DAY 20

Gift Wrapping

Hopefully the presents are finished and it’s time to wrap them up! I absolutely love gift wrapping and I especially like to use recycled items mixed with store-bought papers. Magazine ads, fabric, brown paper bags, and newspaper make lovely wrapping tools.

And even more fun than wrapping, is wrapping with a friend or sister. If you have the time, grab your goods, meet at one person’s house, and make a party of it….with a Christmas movie playing in the background and plenty of yummy treats to eat and drink.

For these stills, I hopped over to some favorite bloggers for inspiration. Some wrappings are my own, some have linked credits.

Knit fabric tie (leftover scraps from the gift within), with tissue paper:

From No Big Dill, a very modern take on wrapping. Oh so clever:
Have you been following Cakies Wrap It Up series? She has some unique ideas with a vintage vibe. Lace, maps, magazine pages, yarn, and more!
Simply Modern Mom is also hosting a Wrap It Up series. This cute printable bow by Creature Comforts definitely caught my eye. Very cute!
Red snowflake and brown paper from How About Orange:
Fun with fonts wrapping from Bugs and Fishes:
And tons of great wrapping ideas at Country Living:
This one is wrapped up with an entire shirt! (wrapping instructions on their site. Click through till you see the image below and then the illustrations). Think of all the cheap Thrift store shirts you could use for this!…and then the receiver would have a new shirt to use for a shirt dress! I’m really liking this one….
Do you have a favorite gift-wrapping trim or secret?

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