. 73) Elizabeth

    What neat prints!

  64. 74) Jillian Leeder

    I’ve lived in Japan, Honduras, Vietnam and multiple cities in Canada. Would love a print of one of my former homes!! What a great find!

  65. 75) Claire

    Oh my gosh these are fabulous! Must check for Seattle!

  66. 76) Jen M

    Wow! These are fabulous! If I won I would have a difficult time choosing which print I would like! We live in Minneapolis, but have family in DC. Lovely!

  67. 77) Julie C.

    I love these prints! They look so cute! They would be perfect for a nursery or for display in any room! So versatile!

  68. 78) Stephanie

    Those are so adorable/beautiful/fun all at the same time. . .

  69. 80) nopinkhere

    I love it! We took the kids to NYC and San Francisco earlier this year. I’d love her pictures of both.

  70. 81) Rae

    Love her style and use of color!

  71. Our 10th wedding anniversary is this spring. A print from the city we met in or somewhere we travelled to would make a great anniversary present. I’ll have to check out my options. Thanks!

  72. 83) RaeLyn

    These are so cool! Love them. I”m thinking about Christmas…

  73. 84) Pilar

    Beautiful prints, i hope i will win. Thank you!!!

  74. 85) Whitney

    Portland <3

  75. 86) Alison

    So cute! Very beautiful artwork.

  76. 87) Jess

    I love these prints!

  77. 88) Shannon

    These are adorable!

  78. 89) Sarah

    Omg. Love them!

  79. 90) Angie

    Why I don’t already own at least one of these I do my know. I have may on my want list…would be so thankful to win one!

  80. 91) Kristin

    Such cute city prints!!

  81. 92) Jeanette

    This would make a lovely gift for someone special on my list!

  82. 93) Jessica

    Wow- stunning. Thanks so much!

  83. 94) heather

    I LOVE these prints!

  84. 95) Becky T

    I’m in love with the Eiffel Tower one, but I’m a sucker for anything Paris!

  85. 96) Donel

    Cool prints! Thanks for the giveaway!

  86. 97) Kimberly

    Love them!

  87. 98) Tera Qualls

    These are gorgeous! They would look amazing in my house 😉

  88. 101) Mae

    Beautiful prints!

  89. 103) Michelle


  90. 104) Heather

    These are so lively and colorful! Love them!

  91. 105) Karen

    I love to travel and would love one of these for my wall.

  92. 106) Cori Hintze

    So cool! Pick me! Pick me!

  93. i love that she has one for eugene!

  94. 108) Julie R.

    Beautiful! My husband would love one of these.

  95. 109) amber capps

    these are beautiful!

  96. 110) christina

    I love her style!

  97. 111) Libby

    Wow! I fell in love with the prints right away.

  98. 113) Karin

    So fun! My current city is there but not my hometown.

  99. 114) Oona Padgham

    Very nice!

  100. 115) Stefanie

    These are fantastic! Plus, they’ll go great with my Boston subway map! Definitely checking her out even if I do not win this one.

    Thank you for all these – it’s be so much fun seeing all these fantastic giveaways. 🙂

  101. 116) Gillian

    Love love love! I’m bookmarking her shop!

  102. 117) Odeth

    a do ra ble!

  103. 118) Rachel

    I have friends that moved from Texas that would love the Austin one. Zilcher park was their go-to place to relax.

  104. 119) Cameron H

    These are adorable! I’d love to have the Twin Cities on my wall!

  105. 120) Cara

    Soo glad you mentioned Cinque Terra!! Our friends almost got engaged there (except the ring fell out of his pocket as she was folding them up in their hotel room in Rome :D) — but this will make a fantastic first anniversary gift!

  106. 121) Molly Mae

    Thank you for sharing, these are great. I may have to do some shopping…

  107. 122) Anna

    Love the San Fran print. We are Bay Area transplants, and that print made me smile!

  108. Love the London or Paris prints!! We lived close to London for several years when I was growing up, so the London print is the most sentimental to me 🙂 We did visit Paris though.

  109. 124) Kathy Laird

    Those are awesome! I wonder if there is one for where I live in Tucson, AZ. Otherwise, my favorite travel spot is San Diego, CA. 🙂

  110. 125) Ashley

    Fun prints!

  111. 126) Katherine

    These are amazing! I love her take on each city!

  112. 127) Emmers

    Her New Orleans print is a great view of the moon walk from the river, love it!

  113. 130) Kathleen Sullivan

    Would definitely love this!

  114. 131) Jess


  115. Very cool–I love images related to geography/travel.

  116. 133) Jen

    Ooh, I’ve been ogling these prints for ages! It would be hard to choose just one!

  117. 134) Jodi

    So cute. I really like the New Orleans and the DC prints.

  118. 135) Jenna

    so cute love these!

  119. 136) Chelsea Forsythe

    So cute and unique!

  120. 137) Miranda

    Oh these are so cool! Love the retro vibe!

  121. 138) Celeste

    So fun!

  122. 139) Lauren

    These are awesome.

  123. 140) Rachel Horton

    Great prints. Thanks for the giveaway!

  124. 141) Rebecca

    We LOVE art from places we’ve traveled. Awesome site!

  125. 142) Amy

    I love these!! I’ve already checked out my city..beautiful.

  126. 143) Sara Measner

    Cute, cute drawings! I need some new artwork!

  127. 144) Kellie Budge

    She captured Austin perfectly. Love them all.

  128. 145) Maria

    Love the prints!

  129. 147) jessica

    these are just beautiful!

  130. 148) Holly

    Those prints are so cute!

  131. 149) Heather

    I super love the Bend one. It is a great concept for art

  132. 150) Kirsten

    What a great find! I’d love to get prints of the places we’ve lived, and visited!

  133. 151) Angie


  134. 152) Maria E

    These prints are great. I would love to win one!

  135. i like the boston one the best. thats where my husband and i spent our honeymoon.

  136. 154) Gina

    I love the look of the trees in the Austin print

  137. 155) Kathleen

    Beautiful prints.

  138. These are beautiful! I love the San Diego & Chicago prints!

  139. 158) Amanda B

    Beautiful prints – love them

  140. 159) Shannon

    Lovely prints!

  141. 160) betsy


  142. 162) Tammy

    Beautiful prints!

  143. 163) Marissa

    Love these prints!

  144. We moved from our hometown recently and would love a print to remember it by!

  145. 165) melani

    Wow … The prints are stunning …

  146. 166) Dolores Plana

    So pretty!! Thanks.

  147. 167) Yana

    These city prints are awesome and I like kids prints with tractors too

  148. 168) Bridget

    so nice!

  149. Sunday is my birthday and I think winning one of these adorable prints would be an awesome present!

  150. 171) Jamie P

    fun art, its always fun to have something unique in the house

  151. 172) Jenny D.

    Just got a lot of gift ideas!!!

  152. 173) Meghan

    These are awesome!

  153. 174) Megan

    Seattle! I’d LOVE one of these 🙂

  154. 175) jupo

    Love these!

  155. 176) nivi

    Love these! Beautiful colors and lovely lines

  156. 177) Kelly

    Love the color palettes of these prints.

  157. 178) Kimberly

    Lovely! These would go great in the travel themed nursery I am currently working on!

  158. 179) Lisa W.

    I would probably pick London, it’s on my travel wish-list, but haven’t been there yet.

  159. 180) debra

    i love prints like this! makes me get the travel bug…

  160. 181) Courtney

    Would love a print!

  161. 182) Raechel

    How very fun! I am thinking my sister in law would LOVE the London print for Christmas! Crossing my fingers!

  162. 183) Melissa M.

    These are so unique and adorable!

  163. 184) Laura Suman

    Huh, these are actually pretty cute. I like the quirky perspective.

  164. 185) Sara

    These are great!!

  165. 187) Erika Jimenez the beauty and simplicity!

  166. 189) Vicky

    Those are awesome! I’d love one!

  167. 190) Katie

    I love these, and sure enough she has a great Pittsburgh print. I love her take on the golden triangle and bridges.

  168. 191) Dewi

    wow cute..would like to have it hang above my craft desk ! I personally love the manhattan one, one of my favorite place 🙂

  169. 192) katherine

    would love to win 🙂

  170. 193) sarah

    so cute! Pick me!

  171. 195) Gwendolyn

    These are lovely! Thank you for the chance!

  172. 196) LucyL

    The arts are so calming, love!

  173. 197) Dani L.

    I love the kitchen prints! Thanks for the giveaway.

  174. 198) Melissa

    Beautiful artwork! Would love one for my new apartment

  175. 199) shae

    Great idea, thanks for sharing!

  176. 200) Kat G

    I’d love to get the Washington D.C. one. I can’t wait to move back out there. I keep trying to get my husband to get stationed there but the Army has its own agenda. I can always visit though! 🙂

  177. 201) crazyestonian

    Lovely prints!

  178. 202) Jessica Wood

    Beautiful pieces! They would look great in my new home.

  179. 203) Faren

    Ooh, I love these! Such beautiful work!

  180. 205) Angela


  181. 206) Stacie

    Totally love those. Must look to see if she’s done our honeymoon spot… Thanks for an awesome bunch of giveaway opportunities!

  182. These are so beautiful- thanks for the chance to win!

  183. 208) Andrea

    oh, these are lovely!

  184. 209) Karin B

    Love Art Work so Pretty

  185. 210) Erin

    Love love love these prints! I studied printmaking in Italy, and met my husband in Florence, so that print really got me feeling nostalgic… even if I don’t win, I may have to buy one for myself.

  186. 211) Estelle

    Simply stunning!

  187. I love the simplistic approach to these prints. So charming.

  188. 213) Becki

    I’d love one of Holland!

  189. 214) vanessa

    love the prints! inspiring and cute.

  190. 215) Libby Bonesteel

    I used to live in Vienna and visited the Cinque Terra. It is the most beautiful place on earth. Even if I don’t win, I’m buying that one anyway!

  191. 216) Faye

    Love, love, love the Austin print!

  192. 217) Sarah

    Love them all!

  193. 218) Pam

    Lived in San Diego and Chicago. Thanks for the giveaway!

  194. 219) Aimee

    I would love to put one of these in my family room! It would be perfect!!!

  195. 220) Jill

    Kim your prints are so unique and special! You are so talented and would love to add any prints to my collection!!!

  196. 221) Felicia Mathis

    Love it! Thanks for sharing!!!

  197. 222) Jen W

    Those prints are awesome!

  198. 223) bobbi st. clair

    I love the colors in these prints.

  199. 224) jill k

    Beautiful pictures!!

  200. 225) Tabitha

    Cool! Thanks!

  201. 226) Georgia

    Love a beautiful artwork!

  202. 227) Amy

    I love the minneapolis & st paul prints

  203. 228) kristin may

    Incredible Talent. Seriously.

  204. 229) Jennyroo

    So lovely! I think I would choose Florence, and then save my pennies so that I can see it in person one day!

  205. 230) mary

    Oh! Those prints are awesome.

  206. 231) Jenn

    Love these playful representations, so unique and love the colors!

  207. I would love to have one of of these hanging in my home.

  208. 234) Jacqui

    Love the SF prints, especially the “Crissy Field” one!

  209. 235) Amy

    I’m always looking for unique art of places I’ve travelled. Really unique take on it.

  210. 236) Sarah S.

    The New Orlean print is so great!!

  211. 237) Tina

    Pick me! I’d love another to go with my Eugene print!

  212. They are gorgeous. Thanks for the chance to win.

  213. 239) Ann


  214. 241) Sarah Carlyle

    I love the Chicago print! Sweet home.

  215. 242) Anna Patnode

    How fun – would love to have this artwork somewhere

  216. Would love a pretty print for my home!

  217. 244) Ashley desmond

    Wow, these are amazing. I could only be so lucky to win one.

  218. 245) Anne M.

    Ooo…very nostalgic.

  219. 246) Erin

    These are amazing! I would love some of European cities!

  220. 247) Jane

    Love this! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  221. 248) Carolina


  222. 249) Mama Bear

    So lovely!

  223. 250) Erica

    very cool

  224. 251) Paula

    Oooo! Pick me, pick me 🙂 I love your site and your adorable children. Thanks for the chance to win.

  225. 253) Heidi

    the print of Seattle is awesome – my husband would love it

  226. 254) alison

    These are great. They have a real mid-centuary Mad Man feel. Love!

  227. 255) Karli

    Love the italy ones!

  228. 256) Amy

    I live in Phoenix, which I think looks pretty boring, but maybe she could make it look extra special! Thanks for all of the giveaways!!

  229. 257) Jenn

    need new art

  230. 258) April

    These are way neat!

  231. 259) Hannah

    I would love the Paris one!

  232. 260) Bekah M.

    Would be so lovely to win this!!

  233. 261) Diana

    Love the prints, have some blank walls that need filling. Thanks fro the giveaway.

  234. 262) Kelly P

    Sweet! As an Air Force brat, I have lived all over the world. These prints are right up my alley!

  235. 263) Emily

    So fun!

  236. 264) British American

    I didn’t live in London, but I am from the UK, so the London one is my favourite. 🙂

  237. 265) Kristen

    would love the Seattle print for our new apartment!

  238. 266) Janie

    Wow, they are beautiful!

  239. 267) Erin

    So pretty!

  240. 268) Sara Marinara

    Thats sweet, they don’t have my town (albuquerque), but I love the London print!

  241. Cute prints. I want one for my house!

  242. 270) suzanne

    LOVE these!

  243. These look so special – hope I’m the lucky winner!

  244. 272) Ann

    So pretty, I love her style:)

  245. 273) Krista Hansen

    Her location prints are really cute. But I loved all the Food art!! That’s what I would choose!

  246. Oh, wow. I would love one or two of these in my office! Thank you for the chance to win!

  247. I love these! Perfect gifts (if I don’t keep them for myself instead:)

  248. 276) Anna Campbell

    Those are amazing I love the colors and the simplicity!

  249. 277) Gina Wood

    Darling art. I would love to be a winner. Thanks for the chance.

  250. 278) Libby

    Wow, these are super cute!!!!

  251. 280) Paige

    Love these! Thanks!

  252. 281) the.mrs

    omgoodness! I recognized the prints in your post right away as mpls/st.paul! I’m more of a mpls girl (st. paul is con-fu-sing), so I’d definitely choose mpls. 🙂

  253. 282) Brenda

    Love these, great last giveaway!

  254. 283) Jen

    I love these prints!

  255. 284) Sara

    Super cute – thanks for the link!

  256. 285) Sarah K.

    So sweet! Thanks for the many giveawayssssss his week! So fun, and so fun to discover new treasures. 🙂

  257. 286) Amy

    Does she have one of Brazil?

  258. 287) Rachel Capetillo

    These prints are awesome!

  259. 289) Jen U

    Oh! My dear Minneapolis!! I think I would probably start crying if I won this one; I would love such a beautiful representation of Mpls. (And in the likelihood of not winning, I think it’ll go on the Christmas wishlist!) 😉

  260. 290) Marissa

    I want Boston!!

  261. Oh I love these so much! My dad travels a ton and this would be a perfect christmas gift for him – maybe from hong kong or london sense we lived in both. Or Tahoe!

  262. 292) Allison I

    Would look great in my daughters room!

  263. 293) Britta

    These are beautiful!

  264. 294) iemke


  265. 295) Ariana

    These are just lovely!

  266. 296) Kate

    Gothenburg Sweden? Off to check. We desperately need stuff on our walls.

  267. 297) katie

    these are amazing

  268. 298) Alexis Stokes

    These are so great! I really like the London print in particular. So many great prints.

  269. 299) Kimberly F

    I love her style, and I’m happy to see she has a Seattle one!

  270. 300) meredith

    so cute!!

  271. 301) Audie

    One of these would look great in my son’s room!

  272. 302) Kilee

    I’ve got the perfect spot already picked out…

  273. 303) Crissy

    I heart you, FS!!

  274. 304) Shelly

    Wow, I really love these! They’d make a great addition to our walls!

  275. 305) Jane

    Love those prints! We’ve been to italy – the florence and cinque terre ones are gorgeous!

  276. 306) Dana

    Lovely prints!

  277. Oh wow! I love these. Beautiful colors, would fit into our home perfectly.

  278. 308) emilia

    gotta love art. our world needs more and more. THANKS!!

  279. Leiden? (The Netherlands)
    Or one of the beuatiful places we visited the last couple of years?
    Love to have such a print.

  280. These look awesome!! I want to win!! 🙂

  281. 311) Colleen Marble

    Really neat – I like the Florence one (good memories). I’d love Tokyo or Paris too.

  282. 312) Hannah

    my husband would love this!!

  283. 313) megan

    Love these! They capture the cities perfectly!

    • 314) Bekah

      These are great! I might have a hard time choosing.

  284. 315) Erin

    Cute! Would love one!

  285. 316) Cherie cox

    beautiful!!! Love them!

  286. 318) jaimee

    love this!

  287. 319) Nicole

    love the prints. we moved around the world and i have a reminder wall of where we’ve been. this would be a beautiful addition.

  288. My daughter’s name is London, so naturally she’s completely obsessed with everything London. She would love it!

  289. 321) Heather Grams

    Hope I win!! 🙂

  290. 322) emma

    Charmming prints

  291. 323) AmyL

    the prints look so cute – hope I win! thanks for hosting.

  292. these are really beautiful. i love her style!

  293. 325) Sarah robertson

    I would love to have a set of all the places I’ve been, or want to go, Bruges, Paris, cinque Terra, …!!!!

  294. 326) Florence

    just beautiful !

  295. 327) Christine

    All so beautiful!

  296. 328) Kara

    Travel art is one of my favorite kinds of art – and these are wonderful!

  297. 329) Alisa

    I would love one! Zanzibar is a special place… wonder if she has one of those.

  298. 330) Yuki

    Love these!

  299. 331) Kalle

    Thanks for the introduction to such a cool artist! And for the giveaway!

  300. 332) Rebecca Olson

    Wow, those are really cool!

  301. Lovely paintings! Thanks for the opportunity to win some. Ana

  302. 335) Amie

    These are great!

  303. Wow! There even is a Belgian one!
    That’s close to home (erh… in Belgium every city is close to home… our country is so tiny!)

  304. 337) liz f

    The prints are wonderful!

  305. 338) Christina

    All the prints are so cute! Hard to find a favourite!

  306. 341) Amanda

    I LOVE these, they’re so cute! It would be super exciting to win one. I need something to put on my walls, they’re completely bare. 😛

  307. 343) Mary P.

    The Florence one is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!!!!

  308. Yes please! Would look great in my sons room, is there an Amsterdam as well?

  309. 345) byrney

    Gorgeous prints 🙂 thanks.

  310. 346) hannahk

    beautiful ~ so many memories. thankful for travel

  311. 348) Eva L

    It’s lovely 😉

  312. 349) Kristina

    These pictures are awesome! I already looked in her store, unfortunately there is no picture of Helsinki (our favorite city we lived in) or Hamburg (our hometown). Maybe I should invite her to come 🙂

  313. 350) Jolien

    They look great, love how it’s “abstract”, but stays true to the real picture.

  314. 351) Etta

    Fingers crossed

  315. 352) Mieke

    Just love those colours.

  316. 353) vane

    Loving the London one!

  317. 354) Sheree

    well, they don’t have little ol’ Wellington, NZ, it’ll have to be the hubby’s home – LONDON!

  318. 355) Sara

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    I’d love to be entered into the giveaway, thanks for the offer.

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    aliben7 (at) gmail (dot) com

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  466. 520) Emily B.

    So cute! I love them. I’d order a print of St. Malo, France. It is such a romantic place and where I fell in love with my husband. 🙂

  467. 521) Haley C.


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    lovely prints! there are too many to choose from: I’m from NY, but live near Portland, OR and I’ve been to London, Bruges, Paris, Florence…oh my, which one would I choose?? 🙂

  470. I want!!!
    Kisses from Argentina!

  471. 526) Tiffanie

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    These are wonderful! We are a military family, with lots of “home” cities under our belts, this would be such a fun way to keep a memory of all the places we have lived.

  475. 530) Mrs. Rachel

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  481. My Husband and I travel to Montreal every year, and that’s where he proposed to me. Needless to say, it’s a special city!

    Maybe I can convince her to do Montreal next!

  482. 537) Diana

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  503. These prints are beautiful! We spent our 1st wedding anniversary in Brugge/Bruges, so that would be a particularly special print for us. x

  504. 560) Britt

    What a fun way to remember your favorite places

  505. I would love to have a print of paris, or nice on my wall! Not only did my husband live there for two years, but my mom lives there now and my husband and I traveled there right before having our first child! So gorgeous! Love her art work – thanks for sharing her talent!

  506. 562) ybe

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  512. These prints are so great ! If I could choose, I’d take a print of New York or London.

    Thanks for this give away !!


  513. 569) Deana

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    Just wish she had Berlin, but there are several others that are way perfect.

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  523. 579) Héloïse

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  524. 580) Ruth D

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  551. 611) Emily

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  552. 612) Emily

    These are fantastic. I was just thinking about how great prints would be for Christmas presents… heading over to the website now. Thanks!

  553. 613) Terri Sue

    My daughter’s favorite city is New Orleans. What a wonderful present Albie Designs picture of that city would make. Thank you for the chance.

  554. 614) Heather

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  558. These prints are So Amazing! Love them all!

  559. 619) Wendy Schlensker

    Very Cool, my loved the images. He said “Mama, city, a big city”! He’s turning 3 Mnday and has Great Taste! He would love to win!

    • 620) Wendy Schlensker

      my son loved the images…

  560. 621) Carla

    Oh my goodness – love these prints!

  561. 622) Line

    These prints are gorgeous… but what to choose for a lucky traveller like me? Beijing, NYC, Minneapolis, Boston, London… and so many others all mean so much to me!
    I hope I win anyway!

  562. 623) Diana W

    I love these! I want to travel, but don’t get to much. These would make me feel like I’d been to more places in the world.

  563. 624) Jitka

    beautiful pictures!

  564. 625) Ellen Bond

    This would be perfect in out house. We used to live in SF and that would look great here. Thanks for sharing!

  565. 628) Allyson

    These prints are so cute. Can’t decide if I Iike the city prints of the tractors better!

  566. 629) Megan

    I love travel prints! So cute.

  567. Love these pictures, and would love to travel to New Orleans 🙂

  568. 631) Ashlie


  569. 632) *em

    LOVE THE ART DESIGN!!! I hope I win!

  570. 633) Judit

    <3 <3 <3
    I'd love a Florence one

  571. 635) lisa

    love these!

  572. 636) Whitney


  573. 637) Lizzie

    So cute! We’re military, so many places have been “home” already. I’d love to get one for my baby’s birth city! Thank you, Dana!

  574. 638) Taryn

    Beautiful style! I love them!

  575. 639) Jessi

    Super cute! I just got back from a week in D.C., I’ll have to see if I recognize the place.

  576. 640) Michelle

    Adorable! I would love Minneapolis and London 🙂

  577. 641) Vicki

    I would love to hang Anchorage Alaska on my wall!

  578. 642) Brooke B.

    these are so cute! too bad there’s no Milwaukee one. I guess I could settle for Seattle. 🙂

  579. 643) Laura


  580. 644) tiffany

    those are really fun pictures

  581. 645) Alison

    Sydney, Australia would be great, but having lived close to Chicago for a while, I would love that one

  582. 647) Debbie

    Very cool art!

  583. 648) Rossella

    Need one of this for my home!

  584. 649) jennifer w.

    love the austin print, since this is where we call home 😉

  585. 650) Cary

    Beautiful & would look great in my sons’ room.

  586. 651) Stephanie


  587. 652) Cathy B.

    I’m pretty sure that I would get the D.C. one, since we’ll be relocating there after my hubby is done with school. Love them.

  588. 653) Rian

    I got married in Florence so I would have to pick that one! Love it.

  589. 654) Amanda P

    Love this, have been wanting a city print for our house too!

  590. Thank you for introducing me to these lovely prints. Am excited. Hard to chose one, but i definitely will. Secretly hoping to win one first though 😉

  591. 656) Sarah K

    ADORABLE prints! I would love to own one!

  592. 657) Verena

    Beautiful! Would love this unique artwork.
    Greetings from Germany

  593. 658) Chelsea B.

    Oh! I would love the san diego one!!

  594. 659) Anja Ramirez

    I LOVE the Florence one ! I lived there for a year. This print is made for my heart!

  595. 660) aubry

    These are too cute

  596. 661) M.F.Peterson

    I love these!

  597. 662) Kari Tandberg

    Love the Denver print.

  598. I love her illustrations. I do think Huntington Beach (aka Surf City, U.S.A.) should be the next project (hint, hint.)

  599. 664) jweed

    thanks for the heads up on this great art! i have found a new site for christmas gifts!

  600. 665) Brandie

    Adorable – would love

  601. 666) Tishelle

    Yup, I love this giveaway too:). Thanks for sharing!

  602. 667) kristen d jensen

    pick me!

  603. 668) Julie

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  604. 669) Sarah

    great prints! i love them. thanks for the giveaway!

  605. 670) Heather

    i love the designs! thanks for the giveaway!

  606. 671) Meredith M

    Hard to decide if I would choose the Portland (current hometown) or Minneapolis (growing up hometown) print. Love them all!

  607. I would love to be entered in this give away. Please add me to the list.
    I’ve lived in a lot of places…. Tacoma,Wash; Seattle, Wash; Portland,Ore; Eugene,Ore.;
    Minnesota, Florida,San Diego, Japan… and now Utah 🙂
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  608. These are beautiful prints. Would love to win one!

  609. 674) ChandraD

    Super fun!

  610. 677) Stephanie

    Love love love this art- have my fingers crossed. 🙂

  611. 678) Denise

    LoVe these prints, I even love the kitchen and kid prints from her. Thanks

  612. 679) Sarah

    These are so cute!!! Too many to choose from!

  613. 682) Amanda

    Absolutely wonderful!

  614. 683) Eleanor

    I would love to have one of the British city where I lived as a child. 🙂

  615. 684) Sadie

    Love these!

  616. 685) Erica Swenson

    Ahh so fun!! Yeah Seattle!!

  617. 686) Virginie

    Please, pretty please ! I would love one of Washington DC…

  618. 687) Beth K

    NYC would be my choice — thanks for the giveaway!

  619. 688) jennifer johnson

    Yay!! These are incredible 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway!

  620. 689) ruth

    This would be fun to have of some of the cities I’ve lived in!

  621. 690) Kristin

    What beautiful prints!

    The perfect Christmas gift for my sister!

  622. I grew up in upstate NY and would love to get the Manhattan one. I would also love the L.A. one for my husband because that is where he grew. And maybe San Francisco and San Diego for both of us because those are two of our favorite cities.

  623. 692) Hallie

    Cool prints.

  624. 693) laurie

    thanks for the chance to win!

  625. 694) tara

    such beautiful prints.

  626. 695) Jill

    I love these prints! I’m not sure which is my favorite. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity.

  627. Her work reminds me of the illustrations in that children’s book Iggy Peck Architect (one of our favorite books). Love it!

  628. 697) Angie K

    sweet. pick me!

  629. 698) Heidi


  630. 699) Liz

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! These remind me of the colours and prints of vintage textiles (my weakness).

  631. 700) Jeanne

    Cute! I would love one for my new apt.

  632. 701) Anne Leigh

    These are great, thank you!

  633. Wow these are amazing! I would love to have one to remind me of our London trip a few years back!

  634. Beautiful! Love the ponte vecchio, was just there in July!

  635. 706) Kasey

    Wow! Love these prints!

  636. 707) Beth

    I’d love a Chicago one for my girls’ room!

  637. 708) Amanda

    I love the style of these prints! I’d love to win one!

  638. 709) Emma C.

    Boston and Portland for me!!! Her food prints are pretty adorable too. Thanks, Dana!!

  639. 710) Stacey

    Beautiful prints! Thanks!

  640. Our city (St. Louis) isn’t there, but there are so many lovely ones, and I really love the simple So Grateful print too. 🙂

  641. 712) Christina

    I love these! Thanks for sharing this link… I’m going to have to buy one!

  642. 713) Brenna

    I love these!

  643. 714) Gemia

    my boys would love this!

  644. 715) becca

    love the style of these prints – i’d pick Chicago for our home!

  645. 716) Lindsey

    I love these!!! Thanks!

  646. I would love the PA for my sons room! Matches exactly and would be a fun lesson once he is old enough to ask. Thanks for the great give aways!!

  647. 718) Jenny B

    These are great. Thanks for the giveaway.

  648. 719) Jenelle de Jesus

    LOVE! These are so beautiful! In fact, I think I now have a new Christmas present idea for my best friend of 19 years:) A few of the places we have been together:)
    Thank you for doing the giveaway!

  649. 721) Gina F

    Beautiful – thank you!

  650. 722) Natalie B

    I would love to win this!

  651. 723) Tiffany Y.

    Those prints are so cute! It would be hard to pick which city to get a print of! 🙂

  652. 724) Emra

    Just checked her shop-prints are really great…thanks for giveTHANKSaway.

  653. 725) Alisa

    I would love a Paris one for my French obsessed daughter! Great giveaway!

  654. 726) Ashley L.

    Wish I had that kind of talent. It would be perfect for my wall.

  655. 727) Andee

    Love to travel – and love the prints! 🙂

  656. 728) Cynthia

    Love these prints! the cities but also all the other designs!

  657. 729) Amye

    Adore! I def need the Austin print too:)

  658. I’m partial to the Austin print, myself, since I live in central Austin, but they are all so gorgeous!

  659. 731) Cynthia

    These are beautiful! I’d love to have one!

  660. 732) Beth

    I’d love one of those for my our new house!

  661. These are unbelieveable adorable! Definitely something that I would love to have for my home.

  662. 734) Barbara

    Pretty! I love the simple look of these.

  663. 735) Melissa H

    I love the italy prints!

  664. 736) heather

    this would be so great to win. We use to live in Chicago and I would love to have a print of our old home

  665. 737) April Spinetti

    very cool!

  666. 738) chunk

    love love love!

  667. So adorable and unique! I think I’d have to pick Chicago because that’s where my husband and I got engaged! And she doesn’t have Dallas/Fort Worth 🙁

  668. 740) Angela

    Oh the prints are enchanting!

  669. 741) D_Renner

    Love these!

  670. 742) Diana

    What gorgeous artwork…! Thanks for the opportunity to enter the giveaway.

  671. 744) Bridget Coyne

    Kim, I LOVE all your work. Particularly your paintings of Boston & NYC. 🙂

  672. 745) Candice

    I would love a london print for my kids playroom. We went last december and my 4 year old has yet to stop talking about it. This would bring back even more great memories. Thanks!

  673. 746) Heidi

    I’m a longhorn and my hubby is an Aggie…an Austin vs. College Station side by side would be fun for our office. But, a corn field and a sheep is no competition for Zilker 😉

  674. 748) Tanny

    Love the Paris one!

  675. 749) angela s.

    these are great! my favs are paris & new orleans. xo

  676. How fun! Thank you for all of these opportunities!

  677. My son would love the NYC one. Thanks for a great giveaway:o)

  678. 755) Tammy

    These are so fun.

  679. 756) Jill Wright

    Love these!

  680. 757) Mina

    Would love to win one of these! Love the unique look of the prints, and the colors are beautiful!

  681. 758) ann

    beautiful prints. My first idea is NYC – where we used to live.

  682. 759) Lacey King

    I would buy the San Francisco print. We lived in the bay area for 2 years and it was such a fun adventure. Now we’re back in Texas where we belong though!

  683. 760) Cecily

    Oh, I love them!

  684. 761) Vicki C.

    These are awesome! We have a travel/map themed playroom that these would look perfect in!

  685. 762) Jen B.

    Love this! So fun and neat! 🙂

  686. 763) Tina Braun

    Those are beautiful! I would love one of Toronto, where I live.
    Just gorgeous!

  687. 764) Maryellen Franklin

    I love these! I think I’ll hafta see if she will also do custom places – I’d love one of my hometown…but would also love one of Philly, NYC, London, or Paris.

  688. 765) Angela Himes

    Beatiful depictions of something we see everyday. Love it!

  689. So cool! These would make some great gifts, too.

  690. 767) Shannon

    So great, I love these!

  691. 768) Jennifer Cramton

    Oh man– sooo glad I saw this giveaway before it ended. LOVE those prints!

  692. 769) Wendy F

    These are so cool! Would love to have one from somewhere we have lived.

  693. 771) Mary Jo


  694. 772) Kathy

    Such lovely prints. Her design style is impeccable!

  695. Love these! Truly a great way to end the giveaways. We also love to travel and one of these would look great in our house. 🙂

  696. 775) Susannah

    So many good choices! Paris, New York, Minneapolis, Seattle…

  697. I think I’d pick Minneapolis…I’d have to think about it!

  698. 778) Kelli

    We just moved away from our beloved Chicago, so I would LOVE the Chi-town one!

  699. 779) Ruth

    So much fun! I love her style.

  700. 780) Landen

    I love the way these prints look! So whimsical and beautiful!

  701. 781) Megan

    Absolutely love it!

  702. 782) Catherine Val

    I love seeing new cities!

  703. Oooh, I’d love to win the San Diego print, it totally captures the gorgeous bay! I love being able to walk out to the water every day.

  704. These are amazing and will knock 2 gifts off my Christmas list!

  705. 785) Adrienne

    Well, she doesn’t have my city yet, but I love the Seattle and Eugene ones! Thank you for the week of amazing giveaways!

  706. 786) Naomi

    Yes please!

  707. 787) helen

    they are gorgeous … wou;ld look great on any wall!

  708. Love, love, love them all! Don’t have any idea which I would pick if I can only get one 🙂

  709. 790) Miranda Smith

    I’m kinda heartbroken that she doesn’t have San Diego,CA but I could TOTALLY content myself with Eugene (my inlaws home) or Paris (my son is in French Immersion. Super darling- thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  710. 791) Erica Avenell

    ohhh all of the prints are gorgeous!

  711. 792) Jane d

    I would love to win an Austin picture, we moved to Washington state in Oct., 2011 from Austin–I miss it sooo much!

  712. These prints are awesome! I live in MN so I’d get the Minneapolis one!

  713. 794) Trish

    Ooh! I really like these!

  714. 795) Jenny

    Soooo Pretty!!!

  715. 796) Lael

    I love, love, love those prints! Thanks for the chance to win!

  716. 797) Connie

    These are the cutest pictures!

  717. 798) Gretchen

    Great prints!

  718. 800) Sameeha

    I need to win.

  719. 801) Whitney

    So cute!

  720. 802) Kylee Coles

    Love it!

  721. 803) Christine M

    These are awesome! Is there one of the little red lighthouse under the bridge in New York?

  722. 804) Natalya

    love it

  723. 807) Rhonda A

    Fun prints! Would love something new on my newly painted walls! 🙂

  724. 808) Audrey

    I love this look. I don’t know if I could narrow down which city though!

  725. 809) Mary

    Oooh! I love them all!

  726. 810) Dieke

    These prints are so unique. Beautiful.

  727. 811) Lisa

    Oooh, please pick me!

  728. 812) Bree

    Gorgeous prints!

  729. 813) Chantalle

    Love these! We got engaged in Florence, definitely my favorite one!

  730. 814) becca

    Love the ATL print! And that she included Stone Mountain 🙂

  731. Wow! Amsterdam would be a nice addition to her collections. Mine too of course:)

  732. 816) Candice

    These are gorgeous, love!!:)

  733. 817) Melanie

    These are awesome!

  734. 819) Kodi Smith

    Wow! I love these!

  735. 820) Lesa

    I want the Atlanta one, my daughter was born there and I’d love to hang it in her room!

  736. 821) Xanthe Grundy

    Awesome prints! Can I have one please??

  737. 822) Kirsten

    These prints are gorgeous! I would love one!

  738. ahahah i thought it would be interesting if she had my town! I do love the ‘Simmer Down’ print ahhaah, so cute and clever!

  739. 825) jodie

    phew, finally got to the bottom, id love it, if there was a melbourne one, my favorite city :O) cheers Dana

  740. 826) Melita

    These are all lovely!

  741. 827) Julie Brown

    I love these!

  742. 828) Taylor

    Gorgeous! Think my hubby needs the London one for Christmas!

  743. 829) Sia


  744. wonderful -would love these beautiful pieces

  745. 831) Andrea

    These prints are beautiful!

  746. 832) Karen

    So cute! I’d choose my home city of Philadelphia.

  747. 833) Jess

    Mmm. Choosing one would be a welcome dilemma!

  748. Awesome! I love putting art on my walls (you wouldn’t know it by looking at them, but still…)

  749. 837) Rae-Dean

    Charming and colorful compositions.

  750. 838) Bernie

    Wow – these are super fun 😀

  751. 839) Katherine

    What fabulous prints!

  752. 840) Katie S

    Love her work!! Not only does she do amazing prints but she’s also an amazing woman!! Hard to pick a favorite. 🙂

  753. 841) Miren

    Amazing how many comments/people liking these beautiful illustrations. Of course I would like to be one of the lucky winners.


  754. 842) Pattij

    These are fantastic.

  755. 843) DebbieH

    Oh, these are stunning! I am blessed to have been able to travel a little so would love one of these as a memento 🙂

  756. 844) Penny

    Wow. Very cool. Thanks for the chance.

  757. 845) Erin

    Beautiful!! Would love to win! 🙂

  758. 846) katy roberson

    Amazing! I would love one of Nashville. I grew up there and haven’t been back for about 4 years now.

  759. 847) Eliza

    How lovely! Deciding which city is a hard choice!

  760. 848) Jenna

    I love these prints! They’re so whimsical!

  761. 849) Emma

    I got back from a semester abroad in Europe, and would love a beautiful way to remember my favorite German cities. And Paris, of course 🙂

  762. 850) Felicity

    Wow, these are beautiful! I love the Paris print, one of my most favourite cities in the whole world. It would look great in our new place, when we finally get to move!

  763. 851) Peggy Nickelson

    I live near San Francisco so my choice would be easy. These are lovely.
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  764. 852) Tina

    I love these prints, so whimsical!

  765. 854) Di

    So many great cities to chose from!

  766. 855) ronda

    These are great! Thanks for all the amazing giveaways this week.

  767. 856) jessica joy

    Wow, those are gorgeous. I love her style. Amazing!

  768. 858) laura

    Love these! So beautiful.

  769. 859) Liz

    They are gorgeous – I love the London print, I was there earlier this year and it would be perfect addition.

  770. 860) Hayley

    I love all the Italy prints. I studied there for almost a year and can’t wait to go back!

  771. 861) Elise

    Oh my, I love these! Might have to buy one even if I don’t win!

  772. 862) Hannah Smith

    I would love one of these! Although it would be hard to choose what city to order!

  773. 864) Meg

    Lovely! Thank you for the giveaway!

  774. 865) Rene Clark

    These are adorable!!! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  775. 867) Lani Savvidis

    Love the colors and quirkiness-Of course I’d have to choose Boston!

  776. 868) katherine

    These are the best. Love them.

  777. 870) celine

    oh!!! I LOVE these!!! being French, I could enjoy a Paris print VERY much!!! : )
    marlasmama-at-yahoo-dot-com : )

  778. 871) Melanie chambers

    I love these!

  779. 872) Jamie

    Awesome, I’m from Philadelphia 😀

  780. These prints are beautiful! Thank you for the chance to win and for this fun week of giveaways! 🙂

  781. Foreign Service family. We’re travelling all the time and wouldn’t this be an awesome way to celebrate where we’ve been!

  782. 876) Jessie

    These are just beautiful, already have the prefect spot for them in my craft room 🙂

  783. 877) Catrin

    Lovely. Thanks again for your great giveaways.

  784. 878) Laura B-L

    I love these prints. They remind me of old children’s books.

  785. 879) Amy A.

    I love these prints! I want one of San Francisco!

  786. Oh – they are soo beutiful! Fingers crossed for winning and that she might ship to Norway?

  787. 882) kat

    Any Baltimore prints? Hope I win!

  788. 884) Paolis

    Great work! would love to win one of those cute art prints, specially one of Paris, i’ve been there a few years ago and was great. It would be a nice memory!

  789. 885) Jenn B

    Those are fantastic!!

  790. 886) Rana

    These prints are so awesome. I can’t decide which one I like the best.

  791. 887) Hayley

    these are amazing!

  792. I love her city prints, and the kitchen prints are super cute too!

  793. 889) Sarah

    These are really lovely. I’m torn between the NYC and London ones.

  794. 890) Sane

    First time ever leaving a comment, but those images of cities are the most beautiful artworks I’ve ever seen!

    Greetings from Belgium 🙂

  795. 891) Diane

    I love this!!

  796. 892) Lise

    I love these prints! I hope it is me.

  797. 893) Catherine

    She sure has a cool style. I can picture these on my white walls!

  798. 894) Melissa

    Love these prints!

  799. 895) Rhian

    Would love one of these for my house. woo hoo!

  800. 896) Alecia

    So pretty. These would make a great gift…thanks for sharing.
    Sunny smiles from Florida!

  801. 898) Emily F.

    I would love the St. Paul MN print!

  802. 899) Hilary

    Ha! These giveaways are so great! I already have most of my Christmas shopping done thanks to these great sites! I am super excited about this one. I am definitely ordering 2 prints and taking advantage of free shipping if I don’t win this one! Fingers crossed that I do win though! Thank you for another great give away!

  803. 900) Maria

    ooooh I love the Paris one

  804. 901) sarah k

    Gorgeous prints, I would love the Paris one. My Kiwi husband proposed to me there on my 30th Birthday and now we live in New Zealand! Great memories

  805. Hi! I wonder if she has one of Zanzibar Stonetown…that’s where I met my husband. I like them all though andcould come up with another favourite quite easily!

  806. 903) Allison

    Oh man these are way cute! I’ll take ten please and thank you.

  807. 904) Andrea

    Ohhhh my goodness. I might be purchasing if I don’t win. These are incredible.

  808. 905) katie

    what a fun giveaway!

  809. 906) Corina

    Up n’ away… Those prints are fabulous! Make me want to get out my pens and paints again too.

  810. 907) Hayley

    Very cool.

  811. 908) Lisa

    how fun! thanks for the giveaway!!

  812. 909) Crystal

    What a cool way to show the places you’ve been.

  813. 910) MaryMargaret

    The illustrations are delightful! I think you just solved some of Christmas gift dilemmas–thank you!!

  814. 911) zoe milton

    Such beautiful designs. What a talent!

  815. 912) Katie

    I love the Florence picture! Reminds me of lovely holidays in Tuscany.
    Thanks for another great giveaway!
    Katie x

  816. 913) Sarah R

    oh cool! fun boy prints too!

  817. 914) nicole

    I wish they had one for Detroit, do they do custom orders? These are gorgeous!

  818. 915) Marianna

    These are so neat! I love the one that says “Let’s Roll” with a rolling pin…it made me giggle 🙂

  819. 916) Käthe

    These prints are great! I’ve been to a few of these cities and she captures them so well. Thanks for another great chance to win something great!

  820. 917) Mary Aldrich

    these are absolutely amazing and so original!

  821. 918) Ashley Heather

    I love these! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  822. 919) Laurel

    these are so cute.. it’s too hard to pick my favorite.

  823. 920) Kim

    Oh, those are so beautiful! I can’t decide between Denver and London. Both are just perfect.

  824. 921) Sarah

    Love these! The colors and style are beautiful!

  825. 922) aylin

    Hope I’m lucky…

  826. 923) amelia

    what nice prints.

  827. 924) ShannonS

    So cute!

  828. 925) Alysia

    these are gorgeous! I love them. what wonderful gifts!

  829. 927) Rebekah

    I don’t know if I’m too late for this giveaway because I’m visiting my hubby in France! Would LOVE to win this one! Thanks for the awesome giveaway 🙂

  830. 928) susan

    What a great picture idea! Hope I can win!

  831. 929) Ailis G

    Oh…LOVE! NYC would make a great gift for my neice who is working hard to make her dream to live there come true!

  832. 930) Christie

    I love these – and the idea of capturing the cities you’ve lived!

  833. 931) kellie

    Love them!! Thank you so much for all these fabulous giveaways, Dana!!

  834. 932) Margaret

    They are beautiful! I would love to win! Thank you,

  835. 934) Kimberfly

    I love these! I wonder if she has a Bethlehem, PA one. It is the Christmas City!

  836. 936) Amanda Jordan

    So neat! I would pick the London print:).

  837. 937) adriana formento

    i looooove them!!!!

  838. 938) LeAnn

    These are wonderful prints. I think that I would pick the NYC print, it would go great in my house.

  839. 939) carriem

    There’s one of my college town!

  840. 940) sharyn

    Oh, I remember travelling….. these would take me to a special place in my heart.
    xoxx s

  841. 942) aly

    These are wonderful traveling prints! We are saving up to do a little USA traveling.

  842. 943) Theresa

    So cool!

  843. 944) Allison

    I really like her style!

  844. 946) Shayne D

    Love these! Yeah for Las Vegas!

  845. 947) Kristie

    Love these prints. Thanks so much!

  846. 948) Kimberly

    beautiful! i can think of several cities i have lived or traveled to that i would like to buy or win!

  847. 949) Side Stitches

    So cute! I might have to order one anyways!

  848. 950) Holly Luzzi

    what a great give away! thanks!!

  849. 951) amy

    LOVE these!

  850. 952) Sue C

    Such lovely colors! I’m thinking just about any pic of any place would be great!

  851. 954) AmandaLane

    Great prints, hard to pick just one!

  852. 955) Miranda

    Wow, what cute prints!

  853. 956) Jenny

    love it!

  854. I’d love a print…my house needs more artwork. Thanks for the chance to win!

  855. 958) Kirstin

    Thanks for the giveaway – the artwork looks lovely.

  856. 959) Amber Reece

    I love art prints of cities! These look really cool! : )

  857. 960) katie s

    Ooo, I love the Italy prints! Or San Diego 🙂

  858. 962) JoEllen Edmunds

    I love these! How fun. I’ve been wanting to do something like this in my home.

  859. 963) Karen

    Beautiful! Thanks for sharing such an amazing talent!! !

  860. 964) Jessica L.

    I know right where I would hang this!

  861. 965) Lily

    Oh boy. I really love these!

  862. 966) Lauren

    These are so fun and quirky!

  863. 967) kindall

    so fun!

  864. 968) Dani White

    I have completely blank walls and desperately need some art!

  865. 969) Simone

    Fingers crossed

  866. 970) tiffany

    Beautiful! I especially love Cinque Terre.

  867. 971) Pam

    These are fantastic. As. a native Pittsburger I especially love her Pittsburgh print and comments.

  868. 972) jaclyn

    ADORABLE… how to choose??

  869. 973) Susie M

    Hoping it might be me. Ah sweet. Austin, TX!

  870. 974) Lisa Johnson

    Great for filling a bare wall!

  871. 975) ruth

    ooooh yes please! so fun!

  872. 977) Nicole

    Such a great way to showcase different locations!

  873. 978) Christina


  874. 979) erica

    wow, i am so in love with these!!!

  875. 980) Allison D

    I love those prints!

  876. 981) Sarah S

    love the simple elegance of these!

  877. 982) Tami

    Love to travel and these are beautiful!

  878. 983) Erica

    This would be great for my living room- would cover the cracked plaster and flaking paint quite nicely 🙂

  879. 985) Tama

    Love both the Twin Cities prints.

  880. 986) faith

    I miss Philly….always looking for sweet reminders of that city!

  881. 987) Lori

    Love these!

  882. 988) Melissa

    Love the Austin print! They are all beautiful.

  883. 989) Katie

    These are great! Would make a lovely gift.

  884. 990) Stephanie

    These are great!

  885. 991) dana

    I wish I wish , that i would be picked!

  886. 992) Rachel Murphy

    I love these! My husband and I lived in Cork, Ireland, so I wonder if there is a design for Cork (or another Irish city) 🙂

  887. 993) Danielle

    Love it! These would look great in our kitchen!

  888. 994) M

    These are wonderful! I love the PDX print.

  889. Oh the first two you have featured are wonderful and from my hometown! Very impressed by these. Think these will go onto my Christmas Wish List and would be great in our new house.

  890. 996) Erin Linthorst

    These are the perfect item to hang in my home! I love the style!

  891. 997) Maureen

    love these!

  892. 998) Courtney

    Beautiful! Would love one.

  893. 999) Eva R.

    My husband and I have been talking about needing some more artwork in ourhouse. These aregorgeous, and so fun!

  894. 1000) Tiffany

    love it!

  895. 1001) rachaelb

    So beautiful!

  896. 1002) Jennie

    Pretty! Pick me! 🙂

  897. Beautiful artwork! Love architecture artwork 🙂

  898. 1004) Marjie High

    Love These!

  899. 1005) Jana Spring

    Gorgeous! My three kids go to a French immersion school in San Diego, CA and I would love to encourage their learning by hanging this in our home! I also spent 18 months in Italy so a beautiful picture of Venice will bring back so many lovely memories of my time there! Thanks so much.

  900. I love this so much, I would love a print of my tiny tiny hometown in Oregon.

  901. 1008) amy

    I love the VW van in the Eugene OR print

  902. 1009) sewperstitious

    Would love to win!

  903. 1010) Carla

    What fun prints! I’d love one to hang in my house!

  904. 1011) Andrea J.

    Love these! I think I will need to get one (or a few) for my husband, an urban designer and avid traveler…he would be thrilled. 🙂 Thanks!

  905. 1012) Kim Larsen

    Those are beautiful!!

  906. 1014) Lindsey Miller

    Love this!

  907. 1015) Heather dela Cruz

    How beautiful! Thanks for the chance to win!

  908. 1016) colleen

    Love these and love that you have some Midwestern cities. Please, please, please make one of Detroit! 🙂

  909. 1017) Kelsi

    Love the cinque terre!

  910. 1019) Amanda Robertson

    If she doesn’t have one of Duluth, MN perhaps we should have her for a visit! 🙂

  911. 1020) Betsy

    OHMYGOODNESS. These are BEAUTIFUL. I may end up buying some as Christmas gifts!!! Thanks for sharing and running these lovely giveaways 🙂

  912. 1021) mandi lefevre

    It’s all about BOSTON!!!

  913. 1022) karen stanton

    these are oh so charming!

  914. 1023) Becca

    I would LOVE to have one of her prints haning in my home 🙂

  915. 1024) marian

    so super fun!

  916. 1025) Erin

    What cute prints!

  917. 1026) T Bosch

    Love the Minneapolis, Paris, and the trucks. Oh, how to decide?

  918. 1027) Kristin

    wonderful prints!

  919. 1028) sarah B.

    Great artwork! How fun to have a memory of a favorite place that looks so great as well.

  920. 1030) Angela

    These are beautiful!

  921. 1031) Sharon

    Heart Chicago!

  922. 1032) Kelly


  923. 1033) EJ

    Delicious! Would love to have one (or more!)

  924. Love these prints…Pittsburgh and Frisco are my favorites!!

  925. 1035) Verity Fatai

    Those are just gorgeous! I wonder if she has done any from here in New Zealand?

  926. 1036) Lindsay

    Love the prints! I

  927. 1037) Sarah Carlyle

    Can’t wait to see who wins!

  928. 1038) EA James

    Fantastically quirky! What I’d really like to see is one of Perth, Australia.

  929. 1039) Erica Royer

    These are beautiful!

  930. 1040) Nicole Brenner

    They are precious…any chance you will visit Anchorage, Alaska?

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