Fall Felt Leaves

With summer gone and cooler weather rolling in, my mind fills with visions of skinny jeans and boots, long-sleeve knit tops, cozy cardigans, and lots of layers. I smell ginger and nutmeg and wood burning stoves. It’s still warm enough for an afternoon at the park but cold enough that jackets and hoodies are filling our coat-rack by the front door. But above all, Autumn means a splendor of color-changing leaves, crunching under each step. Oh, those pretty jeweled tones.
Though most of you live in areas where the leaves turn from summer green to yellow and orange, here in Austin there’s not a whole lotta Autumn to report. Yes, I’m baking the void with all things pumpkin but I’ve really been longing for a vibrant tree of yellow gold.
So I decided to bring FALL into our house, using Felt.
All the Autumn leaves I could ever want! And in any shade imaginable. Dreaming about turquoise blue leaves to match your house? Go for it! The single layer of felt and sewing causes these leaves to curl up at the edges, giving them a realistic feel.

And when you hang them up, it really looks like leaves are falling right inside your living room! If you felt super ambitious, I suppose you could make a big ole pile of leaves to scatter on the floor beneath your falling leaves. Or hey, maybe cover your Rollie Pollie in them! That would create the right effect.
Whatever your leafy purpose, this project is easy and can be as simple or involved as you like. If you like super quick projects, skip the sewing part and keep them plain.
If you like a good sit-down-in-front-of-the TV-and-embroider project, you can hand-sew the leafy veins with crochet thread. Put them in a vase, hang them from your ceiling, scatter them on the dinner table….the possibilities are endless.

All you need are felt and a sprinkle of creativity.
And soon, you’ll have a pile of these!
The combo of a single layer of felt and sewing the veins means you can bend and misshape them as you like to give them that crunchy leaf look.
Mmmm. Falling leaves.
So pretty with illuminating light.
If falling leaves aren’t your thing, put them in a vase:
Or use them as a magic wand.
Lucy’s been casting spells on us all day.
* Wreath: Glue them to a craft wreath and hang on your front door.
* Bunting: Link them together as a bunting (garland) and drape it over a doorway, fireplace, or on a wall.
* Decor: Scatter them on a dinner table
* Embellishments: Sew one on a simple gathered skirt, a dishtowel, a scarf, or a shirt.
* Leafy Felt Crown: Make a crown out of felt, simple to our Harvest Crown HERE.
* Hair Accessory: Attach a clip and stick in a leaf in your hair!

You can find the complete Fall Leaf Tutorial HERE (and in the Tutorials link at the top of the blog):

I hope the leaves start falling in your house too.
Enjoy the cooler weather!

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