Never Fail Pie Crust

Whenever I make Christmas pies at my in law’s house my mother-in-law thinks I’m some sort of genius. “You make your own crust?!”
Yes (sometimes). And thank you. I love having a clever reputation!
But in reality…the cat’s out of the bag. Pie crust is super easy to make.
I’m no different than your 18th century mom.

Of course there are many different ways to make pie crust. Some use cold butter, some shortening, some must be chilled, and some even use oil. If you have your own tried-and-true method I’m not here to sway you another way.

But I will say this…
My mom has been making pie crust with this recipe for years.
It doesn’t require any cold ingredients.
It doesn’t require you to chill the dough for an hour before rolling it out. (I hate waiting for stuff.)
And it never fails. Works every time!
So pick your filling and let’s get started.
Never Fail Pie Crust
(makes 4 single crusts)

4 cups flour
1 Tbl sugar
1 1/2 tsp salt
1 3/4 cup vegetable shortening (non trans fat, such as Crisco or other). You can substitute butter or a mixture of both. Shortening makes the crust a bit more flaky and is easier to work with.

1 Tbl vinegar
1 egg
1/2 cup water

Mix flour, sugar, and salt. Cut in the shortening with a fork or cutting tool (or you could give it a whirl in your food processor for a bit).

In a separate bowl mix vinegar, egg, and water. Add it to the flour mixture, stirring with a fork until moistened. Use your hands to mold into 4 equal balls. The dough may be frozen and thawed for future use.

When ready to bake a pie, flour your surface and roll the crust starting from the middle and moving out, till it’s about 2 inches larger than the size of your pie dish. Remember when working with pastries to handle it as little as possible so the gluten doesn’t become overworked and tough.

Gently roll your dough into a loose log or around your rolling pin (this is the easiest way I’ve found to transfer it into the pie pan). Lay it in the pan, unroll the crust, and gently fit it in place–don’t pull or tug on the crust. Use a knife to trim the uneven edges, leaving about a 1-inch overhang. Tuck the overhang under on the edge of your pan. Then use your fingers to pinch the edges for a decorative finish.
And you have a beautiful pie shell ready to bake!
Pie shells can be baked “blind” or filled.
Blind means baking the shell without anything inside of it (so you can later fill it with creams, puddings, fresh fruit, and yummy goodness). If I’m lazy, I simply poke holes in the bottom of my crust (to keep it from puffing up), toss it in a 375 degree oven for about 10 minutes, and then let it cool completely before filling. But sometimes one of the sides will sag a bit during baking.

So…the proper way to blind bake is to place a large piece of parchment or wax paper in the crust so it covers the bottom and sides of the pan. Then fill it with baking weights, dried beans, or rice. This holds the crust in place as it bakes.
When baking a filled pie such as pumpkin, apple, pecan, or raspberry, I recommend covering the edges of your crust with long strips of aluminum foil to keep them from burning as the pie bakes. Or you can buy a handy metal crust-cover to protect the edges. Remove it during the last 5 minutes of baking so the edges will brown.
And there you go. Simple pie crust.
Now it’s your turn to impress the mother-in-law.

I’ll get you started with my favorite Lemon Cream and Pumpkin Pie recipes.
Of course chocolate pudding with cool whip and candies on top is a simple crowd- pleaser.
Happy Baking!
Check out the Sweets and Treats archive page HERE.

  1. 1) Lorie Bock

    Yea!! Thank-you so much~~~~

    • 2) B

      I used this recipe successfully for 3 decades but when they changed crisco (removing the transfats), the resulting pie crust was changed and not for the better. Have you noticed that? I talked with the crisco hotline and they told me i needed to alter the recipe to account for it but i can’t remember the mod.

      • 3) Mp

        I’ve made this crust about 5 times in the last month- I make mini pecan pies with it. I’ve bought new crisco during this time and have no issues. I’m in the Midwest if that matters .

  2. 4) Melissa M

    Looks like all be using this pie crust this year for the fall ! I tend to bake more pies around that time ! Or I may just try it sometime soon bc it look really easy to make ! And here I thought I was the only one to use MC pie tins lol .. I always ask for them back ! There always good to bake with !

  3. I am just wondering if you use all-purpose or self rising flour?

    • 6) Glenys Henshilwood

      Could i use Glutten Free Flour.?

    • 7) Patsy

      All purpose flour only

  4. 8) Valerie

    Yes, this is THE best pie crust recipe ever! My mother-in-law shared it with me. Now I LOVE to make pies!

  5. I am an avid reader of your blog – I just love it! Thank you for so many fun tutorials and projects!! I just HAD to tell you that I grudgingly decided to try this recipe (I felt like I already had a pretty solid pie crust recipe) but honestly, you are SO RIGHT!

    This dough was so quick to make and easy to work with and, as you said, turned out GREAT! Thank you!!

  6. I found this recipe on Pinterest. Cannot wait to try my hand at making homemade pie crust. Thanks for the step by step instructions…I think I can…I think I can! Haha!

  7. 11) Sheri

    I have been making this recipe for years (my mother-in-law gave it to me). It is the best!

  8. 12) Carrie

    My Mom and all my aunts have used this recipe for the better part of 75 years! It ALWAYS turns out well. ENJOY!

  9. Americans love their pies and I can see why! I can never get the bottom to cook without the top crust burning. I now know the tricks!

    Thank you for this tutorial.


  10. 14) Amazed!

    This is amazing. Things that call themselves ‘never fail’ usually leave me suspicious, but as it was Dana I decided it would be ok. But really it’s awesome! I’m in England so used butter not shortening and I quartered the recipe because I have a little pie dish. But it works every time. I have always been a massive failure when it comes to pastry and always buy a case if I want it to taste nice. But not any more! This really is fool proof. Thank you Dana, again!!!

  11. 15) Leeann lang

    Ive used this same recipe for years and I must say it is a big hit with my family, too!! WOrks every time!!!!

  12. 16) jamileh

    I used this recipe for the first time to make mini apple pies … The crust came out completely amazing. This time I will be attempting mini peach cobblers and I think using some butter and some shortening instead of all will give me that richer taste I am looking for.

  13. 17) Carolyn Thornley

    I forgot to tell you today when we were talking that I tried your mom’s no fail pie crust recipe yesterday. Yummy—we finished off the apple pie tonight.

  14. 18) Kim

    Oh my I have been searching for the pie crust I made in home ec class a million years ago in high school and you have it. Everyone looks at me like I am an alien when I say it had vinegar and an egg. I am so excited its the best ever

  15. 19) April

    Thank you for this post. I just made crust about 2 hours ago and used another recipie, next time I am going to give this on a try. It looks great. Thank you

  16. 20) Danielle

    Does this recipe make enough for on 9-inch pie crust for just the bottom or enough for a 9-inch top and bottom for apple pie or say 2 pumpkins?

    • 21) Dana

      It makes 4 crusts altogether….so either 4 single crusts, or 2 tops and 2 bottoms for apple or cherry type pies.

  17. 22) Connie

    What *type* of vinegar? Apple cider, white?

    • 23) Dana

      any kind works. I think I used apple cider.

      • 24) Connie

        Thank you thank you for posting this recipe! After MANY failed attempts in the past I finally succeeded in making good crust with your mom’s recipe! (Ps I used apple cider vinegar also)

  18. 25) Rachel Pope

    My mom made all her pies with this recipe. Instead of using vinegar though, I like using lemon juice.

  19. 26) Margriet

    This is, hands down, the best pie crust tutorial I have read. All of my adult life I have struggled to make pie crust and failed miserably. Reading through your blog and seeing the pictures have given me the courage to try again. I can bake just about anything else, but pie and pie crust have been my nemesis.

  20. 27) Leah

    I am curious, I have never seen a recipe for pie crust with egg and vinegar.
    What are the benefits? I don’t make pie crust because I can never get it
    to turn out!

    • 28) Veneta Britt

      The eggs and vinegar replace some of the water, and they add stability. The vinegar evaporates in cooking and the egg adds protein which makes the crust stronger and more able to brown and make the pie crusts more stable.

  21. 29) Wendy

    Usually when I see a pie crust recipe, I look at it, and then discard it because “why would I replace my mom’s fabulous crust recipe with that?” This time, though, your mom’s crust IS my mom’s crust! πŸ™‚ I will totally vouch for the fact that this is wonderful pie crust! (and I usually use regular white vinegar because I know its going to be in the cupboard)

  22. 31) Miriam

    I found your recipe on Pinterest, and I tried it tonight, and I don’t know what happened, but it turned into a soupy mess. πŸ™ Gonna have to try something else. Oh, well.

  23. 32) Tiffany

    What do you mean by tbl? Sorry I am fairly new to baking!

    • 33) Veneta Britt

      tbl= tablespoon. You will get used to the different abbreviations.

  24. 34) Tiffany

    Nevermind I got it, it’s tablespoon!

    • 35) kathleen brennan claydon

      tablespoon is also abbreviated as T ( capital letter t) teaspoon is “t” small

  25. 36) Amanda

    I’ve been making pie crusts for a long time using chilled shortning and it’s always such a crap shoot to get the exact right amount of water so the crust isn’t too wet or too crumbly. This thanks giving I was making several pies so I tried your recipe and it is THE BEST! Thank you so much. The crust is delicious and it’s easy to make and I love it! Thank you!

  26. 37) Mish

    Sorry, didn’t see any answer for the use of egg and vinegar?

  27. 38) Marcia

    All my experience with making pie crust involves icy cold water and lemon juice. I’m interested to see how this one will turn out. I wanted to add a tip from a dear lady at our church. We were sitting by each other at a Pampered Chef party discussing their products when we came to the pie shield. She told me to just take a disposable pie pan and cut the bottom (the part that would normally sit on the counter) out. Then invert it over the pie while cooking. It works like a charm!

    • 39) Leslie

      Love that idea!

  28. 40) Jewel

    I use this recipe and agree that it could not be easier. You mentioned your recipe using oil. Could you share that, please. I used to have it and liked not using hydrogenated shortening.

  29. 41) Irina

    Dear Dana! Thank you very much for sharing this method. I’ve tried many ways of making pie crust but your recipe is the best! It doesn’t take much time but results in a bunch of pastry. I’ve baked all week through πŸ™‚ The crust is cool for any type of pie I guess: I tried it for a cheese cake and my favorite apple tart tatin. The crust is very tender, light, tasty and crispy. And your Lemon Pie is awesome!
    I’m happy to find your blog and become your true follower :)))
    I wish you all the best!

  30. Looks delicious; thanks for sharing your recipe! I’ll definitely be using this next time I make a pie!

  31. I have used this recipe for 40 years and itis the only way to make crusts. I even freeze the dough and it still works.

  32. 44) Laura Avram

    Greetings from Romania. The recipe is great! I baked 4 pies wirth delicious fillings for Christmas. Though i didn’t use enough shortening and the crust became really hard, i could barely cut it with a knife. But considering it was my first attempt at baking cakes, these pies turned out delicious. Again, thank you very much, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  33. 45) Jessica

    I have been baking pies for years, and this is by far the easiest and most time-friendly one I’ve tried (and it tastes fabulous)! Thank you for the recipe, I will share this with others. Excellent blog!

  34. 46) naomi

    What Ican use instead of Crisco? Dont have and dont want to use it.

    • 47) Christine

      Good old-fashioned lard, or coconut oil for the yuppies (a la Duck Dynasty;).

  35. 48) Jen

    If you use butter, how much do you use?

  36. 49) Rachel

    I have used this recipe several times now and I love it! It freezes great too! I used all butter instead of shortening (the same amount) and it’s delicious.

  37. 50) briana

    πŸ™‚ my nana gave me this exact recipe on the original recipe card. A treasure of mine. The recipe works very well!

  38. 51) Katie sprague

    My Grandmother was a pastry chef at a Maine Resteraunt that is known far and wide for their pies. She used this recipie and it truly is a wonderful crust!!

  39. First of all, just tried your crust recipe this afternoon and OH MY GOD! It’s amazing! Second, you’re seriously blowing my mind with the crust cover, did not know something like that excisted… πŸ™‚

    • 53) Seberina

      So, I completely SUCKED at making pie crusts until I came across this recipe! Thank you so much for sharing it!! I was just wondering how long it can be refrigerated for? I made some yesterday (Sunday) and used 1/2 of it. Will the other 1/2 be ok in the fridge until Friday or Saturday? Or should I pop it in the freezer?

  40. 54) Ellen

    Can you use this recipe for meat /chicken pies as well?

    • 55) Cheryl

      Yes you can. This is a wonderful recipe. I’ve added a bit of celery seed to my crust when making a chicken pot pie.

  41. 57) Anna

    Could you please please please put your measurements in weight as well as cups. Cup size varies depending on what country you and your reader are in. I SO want to try this recipe but don’t know which cup sizes you are using. I’m in Australia and am guessing you are using American cup sizes. Thank you!! Anna x

  42. 58) Anna

    I have the same question as Ellen – can you adapt this for savoury pies?

    • 59) Brenda

      I got this same recipe from my mother-in-law 30 odd yrs ago. I’ve used it for savoury or sweet. If you roll your crust properly thin you should have (2) 2crust 9″ pies. Mine end up thicker, alas, so the second pie gets a Dutch Crumble topping.

  43. Ahh Pinterest what would i do without you.. Love that this makes 4 so i can freeze some. How great it that for when i’m being a crazy lazy blogger who quickly needs to make something pretty to post! Love love love it.

  44. 61) SMum

    Is it really 1 tablespoon of salt? My pie is in the oven and I just tasted a bit of the dough — thought it was a little on the salty side. Maybe the cherry filling will cancel t out!

    • 62) Kate

      “tsp” is short for teaspoon, not tablespoon. Tbs (capital T +bs) = tablespoon.

      Foods Teacher,

  45. 63) Sylvia Adams

    I must tell you I love your pie crust recipe! I’m not much of a crust person and usually I end up just eating the filling, not with this crust, and the easiness of it just makes it that much better! I found you through Pinterest, so you now have a new stalker……. I mean “follower”!

  46. 64) Helen

    I tried this recipe and was surprised it called for 1Tbls of salt unlike most recipes that only require 1 tsp of salt. I followed the directions (against my instincts though that I was over salting the dough) Sure enough, I found it tasted too salty when I was done. Next time I will cut back on the salt to only 1tsp.

    • 65) Kate

      tsp = teaspoon. Tbs = Tablespoon. The recipe is correct.

      Foods Teacher,

  47. Must try this at home! That looks just amazing.

  48. 67) Shawn

    Great crust. I cooked for 15 minutes because I thought ten was a little short. I am not a baker except for cookies and bread. Sorry to say that my crust was not done. It was flat and dense. I checked out a few other sites and baked the second crust at 350 for 45 minutes until crust was golden brown. Awesome!!! Flaky crust full of flavor. It was the same batch but I will admit the first one was in a 10 inch pie plate and the second was the 9 inch. I may have rolled it too thin to get it to cover. What ever the cause was, this was the bomb! It will be my go to recipe as it was as good as any crust I have eaten.

  49. 68) Nora

    This looks great! I’m surprised! Thought I had tried all recipes I could find!
    Really! After years of failure, I came up with a yummy, easy to work with
    Crust. Two heaping cups of flour, pinch of salt, pinch of sugar. Cut in a level cup crisco till very fine with pastry cutter.
    I add boiling water & carefully fold. Wrap in plastic & cool in fridge
    Just till ready to work with, an hour or so. Makes one pie (two crust)
    Take half & put on parchment paper. I add more flour to roll & try not to
    Work with dough at this point, will make it tough. I gently add flour
    Roll between two pieces parchment paper. So easy! So good!
    In the past I tried recipes with egg, vinegar, cold water never worked
    For me. Love parchment paper! Lay circle on pie crust to bake, works

  50. 69) Crystal Rose

    We used the leftover dough to make “sugar cookies.” I just tasted one- WAY too salty! Next time I would cut it down to 1 tsp as suggested in the comments (wish I had read them first. =/)

    Otherwise the crust is perfect though. I’ll be making this again- with the change in salt.

    • 70) Burke

      Clearly you did not read, she wrote the sugar first, which meant Tablespoon, then on salt clearly teaspoon!

  51. 71) Diane

    Thanks so much for the recipe……it was so good! Very easy to make, roll out and bake….and was delicious!

  52. 72) talie

    I just made this crust today for a chicken pot pie. I mixed it in my bosch until well blended, divided into 4 balls and rolled eack ball between sheets of plastic. This was an EXCELLENT crust. Very very easy to make, very flaky and light. I did need to add a bit more flour because the dough was too wet, but that was my lack of measuring skills. Thanks for a great recipe. Will be making it again!

  53. 73) Jana

    What kind of flour do you use?

  54. 74) Tamara

    I’m making a no bake lemon pie. Surely the pastry needs to cook for more than 10 minutes. Any suggestions on timing>

  55. 75) liz

    This is one of the best recipes I have come across. Super easy and tasted great thank you for sharing this.β™₯

  56. 76) Rose

    can you freeze this pie crust?

  57. 77) Becky Derrick

    If your readers could read the recipe right, they could see the recipe calls for 1 Tbs of sugar not salt. I cut the salt to 1 teas. And it work out fine. Tell your reader to look more careful at the recipe before starting. Always double check.

  58. 78) Jan

    I used this recipe today. Great. Now I need to learn to make it pretty. But I cheated and used my kitchen aide mixer.

  59. 79) Brenda Melahn

    I’m guessing all purpose flour (vs self-rising)?

  60. 81) Linda

    Tried it for my Thanksgiving Pies….It’s The Best pie crust I have ever made. While I have always used shortening as in this recipe it is a much more crisper crust and holds up extremely well. I made Pumpkin and Apple Pies neither got soggy. It’s very easy to make and work with. I have never put vinegar in my crust and you don’t taste it at all. I have definitely found the crust I will use from now on.

  61. The is the BEST pie crust EVER! i use it for everything and it always comes out perfect! I did an applie pie recipe post over on my blog using this pie crust and I’d love for you to check it out. If anyone here can give me tips and feedback too that would be great, I’m still starting out and learning.


  62. 83) Sharon

    I remember my mom having a recipe like this? I’m glad I found your recipe! I tried it, and I have to say, the crust turned out REALLY good, tho’ I think I could’ve mixed the dough a smidge more.
    THANK YOU!!!

  63. 84) Sandra

    I have used this recipe for 35 years and gladly verify all of the above. No need to try anything different

  64. 85) Carol

    THANK YOU. THANK YOU. Your recipe was a life saver this weekend. I had promised to make my boyfriend pumpkin pies for his birthday dinner Saturday night. I was going to use my brother’s pie crust recipe (ex-pro pie maker, had his own company and everything) but I ran out of time. Plus I hate the whole “put it in the frig for an hour or two” thing. Patience is not one of my strong suits. I never have time to chill, marinate or let rise. Anyway, my pie crusts were FABULOUS even though I probably should have rolled them out a little thinner on the bottom. I will definitely be using this recipe from now on and I’m definitely not telling my brother.

    • 86) Dana

      haha. This is so great to hear! I’m glad we fooled your brother πŸ™‚

  65. 87) Rebekah

    I am so excited to try this recipe, but I was only going to make two pies. I was wondering I could freeze the other dough balls for another time, or if that would hinder me using the extra two in the future? Have you or anyone else ever tried that?

    • 88) Dana

      Yes. DEFINITELY! I do it all the time!
      It’s such a time saver (not that it takes long to make this dough, but it helps!).
      I let the frozen dough sit on the counter for about 30 minutes (or less? Can’t remember now :))
      And then just roll it out!

  66. 89) wajiha

    the recipe looks awesome,
    im always scared of the cold ingredients so this seems easy.
    One question: I only need one pie crust as i am the only one in the house,
    if I quarter the recipe, what about the egg? Should I add 1 tbsp egg?

    Will really appreciate a quick response !

  67. 90) Dana

    I was looking for a pie crust recipe and came across this one. Had to make it because of the name of your site. My homemade apple pie (especially the crust!) came out amazing. Thanks! πŸ™‚

  68. 91) Carole

    Making this for the first time, though I have used many similar recipes. Found the recipe called for a little too much butter (though this amount may work with other shortening). Next time will use 1 1/2 cups (3 sticks). I use WW pastry flour.

    Also, too much water. Next time, I will cut this down to 1/4 or 1/3 cup. I mixed the egg into a half cup of water, as called for, and used as much as necessary to create a ball of dough. Used some of the rest as a wash for the crust, but still had liquid left over (I’m saving the rest for the second pie). Blueberry pie coming out of the oven!

  69. 92) jade

    About to taste my first EVER selfishly made pie. Im excited to see how it turned THANK YOU SO MUCH

  70. 93) Bev Furnell

    I also make my own dough but notice that you use the whole egg, where I use just the yolk with some water. The egg white gets beaten and used to spread on the crust as a glaze. For 250g flour I use 150g butter, one egg yolk and 60ml water.
    I know that pastry can be baked without being in the fridge first, but being ice cold and then rolled out quickly and baked, makes the pastry much lighter.

  71. 94) Vanessa

    Thanks to you my father-in-law and husband’s grandpa think I’m the best pie maker around! Because of this recipe, which ive used for the past four years, I have the old church ladies asking me about my crust! πŸ˜‰ so thank you for this recipe and everything else you put on here for free! We appreciate it so much!

    • 95) Dana

      Awesome! That’s so great to hear!

  72. 96) Sylvia

    I presume your using self-rising flour, right?

  73. 97) Amy

    I have used this for several years and is by far the best recipe..never fail is right..

  74. 98) LaNae Ross

    The best! I received this recipe back in the day from my mother in law and it is the only on I use! I use all butter though and get raves every time. Thank You for sharing such a beautiful pie crust recipe with the newer generation!

  75. 99) Sue

    I’ve been using this recipe for many years and it truly never fails. I use Crisco and apple cider vinegar.

  76. 100) Rachel

    This must be a “MOM” Recipe!! (or it’s DARN CLOSE)!! My mom packed her recipes away & I normally don’t bake pies often. So, I was as happy as a pig in mud, when I saw THIS recipe!????. I left out what I felt was unnecessary, NO DISRESPECT, I do that to EVERY recipe, HOWEVER, Homemade Turkey Pot Pie could NOT have happened without YOU!! THANKS SO MUCH!!!

  77. 101) Mary

    My mom gave me this exact recipe about 30 years ago! I used it to make pasties and sold tj for $20/dozen. I was a poor single parent! I still use this recipe for any and everything that calls for pie crust: pot pies, pies, cinnamon pinwheels, etc. This can be rolled and re-rolled and never goes dry while handling. Most peole think making pie crust is hard but it’s easy peazy especially with this one and only best crust recipe!

  78. 102) kathleen brennan claydon

    can you substitute lard for the crisco?

    • 103) Dana

      Probably. I’ve never tried it, but I think that would work.

  79. 104) LindaLee

    thank you for the recipe. I had been using this same recipe that my mom gave me. I had misplaced it, and when I thought I remembered I made it and forgot the egg Oh my, I knew something was missing. Again thank you so much. I’ve just gotten my computer and I am enjoying your site. thanks

  80. 105) Susan

    Q- do i include the sugar for a meat pie?? Thx!

    • 106) Dana

      That’s up to you. I might leave it out…but it’s a very small amount.

  81. 107) Linda

    I started making this same recipe about 45 years ago. I am known as the pie baker by friends and family. I love cooking and this is one of my favorite recipes. I found it in a Family Circle magazine, and was called Favorite pie crust. It freezes well also. I flatten each crust so it thaws better an faster.

  82. 108) Janice Moore

    Thank you for giving an oven temp and how long to bake it. I can’t believe how many “experts” left them out!

  83. 109) janice grewe

    my Mom made a crust with vinegar, was to stupid to get the recipe, I am so happy I found this. Thank you!

  84. 110) anne

    What is the time and temperature you put on the stove if you are baking the filled pies? Example Lemon, pumpkin, pecan???

  85. 111) Mercedes

    If I want to use this for chicken pot pie, would I just eliminate the sugar?

  86. 112) Ann

    I received this recipe in 1977 from a lady that worked in the lunch room of Dallas ISD. I have been complimented since then with having the “best” pie dough ever eaten. It’s lovely pastry. I, too, used and still use Crisco. I began to substitute half and half with butter and coconut oil and while it did work well, it wasn’t as easy to work with and wasn’t as flaky as when I used Crisco. So, I still prefer Crisco. If you never used Crisco for anything else in your diet, then you are certainly not going to die if eating this pie crust. Every bakery and every restaurant is going to use Crisco for pies and we don’t blink an eye abut ordering a piece of pie when eating out. My mom used it all of her life, as well as my grandmother and they also used it for all their frying, too, which I am not recommending. For all other oils I use coconut, olive, and avocado. Anyway, cook wisely, but for the occasional pie in your diet, use this recipe. Not a better recipe out there.

  87. 113) Sharon

    I have always used lard for pie crust. Could you use lard in place of the crisco? Thanks…Sharon

    • 114) Dana

      I’m sure that would work great!

  88. 115) Ken Butler

    I just tried this pastry recipe and it worked out great. Thank You

  89. 116) Vone

    I have struggled with pie crusts all my married life.63 years I love to have pie for my husband, but now I have hit pay dirt.This crust is the BESTnever tears and it is wonderful.Try it you will be so happy. Can’t thank you enough for the recipe

  90. 117) Kim Cellitti

    My mother first found this recipe in the 70s and I’ve never used any other recipe. It goes together quickly and rolls out easily!

  91. 118) A

    I have used this recipe but about double the ingredients for 50 Years…and my mother before me. I find using lard instead of shortening makes a flakier crust. I can usually even have the bottom crust flaky…that is what I call a success!

  92. 119) Barbara

    Been making pies for fifty years thanks to my mother-in-law. The recipe is a little different.
    5 cups pastry flour and pinch of salt
    1 lb Crisco ( used crispy flake shortening now discontinued)
    1 egg
    1 tbs vinegar
    Beat egg and vinegar in measuring cup and add water to make one cup

  93. 120) Lisa

    For those of you having problem with this recipe, I also had a problem until I only added 3/4 cup shortening to the recipe thinking that it meant (1) 3/4 c. After doing this it turned out perfect!

  94. 121) Shari

    Can I make the dough ahead of time and roll out when I need to use? Keep in fridge? freezer? How many days will it keep?

    • 122) Dana

      Yep! It keeps great in the freezer! I do it all the time.

  95. 123) Melissa LaRose

    Just curious if this is good for savory pies as well like chicken pot pie or meat pie. Also, should I blind bake for those pies?

    • 124) Dana

      Oooo yes, it would be great for those!
      I would prob not blind bake, but just bake it with the chicken stuff inside.

  96. 125) MARLENE Walls


  97. 126) Mary

    I’ve been using this exact crust recipe since the 70’s- never fails!
    My sister wants me to make pie crust with some almond flour she gave me- do you have any tips? I’ve never ised anything except regular flour. Will it need ingredient adjustments?

  98. 127) Bonnie Moss

    Wow!! This pie crust comes together super easy and rolls out beautifully! Thanks for sharing!

    • 128) Dana

      Sure! Have fun making and baking pies!

  99. 129) Dee

    I was using this recipe for over 30 yrs, suddenly I am having touble of the crust not holding together when I pick it up. Falls apart before I can put in pan. I am wondering if it is because I use my kitchen aid mixer to mix the flour and shortening then add the liquid? I am ready to throw out this recipe. Any suggestions

  100. 130) Lisa

    I’ve never been able to recreate my mom’s pie crust, even after decades of trying. I tried this one and loved it! So easy to make and it was an instant hit with the family. I cook for everyone during the week and my grandkids have been putting in their pie requests. I’m grateful that your recipe popped up on my Pinterest page. So, thanks from another Austin dweller.

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