Day 2: Chocolate Crispies

December 2nd.

And we’ve got a bit more cereal for you!….but don’t worry, there’ll be plenty of variety over the next few weeks. I’m just a chocoholic. And chocolate always trumps fruit, right?
So here you go! A simple treat from one of my favorite creative blogs: Cakies. I wish I could pop in to her house because it seems like there’s always something fun going on. It’s always a party….

Hi! I’m Rubyellen from Cakies and I have four little girls, all under the age of 6 and they keep me quite busy. I don’t have much time to be baking fancy things, so I like to make things that are quick and easy, but still give a whole lot of yum! This recipe here is something my mom frequently made when I was little and I love that I now get to make them for my little ones. It is also the perfect little thing to make for some of your holiday gift giving too. Enjoy!!Thanks Rubyellen!
I love fast, simple, scrumptious ideas.
If you’re new to Cakies, check out her cool wrap-it-up series here, here, and here.

Come back later today for a “stuff” kind of post.
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