Decorating the Master Bath…and that green chair


I really love our bathroom.
I know that sounds weird to say.  I don’t mean the actual toilet part.  But more, the bright white paint, the morning light, and those awesome hot showers that really wake me up.  That’s what I love.

In fact some of my best ideas come to me in the shower (TMI?).  Sometimes I even “type” out blog posts in my head!   Now you really know too much about me.  But I’m sure many of you can relate.  We’re busy moms, with ten people needing our attention at once, we’re making lunches, getting kids to school.  I guess the bathroom is sort of my “home away from home”?
I just savor those few moments of peace and quiet, without any distractions, to clear my head and think through a project.


The only problem with the bathroom is that it needs a little sprucing up.
Other than the green tile (which I still love) and white cabinets, not much has changed since we built the house.  It’s really a blank slate.


So for this post, I’m partnering with HomeGoods to add some decor to my favorite morning spot.  Because who doesn’t like shopping there??   It’s like a treasure hunt whenever I pop in—something new every time!

HomeGoods asked me to find some items from my local store to make the bathroom feel more “like me”.   So with that in mind, I went shopping!

And boom.  Straight out of the gates, I found these:
And. I. Love. Them.


Is it possible to get really excited about towels??

I didn’t think so, until I saw these and fell in love and bought all the towels in the store (sorry local Austinites. You can blame me for hoarding).   I just love that color combo!  So unique.  Maybe I need more so I can use them as “fabric”—for a beach robeChanging pad cover?  A beach cover up?

So when I showed them to Casey (who btw, has been asking me to buy towels forever.  We’ve had the same ones for a long time and they badly needed to be replaced. So two weeks ago he threw them away to inspire me to buy new ones.  Good move).
Well I asked “aren’t these towels fun?!”
“Um.  Yea.  They’re a little crazy.”
And I was like,


“They’re super cool!  And with all that white in the bathroom they’re going to look awesome.”
“Hey, I just want a towel, so whatever you want is great.”

I’ll take that as a YES.
He likes them.

And I think that when it comes to decorating, you need to find that one item that inspires you for the room….whether it’s the couch in the living room, or a piece of artwork, of in this case—towels!
Hooray! A colorful theme, mixed with lots of white.

I purchased a few other items from the store too and went home to decorate.


And there you go.
A more lively improvement!


Hooray for that little bench area between the two sinks.
The bathroom is also one of my favorite spots because it’s where Casey and I have many morning conversations…from politics, to religion, to rehashing zombie shows from the night before.  Often while he’s shaving I like to sit on that little bench area.  But it’s uncomfortable to lean back due to the windowsill.  But no more!
3 pillows for the win.

And, [drumroll for Casey]….
New towels hung!
Fantastic right??


Aside from those colors, I really love the texture too.  What a cool way to do the piling on the towels, in little pods.
Okay I’ll stop going on and on about towels.
Instead I’ll gloat over yummy soaps and lotions.


Don’t you love that at HomeGoods too?  There’s always an aisle of amazing sounding (and smelling) bath things.  I’m a big sucker for cute packaging.  And if something says:


then I probably need it.

…along with Mango-Coconut lotion.
This stuff smells like tropical drinks on a private island.  Not exaggerating.
I’ll wear it next time I see you.


And finally, just as I was ready to leave the store with my cute bathroom decor, I spotted this:


(ahhhh! Yes!) And that is really what I love about HomeGoods.  You can go there two days in a row and find something new each time.
In fact while prepping this post, I made two trips to HomeGoods, a week apart from each other.  On the first trip I spotted a gorgeous mid-century, navy tweed chair (a bit chunkier than this one), which I thought and thought about buying but decided to wait.  Then on the second trip, this green chair had shown up!  And I snagged it.   It’s the perfect color of green with those tiles in the bathroom.

So now it’s hanging out in our master bedroom, which is really just an extension of the bathroom, and the zombie conversations.


Thank you HomeGoods!
I love my spruced up bathroom!
It’s amazing how just a few items can liven up a space.


Are you itching to go shopping now??


Get inspired and check out this video with HomeGoods and Sutton Foster teaming up to make her dressing room feel like home!

And today we’re giving away a $100 Visa gift card!
Just answer this question in the comments:
What room in your home desperately needs a makeover?

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  1. 1) Jennifer

    Our family room really needs a makeover! The metal blinds need to go, but three huge windows will still need some covering. I am not a fan of panelling, either, but at least it’s really good quality. I would love the rip it off and drywall, as well as replace the carpet, but I also need to work and eat.

  2. 2) Amy M

    It’s hard to pick but I would like to fill a blank wall in my kitchen and make it a design feature. There are always so many fun options at Home Goods that it can be hard to concentrate on just one area. I love the towels you chose!

  3. 3) Kelly Paulson

    Oh, my dining room could use some help, that’s for sure! I love the chair. . . Now I want to go to home goods and snag one!

  4. 4) Trina Hansard

    My living room could use a HomeGoods make over… I love that green chair and the towels! Thanks Dana!!

  5. 5) megan

    We are just finishing a bathroom reno that is white and crisp and clean and these towels would be PERFECT

  6. 6) Lisa

    All the rooms in my house need a makeover! It would be nice to start with the master bathroom or bedroom this time since they’re usually left for last and don’t end up getting done!

  7. 7) sAMINA

    We’ve been trying to come up with something to do with our master bath, too. It’s builder bland & desperately needs an update. Thanks for reminding me to check Home Goods. I love going there – there’s so much to choose from.

  8. 8) Belinda

    Love those colors!!!! GREEN

  9. 9) Heather

    We really need a makeover for our guest room – it needs help!

  10. 10) Catherine

    My guest room needs to be finished up, it has become a dumping ground!

  11. 11) Gloria CotTen

    My living room desperately needs a makeover. We need a new couch but I keep putting off buying one because we will be moving soon. I did make some pillows that I thought would spruce it up a bit but they did not go at all. Isn’t it funny how wrong you can be about those things? The colors were perfect but the style of the fabric and patchwork design were all wrong. I gave them away and they look great in my friend’s house.

  12. 12) Tasha

    Love your bathroom!! I would love to spruce up our master bedroom. The kids’ bedrooms get lots of attention but we haven’t touched the master since we moved in…..9 years ago. Yikes!

  13. 13) Marilyn

    My living room could use a makeover. Thanks for the chance to win!

  14. 14) Ann

    Most of the rooms need a make over! Right now we are building a wall in the basement so we can semi-finish half of it, but I’m afraid that we are going to be disappointed when we get done. We don’t have much direction except build a wall. (A funny expression in our family right now in this political season … who are we trying to keep out? The crickets? The laundry?…)

  15. 15) Paige

    My kitchen needs a lot of love!

  16. 16) Shannon

    those towels are fantastic. I think I need them at my house!

  17. 17) Natal

    My bedroom!!

  18. 18) Adrienne

    Oh, my poor, sad bedroom…It could use lots of help. I have never been to Homegoods . Thank you for showing us your spoils and for the fun giveaway!

  19. 19) Norma

    I’d love to freshen up my bedroom, and Home Goods is always a great place to find great finishing touches!

  20. 20) Bree

    My craft area needs some love.

  21. 21) Kelly

    Our laundry room/future half bath needs a makeover!

  22. 22) KaRin

    Family room! We said we’d replace the carpet and redecorate when our youngest was potty trained. He’s been potty trained for a year and still no momentum. Oops.

  23. 23) Diane

    Our office! It’s the place we dump things that don’t have another home, and the cube shelving unit isn’t ideal for filing papers, which we have a ton of now that the kids are in school. Also the wall is green, not a pretty green but the color left over from the former owners. I think one must have really wanted it, and the other said OK, but as long as it stays in there, because nothing else in the house goes with it.

  24. 24) Lauren

    Oh for SURE my master bathroom. It’s small, carpeted (blech), and has a vanity (and shower tile) that have apparenly been there since 1965. I can’t even describe the color of the vanity laminate counter… it’s like, gold and green swirls??? LOL. The sink also leaks. Oh and there is no bathroom fan, so there is rust on the ceiling light (which is a generic “boob” light that the previous owners tried to use to update the bathroom). all in all it is a MESS! Save me please! 🙂

  25. 25) Chatti

    I love your bathroom! You have an eye for colors. Our whole house needs a makeover, but it’s a rental, so…..? If I could change one, I’d pick the kitchen/dining area. It’s where I seem to spend the most time, and it’s stuck in that era where avocado green was avant-garde.

  26. 26) Linda

    Our basement desperately needs a makeover.

  27. 27) jennifer

    our bedroom needs a makeover!!!

  28. 28) Renee

    Our master bedroom needs some serious design help.

  29. 29) Brittany w.

    My master bedroom definitely needs a hug. We have put the rest of the house above it and it’s looking pretty sad.

  30. 30) Amy

    Master bedroom. Dessssssperately!!! I have a few inspiration/starter items. Now I just need to get to work!

  31. 31) Kate

    Master bedroom. For sure! Finally have the last baby in his own room. It’s time to make our room ours!

  32. 32) Katrina

    The master bedroom. Good lord it’s awful.

  33. 33) Lisa

    our bedroom for sure! Thanks for the giveaway!

  34. 34) Deresa

    My bedroom needs help!! It’s so sad. Slowly it is getting better.

  35. 35) Deresa

    My bedroom needs help!! It’s so sad. Slowly it is getting better. I

  36. 36) Penny

    Family room – ugh – same as when built in 1977 – ugh – z brick on one wall – ugh, dark paneling on another wall – ugh, needs updating for sure – from hopefully ceiling lights to new flooring. too depressing for words!

  37. 38) Kate

    My master bedroom needs a makeover!!!

  38. 39) Kate

    Oh fun! My bedroom really needs some wall art!

  39. 40) Lisa G

    I think every room in my house is half finished…I am soooo indecisive. But I’d really like to finish my master bedroom.

  40. 41) Karen C

    The master bath needs some color and something new on the walls. Old wallpaper on the walls that is blah. Would love to add some color.

  41. 42) Marianne

    Ugh~ In an effort to go “neutral” and not be too crazy in my master bedroom, it’s become a beige disaster. I really really really really need some color and life and love in there! I’m not crazy about your bold yellows and greens (for me, ) but I sure love seeing the splashes of color you’ve put around your home. I need to do the same!

  42. 43) Erin

    Guest bath!

  43. 44) Amelia

    The tv room! We have a scary couch that doesn’t quite fit and springs are poking out. The tv stand recently met an untimely death. And it just needs work. Ha.

  44. 45) Lauren

    With our big move down to the coast this past summer, we bought a house that was a major fixer upper. We thought “Oh, this isn’t too bad!”, then we jumped in with both feet and reality hit! Everything needed to be spruced up and by ‘spruced up’ I mean, completely ripped out and replaced. Doh! (Hand on forehead) So, if I had to pick which room I’d choose next to redo, it would definitely be our utility room! Apparently it’s the pulse of our house and our pulse has flatlined and it needs to be resuscitated. Desperately!

  45. 46) Charisse

    My daughter’s room needs a makeover! I need to paint it and then would love to add a few new fun things in there for her!

  46. 47) bdaiss

    My kids’ bathroom! It desperately needs organization and something a bit more “big kid”. These 2 are growing so fast!

  47. 48) Elle

    Honestly the whole house since we just moved in but really I think I would like to start with my daughter’s bedroom. It is so inspiring & fun to decorate a kid’s room!

  48. 49) Janetta

    Our office/study space!

  49. 50) Jackie

    Our bathroom is in desperate need of a makeover, well, overhaul really, but maybe this will make us actually get it done.

  50. 51) Lindsay Jones

    My living room. Needs new paint, a new couch, you name it, it needs it!

  51. 52) Renee

    We have alot of rooms that need sprucing up, but our bedroom could really use some pops of color and cool chair like the one you found! I love your bathroom decor!

  52. 53) Toni

    My office in my new house. Haven’t even gotten the boxes unpacked yet!

  53. 54) Katy

    Our office/guest room/craft room– definitely. It was last priority when we moved a few years ago and with it doing so many jobs — it needs help!

  54. 55) Aubrey

    Our living room needs a makeover! I have ideas and am just waiting as we save up some money. 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win!

  55. 56) Rachel

    My kitchen is the room that needs the most help right now.

  56. 57) Britta

    Our living room needs some help! I’d love to win!

  57. 58) Alissa

    The kids playroom needs some color and organizing

  58. 59) Rita Montgomery

    Our master bedroom needs a makeover. My husband started painting the walls about 7 years ago and just stopped half way through on one wall. Our furniture and bedspread are really old and outdated. We desperately need some help.

  59. 60) LaCinda Brooks

    My kitchen needs a makeover with some fresh decor

  60. 61) Sandra

    My master bath really needs some attention too! It’s just a blank space waiting for some decorating!!

  61. 62) Kathy E.

    Our master bathroom is long overdue for a remodel. Seeing your bright, sparkly photos make me jealous! Hopefully, this winter we will get a design made out and get some contractors to take a look to get it up to date! Love that splash of green!

  62. 63) Shasta

    My kid’s bedroom is in need of a makeover.

  63. 64) Torrie

    Love your pops of color. I have a half bath on my main floor that needs help. It is boring and totally white.

  64. 65) Jessica

    Our family room needs a makeover!! We have no where to sit and relax together. We need some chairs!

  65. 66) Erin

    My living room…you basically walk into my house with an empty room 🙂

  66. 67) Heather

    My bedroom!

  67. 68) cami waite

    You’ve given some nice touches for your second “office!” The towels are wild–lov’em. Now, I want to makeover my bath, even though my guest bedroom is at the top of my list. Decisions, decisions! Thanks, for another nice giveaway.

  68. 69) Susan

    How fun! I <3 home goods. Obsessed. I need to redo my craft room! Painting the walls right now and I need some art for the walls, and maybe a table…and a mirror…and…

  69. 70) Kristin

    The craft room! No dry wall or flooring. We are hoping to finish it into a bedroom for fostering!

  70. 71) Melanie Collette

    We are getting a new house, so every room needs a makeover, ha ha! But living room first, since its what you see when you first walk in. I love those towels too! Great choice.

  71. 72) CARY

    My master bedroom is in dire need of a make-over. We moved over the summer and the movers lost our bed. We finally have it replaced but needs more than just a bed. 🙂

  72. 73) Jennie

    We are finally decorating our master bedroom, after always focusing on the rest of the house.

  73. 74) Carly

    Our bathroom could use some love too!! Between all of us using just the one, she is for sure in need of some sprucing up 😉

  74. 75) ANya

    Our family room! Our house is mid-century modern and we have this great family room. And although we’ve got furniture, I’ve never quite taken the plunge to add addition mid-century modern accents to complete the room. So seriously, your chair!! So want that!

  75. 76) Rana Deeb

    Our master bedroom. The curtains are ugly and we haven’t done anything to it. No pictures. Haven’t painted it. It needs major updating.

  76. 77) Natalie

    My kitchen is in desperate need of a makeover! I need to put in back splash, add artwork to the walls and install new counter tops.

  77. 78) Christie

    I really need to decorate my living room. It’s currently a blank slate just like your bathroom was! I would love to have some unique decorations in there and some cute frames for family pictures.

  78. 80) Mandy

    We moved into our home last summer. We purchased from the original owners who built it in 1972! Needless to say, there’s still a ton of work to do! Our living room is our current project. It’s freshly painted, but currently completely empty other than a piano and a tv, hah! We’re currently trying to figure out which sectional we want in there, but the rest of the decor is completely undecided. I’m looking forward to brightening it up with some fun pillows, lighting, and wall decor!

  79. 81) Tammy westfahl

    We closed off a door in our kitchen and now I have a large blank wall that needs some love. The kitchen could also use some new curtains.

  80. 82) mami2jcn

    Our home office needs a makeover.

  81. 83) mami2jcn


  82. 84) Katie

    Our half bath. We just moved in and haven’t touched it. It’s all grey and sad and gloomy.

  83. 85) Becky

    I desperately want to change my living room. Even though we don’t spend a lot of time in there, when we have company that is where we are. We bought this house 19 years ago and the couch is the same I bought back then. I am so tired of it!!! Want something very different! Abracadabra – MODERN! Sick of the country chic thing, so over it! Let me win – I would love that!!

  84. 86) paige

    Master Bedroom!

  85. 87) Kathleen

    We have lived in our house for 12 years. It was built in the late 1960s. The family room is in desperate need of a makeover. We removed the beams from the ceiling and put drywall over the wallpapered plywood walls. Still working on the floor. Hopefully we will get to the fun part soon: furniture, rug, lighting, and shelves.

  86. 88) Michelle

    My kitchen!!

  87. 89) Jenw

    It is hard to pick since we have lived in this house about 21 months and I have waited to do a lot because I wanted to see how we would use the space. And now I know, and it’s time for action!! My downstairs bathroom could really use some love!! It is an almond colored blank slate! Thanks for the chance!!

  88. 90) Erin

    Would love to redecorate my dining room. It’s the room we hang out most in our house. We bought our house a little over a year ago and would like to liven up just a room or two.

  89. 91) Kim

    The kids’ bath!

  90. 92) Lyndsie

    Our master bedroom! I’ve been more energy into every other room except my own. Now it needs some cozying up!

  91. 93) Steph

    If it’s weird for you to say you love your bathroom, then how weird is it for me to say I love it too…? 🙂 I seriously do, I have loved it since you posted pics of the fabulous green tile while you were building!

    My own bedroom needs the remodel. Right now it has my bed, and my dresser, and that’s it! My kids assume the open space is for their toys… Help!

  92. 94) Vanessa Fullman

    Just moved into a new home and my poor master bedroom was the last room to tackle…It could use some homegood decor for sure!

  93. 95) Leigh Anne Blades

    Your bathroom looks so good! I love the colors. I need to go to Homegoods now and get stuff for my master bedroom. It needs some help. It’s gray, and that’s it. Well, there is this one odd red chair in the corner. But I could use a makeover in there for sure.

  94. 96) Katy

    I love home goods!! Our master bedroom needs some attention fir sure! Thanks for a giveaway!

  95. 97) Maureen

    My bedroom really needs a makeover! It’s my everything room, bed, computer, sewing and craft room.

  96. 98) Kathy

    The bedroom of my two,sons who are a little older now needs to be updated.

  97. 99) Lynne

    Our master bedroom needs a makeover. We have a sitting room in our master and I need to start all over from scratch in that part of the room and then move into the main part of the bedroom. It feels soooo dark and the two sections of the bedroom don’t feel connected. I’m ready for a makeover!

  98. 100) Martina

    My kitchen -I would gladly tear out the cabinets with my bare hands!

  99. 101) katherine

    Our office needs a makeover for sure!

  100. 102) Ashley

    Our bathrooms (pick any of them!). Fun towels!

  101. 103) Christina

    Those towels are totally awesome– it’s a good thing you’re looking out for Casey so he doesn’t end up with boring ones. And I love that chair.
    Our living room needs updating, starting with a new sofa. It’s the one room that stayed the same during our massive remodel a few years ago and it’s time.

  102. 104) Eva

    My bedroom is in need of a revamp. We managed to paint it but butting is in the walls and it lacks personality. Maybe one day.

  103. 105) cali

    My bathroom does!!!

  104. 106) Heather

    Gorgeous! I love it!

    My bedroom is always the last on the list: last to be cleaned, last to be organized, last to be decorated. It occurred to me lately that it’s probably an indication that my marriage isn’t much of a priority these days. Not good! So I’d love a little Home Goods shopping spree for my bedroom. Please and thanks!

  105. 107) Katherine

    Our dining room/eating area. We need a bigger table to accommodate guests and game nights!

  106. 108) Crystal

    My bathroom/bedroom need a makeover!

  107. 109) Rebecca

    Homegoods is my favorite!

  108. 110) Daniela

    Not sure what room will need it yet. We put our house on the market and got an offer less than 24 hours later. Now we have 3 weeks to find and buy a new home. To say we are stressed is an understatement. But I am sure we can find a room that needs some help once we pick a house!

  109. 111) jackie

    My front living room..I have virgin oak wood floors under the carpet that have never been finished.

  110. 112) Nancy

    I’m dying to fix up my girls a room to share! That is where I would do work!

  111. 113) Julie Rosenhan

    Well most of my house needs a makeover, but I’d probably have to choose the living room. I’m not really any good at decorating and so it’s a mishmash right now!

  112. 114) Jessica

    My master bedroom is in very serious need of an update!

  113. 115) Kelly

    Every room in my house needs an update! Lol. We live in a rental, hoping to buy soon and haven’t wanted to make many big purchases in case they don’t fit into our ‘forever’ home. LOVE Home Goods! I will be making many trips there once we do buy!

  114. 116) Will G

    Our office desperately needs a makeover.

  115. 118) Diane M.

    Our outdoor living area, hope this counts! Thanks for the chance!

  116. 119) Hannah M

    It’s hard to pick! We recently bought our first house and pretty much every room needs some love! Our dining room could really use some help though, right now we just have a dining table + chairs and a lot of empty space!

  117. 120) Teri

    Living room that makes me look like and old lady, which I refuse to be!

  118. 121) Lauralee

    My bedroom needs some love. It’s so mishmash. But then again my sewing room needs some love too. And I could certainly use new towels.

  119. 122) Kristin H

    My master bedroom!! It’s a sad state of blah in there…

  120. 123) Kayla Fik

    Our mudroom needs some help!

  121. 124) Cara

    My living room! My father and I put up wallpaper 6 years ago that I had fallen in love with at the time. I still haven’t coordinated the rest of the room!

  122. 125) Beth

    Isn’t it always our private spaces that get done last! My bedroom is a disaster and I need to get started so I could really use that card to find my inspiration piece. Thanks for the chance to win.

  123. 126) Katie Mitchell

    My master bedroom and bathroom could really use a little freshening up. I love that green chair, and I’m totally green with envy over it! ????

  124. 127) Trish G

    My bed room and dining room both need help! THanks for the giveaway!

  125. 128) Hillary shemes

    My master bedroom! Needs paint, bed, pillows, curtains, wall art, cute
    catch alls for emptying pockets, a lamp… I could go on!!

  126. 129) Ali

    My living room is so dull usually it is one of the main rooms in homes that is used a ton I can say we avoid it and hang out in the kitchen more so.

  127. 130) Audrey

    No joke- my master bath! I’ve owned my house two years and have nothing to it, I’m talking not even a shower curtain ????

  128. 131) HanNah

    My laundry room / storage room / sewing room needs a makeover. It is the only room I. He house that is all mine and I want to make it more of a sanctuary for me rather than a room for “house work”. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  129. 132) Ashley

    My bedroom is in need some change! There is 7 (a husband and 5 kids) of us in a small house with little storage so everything gets pilled in there. Thanks for the chance!

  130. 133) Lynne tilley

    Our master bedroom desperately needs a makeover. I have some gorgeous antique furniture, but it needs to be freshened up with more contemporary bedding and accessories so it doesn’t look quite so “grandma” like (even though I AM a Mema now!!). Thanks so much for the chance to win.

  131. 134) Chelsea

    I’d love to spruce up our living room!

  132. 135) BRIDGET

    We are in a rental so there’s not much we can do with paint or even draperies but I’d say our living room needs help. We bought a very expensive couch about 6 years ago that has proven to be the most uncomfortable couch that I’ve ever owned. I’d love to sell it and use the money towards a more comfortable lounging couch with lots of snuggly pillows.

  133. 136) Michelle

    Gosh, I think of our whole home in progress. If I had to choose one room, I think it would be our livingroom. It needs some cohesiveness. Right now it is an all purpose room that contains our piano, my sewing corner, the TV and couch, and our computer.
    Great giveaway!

  134. 137) Julie Wood

    My living room needs a makeover really bad. It is outdated and drab!

  135. 138) Julie Wood


  136. 139) Micah

    The guest bathroom! And home goods is my favorite place to shop for furnishings, so it would be really great to win :D!

  137. 140) Lana

    Dude, my bathroom totally needs a makeover!

  138. 141) MOrgan

    I’m currently in the process of remodeling my master bath, so far I have only done the major parts like the vanity, countertops, wall color, toilet, but I desperately need some accessories and accents to dress up my new space!

  139. 142) Karen

    My laundry room is a pretty awful dungeon from 1996…but I think it needs more major work than home goods could handle. But my kids play area needs help too!

  140. 143) Nikki

    My guest room needs major help! It’s basically a dumping ground

  141. 144) Megan

    We just moved, and nearly every wall needs to be painted. 😉 the rooms that are our top priorities are the living room (we need to put in a hearth for a pellet stove, as well as a mantle and I’m hoping for some built-ins to decorate!) as well as the master bedroom. It’s a blank canvas with white walls and beige carpet, and it’s technically 2 rooms on the floor plan, /& the other half of it will be our nursery for when the baby comes in January. I haven’t decided if I’m going to try to make the whole suite cohesive or make them into 2 separate areas, but I’m really excited to decorate this nursery since it’s my fourth child and I haven’t been able to decorate a nursery yet!

  142. 145) Julie C

    The master bedroom. Mom and Dad always put everyone else first, so it would be great to spruce up our room !

  143. 146) Courtney

    Our master bedroom needs an update so bad.. The laundry room is the only other room that has been deglected but the master is definitely next on the list!

  144. 147) Nicole

    Our guest bath needs a major makeover!

  145. 148) Melanie Metzger

    Our bathroom….the yellow paint from the previous owners that appears neon yellow in certain lights does not sit well on the eyes.

  146. 149) carrie

    My living room! We moved into our house a little over 2 years ago and….I’ve done nothing! I have one wall of black and white photos from our old house and a family photo canvas hung on a nail that was on the wall when we moved in. I do drool over things at home goods when when I stop in for other items and this would be just the thing for me to get started!

  147. 150) Heather M.

    MY KITCHEN!!! I’ve been desperate to make over my kitchen! I feel like it’s been ages since I made it fun and exciting and after several years, I’m just tired of it now. It needs some new colors and yes, TOWELS! lol I want to be excited to cook in my kitchen again and right now it’s just too BLAH!

  148. 151) Courtney J

    My master bedroom! I have worked on every other room in the house and now I need something for me…and my husband of course.

  149. 152) Kristin

    Our master bedroom is just blah and the quilt is falling apart and desperately in need of replacing!

  150. 153) Paige

    I saw one of these stores just the other day and thought I need to go in there. Now I know I do! Love your style. Paige

  151. 154) Allyson

    Our kitchen definitely could use a makeover!

  152. 155) Steve Weber

    Our downstairs basement area definitely needs a makeover

    groogruxking40 @ gmail dot com

  153. 156) Denise

    My bedroom! I’ve gotten halfway through redecorating about three times, but never get it finished! It really needs some love.

  154. 157) Kelly D

    My living room needs a makeover, it is too plain.

  155. 159) Jessica To

    My master bedroom needs a makeover.

  156. 160) RaeLyn

    Here’s a weird one…my hallways. I have 2 two 4′ wide hallways that get constant traffic. I desperately need to do something to make them more fun to walk down! Maybe if I unpacked and hung my pictures…

  157. 161) Kristie

    Our master bath needs a makeover too. I’m inspired by your yellow hello sign. It’s so cheerful.

  158. 162) Sabrina

    Our master bedroom! It currently has ugly and too short curtains, bare walls, and piles of laundry!

  159. 163) MarGaret

    The boys room needs some serious help. I would love to make over their room for them!

  160. 164) Tiffany

    Our master bathroom is just like yours was: a blank slate! Thanks for this opportunity and a glimpse into your dramatic make over.

  161. 165) Erika

    I would love to spruce up my living room.


  162. 166) Amy l

    Our living room needs a makeover. Thanks for the inspiration!

  163. 167) Tara

    Living room!!! We still use my husbands “bachelor pad” couches–I think he got the whole set for $600 and we’ve been married now for 12 ½ years. Is it time to buy real furniture yet?!

  164. 168) TabithA

    Our master bathroom is atrocious. Thanks for the chance to win.

  165. 169) Kristin

    Every room in our home needs a makeover 😉 We moved here a little over a year ago and have been slowly changing things as we go. To me, the bedroom needs the most help. I wish we lived closer to a HomeGoods!!!

  166. 170) anne

    Such a pretty bathroom! I’ve got at least three rooms that need help-downstairs bathroom, kitchen, boy’s bedroom.

  167. 171) Clodyne Seidel

    My bathroom has brown walls (which I can’t believe I chose that color) but I want to paint them white someday. For now, I’ve been making homemade decorations to put in there.

  168. 172) Tama

    Our basement needs the most work!

  169. 173) Jessie C.

    Our kitchen desperately needs a makeover.
    tcarolinep at gmail dot com

  170. 174) Jessie C.


  171. 175) Samantha

    Does my covered porch count? It’s just an extension of my family room and it’s a total disaster! Since we’ve moved in its just an empty space that we haven’t figured out how to decorate!

  172. 176) AMY

    The Master Bedroom…which also doubles as my office. It needs artwork, furniture, and to feel like grown-ups live there.

  173. 177) OFG

    That’s an easy one. My living room. It’s long and its hard to figure out what kind of furniture to buy and where to put it.

  174. 179) Wehaf

    My bedroom is drab and cluttered; it definitely needs a makeover.

  175. 180) Keri Chu

    I’m almost done with construction of our new master bed and bath. This space needs everything new except for the bed and dresser. Lots will be needed such as bathroom towels and accessories to window treatments and décor.

  176. 181) Megan L.

    My master bedroom is in dire need of a make-over! It is a very small room and I don’t even know where to begin. Please help!

  177. 182) Sara

    ALL the rooms in our house could use a good makeover, but especially the master bath!

  178. 183) Dee

    Our living room needs some sprucing up — fresh paint and new decorations! 🙂

  179. 185) Heather

    Our living/family room. It’s a bit of a hodgepodge right now and could use some cute pieces to tie it all together.

  180. 186) JG

    The kitchen!

  181. 187) Kelli

    Is the entry a room? The entry way really needs a makeover!

  182. 188) Kelli

    Home Goods is my favorite! I find so many great things there. I love those towels, too, and they work perfectly in your bright space.

  183. 189) Windie D

    My master bath – and it doesn’t need a make-over, it needs its initial design! We purchased a new home and are remodeling the master suite. The accessories I had in our previous master bath are designated for the main bath in the new house. We need all new fixtures and accessories!

  184. 190) Susan Smith

    My office needs a makeover. I have papers everywhere that need to find a place where I can find them.

  185. 192) Amy Tong

    I love the items you picked for the bathroom. make it so lively and more personal. 🙂 My living room desperately need a makeover! Need a new sofa for sure. can’t wait to check it out at HomeGoods!

    amy [at] utry [dot] it

  186. 194) Michelle M.

    My master bedroom needs a good refreshing. Everything is a mish-mash of what didn’t fit in the rest of the house.

  187. 195) Anastasia

    Pretty much all of them lol but I’d love to re-do the living room, for sure 🙂 Lay down a nice rug or put some stuff on the wall 🙂

  188. 197) Melina

    Master bedroom! Just freshly painted a beautiful blue with white trim…now needing some fun curtains and pillows to make it cozy! LOVING those towels by the way!!

  189. 198) Michelle Norris

    My whole house needs help! I would say my great room could use some help!

  190. 199) Maureen

    My bedroom desperately needs a makeover!

  191. 200) Marilyn

    My bedroom is in need of a makeover

  192. 201) Kendra

    My master bedroom needs a makeover! I neglected it to make my kids room awesome

  193. 202) Al

    Just about every room in our house. Moved in a year ago and every room is still builder-bland.

  194. 203) Emily@mycraftylittleself

    Our living room is so, so boring. This is the room I would tackle first!

  195. 204) Teri

    Your bathroom is AWESOME! My sewing room and owner’s bathroom could use A LOT of sprucing.

  196. 205) Christy Wallaker

    I just bought a new house, well new to me. And the poor bathrooms haven’t been touched since 1980 when the house was built. I can’t wait to get them updated and would love some help from HomeGoods to get the ball rolling!

  197. 206) Rebecca Price

    My living room/dining area is so in need of remodeling, It’s like something the zombies left behind!

  198. 207) Lena

    Love your additions! Def my master suite:)
    Homegoods is wonderful!!

  199. 208) Tracy

    My living room is a total mess! Toys every where! Need a new window treatment for the slider and new paint. But maybe we just need to move things around?

  200. 209) Annie Dulaney

    Every room! We just moved from a tiny apartment into our first house and every room is pretty sparse. We are slowly acquiring furniture and decorations to make our house beautiful but this would be an awesome kick start for us!

  201. 210) Elle

    The family room desperately needs a makeover. It is more functional than a fashion statement. It doesn’t really have a cohesive style at all.

  202. 211) Madeline

    Our computer room could use a makeover. There’s too much clutter at the moment.

  203. 212) KAthy

    Our bathroom is teeny tiny and white white white. It’s hard to find ways to add color, so this gives me some ideas. Now, to go and get things!

  204. 213) Kelly Adams

    I love Home Goods!!!

  205. 214) Kelli

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the chair!! The towels are awesome as well. My living room could use some love.

  206. 215) Melissa Evans of mahlicadesigns

    My family room needs some major loving attention. The furniture is all mismatched hand me downs, we still have a few moving boxes on a shelf, and the fireplace is hidden by make shift baby gates. HELP

  207. 216) Andrea

    Our computer/extra bedroom needs help.

  208. 217) julie

    Our master bedroom needs so much help!!!!!

  209. 218) Sara

    Our living room.

  210. 219) Holly O.

    My family and I are in the throes of a whole house renovation! At this point, we have the ultimate open-concept home, as we can see through the entire thing — exterior wall to exterior wall! Winning some free shopping therapy would be awesome motivation for pushing through the many looming reconstruction challenges!

  211. 220) Richelle

    Love the added color!

  212. 221) Amanda

    We just bought an older home and everything is dated. Wallpaper, carpet, etc. I’d have to say the bathroom though because there is seriously green carpet in it. Not cool. 🙂

  213. 222) Kristen

    My bedroom needs a makeover.

  214. 224) joy2sew

    most of our home is a throw-together of our style of what we could afford at the time. Our family room needs the most help with two blank, grey couches and a beat up side table and ricking chair. Oh please, oh please, we need the help!

  215. 225) Stefanie G

    I would love to makeover my bedroom!

  216. 227) BusyWorkingMama

    My master bedroom could use a pop of color and life!

  217. 228) sherry butcher

    My living room that enters into the kitchen.

  218. 229) Lisa Brown

    My bedroom needs the makeover or updating
    jslbrown2009 at aol dot com

  219. 230) Lisa Brown

    jslbrown2009 at aol dot com

  220. 231) Linda Meyers-Gabbard

    Love the yellows you chosen. Especially the pillow. Also love the towel. Home goods is awesome store.

  221. 232) Mita

    My living room needs a makeover.

  222. 234) Kerry Bishop

    Our bedroom!

  223. 236) Deb Ford

    The boys rooms need a make over, but they could care less, so I’ll probably tackle the sunroom next.

  224. 238) katherine

    Not much has changed in my bedroom for 10 years

  225. 240) elizabeth

    All of them I love their baskets and organizers. truckredford(at)gmail(Dot)com

  226. 242) Lenetta

    My laundry room fo sho. It’s the room we enter into, and it’s a catchall.

  227. 243) Megan

    Thank you for hosting this giveaway! Our office desperately needs to be whipped into shape!

  228. 244) Anne

    As I look around the house, I think every room could use a bit of a makeover, but the one room that’s desperate for a makeover is the spare bedroom. Over the years it has evolved into the storage room, and I would love to clear out the clutter and return it to its original function.

  229. 246) maria cantu

    My kitchen really needs a makeover.

  230. 247) Tarissa

    I really want to redecorate my room. It needs updating!
    pixelberrypie at yahoo dot com

  231. 249) Jeffrey

    This may sound silly, but I would like to makeover our mud room. It is the first thing you see when coming to our home and I want it to look inviting and fun.

  232. 251) Stephanie Phelps

    My living room desperately needs a makeover and so does my dining room!

  233. 253) Margot C

    I have a junk room, a “box” room that has a bed and a cabinet in it. My step son used to use it when he visited, but now that he is an adult it’s not so often. I actually has a bunch of empty boxes in it. It’s terrible!

  234. 255) Betty C

    My home office desperately needs a makeover. It has no personality and is filled with clutter I need to purge.

  235. 257) Ellie Wright

    What room in my house doesn’t need a makeover? I would say the living room more than any of them.

  236. 259) Becka

    My home office/craft room/(maybe nursery soon?) could really use some cute organization! I have piles of things and ugly plastic bins, and I’ve seen so many cute storage and organization options that I’d love to get on my trips to Home Goods!

  237. 260) Thomas Murphy

    My bedroom needs a makeover.

  238. 262) Barbara Montag

    Our bedroom needs a makeover.
    Would love for it to be more restful.
    thank you

  239. 264) Rebecca Graham

    My kitchen is in need of a makeover.

  240. 265) Tabathia B

    the master bedroom needs a major makeover

    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  241. 267) angie lilly

    OMG! My bathroom has been in a state of shambles and remodel for nearly three years! I need that room to get DONE!!!!!

  242. 269) Crystal

    Definitely my living/family room. We only have one living space, and while it is technically a good size, it also has to share responsibilities with our dining table, so the whole room feels disjointed and even more so with the disjointed decor which is mostly non-existant because all of our budget goes to feeding four ravenous children. We snagged a used and too-small rug from a neighbor because it was free, but I SO BADLY want a new rug as a foundation.
    Your bathroom is BEYOND FUN! I love how you use color to being so much life and happiness to a room without making it feel childish or overdone 🙂

  243. 270) Jerry Marquardt

    The room in my home that so desperately needs a makeover is my kitchen. I almost live in it, so it needs a facelift.

  244. 272) April

    My office needs a makeover. It’s really disjointed and the catch all room of the house. Nothing cute about it but my fabric stash!

  245. 273) Wanda McHenry

    My kitchen needs a makeover! I would like to install granite counter tops, a ceramic back splash and ceramic tile flooring.

  246. 275) Erica Best

    my bedroom

  247. 277) Denise l

    Well I was going to say my home office needs a makeover until I saw those towels. My bathroom needs those towels. That might not count as a makeover though 😉

  248. 279) Linda

    My bathroom does!

  249. 281) Arress

    My family room could use a update and re-do. It is quite dated and needs some pops of color.

  250. 283) Karrie

    My bathroom could use a makeover

  251. 284) Cynthia C

    I would love a makeover for my bathroom.

  252. 286) Courtney

    Our master bedroom needs some updating. The mix of furniture is a bit too much to be considered eclectic!

  253. 287) Jen Plank

    Our master bedroom could use a refresh… Specifically our sheets which are practically threadbare!
    I love those towels too, so fun and happy!

  254. 288) Megan

    Our master bedroom!

  255. 289) Rebecca

    My kitchen needs a major makeover , I’d love to win this!

  256. 290) Jeannett

    Totally need to implement some of these ideas to freshen up my master bath!

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