Day 18, sort of

I intended to have a Day 18 post up today.
But this little face came into my room at 3am saying she felt sick.
Thankfully it was mostly a fever and not full-blown stomach flu. And definitely better that it’s this weekend and not next.
So we laid low most of the day and between spurts of energy, Lucy helped me hang a few decorations. Her poor eye would not stop watering (dumb allergies) but she wanted to be in a photo.
And mustered a bit of a smile.
Isn’t it hard seeing your child be sick?
I’d always rather it was me, than them.

So here’s to a healthier tomorrow.
Hope you and your family are feeling well!

  1. 1) Melinda

    It IS hard to see that sweet face and know that inside everything is”squirrelly”. Even once they’re grown and gone. Hope ya feel better sweet first born.

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