Oilcloth Planters

Today for Don’t Fear the FabricKate and I have two simple projects for you.
Just some little ideas that you can give as gifts.
(or keep for yourself. You like Christmas gifts too)

And my project involves NO SEWING!
You only need scraps of oilcloth.
And some pretty plants.

Because how gorgeous are succulents?!
Oh I love these plants.

They’re kind of mysterious….part plant, part flower-like, part prickly, part filled-with-water.
I almost want to eat them like a cucumber!
But I won’t.

Instead I’ll use recycled cans from food that I did eat…and turn them into little pots for my plants!

Because I also love tin can projects.
It’s like canning companies from the past could foresee the DIY future, and knew that moms everywhere would need simple little cans for a variety of projects.  And they’d like them for free. Yay!
Thank you canners.

Okay. These little planters are super easy to make.
And they’re not just for holding plants.  Use them to hold art supplies, pencils, whatever!—and check out my Tin-Can Caddy and Tin Can Christmas Trees projects for more recycled can ideas.

The nice thing about using oilcloth here is that the fabric is waterproof, so it’s okay for the planter to get wet when you’re watering plants or if you leave them outside.
(For detailed info on Oilcloth fabric read my post How to Sew with Oilcloth)

Here’s what you need:

The concept is basic:
• Remove the wrapper from a recycled food can. Rinse and dry the can.
• Use a butter knife to press down any sharp edges.
• Measure the distance from the top to bottom of the can, then measure around the can and add 1/2 inch for overlapping the fabric.
• Cut a piece of Oilcloth fabric those dimensions–(for a large pumpkin can or large peaches or tomatoes, that’s 4 3/8 x 13 inches).

• Wrap the fabric around the can and glue one side in place with a hot glue gun.  You don’t need much glue….and it’s best to use something other than your finger to press the fabric in place—like the end of a pen or pencil.
• Overlap the other end of the fabric and glue that in place.
• If you’re using this as a planter—rather than a pencil holder—use a hammer and nail to pound a few holes in the bottom for water drainage.

And you’re done!

Then make more….in different fabrics and different sizes.
And try some color-blocking.

When you’re done, grab your favorite plants and flowers.
And the good news is…you don’t have to pick ONE favorite.  Use them all!

Then plant them in your cans and enjoy your little garden.
I love how cute they look inside the house on a nightstand.
Or outside, in the deck sunshine.

And wouldn’t they make such a fun gift to take over to a friend?
Happy planting!

Now go make a leather fringe cuff with See Kate Sew!

Don’t Fear the Fabric is an ongoing series on MADE and See Kate Sew.
We want to arm you with the info and confidence to try to fabrics and see where they take you!

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  1. 1) Sheryl

    Love this!! I can always use more planters and these are free!! Only need to get some oil cloth!!

  2. 2) Kyra

    Adorable!! I want to try this. Thank you for the idea 🙂

  3. 3) iris

    This are lovely! How do you keep them from rusting though? Any issues with that?

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