Explanation, Winners, and another round of the Fabric GIVEAWAY

Hello friends! Here’s to a better week of glitch-free blogging.
As many of you experienced last Thursday, Blogger was down.
a piper is down. I repeat…a piper is dow-une“.
Sorry, can’t help but channel So I Married an Axe Murderer.
Anyway, aside from just being annoying and frustrating (the Blogger thing, not Mike Myers)…some of you pointed out that many of the comments from the Pink Chalk Fabric Giveaway were lost. Grrr. You’re right. About 800 of them were deleted.
Here’s the good news and the other good news…..
First, we’re picking 4 winners from the original Giveaway.
$25 Gift Certificates to Pink Chalk Fabrics for these lucky ladies:

#842 – Hope, who said: Yes, Please!

#493 – Ang, who said: Love these fabrics!

#424 – Bailee, who said: Love this! I need some more fabric to make some simple skirts, and diaper covers!

#945 – Me and My Brain, who said: I so want to win so bad!!!!
Second, because Pink Chalk Fabrics is so cool and fabulous….they’ve offered a Round 2 Giveaway so it’s fair and even for everyone!
Hip Hip Hooray!
More fabric?
Yes please.
If you entered the last giveaway, you can enter this one too!
We’re giving away FOUR more $25 Gift Certificates to Pink Chalk Fabrics!

–Click HERE to enter the Round 2 Fabric Giveaway–

(leaving a comment here does not count as an entry to the giveaway. You must click on the link above). Good luck!

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