Ferris Wheel Dress

Ferris Wheel Dress by Dana Willard of MADE Everyday

The time has come!  I leave for Quilt Market tomorrow!
The crazy thing is, I don’t feel stressed like I thought I would, sewing things at the bitter last minute (which is totally true to character).  And that’s probably because I did all the stressing and sewing a month ago (which is totally out of character).

Boardwalk Delight fabric collection by Dana Willard Ferris Wheel and Twinkle Lights

The only reason I’m ahead of the game is:
1 – We shot a slew of MADE Everyday videos, using my new fabrics!
2 – I took a ton of photos for the new Boardwalk Delight Lookbook with Art Gallery fabrics, coming out in one week!

So now I have more than enough products for my Quilt Market booth.  And I have tons to show you guys here on the blog.  Win, Win, Win.

If you’re new around here, or missed my previous announcement the short version is: I’ve designed a collection of fabrics with Art Gallery Fabrics!

It’s called Boardwalk Delight

Boardwalk Delight Fabrics by Dana Willard

• There are 10 prints in quilting cotton.
3 prints also come in knits.
1 print also comes in canvas.

• You can buy them in local quilt shops and online shops like the Fat Quarter Shop and Hawthorne Threads in TWO weeks.  I’ll post again when they’re available, with hot links (and cold cones?  Sounds like a tasty meal)

• I’m showcaing my fabric collection THIS weekend at the International Quilt Market in
Salt Lake City, which is an industry tradeshow for Manufacturers and Buyers to show off all the new fabrics each season. I’ll have a 10×10 booth, which I’m really excited about.  If you want to follow along, find me on Instagram @made_everyday.

First Day Dress in Ferris Wheel Fabric

To get the party started, I thought I’d share a project and design inspiration!
I love learning how artwork comes together.

Boardwalk Delight Fabric Collection by Dana Willard

The Boardwalk Delight collection is all about summertime, treats, and strolling the boardwalk.

The two prints used on this version of the First Day Dress are called:
Ferris Wheel
Twinkle Lights

First Day Dress Pattern in Ferris Wheel Fabric by Dana Willard

Cause how magical is the boardwalk at night??
(Photos via Pixabay and Getty Images)
Ferris Wheels on MADE Everyday
First Day Dress back details by Dana Willard of MADE Everyday

The Ferris Wheel design started with lots of lines and colors.  I thought it would be cool to have an ombre effect.  So I drew all the lines, pieced everything together (which took forever).  But when I was done, I didn’t like it…which is always so deflating.  It looked too detailed.  And too literal.
(womp, womp).

So I twisted it around and turned everything monochrome—into white.
But still not right.
Still too many tiny lines.

Ferris Wheel design process

Then I changed the weight of the strokes and loved it so much more!  Yep. I guess I like fatter lines.

Ferris Wheel Fabric from Boardwalk Delight Collection by Dana Willard

Designing is such an evolutionary process.  I’m still so novice at it all; I’m sure my processes will improve over time. But just like photography, I don’t think you set out to design “XYZ”….but rather through a series of trial and error, and often accidents, you land on a final product that you never envisioned in the first place.

And it’s equally as interesting to learn your own preferences as you design.  I definitely prefer heavier weighted strokes, over fine lines.  And I definitely love all the colors.
I wish I could have them all!

Ferris Wheel Fabric design in many colors

But learning to self edit is important as well.  And working with Art Gallery has been very helpful with that aspect.  They are expert at what they do and they were fantastic with taking the 100 + images I sent them (because you have to try every design in every color, right??)….and narrowed it down to the 10 designs that work best together.
I’m so happy that Pink/White Ferris Wheel and Orange Twinkle Lights made it in the mix.

First Day Dress Pattern with Ferris Wheel print by Dana Willard for Art Gallery Fabrics

Along with layers of ruffles and twirls.

First Day Dress by Dana Willard

Seriously, I never get sick of the First Day Dress.
Maybe because it’s so easy to alter and change it up into a variety of dresses.  Like this version with a lowered neckline (and sleeves that were a beast to match up with the fabric print.  But totally worth it)

Boardwalk Delight Fabrics and the First Day Dress Pattern by Dana Willard of MADE Everyday

Is summer here yet??

Okay, I’m off to Market!
More Boardwalk Delight news to come….

Boardwalk Delight new fabric collection by Dana Willard of MADE Everyday for Art Gallery Fabrics

  1. 1) Melanie M.

    Love the fabrics! Question about the pattern though. Is the lined version of the dress reversible? The fabrics are so pretty I would love to have the option of a 2-in-1 dress.

  2. 2) Amanda

    I have been making tulle circle skirts all week using your tutorial. I watched several tutorials but yours was the best. The instructions were very clear and made sense to me. Thank you! The skirts are coming out awesome. They are for a play and I know the dancers will look so pretty in them. They are supposed to represent a blizzard.

  3. 3) Amanda

    PS love the fabrics, design and color!

  4. 4) Hannah

    So awesome Dana!!

  5. 5) Connie

    Wow Dana!!! Beautiful fabrics!

  6. 6) julis

    Beautiful fabrics, congrats Dana!

  7. 7) Tessie

    Best of luck Dana!!! I am so excited for you to go to quilt market! And your new fabric is just lovely!

  8. 8) Melanie Collette

    That fabric is so perfect for the First Day Dress! I love it. Can’t wait to see your market booth set up!

  9. 9) Cate

    Good luck, have fun! So excited for you and your new collection.

    • 10) Dara

      “SEW” VERY HAPPY for you,Dana! You make sewing so fun and easy!

  10. 11) Corrine

    Such fun fabric! I can’t wait to sew up some cute dresses for my girls!

  11. 12) Angie

    LOVE them.
    Can’t wait to get my hands on some!

  12. 13) Cindy

    I’m looking for a long sleeve dress pattern for my 5 year old granddaughter who lives out in the cold Colorado mountains. do you have anything? My Lucy and I both LOVE the first day dress and I’m making a few of those too!

  13. 14) Karen Blasingame

    I have purchased the First Day Dress pattern & I cannot get it to download. It keeps telling me that the download is unsuccessful, however, my payment has cleared the bank. I am able to download all of your freebie items, successfully, but not the purchased ones. So wager to make the dress & the boy’s ties. Need help, please. I so want the patterns I have purchased.

  14. 15) Jenny Baker

    You know YOUR kids are growing, so I am joping to find the same dress in jr. /women suzes!! Or at least instructions for making the 10yr. old pattern bigger!
    My ONLY girl is 13!!!

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