Damask Summer Dress with White Flower hair clip

I bought this fabric a couple years ago at Jenny’s in Huntington Beach. It was one of those random finds in a stack of folded sale items. I knew it had a good future. First it became a baby blanket for my friend Natalie. And yesterday, the rest of the fabric became a summer dress. Not so oddly enough, both items look terribly the same. Maybe I should rename this The Baby Blanket Dress:
The fabric is knit and the bottom ruffle is white flannel with black stitching. The straps are gathered with double elastic and the top bodice has elastic as well.
I decided to make my first pair of bloomers? (diaper cover) to go along because I hate seeing an ugly diaper when Goose bends over. Diaper colors just don’t go with any outfits. They turned out okay for my first try. To top off the ensemble, a white flower hairclip:
If only we could wear summer dresses all year long. With a shirt underneath and a pair of jeans, I guess we can!

This outfit will be sold as part of a silent auction this weekend. More info to come.

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