DAY 25 – Merry Christmas!

Home for the Holidays

I had a hard time thinking of what photos to share for the final countdown day to Christmas morning. But I decided that what I’m most thankful for right now is to be home for the holidays with my cute kids and husband.
We’ve been traveling for an entire month and just got home on Monday night. Since before Thanksgiving, we’ve gone from Texas to California to St. George, Utah, back to Calif, to Singapore, to Bali, and finally back to Texas. Phew. It was a wonderful adventure. But all I’ve really wanted was to be back in our home sweet home. Right here in our own living room with our own couches and favorite TV shows. Our favorite beds. Our favorite Texas friends. And just our family of 4 for our own little Christmas.
Arriving into town on December 20th meant the Christmas Decor and tree selections in the store were sparse. But what would Christmas be without a fresh tree? After checking 3 different stores, I found an extra strand of white lights (non LED, to match the old ones). And we bought the last tree in the store, which was standing out front as the display model. It’s actually a really cute tree. And when you buy them a week before Christmas, they only cost $17!
I pulled our few boxes of decor out of the garage and before even thinking about unpacking our suitcases from the trip (or doing laundry), we decorated the house.
A few stockings were hung for the kids.
A sweet hand painted manger scene on fabric, framed. A gift from my Mother in law.
and below, another hand-made manger scene. I love this little set (also from my Mother in Law). The kids have been playing with it for two years, so the shepherd is now missing and arm and a staff, Mary’s head covering has broken off and the star is missing from the manger roof. But we love it still the same.
On the back wall, I hung Super Snowflakes again, just in a different location. And my favorite addition is a discarded branch from the bottom of the Christmas tree. I may have to do this every year. Tie a scrap of fabric around the branch and hang it up!
Cute kids posing around the house as I try to take decor photos.
(and never holding still for me to get a decent shot)
We have a jingle bell Santa-with-reindeer pillow from Pottery Barn (another gift from my Mother in law).
And just so you know that she has furnished our entire Christmas decor…one more gift from Grandma, a cute Christmas rag quilt. Seriously, thank you Linda! You continue to make our home super festive!
Grandma also gave us this cool flying Santa stand (which can double as ornaments for the tree)
And of course, my favorite part of December is going to the mail box and opening your sweet cards with darling photos. We’re blessed to have you as friends and family.
So from our family to yours (sorry no Casey….he was at work during the photo-taking)…a very Merry Christmas! Have a wonderful day filled with family, excitement, games, movies, food, and lots of fun. See you in 2011!

  1. 1) Donna

    I absolutely love the nativity painting on Polly Paints. I clicked on the link for the drawing but it was not available. Where can I find it? I would love to make it for my daughters. Thanks so much.

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