Don’t Fear the Fabric–with Dana and Kate

It’s been a while since I did a fun series here on the blog.
And when I held that survey a while back (thank you for taking it!  It was very helpful!)….many of you mentioned that a series is something you’d love to see more often.

So let’s do it!

We’re calling it Don’t Fear the FABRIC.
And I’m hosting it with Kate from See Kate Sew!

We hope this is an ongoing series throughout the year, focusing on various fabrics that you may (or may not) be scared to try.  Because fabric should never be feared!–which is the whole premise of my book Fabrics A to Z.
So let’s arm you with the info and tips you need to get out of the cotton rut….and jump into the world of interesting textiles!

This round we’re focusing on Oilcloth and Leather.
Cause, well….it’s oilcloth and leather!  Who doesn’t love the look of those fabrics?!  I’m always amazed at how a mix of textures can really bring a project to life.

Kate will share expert tips for sewing with leather, where to buy it, and what to make with it.

Then I’ll tackle Oilcloth with a bunch of projects for sewers and NON sewers.

Looking for handmade Christmas gift ideas??
You’ve come to the right place!

The series will be happening on both our blogs from 12/3 to 12/12.
It’s just me and Kate, no guests, and 8 days of fabric fun (and some freebies of course!)
So enjoy your Thanksgiving meal and come back ready to sew!

  1. Sweet! You’re going to do something about knits, yes? I’ve read a series on sewing with knits (I think by Rae Hoekstra) but my first attempts with knit have been a total disaster.

    • 3) Dana

      hahaha. Thanks!

  2. Looking forward to reading the posts and learning some new things.

  3. 5) Jennifer

    This is fantastic! I have actually planning on sewing a clutch for my sister out of some faux leather but I am super nervious about it. I bought a leather needle for my machine but I have no idea if I need to change the tension or get specific thread…

  4. sounds like fun! thanks for putting this together!

  5. Such a fun series! I’m excited that you’re teaming up with Kate. Can’t wait to check it out!

  6. What a terrific idea!! We “fear the fabric” ALL. THE. TIME. but are trying to become braver and braver. This sounds like just the series we need to dive in!!

  7. 9) Alison Corbett

    This is great, I am sitting on a little stash of oilcloth and too afraid to touch it. Congrats on your new machine, I just got one too. Don’t forget to name her 😉

  8. Dana, I CANNOT WAIT!!! Very fun and something super exciting to look forward to! – Dori –

  9. 11) Eleanor

    What this series needs is more cowbell…

  10. 12) meg edwards

    Finally some ideas for using that beautiful oilcloth!

  11. 13) Susan Terrill

    I love having this information available. I love the beautiful oilcloth and laminated cottons especially all the colorful ones I found from the Southw
    est. I just never knew how to sew with them. Thank you for showing me how. Susan

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