Easter and Spring–Sewing and Craft Ideas

This holiday I’m trying to be ahead of the game. So instead of sharing a roundup of ideas on say, the day before Easter?…I thought I’d do it 3 weeks early! Baby steps toward blog-post management.
So here’s an Easter basket of springy ideas from our house and yours.

Last year I made a felt Peeps Bunting.
And then I made more. And a few more. And some door hangers. I kept the yellow bunting for myself, which will be hanging up in the house soon!
If you’re ever in need inspiration, the Purl Bee is a sure bet.
Last year Molly made Bunny Finger Puppets and this year her Easter Egg Hunt Bags have been all over blogland. They’re so genius-ly simple and adorable.
Here’s a crafty way to recycle your paper shreds: the Brown Bag Bird’s Nest by the Long Thread, posted on Alpha Mom:
And a fun twist on the standard paper garland by Martha Stewart’s craft department (seen via Be Different, Act Normal)

Every Spring needs flowers. How about 4 ideas that don’t require sewing?

N0-Sew flowers by me:
LEFT: Paper Daffodils by The Long Thread, posted on Alpha Mom
RIGHT: Carnation Boutineers by Qmade
Wallflowers by me:
More springy craft ideas….
LEFT: The darling Wee Bunny Pattern by Wee Wonderfuls
RIGHT: The Butterfly Collection Pillow Tutorial by Ruffles And Stuff
LEFT: A cool boyish idea… Easter Buckets by Saltwater Kids
RIGHT: Sheep Eggs by Disney Family Fun
LEFT: Paper Butterfly Sanctuary (repeat, I know; but it’s springy!)
RIGHT: Mossy Easter Basket by Ruffles and Stuff posted on V and Co.
A simple way to make paper doilies with Lorajean’s Magazine:
Colored rice (I just love pretty colors),
turned into Easter Eggs (by me)
LEFT: Fabric Carrots by Clare’s Craftroom
RIGHT: Revoluzzzionary Easter Bunny by RevoluzZza
And finally, some spring clothing and accessories…

Jersey Knit Bracelets by V and Co. Love those colors.
This skirt–and the name–just make me smile. Painting the Roses Red Skirt by Simple Simon and Company:
More from the Purl BeeBunny Hat and Paw Mittens:
Petal Tees Tutorial by Ruffles and Stuff:
Spring Flower Pin by Say Yes to Hoboken:
Ruffled Scarf by me. Our town is hosting the Red Poppy Festival again in 2 weeks! Can’t wait to see all those flowers again.
Happy Monday to you!

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