Do you have a favorite fabric shop?

I’m compiling a list of fabric shops and resources and would love your input.
Do you have a favorite shop?

I have a good list going, but I’d love to find shops in major cities I haven’t been too, both in the US and abroad. If you live in Italy, France, Denmark, Japan, etc…I’d love to know your favorite local shop too!

I’m looking for:
*Cute boutique shops, similar to….

City Craft in Dallas, TX:
The Stitch Lab in Austin, TX:
or Whipstitch in Atlanta, GA:

* Cool discount shops and all inclusive stops like M&L Fabrics or
* Online resources for sewing and craft needs

If you have something to share, please leave info in the comments (and I’ll give you a virtual hug…..and I’ll compile them in a list to share with you all).

**Updated note: You guys are amazing! Your comments are exactly what I was looking for. Keep em comin! We’ll have a great list to reference down the road. Thanks!

  1. The Treadle in Bloomington, IL is a very unique fabric shop. You will never see so much fabric in such a small space in your entire life! It’s a bit overwhelming at first, but the shop owner is extremely knowledgeable, knows where everything is, and has top notch fabrics to choose from. I would definitely recommend it, but it’s not for the faint of heart. πŸ™‚

  2. 2) allison

    Were all the comments erased? I’m trying to find a lightweight wool and was hoping to get some suggestions from previous comments. Thanks!

  3. 4) Laura

    Oh no! Where are all the comments? πŸ™

    I am in San Antonio and was hoping someone had recommended something… Austin is a bit far to drive, esp since the shops tend to close early… any ideas? Feel Free to email if you have time!

    <3 Laura

    • 5) Cassie

      My favorite shop in the area is the Quilt Haus in New Braunfels. They have beautiful fabrics and a nice sized sale room. My other favorite shop in the area is the Creative Sewing Center, which also sells machines. They both mostly carry quilting cottons, but both are worth the visit. πŸ™‚

  4. 6) Deanna

    As a Canadian quilter, there are many shops that I visit. My newest favorite is Bound To Quilt, located close to Toronto. They have a website but seem to have a lot more fabrics in store.

  5. 7) Beth

    I am looking for sustainable fabrics – specifically tencil/ recycled PET blends. I’m starting up a small design business, so I need more than the average home sewer but less than the big design companies. And (of course) I need the best pricing I can find. I live in Houston but am willing to travel for a good source. Thanks in advance for any info you can give!

  6. 9) Molly

    Darn, I was hoping the comments would still be here! We just moved to the Phoenix area a few months ago and I swear there are no good places to shop for fabric near me. I found one local store, but it had like 20 bolts of fabric in the whole place πŸ™

  7. Friendship Star Quilt Shop is in Sayre, PA There is over 1,400 bolts of fabric, needless to day they have a large selection. They also carry quilting supplies and jelly rolls! They are so nice, and willing to help you with anything!

  8. 11) Jennifer D

    Hi Dana!

    You should do this post again and hopefully everyone would re-comment their favorite spots! Would love some recommendations for London – hubby is going there for business and I would love for him to pick me up a souvenir! I’m in the Portland, OR area, and my favorite spots are: Modern Domestic, Bolt Neighborhood Fabric, Cool Cottons and Fabric Depot.


  9. Hi Dana,
    did you ever publish your list? If so, can you hook me up with the link? thanks!

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