Fall dye bath

I have two baby gifts to prepare so I bought a bunch of onesies and a spectrum of these:
As I’ve shared in my tutorial before, dyeing fabric is very fun and doesn’t need to be fussy or hard. In one evening, I made 4 different dye baths in different bowls, in my kitchen sink. From time to time I stopped by to stir them and carried on with other activities.
I when I was done, I had these pretty colors:
I really didn’t mean for them to be Fall-like shades. But the gifts are both for little boys so I went with bold colors and I love how beautiful they look together.
While I was at it, I threw elastic in the dye bath too.
The orange worked! Compared to the orange cotton onesie, however, the color is more muted. As I shared in the Dyeing Elastic Tutorial, RIT and other dye brands work best on cotton, rather than Polyester or Nylon. Meaning, if I can find 2-inch wide cotton elastic, I’ll be a happy camper.
Sadly, poor yellow had an accident. Well, not an accident. It was just me trying kill two birds with one stone. I washed the red onesies in my washing machine first, alone. Then, next cycle, I washed orange ones and kept the red onesies in there too so they’d get another rinse. Everything was fine. So, round 3, I washed yellow and decided to keep orange and red in there again. Dumb move. Yellow now has a bleeding red arm. But not enough to look cool; it looks accidental. So, it’ll become black or brown next time around!
Okay, I’m off to finish the looks and maybe pants to go along? Hmmm.
Talk with you soon!

  1. I’m always wanting bright colored onesies and shirts for my little one. This is an awesome way to get them! Thanks!

  2. 2) Christina

    I love the two orange shades. You wouldn’t happen to have the recipe for them would you?

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