Fabrics A to Z

I’ve written a new book….a book all about FABRIC!
When it comes to sewing, many of us get stuck in a “cotton rut” and tend to stick with fabrics we’re familiar with. But there are so many wonderful textiles out there, just waiting for our discovery. And the more we explore, the more our sewing confidence will build.

That’s what this book is all about…arming you with info and details to jump-in and try something new, to reference that fabric you’ve always wondered about, to look outside of quilting cotton for your next project. The book is a valuable resource guide that fits right in your purse! Tote it along with you to the fabric shop to help decipher what fabrics you need and want.
Read my full review of the book HERE (with images/pages from the book)

The book is sold under two titles:
Fabrics A to Z
The Fabric Selector

Please NOTE:
– the book is currently published in English in all countries.
– the book will be released in Spring 2012 in the US and some countries.

click on an image below to purchase in your country:

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