DAY 14

+ Green:
= Feliz Navidad

I could eat chips and salsa any day, for any meal. YUMMMM.
Does anyone have a good fresh salsa recipe? The bottle above is a secret recipe from a lady at church and I’m dying for more.

And you know, a bottle of fresh salsa would make a fabulous Simple Handmade Gift!

  1. 1) kimmee

    That looks so delish! I don’t have a salsa recipe would love one!

  2. my father (who was born in guatemala) taught me his recipe for salsa, and it’s fairly simple and OH SO DELICIOUS!
    finely chop 3+ cloves of garlic. roast in small skillet with EVOO til brown and lightly salt (I love garlic, so i sometimes will use ALOT. but at your own disgression). once brown take off stove top and put evoo and garlic in large ‘salsa’ bowl
    in a LARGE skillet cover bottom with EVOO. then once warm fill with roma (or cherry) tomatoes. I believe I will purchase about 2.5 pounds.
    the tomatos (and this is the key) need to be roasted. slightly browned. they will pop and get angry (just a heads up). once they are browned on the skin you are good. turn the heat down and let simmer and get soft
    in the mean time dice 1 red onion, and half a bushell of cilantro, and 2 jalapenos (or less depending on the kick you want). Put in bowl with the EVOO and garlic.
    hopefully by now your tomatoes are softer (about 30mins worth of simmering). take fork and knife and mash / slice tomatoes up. once they are mostly dissolved add to bowl with everything.
    stir up bowl contents. flavor with salt til desired. and preferably let sit an over night so peppers and cilantro mix and absorb well.
    I am never able to let that stuff sit though. I almost always dig into it, but that’s pretty much it. I think the key is the tomato (types and roasting). you want a nice brownish red color.

  3. My husband got a salsa recipe from some Cuban friends of ours. It’s different every time, that’s the nature of it, but it’s always delicious and super simple. It’s a labor of love, not a cookie recipe so there are no measurements. Just eyeball everything and don’t over-think it. This is a chunky salsa, not the soupy kind.

    Chop the veggies – I like them on the smaller side, easier to fit on a chip. As for ratio, you want to get each veggie in every bite but, obviously, the tomatoes are the base and there will be more of them. You may prefer to leave the tomato pulp out so it doesn’t get too soupy.
    Chop the cilantro & use plenty.
    Add the salt and lime juice a little at a time, to taste.

    Red Onion
    Sea salt
    Lime juice

    Sometimes we add red pepper flakes for a bit of spice.

    That’s it! I hope you’ll let us know how it turns out if you try it.

  4. 5) Bonnie

    Well, I use all ove the immediate above, but the cucs. AND I add shakes of cumin, ancho chili powder, kosher salt, fresh cracked black pepper, and if I don’t have citrus (limes or lemons in the house), I learned from a Mexican friend, to cheat and use a little lemon pepper. BUT! There is absolutely no sub for that sparkley bite of LIME. It makes it, in my opinion.

  5. 6) Bonnie

    Oh, and it’s fun to change it up. You can add fresh, left over, grilled corn and a can of black beans. Mmmmm. Better buy extra chips. (I buy mine at On the Border Restaurant- to go. Cheap and FABULOUS Good!!) Or try some mango and/or strawberries.

  6. Here’s a great recipe that I got from a co-worker.

    2 Cans Rotel tomatoes
    1 Large can diced tomatoes (or whole tomatoes and you chop them)
    ½ Red Onion finely chopped
    4-5 cloves of Jumbo garlic (use less if you don’t like garlic)
    1-3 fresh jalapenos (depends how hot you want it)
    1 large bunch of cilantro
    Salt and pepper

  7. 8) Miranda

    for a really easy salsa that’s nice and quick….
    chop up 4 tomatoes, 1 red onion. a bunch of cilantro, jalapeno peppers diced really small. Let it meld together for a couple of hours and enjoy with chips.

  8. 9) Lisa

    I found this via pinterest, lol… I have to share my recipe. Its basic, but delicious.
    You’ll need 2 good size cloves (4 sm…) garlic, 1/2 “bunch” from the grocery cilantro, 1 large lime or 2 small, 2 med sweet tomato on the vine, 1 sm. onion.
    Now I use the small blender/chopper thing which is FABULOUS. If you’re using it, follow this: Just chop all the ingredients to your preference. I usually do the onions first then dump them in the bowl, the cilantro is next, the tomatoes with garlic. Once all of the are in the bowl, add sea salt and lime juice. Let it sit a good 30 mins. What I usually do is cut mine kind of fine, like fine chopped garlic pieces. Its still kind of chunky but its so mixed you get all the flavors. Plus there’s so much juice. What do I do with the juice? Add EVOO and some more lime juice to make it as a quick salad dressing or marinade for grilled chicken. You can omit the EVOO and add instead take the juice add it with V8 and enjoy it that way or just take the juice and make it as a tomato water… better yet add a little liquor (tequila, more lime) and have a cocktail!

  9. 10) Lisa

    * I omitted the heat. I usually throw in jalapenos… 2 w/seeds. If you want to go smoky or “Brown Salsa” add smoked peppers instead.

  10. 11) Tamera

    If you have a Braums near by, they have a wonderful fresh salsa in the refrigerated dept.

  11. 12) Lee

    I don’t really like cilantro leaves that well. It taste like seaweed to me. Can someone recommend a less pungent herb for the seasoning? I also use Scotty Bonnet peepers instead of jalapenos cos they are sweeter.

  12. 13) lizzy

    I don’t really like cilantro either, but I have found that some recipes just don’t taste “right” without it! It seems to make the “Mexican”! Another thing I have found, is that sometimes flavors grow on you if you try them a few more times. My husband said that as a kid he never liked tomatoes, but he saw everyone else eating and enjoying them so he tried them when ever they were served and soon found he DID like them!

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