Fabric: fall cottons

A simple post for a busy holiday weekend.

I bought some new fabrics:
They’re not made by a known designer. They didn’t cost much money. The thread-count isn’t very high. But they’re dainty cute and got me dreaming about fall clothing and pleated skirts.
If you’d like the honest truth…..they’re from Walmart.
Whether you have moral reservations about shopping there or not, it’s hard to pass up the fabric clearance rack. I always take a quick glance when walking by. And on this particular day, I found 3 cute cottons, for $1.50/yard. Really? Give me 2 yards of each!

I think they’ll make the perfect peasant top, jumper, skirt, dress? They’d be great paired with some jewel-toned velvets or corduroy (similar to the aqua dress).
Or maybe a pair of fuschia tights, brown boots, and a headband?
Just thinking about fall. Sounds yummy right now.

What do you think I should make?

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