DAY 10

Little Village
by day:
and by night:

As with my Advent Calendar dreams, I’ve always wanted to make a cute Christmas village for the kids to play with, maybe something out of felt. But I just haven’t gotten around to it. There are just too many projects and not enough time. It’s hard to pick and choose! Isn’t it?!

The little village above belongs to my mom. It comes out every Christmas and the kids will sit there for a couple hours just playing with it. My mom is so patient to let them enjoy her village, super-glueing each head or hoof back on as they fall off. And I love to listen to the conversations the children create for the small figurines. Hearing their interactions is quite telling about how I talk to my kids! (for better or worse)

Last year at Target, I was tempted to buy this simple glittery village. I loved the soft colors and I know Lucy would have called it her Princess village.

And here’s a really fun idea for giving your old village a face lift. The color possibilities are endless!
Maybe next season will be the year of advent and villages. Just made a mental note.

Do you have a Christmas village? What’s your favorite piece in it?

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